5821 W. 7th ave. Lakewood, CO. has squatters living in this foreclosed home. They are also well known meth addicts and dealers. Evicted soon?

Asked by Sara Getem, Lakewood, CO Sun Nov 27, 2011

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Robert McGui…, Agent, Denver, CO
Sat Jun 29, 2013

You took the right direction, the Police Department is your answer. Sometimes they can be very responsive and will walk in to a difficult situation where angels fear to tread. I have found through foreclosures and short sales, etc., that banks often tend to be unresponsive when you think they would want to protect their investment. They don't think the way we do or have the same level of concern as you and I who live in the neighborhoods. Sad but true.

Robert McGuire
Your Castle Real Estate
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Sara, Home Owner, Lakewood, CO
Thu Dec 22, 2011
Thank you to the Jefferson County Police dept. for all their help in this very difficult situation. They did what the banks can't or won't do. I guess the banks are too busy to care about loser Meth addicts stealing homes and dealing drugs. But that won't work with people who do care like you and me who work hard at our jobs everyday. If we keep shouting somebody will listen! Thank you!!!

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Suz A, Agent, Longmont, CO
Fri Dec 9, 2011
Hello Sara,
Thanks for following up. I can appreciate your distress. If the authorities are aware, then the process is started and the problem will be addressed.

Keep after city officials. A phone call to the bank from the city can't be ignored.

Unfortunately for cities throughout the nation, foreclosure properties are attractive for this kind of thing. I lived in the city of Brentwood, CA, before returning to Colorado. I was distressed to read in the San Francisco Chronicle that foreclosure properties there had become attractive as sites for impromptu teen parties and illicit drug operations.

Keep the authorities informed. That's the best thing you can do.

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Sara, Home Owner, Lakewood, CO
Thu Dec 8, 2011
Thank you for this advice, as of now the jefferson county police have been to the house several times. They have arrested 4 people from the home for car theft and have taken all stolen vehicles off the property. It is very frustrating because they know they are squatting but all they can do is keep arresting them for whatever criminal activity arises. The banks are taking forever to have a lock out date so for now these criminals are doing meth, smoking it in the home, until they can be caught in the act it's hard to prove it. The worst part is that there is a small child living in this home!

I don't understand I was raised to work hard to succeed in life and these losers are scamming the banks and stealing from whoever they can to get what they want, they are living in a 400,000 dollar home for free and they feel entitled to it! Something needs to change in this country fast, it's going down the sewage drain!
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Suz A, Agent, Longmont, CO
Thu Dec 8, 2011
Hello Sara,
Please follow up when there is a development. This is an issue that has been well-known by the banks going back at least four years. The homeowners walk out on a mortgage or the owners are evicted and the house sits vacant. That's when trouble begins for neighbors.

The most effective way of dealing with this situation is to do what you are doing. Vigilant neighbors are a criminal's worst enemy.

Yes, do report suspected drug activity. Do not collect evidence for the police. That's their job.

Meth is the worst possible scenario. The home will have to be stripped or scraped.

Call the mayor or city council members if there are no new developments. They might not be able to tell you anything if there is ongoing police investigation. But they can respond that authorities are aware.

The fact is the foreclosure process is taking longer. So keep up your vigil and follow up.

Thanks for being a watchful neighbor.
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Kevin (720)…, , Denver County, CO
Fri Dec 2, 2011
Hello Sarah
If you have not yet done so call The police Now. Meth is very dangerous and the people who are involved in this activity are even more dangerous.
If the police can't help I am sure they can point you in the right direction.
Verde Denver
Real Estate & Property Management
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Sara, Home Owner, Lakewood, CO
Thu Dec 1, 2011
Thank you for all your help! I don't understand why it takes so long to go through with the foreclosure proccess. It's really difficult to do anything when they have a phony lease, that is how they scam the banks. I hope that the police can do more about it because now it's a hazardous situation with meth involved.
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Brooke Hengst, Agent, Centennial, CO
Sun Nov 27, 2011
Dear Sara,

If you have not already, I would report this to your local authorities - IMMEDIATELY!! This is a safety hazard in your neighborhood and the police can remove these squatters and notify the bank that owns the home.

Hope this help,
Brooke Hengst
REALTOR, CDPE, The Elite Team
Your Castle Real Estate
(720) 988-5952
Web Reference:  http://www.brookehengst.com
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Michael Le, , Denver, CO
Sun Nov 27, 2011

If the occupants are squatters than they have no rights of possession and are tresspassing. The police can remove them immediately. I looked in mls and see that it is not listed yet. The bank that owns the home is Deutch Bank. Normally the bank hires asset preservation companies that you can call and they will have someone come out and secure the property. You can also contact the local health department. They can investigate to see if there is any meth residue in the home. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Michael Le
Broker, Owner
Distinct Realty Michael Le & Assoc., LLC
Web Reference:  http://www.distinctrlty.com
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Joyce Sedam, Agent, Centennial, CO
Sun Nov 27, 2011
Call your police department. If you are concerned with your identity being made public, then call from a business phone. The police will investigate and if the home is being used for Meth or other cooking....then the home will need to be rehabbed before ANYONE can occupy the home!
If there is a real estate sign in the yard...call the agent immediately!
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Misty McMill…, Agent, McKinney, TX
Sun Nov 27, 2011
Call the agent if there is a real estate sign in the front yard. Calling the police is good too, however the city may be able to do more by citing the house as a city violation. Foreclosed homes must still comply with all city and HOA requirements. If you make enough stink about it something will get done. The problem is with most occupied foreclosures as the the bank must go thru long eviction processes and every state is different. by the time they get the first squatters out, another set may come in then the process must start all over again unless they can secure the property and provide documented proof by police reports that people in home are trespassing. Good luck.
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Sean Dougher…, Agent, Fort Collins, CO
Sun Nov 27, 2011
Only suggestion is that you call the police, and do it now. If they truly are using Meth, then the home may need to be fully rehabbed, as per state and local environmental health standards. You can try to call the owners, but if it's a bank, good luck.

You will probably need some sort of proof before the police will come out, but I would call them anyway, if it's affecting your home value (and it will if they're using). Good luck with that.
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