Why is the violence rate so high in Murphy? 75%? Is this murder or domestic violence? Rape?

Asked by Bunk, Murphy, NC Mon Nov 14, 2011

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Bill & Cyndi…, Agent, Hiawassee, GA
Mon Nov 14, 2011
Bunk - I'm not sure where you're getting that data but I have to say that it certainly isn't accurate. I have lived in Murphy NC since 1999, coming from Tampa Florida. Talk about a high crime rate! Regardless, Murphy is a wonderful and very safe place to live. The people are friendly and every one looks out for one another. We raised two children here and it was a true joy! Anyone can take statistics and skew them to one side or the other. But statistics don't make a community. Statistics don't tell you about the help you get when you have a problem. Statistics don't tell you about people pulling together when someone suffers a hardship. We can live anywhere we want and we CHOOSE Murphy!!!!
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I think he misinterpreted the graph they show on the page, when giving info regarding the city of the property your viewing. I assure you...he saw the whole thing green, and the HIGH murder rate is dark green. That's it thats all. I can't wait to get moved down to that area!~ I am ready! One of the most beautiful places on earth I think! Couldn't ask for anything more when it comes to natural beauty!
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John Poltrock, Agent, Murphy, NC
Sat Nov 3, 2012
I've seen some of the statistics you are referring to that shows Murphy with a high crime rate. I was hugely puzzled by it because as mentioned, the crime rate here is next to nothing. When I reviewed the statistic further, it was calculating the numbers inaccurately. For example, the actual city limits of Murphy is approximately 1,700 people. It took all the crime that happened in the AREA that is considered Murphy (ie. mailing area) that is composed of probably about 17,500-22,500 people and compared it to the actual number of the people just in town. It's a very bogus, inaccurate calculation. Long story short, we're blessed to live in a great and safe community! :)

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marlew1942, Home Buyer, Winter Springs, FL
Wed May 9, 2012
This person must be on some type of medication. The crime rate in Murphy is practically nil. I have a sister who just built another house there. One of the reasons is the people and the lack of crime. It is a wonderful place to live.
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Bluebutterfl…, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Sun Nov 22, 2015
Thank you. That's a passionate and convincing reply. It must be bad statistics info in wikipedia- which of course can often be wrong. I will report it to wikipedia, and find out more info on Murphy. :)
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Bluebutterfl…, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Fri Nov 6, 2015
Im thinking of purchasing a home in Murphy, but as some mentioned below, I also was shocked to read the crime statistics reported in wikipedia. Murphy is a small town, and yet according to the 2010 crime Statistics/ Census, Murphy's overall crime rate was 170 in comparison to the national average of 100. Thats almost double. Of that rate, murder and rape were considerably higher than theft. I don't see how it could be- small town, people knowing each other easily, etc. But what am I missing? Is there a penitentiary nearby? Is Murphy a drop-off for ex-convicts after they've served their time? Im just trying to figure it out. I would love to hear from a police officer or someone in the city as to why these rates are high. I truly appreciate the subjective opinions of longtime residents and agents, as this is what I want to believe. But these supposed "facts" are disturbing and would like to know a law-enforcement view of them. Being a single woman, I do not want to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. So...my heart says yes about Murphy. My head is throwing up red flags. Someone? Please shed more credible light on this discrepancy so I may make a wise decision. Thanks so much. -Wannabe-Murphite-but-Concerned.
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The information is calculated incorrectly like was mentioned above. They calculated the total crime stats of the Murphy area and based it on the number of people living in the city limits. That's a huge difference in population. The people living within the city limits was last calculated at 2,420. Cherokee county (the majority of which is considered "murphy") has over 27,000 people. You can see how the numbers would be skewed.
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Susan Mooney, Home Buyer, Asheville, NC
Sat Jul 11, 2015
I am also seeing a high crime rate for the Marble-Murphy area. I was looking at this site:


and there appears to be a lot of theft and burglary. I was looking to move from the Asheville area to Marble but now I'm not so sure there's any difference. What the heck??
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Cokie &…, Home Seller, Murphy, NC
Wed Jul 25, 2012
Breaking and Enterings have occured in unoccupied homes in isolated locations.
We were told by officials that may be atttributed to the current economy and seems to be an association with drug users.
We were not told of any violence to the occupants.
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Campbells5705, Home Seller, Murphy, NC
Mon Jul 23, 2012
Murphy is a peaceful non-crime city. Violent crime is basically nil and the few times in the past 10 yrs there has been any violent crime it is mostly among acquaintances.
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Robert (Bob)…, Agent, Andrews, TX
Mon May 7, 2012
Some one has given you some bad information there is very litle violence in Murphy crime rate is very low. Murphy is a nice quiet mountain town, a great place to retire to with lots of outdoor activities.
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we visited murphy from venice fl in June 2015 looking for vacation property in the mountains. while at the realtors the front page of the newspaper reported closure of a multi-year operation that resulted in about a dozen arrests all related to meth production and trafficking. They were using USFS land as well for production in the middle of nowhere. Apparently there is a meth problem in the Murphy area but there are drug problems in almost all communities. But one arrest like this can skew the numbers significantly. We are reconsidering purchasing property there. And certainly when I see a real estate broker questioning crime or any derogatory data I become concerned, but then don't all residents have a vested interest in talking up the virtues of their communities. Any input?
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Karen Pope, Agent, Murphy, NC
Thu Jan 26, 2012
We have a peaceful community where people enjoy the solitude of nature, fabulous views,mountain lakes, forestry trails, water falls and relaxing moments grilling on decks and porches. The beautiful surroundings, and relaxed populous work as a calming influence which directly opposes the notion of violence. I am certain you have mis information.
Web Reference:  http://www.callkarenpope.com
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Ron Thomas, Agent, Fresno, CA
Mon Nov 14, 2011
You are saying the 3 out of 4 people in that city are victims of VIOLENT CRIME?

Where did you get your information?

From someone that you trust?

Good luck and may God bless
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