Burger King coming to 7500 block of Sheridan in Rogers Park. Does the neighborhood want it?

Asked by Rusty Payton, Chicago, IL Wed Dec 19, 2012

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Manuel Brown, Agent, Chicago, IL
Wed Dec 19, 2012
I feel the question should be does any neighborhood need another fast food chain?

The simple answer to that question in NO, Rogers Park does not need a Burger King next to the Mobile Station.

People who live in United States today have become fast food junkies. With the constant marketing campaigns everywhere it is not a surprise. Likewise the food has been designed to activate every pleasure center in the brain; fatty pleasures, sugar pleasure, and salty pleasure. My favorite is the fact that all of these fast food chains offer diet drinks (sugar pleasure) that may offset your bad caloric intake by 200 calories if you get the regular sized drink (200 Calories).

The ever so popular Whopper Meal contains 1200 calories and that is you don’t ask for the next size up drink and fries. Just averaging for all adults for moderately active adults the caloric intake should be around 2300 calories per day. If you consume a Whopper Meal half your calories will be accounted for in a meal loaded with trans fats, sugar, and high salt content.

Due to people ever delight to have their brains pleasure center activated by fast food obesity is at an all time high along with type two diabetes which both can be control with a healthy balance diet. http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/diabetes-statistics/

The only benefit of a Burger King is each franchise employs 15 to 20 minimum wage jobs and most of them, part time.

And as I have made my point about the evils of the food, I myself on rare occasion will indulge in Whopper with Cheese meal.
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Gin1423, Home Buyer, Chicago, IL
Wed Sep 11, 2013
With the parking garage proposed for Sheridan and Sherwin and now Burger King -NO! NO! NO!
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Bob Brandt, Agent, Schaumburg, IL
Thu Sep 12, 2013
What's wrong with .49 cent ice cream cones and flame broiled burgers?
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Brendan Ross, Agent, Chicago, IL
Thu Dec 20, 2012
Hey, I'm all for it. It's not like fast food is good for you, but it will be a welcome change from the monopoly of McDonalds' in the area...
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JIM Michaels, Agent, Chicago, IL
Wed Dec 19, 2012
Are you against it? Does the neighborhood not want it?
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Cindy Wilson, Agent, Chicago, IL
Wed Dec 19, 2012
Why are you asking agents? It's a business that will generate tax revenue and jobs in an area that needs both. It's not like it's in the middle of an entirely residential neighborhood. Go to neighborhood meetings if you want to know what the community thinks.
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Bill J Delig…, Agent, Naperville, IL
Wed Dec 19, 2012
Are there other options that are willing to pay market rates for that location? Is it an issue of it being BK or any fast food chain would have prompted the question? As time moves forward don't be surprised with more infilling by fast food chains in urban areas to locate in smaller spaces or combined spaces in order to serve under served markets.
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Matt Laricy, Agent, Chicago, IL
Wed Dec 19, 2012
Whats the downside? Its a building on a lot that brings money. America and burgers go hand in hand.
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Ron Thomas, Agent, Fresno, CA
Wed Dec 19, 2012
Wouldn't you rather have a vacant building, with grafitti all over it, trash in the parking lot, not to mention less business and 10-12 fewer jobs in the area?

No choice!
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Mark Malave, Agent, Chicago, IL
Wed Dec 19, 2012
I haven't heard any opposition to it. I'm not sure why anyone would have a strong opinion either way about a quick serve restaurant.
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Ivan Sagel, Agent, Chicago, IL
Wed Dec 19, 2012

This is America, people vote with their pocket books. The true test will be how much business they do.
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David Hanna, Agent, Chicago, IL
Wed Dec 19, 2012
Well. if they do they will support it, if not, they won't. Fast food needs local dollars coming in the doors, and will respond when they don't get them.
It is always hard to tell how much opposition or support there is for a new business based on vocal comments by a few, you just don't know how many residents they really represent.
Why do you ask that here?
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