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Fri Jul 14, 2017
Gradywhite931127 asked:
to keep this short is there a such thing as an "offer form" to be accepted then contract. Because this is what my realtor is telling me
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Fri Apr 28, 2017
lyndaverrecchia asked:
You need to update the photos on this property as compared to Zillow and Realtor.zom
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Tue Apr 25, 2017
Strula asked:
Mon Jun 1, 2015
thinz answered:
It will depend on the bankruptcy type and the type of loan you are looking for.
Please see the following reference for more information...Best to you! Tom Hinz
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Thu May 21, 2015
thinz answered:
This question hits on 2 key areas critical for getting a short sale reviewed sooner vs later.
First - the pricing of the home needs to be realistic and not what the seller believes the home is worth because of their emotional attachment to it. The home must be priced based on AS IS value so an offer is received within 30 days.
Second - Also during that 30 day period, all of the hardship case must be documented for inclusion in the short sale file so there is no delay waiting to draft the hardship letter..(drafting the letter in the right verbiage with specific details is critical for short sale approval success...) also have all Federal Tax returns for past 2 years on hand for the file. Do NOT spend time getting bank & salary statements until you receive a purchase offer...most times the lender will only want the 2 most recent for each so it's better to wait until an offer comes in so you don't repeat bog down the seller again by repeating this step...
Third - once all short sale docs are prepared and submitted to the lender, YOU must call weekly to follow up to make sure the file is not lost, forgotten, or the lender agent's dog didn't eat the file.
Calling to check on the status should not take more than 10 minutes...if it does, draft multiple faxes explain the concern for the delay and send not only to the file case worker, but to the executive office that oversees that loss mitigation department IF you are still not getting a response. Trust me - escalation will work. Short sales can be completed successfully most times...but it takes commitment to follow up during the process...and not be afraid to make a good case to the lender.
Tom Hinz
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Mon May 18, 2015
Alstonalvin answered:
If you’re looking to plant your roots in California, you have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you prefer single family homes or condos, there are a variety of residences to suit your lifestyle. San Jose is a popular city with a diverse group of neighborhoods. Here are five of them that offer all the comforts of home. Downtown San Jose is a cool place to live if you’re single or a family with an older teenager. Over the last several years, there has been redevelopment of several high rises that are now offered as condos. The average price for real estate in the area is around $500K, so you will definitely need a good income to live in the area.
If the money isn’t a problem, then you will find that Downtown has a host of activities and amenities for residents. On your leisure time, you could visit some of the many tech giant companies including Ebay,
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Sat May 16, 2015
cj0271 answered:
while a few condo's have made good investments I recommend never buying one. You are at the mercy of the condo association as far as costs and what you can and can not do, plus very poor parking in almost all of them and when prices fall, they drop the furthest and fastest . A single family home may be a bit more expensive, but that cost is usually far less than maintenance, association fees or special assessments that may be used for things you do not want or use, like a pool, a bus, new plantings a trip or to repaint all the units pink.

If you want to paint your door blue you must ask permission or face fines they will levy on you. Have a motorcycle, pick up truck , canoe or boat? lots of condo associations ban them all from being near your unit and some rent parking for $100 a month or more to keep them, usually in unguarded or non fences non secured areas
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Sat May 16, 2015
cj0271 answered:
never for short sales as aside from the debt owed to them they have no legal standing to sell the property or legal obligation to maintain it until they foreclose.

After foreclosure some do some do not which is why many towns passed ordinances in the Last 6 years regarding bank owned property to allow then to fine the owners if the property is not cared for and kept neat and clean. the home next door to my friend was foreclosed 7 years ago. The bank has not yet tried selling it and never cuts the weeds that were once a lawn or otherwise maintains it at all unless she calls the town and complains .

However they all pay insurance and property taxes and sewer bills as well as code violation fines such as unsecured property, high grass, litter, junk cars etc
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Sat May 16, 2015
cj0271 answered:
some do, some do not which is why many towns passed ordinances regarding bank owned property to allow then to fine the owners if the property is not cared for and kept neat and clean. the home next door to my friend was foreclosed 7 years ago. The bank has not yet tried selling it and never cuts the weeds that were once a lawn or otherwise maintains it at all. ... more
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Sat May 16, 2015
cj0271 answered:
you can try a few ways. Ask the seller to fix the problem or ask for a price reduction.

In everyplace I know of that require CO's a recent certification/proof of the quality of well water and the septic being pumped are required, so you need them both before closing

If there are higher offers you may lose the deal. but telling you there are higher offers may be a line of bull droppings just to try to dissuade your efforts. Problem is you'll never know. If your heart is not set on this place, try. If it's a perfect home in other ways just ask for them to fix it and if they do, you're in

The buyers situation matters a lot. If they need or want to sell fast you are the best bet as you put money down, have either a mortgage approval or cash, paid for tests and are likely out of attorney

Personally I'd ask the seller to fix the septic and provide proof of doing so, just because it's easier, HOWEVER I bought a home a few years ago that was advertised as needing a new septic system costing around $14,000 in several estimates the sellers got. I bought the house for $45,000 . considering the high cost to replace the septic system , sure I could find someone to do the job far cheaper

I tried the water and over several months while remodeling the home and found no problems..... until one day after it was finished I took a shower while the dishwasher and the clothes washer were both on. All that water at once caused the drain water to back up. I noticed a wet spot in the otherwise dry ground dug it up and saw all it was, was an old pipe going to the septic tank was made of a tar paper type of pipe that tree roots crushed into to literally 'eat sh...' LOL . New PVC pipe cost about $20 and 2 hours digging the old pipe up with 1 hour to install it and back fill. No more -problems since that happened in 1998. Anything you do will be a gamble, so buy at the bottom dollar counting on the highest costs for all fixes, improvements and remodeling costs and you should be just fine
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Sat May 16, 2015
cj0271 answered:
I am a former 25 year resident of howell, a licensed real estate agent in Howell , a licenensed real estate appraiser and an investor who bought and renovated several home sin Howell.

The first thing is to is visit the tax assessors office, tell him you'd like to see the 'jaacket' for the property. Look it over real good and see if the basement was listed on the form as finished and then taxed. If so, once they take tax money on an improvement, they can do nothing so end the worry of the town and penalties.

Now you need to worry about the quality of the work. either way if you intend to proceed get a copy of the last assessment so you have a record or what is or is not taxed that could or should be taxed as well as what is taxed that does not exist. Generally speaking assessments are 'done under the gun' so speed counts not accuracy. My house had several errors including a non existant finished basement and inground pool that I got deleted and saved tax dollars as well as incorrect too small square footage that I ignored saving me more on the rediculous property taxes in Howell

Now if it was taxed or if not and you still want to proceed with the purchase, you should hire a professional home inspector and get a copy of his errors and omissions insurance policy in case he screws up. This is very important as Howell has been in trouble serveral times for faulty inspections and taking bribes to pass substandart new homes . Several developments have had huge problems with bad work and at least 1 was in a flood area. Use your computer to look up stories in the Tri Town News and Asbusry Park Press about Howell crime, lawsuits agfainst Howell and their building Department.

The good news Patty Hoover who did the Certificate of Occupancy (aka CO for new homes ) inspections was told to resign and the inspections now are only for smoke and carbonmonixide detectors, so not much room for a shakedown or bribes or errors in a thorough inspection. a CCO is a Continuing Certificate of Occupancy inspection for formerly occupied structures , but many people simply call them CO inspections also

In the past 20 or so years there have been several busts in the building inspection department for taking bribes. Within the last few years when faced with a serious civil rigfhts lawsuit they told corrupt officials judge Alan Kaplan, prosecutor William Greetze, Code Officer Patty Hoover, the head of the Building Department Eddie Macv and others to resign or be fired and lose their pensions, the man who replaced Eddie Mac, Ted Shostack was fired for corruption along with many many others.

Code officer Jim Burdick was demoted to truck driver and twice on several years apart occassions several building inspectors were terminated also for inferior work, soliciting and /or taking bribes concerning developments built substandard and giving approvals for a development and the cosntruction inspections of at least 1 development built in a flood area, that I understand the town and/or state bought back from the owners . Howell Police also had it's share of crooked cops, but that was long ago and most there now are good cops, You can look that up online also

I have found it good practice to tape record any and all conversations with township officials . Contrary to most opinions it IS legal to record phone and in person conversations without notifying anyone . Look up NJ2a:156. It's extremely common for any of them to say 1 thing then blame you for lying when you mention it and the police and courts always side with the town workers as your word agtaionst their word. Buy a voice activated recorder and always put in new batteries before engaging in conversations where what is said may be important in the future . In my experience 1 will lie and 3 will swear he's telling the truth, but the recording proves you are right not them. Carry it in a shirt top pocket, a hand bag or a pants pocket and practice using it. If you use a cel phone use the speaker phone feature and hold the recorder in the center to get the whole conversation.

This may seem extreme but it's insurance, easy and in a situation invoilving town government, where corruption is a way of life it's simply a smart thing to do. If you have it and never need it,. it's OK If you need it and don't have it, you lose. Keep the recordings for 6-10 years to be safe
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Mon Dec 29, 2014
sue answered:
I've lived in Howell for about 20 yrs. We live in the Candlewood section which a few mins drive outside of the Windmill club. (opposite entrance than Locust St) Honestly love it here. Never had a problem with anyone, and we know a couple of people who live in the Wihndmill club and they never had problems. There is no noise from the stores either. Can't say enough good things about our choice to move here 20 yrs ago. Excellent Excellent school system if you have children. Good luck!
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Mon Mar 10, 2014
dbruh43010 answered:
Patricia I have a home for sale in Monroe. How much are you looking to spend. Perhaps we could negotiate.
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Sun Jul 21, 2013
Joan Congilose answered:
There are fixer uppers available in your price range, but keep in mind that you may be limited to the type of lending available to you if the house is in disrepair. Make sure you do a home inspection before you commit to a particular house so that you know what you are getting yourself into and budget your money for repairs accordingly. ... more
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Wed Mar 6, 2013
drcho2112 asked:
If I find out on the back-end that some off the work described in the HUD scope of work was never done and/or was done poorly and some of it not to code. If both I and the HUD consultant…
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Sun Dec 9, 2012
Andrew Tisellano answered:
Sounds like your attorney or Realtor were trying to protect you. what would you have done if they did not write them in the contract and you did not get these items from the builder. I hope you read the contract and saw them in there. Sounds like they know what they are doing and will work it out. Any recourse will cost you more than it is worth. ... more
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Fri Nov 23, 2012
Marion answered:
Its hard to say what it will cost in your area. Material can be estimated by the installation is different from place to place. Heres a link for average cost estimates -
For best results; get a bunch of bids and pick a good company with reasonable pricing.
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Wed Aug 22, 2012
john dubbs answered:
If you need a home inspector give me a call my name is John dubbs my company's name is Attic to Basement Inspection Services. My number is732-901-1055.
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Sat Jul 28, 2012
Thesilverfox3 answered:
Just take the bus from the port auhority.139 route gate 325 or 321. Or call me at 732-439-1040.i be happy to pick you up.
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Sat Jul 28, 2012
Diane answered:

Unfortunately you may not contact the bank involved....With new regulations the banks have the upper hand and all the financials regarding the sellers are kept private......This is a lenghty process, My best advice to you is have a great relationship with your attorney and agent and express your concerns to them regarding the time factor.

Good luck to you and I hope everything goes well..

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