Starting to wonder if Oro Valley, AZ is the right place for my wife and kids... criticism/comments/advice welcome

Asked by DrD, 85742 Sat Apr 13, 2013

I am 36 Asian-Indian male, in US since '98, earned PhD in '04 working in IT for 9 yrs. Met, fell in love, married Caucasian American woman. Been together 15 yrs. Planning on kids next yr. Working in Oro Valley since June '10 on temp assignment. Until Oct '12, commuted back & forth from FL. Since temp assignment seemed promisingly permanent, mrs & i moved to OV in Oct '12. Planned to rent home until we could find/afford home to buy/settle down. Everything was going well until 2 recent incidents:
1) 4/5/2013 Car drove through our house (see my other Post on here) Not a big deal I guess... Accidents happen.
2) 4/12/2013 Mrs & I went to OV Chilis for dinner. Munching on appetizers. A customer seated next to us (old caucasian blonde lady) came up to us, called us fat & disgusting, shove more food in our mouths, yelled go back to India. All happened so fast, we were dumbfounded, and she had already left!
15 years of being in US, this is my first such experience.
Comments? Criticism?

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Mon Apr 15, 2013
You seem to have had a bad week that week, huh. I think you realize the two events were unrelated. You can look no further than Oro Valley 's popular mayor, Satish Hiremath, to see that generally, Oro Valley is more than accepting of people of Asian descent, as well as people with other histories. Oro Valley is focused on bringing high paying, technical employers to it's area, maintaining high quality schools, and making the area family friendly.

Like everywhere, there is good and bad, but as a resident of the town, I think it is mostly good for a young family. Minette
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Hi Minette, Appreciate your response. Satish Hiremath's popularity is indeed encouraging. Thank you for your perspective.
Flag Tue Apr 16, 2013
Hilary Backl…, Agent, Oro Valley, AZ
Sat Apr 13, 2013
I think there are crazy people anywhere you go. Apparently you encountered one at Chilis. She is NOT representative of the general public here in Oro Valley, by any stretch of the imagination. Check out the article Tucson Dawn posted for you... and the Oro Valley Wiki (below). The OV really is a super place. I answered your other post on here as well... I am sorry you are having such a terrible week! Keep your chin up- sometimes crummy things just all happen at once. :-0
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Hi Jay & Hilary, Thanks very much for your kind words. We really appreciate your response and your perspective. Your post is very encouraging. Thanks again.
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Spirit Messi…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Sun Apr 14, 2013
Hi Dr D

Opinions and people vary, I personally would not let the rude actions of some influence your decision. For all we know, they may be vistors as well.

I would encourage anyone considering moving to a new town to rent first, get a feel for the city, see where they want to live, which area, subdivision, commute to work and etc. Sounds like you are planning on doing just that, and go from there.

Once you are ready, for any buyer 1st step should be to get pre-approved with a lender. Next, start a relationship with a Realtor.

I wish you and your family the best of luck.

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Hi Spirit, Thanks very much for your response and advice. Since I have been self-employed since 2012, and need to have 2 years of tax papers, I believe I will be ready in 2014. Thank you.
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Vera Wallace, Agent, Marana, AZ
Sat Apr 13, 2013
WOW! beyond rude. Oro Valley,Marana and Tucson pride ourselves on diversity. With Raytheon and other world wide company's based here it brings and interesting mix of cultures and traditions. Please do not judge Oro Valley or Tucson in general by one ignorant person(or a bad driver). The life style in this NorthWest side of Tucson as you have already found out is glorious. Biking,hiking, golf easy access to the University of Arizona. Stay enjoy and make our home a better place.
Vera Wallace
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Hi Vera, Appreciate your response. And I see what you are saying. I completely agree and appreciate your perspective. Thank You.
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Joelle Kahn, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Sat Apr 13, 2013
Unfortunately their are ignorant people everywhere. I have lived in Tucson 42 years, and the last 25 of those in the Northwest and Oro Valley area. My daughter is now a senior at Ironwood Ridge. I love Tucson and feel that we are much more laid back and more friendly than other cities. My Aunt moved here from New York 4 years ago and she can't believe how nice everyone is here. You encountered an idiot. I'm sorry it happened, it could happen again anywhere you travel or live. Oro Valley is a beautiful area, with gorgeous views of Pusch Ridge, great shopping, and wonderful parks and trails to hike. The weather here is outstanding. Shake it off, pray for her, and smile and enjoy this beautiful Saturday!! I have met you Dr D. and you are a kind gentleman! Please feel free to call me again should you need any help with anything.
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Hi Joelle, Thank you for your response. Nice to hear from you again. I appreciate your personal perspective and that of your aunt. And Thank You for your kind words and healing comments.
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Susan Gorbett, Agent, Oro Valley, AZ
Sat Apr 13, 2013
Some encounters with irrational people can't be explained by the rational. If you would like to get together to discuss what is important to you in your housing needs, please contact me. I would appreciate the opportunity to assist with your research and purchase of real estate here in SE Arizona! Hope your weekend is bright and full of happy and encouraging people!
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Hi Susan, Thank you for your response. I am looking forward to a purchase, but it most likely will be 2014, since I am self employed and need to have 2 yrs worth of taxes. Thanks.
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"Tucson Dawn"…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Sat Apr 13, 2013
Check out this article from Bloomberg Businessweek:…
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Thank you Dawn. I appreciate the link to that article. It is encouraging. Thanks You.
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Eva de Rais, Agent, Oro Valley, CA
Wed Jun 12, 2013
She doesn't own this planet. Ignore her, she is ignored person already. Enjoy this country you are better citizen of USA that she is.
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Betty, Home Buyer, Tucson, AZ
Sat May 18, 2013
I am glad you are going public about this incident. I hope you reported the incident to the police. I came from Oregon recently which is light years more liberal than Arizona but Portland also has had a number of bigoted incidents. I do think in a state like Arizona which has a recent history of state laws that target immigrants, some people can feel they have "permission" to show their bigotry publicly. All of us have to have the courage to speak up when we hear someone say something hateful. Unless we are descendants of the First Nation people, we are all immigrants. I came to Tucson to be near family but also because it is a liberal part of the state. It is also much cheaper to live here than in Portland! I have found good community here - there are a lot of progressive people. It is Phoenix that drives the backward decisions for the state as a whole.
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