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what is the best bug spray I can use to kill scorpions?------ should I be concern?----I have killed 4 in the last two mo.'s In side my house--

Asked by Sammy, 89014 Wed Aug 25, 2010


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Darin, , Arizona
Sat Apr 7, 2012
Step 1
Remove all debris from the ground around your home. Stacks of wood, piles of leaves, overgrown bushes, even flag stone just lying on top of the dirt are areas that scorpions love. They love these areas not only because they provide harborage but because they can find other pest here that they can eat.
Step 2
Seal all concrete expansion joints. Often times around your home you will find a gap between your patio or front porch concrete and your home. When the concrete is poured they put a material between the concrete. Over time this material rots or falls apart and thus it leaves a gap for pest to get down under your concrete and live. Scorpions love this area!!! You can seal this area with caulk, or if it is a wider gap expandable foam.
Step 3
Close up gaps on your side walk or cool decking. Often times your sidewalks, or cool decking around your pool is poured directly on top of the soil without digging. Overtime the pest will dig out between the concrete and the top of the soil allowing pest to harbor in this area. Just simply go around your sidewalk and push the soil back up against the concrete.
Step 4
Caulk your block fence I blocks. Scorpions love to live in the I block around your block walls. The I block is the column that looks different every 8-10 feet. These blocks have voids that scorpions love.
Step 5
Make sure all the weather stripping on your doors are in good order.
These 5 steps will help you reduce the chances of having scorpions in your home. But they will not fix all your problems. If you would like to learn more about scorpion control you can find good information at
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Dorene Slavi…, Agent, Torrance, CA
Sat Dec 4, 2010
Dear Sammy..
Oh Yikes! I love the desert but I don't love scorpions! Best leave this to a professional exterminator in your area.
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I've tried numerous "professional" companies in the 5 years I've lived here, and this neighborhood and my property still have scorpions. There are so many restrictions on which chemicals they can apply, how much they can apply, and where they can apply them, that they've been rendered totally ineffective. In the last 2 days I've killed 40 scorpions outside my house by finding them with a UV flashlight and a rock. I'm more effective than these companies! I'm now going to order a bunch of chemical and spray all over, starting with the perimeter to get the ones coming in from the neighbors. I've had it with scorpions!
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Neda.hall, Home Buyer, Henderson, NV
Fri Jun 10, 2016
I was getting them in my house, also. I use Diatomaceous earth. Use it heavily around base of house. I also pour it across my doorways at night and in the well of my windows.

Another thing I found for any bugs is Cedarwood (essential) Oil or GreenBug Spray (8 gallons from a qt of concentrate). It can even be sprayed by food. Both these products are safe around kids and animals)

As for the scorpions,. If you are chicken, like me. Before I found these products I would spray them, directly, with ant spray but found that if I took my eye off of it, it was gone. Then I would spray it and place a cup over it until it died. It took three days.
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Joe San, Both Buyer And Seller, Las Vegas, NV
Mon Feb 22, 2016
Pest control professionals do not have better products available, you can get when they use online. they are restricted in what they can do with it. If you want it done right order what you need online unless you know where to get it locally. DO NOT START ON THE PERIMETER OF YOUR PROPERTY. start inside and work your way out over a couple of weeks until you reach the perimeter. you are both killing them and running them off at the same time. then follow up regularly in the areas mentioned above, cracks cool places on or under ground. and a follow the procedure I outlined twice a year whether you see them or not
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Chad Roberts, Agent, Henderson, NV
Wed May 28, 2014
You can contact a pest control specialist that can assist with the issue. Chances are, they will have stronger chemicals and know the treatment protocol.

Chad Roberts
Realty One Group
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Angela Brass…, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Fri May 9, 2014
The short answer is yes, you should be concerned. Scorpions multiply rapidly, are resistant to poison, and are nesting creatures - so if not killed they will come back. Scorpions have thick skin so poison doesn't work well, and they don't drag their bodies on the ground, so they don't come into contact with enough poison. Scorpions avoid light, so having lights on that light your thresholds is important. Also, scorpions eat bugs - so you want to remove their food source. Desert landscaping is best. Bugs love grass and mulch, so get rid of that if you can. Scorpions also fluoresce. So you can use a black light at night to see just how bad the problem is.

Angela Brasser, CRS, ABR
702-460-2515 Talk/Text
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Robert Lacy, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Fri Apr 25, 2014
A house that a family member bought had several scorpions. they had little kids so it had to be taken care of right away.

We ordered some stuff called Onslaught and it worked great.…

you can take a look at it.

Robert Lacy
Keller Williams
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Tony, Home Owner, Henderson, NV
Thu Jun 27, 2013
Any spray brings them out, then use a rock. They seem to drink the spray
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theronbothun…, , Henderson, NV
Thu Mar 21, 2013
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lesliebramle…, Home Buyer, Covington, WA
Mon Aug 20, 2012
I have scorpion in my head. How can I get them out. Is there a shampoo I can use? Can I use bug spray?
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lesliebramle…, Home Buyer, Covington, WA
Mon Aug 20, 2012
Removal of scorpion lice.
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lesliebramle…, Home Buyer, Covington, WA
Mon Aug 20, 2012
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Austin Fresh, Home Buyer, Texas
Sat Aug 18, 2012
I live in South Texas and we have Scorpions as well. Problem is, Scorpions are really hard to kill with Over the Counter (OTC) poison. BUT - here's some good news. Scorpions are solitary, shy creatures. They don't form hives or nest like bees or wasps and they dont live in colonies like ants. So if you see one, it's probably alone, just foraging for food and water. Crush it with your shoe.

Here's why I would hire a professinal. Over the counter sprays and baits are not nearly as effective as proffessional poisons. It's like taking Tylenol or Asprin to manage the pain of a broken arm - prescription pain meds work much better. With a prescription, only a licensed medical provider can provide the powerful relief you need. A bug guy is similar. The poisons they use are Federally regulated, and a license is usually required to purchase and apply them. Which means a much higher dosage and more stopping power. Compare "Ortho Max Bug B Gone". It's avaialble for about $7-10 almost anywhere and it's a popular seller at Home Improvement stores. It has .03% Bifenthrin (less than 1%). Compare that to professional grade products that have over 12% Bifenthrin with possibly another 10-20% something else. More power, more risidual.
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Patrick Winc…, , Nevada
Mon Jun 11, 2012
Hi Sam!

Scorpions and spiders of all shapes and sizes are rather prevalent in Nevada, and unfortunately they often times find themselves in our kitchens, bedrooms, garages, etc. Friends of mine who aren't afraid of pests like this say how good they are to keep other insects out of the house, but I personally would rather not have ANY insects in my house, and I am sure many would agree!

A young gal that works in my office is absolutely terrified of spiders, scorpions, and so on, and just a about a month ago she was telling me the problem she was having in her home with both! She said she went to Home Depot and picked up a gallon bug sprayer called Ortho Home Defense and it was around $15, and she boasts about how she hasn't seen anything in her home since she sprayed! Makes me wonder why I pay my exterminator $250 a year when this $15 gallon lasts for a year and has such great results apparently! She said she only used about half of the gallon too, so she has some left over for the next time she wants to spray. You should give it a try before you spend hundreds on those pricey exterminators!

Best of luck!

Patrick Winchell
Senior Loan Officer
New American Mortgage
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Carla Muss-J…, , Portland, OR
Sat Jun 9, 2012
WOW -- how interesting . . . the only bugs in my house are teeny-tiny sugar ants but when I lived in Hawaii there were geckos.
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Mark Fleysher, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Tue Jun 5, 2012
Definitely get a professional out there... the longer you wait, the faster they infest.
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Jim Olive, Agent, Key West, FL
Tue Jun 5, 2012
Though my exterminator will claim that HE keeps the scorpions away, there are those that suggest Key West's famous chickens do the job. I must say, I believe it because I moved from a house where there were no free-range chickens to one where three roosters hang out all the time, and the number of scorpions I've seen has been significantly reduced! Beware, though, those noisy buggers don't only crow at sun-up, they can go all night sometimes!
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Emma Aguilar, Agent, Henderson, NV
Sat Dec 4, 2010
Amazing how many answers you get from those who dont live in Vegas. Hire a local expert in pest control. Sounds like you may have a nest nearby. Its easly treated and the pest will be gone. It shouldnt cost no more than 20-40 dollars a month even with no contract.
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Omer8532, , London Court, McAllen, TX
Tue Oct 19, 2010
These things are best left to an expert. If you think of the dangers involved in removing Scorpions then you should immediately contact a specialist for more information,
Web Reference:
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Alan May, Agent, Evanston, IL
Mon Aug 30, 2010
Sammy - I have bad news for you. Scorpions are not bugs.
Darrell - I believe I just said just that that.... they are terrestrial arachnids of the order Scorpiones. They have lobster-like pincers and a stinger (often poisonous) at the end of it's tail. But many of the chemicals and pesticides I outlined can be effective in controlling scorpions, and keeping them out of your dwellings.
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Darrell Hess, Agent, Asheville, NC
Mon Aug 30, 2010
Ok first off you agents a scorpion is not a rodent or a beetle or any of that they are considered arachnids. You will find trapped in your glasses in your cupboard or around the base boards of the room. They will find themselves just about anywhere in basements. Luckily Although they all have venom the only one that is considered a problem in NV is the bark scorpion, Centruroides exilicauda, which only occurs in limited amounts in and around Clark County. However, I believe you are in Henderson which is not that far away. We have scorpions in Georgia as well they are all over the place near the lakes for some reason. I use a product call Orkin home defense max that I can buy at my local hardware store. It does the trick for a non commercial grade that the pros use. It kills many insects and arachnids. My other suggestion to you is try to find where they might be coming into the house. I don't think they are breeding in your house at this point with only 4 found, but they are crawling under doors and holes in the walls that is for sure. To be honest four in two months is not bad for your area. If you like you can set something up with a insect guy in your area to do a perimeter defense around the property.
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Alan May, Agent, Evanston, IL
Mon Aug 30, 2010
Debbie - nobody really believes that Polar Bears truly exist. c'mon!
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Debra (Debbi…, Agent, Livingston, NJ
Wed Aug 25, 2010
I knew there was something about Antarctica that I liked - no bugs, scorpions or other creepy crawlers - I can deal with polar bears

ps... Alan - do you have a spray suggestion for them? :)
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Alan May, Agent, Evanston, IL
Wed Aug 25, 2010
Sammy - I have bad news for you. Scorpions are not bugs. Normal bug spray won't deter them a bit.

You can try these:
Cy-Kick CS is a pesticide that uses cyfluthrin as an active ingredient. It is available in an aerosol can or in a liquid concentrate for a sprayer. It can be used indoors or outdoors for spraying cracks, crevices, and perimeters.

Onslaught Insecticide is another indoor/outdoor spray insecticide. Its active ingredient is benzeneacetate. Onslaught is micro-encapsulated, which for us means that it will continue to release the active ingredients for a long period of time.

Demon WP is a spot treatment that works for contact control as well as residual control. The active ingredient is cypermethrin1. For best results, use a 1-gallon sprayer.

Suspend is a perimeter pesticide for use indoors and outdoors. It leaves a clear residual film wherever it is sprayed and continues to kill pests for up to three months. Its active ingredient is deltamethrin.

Talstar EZ Granular Insecticide is a spreadable granular insecticide for use in lawns and landscaped areas. It is recommended to spread it around the perimeter of your home. The active ingredient in Talstar is bifenthrin.

the website listed below gives you more suggestions as to how to make your yard/home unfriendly for scorpions. Good luck.
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Heather Peck, Home Owner, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Aug 25, 2010
The best way to kill scorpions is to buy the generic form of Talstar online on ebay. It comes in a liquid concentrate that you can put into a sprayer. It becomes inert after it dries. But it will kill them for sometime.

Spray it all around the outside of your house including door thresholds and windows. Repeat every 3-6 months.

They love Mexican Fan Palms. Scorpions give live birth, so there are no eggs and they carry their babies on their backs. You can check around your house and the outside of it with a black light at night - they glow under a black light.

I had a number of them at one property I owned.

Don't go barefoot, always turn on the light at night so you can see them. They like dark places like cupboards and closets and hiding under things.

You can also use Borax. It comes in a blue powder and they sell it at Home Depot. The bad news is you have to look at blue powder, but it sucks the moisture right out of them and they don't like to cross it.
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Gady Medrano, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Aug 25, 2010
Hi Sam,

Thanks for your question. Yes i would be a bit concern and have a professional come out and spray your house. In the summer, the heat tends to be too much for rodents. That'[s why they migrate inside your home... all of them. As far as a spray, i don't think over the counter is enough if you have found 4. Though you could try a protective layer around the perimater of your house, which you can find at most grocery stores. Then contact a professional. Hope that helped.

Best Regards
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Mark Fleysher, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Aug 25, 2010
I'm sorry to hear that Sammy! Normally, when you find even one, you have an infestation. They are nastly little things. You definitely can't handle it on your own, and you need to get an exterminator who specializes with Scorpions. I have personally had this issue in an office building, which we built, and instantly had scorpions. Uggghhh, it was a nightmare.

Here is some info I found on e-How:

here is a Scorpion exterminator specialist:

I can help with any of your Las Vegas Real Estate needs or questions; feel free to contact me direct. I can help you find the home you seek.



Mark D Fleysher, MBA, Broker, REALTOR
The Jack Conley Realty Group
C. 702-291-8186 F. 702-946-0843
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Debra (Debbi…, Agent, Livingston, NJ
Wed Aug 25, 2010
Sammy I think you should call a local extemrnating company for that advice! If you don't know the name of one, I am sure Google can help you out. You may need more than just a can of spray.

Good Luck!
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