Where can I find a apartment in chicago il with bad credit?

Asked by Justliloldme, 60637 Wed Nov 10, 2010

I am running out of time with know luck? I have okay credit but alot has rueined me by my parent, having something in my name as a minor. Now whatever happened in the past has hurt me in the future and plus I have identity theft, on my report? I am work part time and getting ready to go back to school next semister. I have to move by the 14th of Nov. I dont have any family at all and im getting ready to be homeless. I dont know what to do? Please anyone help with words of advise, please!!!

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Ron Thomas, Agent, Fresno, CA
Fri Dec 9, 2011
Why would you want an apartment with bad credit?

my suggestion is to find an apartment managed by the OWNER.
not a property management company.
when you meet him/her, explain the situation; be open and honest.
If they still won't rent to you, you probably didn't want to rent from them anyway.

Good luck and may God bless
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yes try finding a private owner ,not so easy ,craigslist has no way of finding private owners
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Anna Hunt, Renter, Chicago, IL
Thu Apr 27, 2017

Guaranteed Apartment Approval is the only name you need to know to get approved with the best Apartment or Single Family home with our Nationwide Service. We specialize in connecting you with the home of your choice, regardless of past credit issues. We'll process and complete a credit application with your chosen management company. Our application process may take up to 5-7 business days to complete.

Guaranteed Apartment Approval will apply with large and small apartment management companies and single family rentals nationwide. For example, whether it’s in Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, or Georgia, doesn't matter your choice! Regardless of your bruised rental history, we have you covered! We work with ALL CREDIT ISSUES such as Foreclosures, Evictions, Broken Leases, Divorce, or Low Credit Scores.

Our Corporate Lease Program will allow you to have a Second Chance to live where you want that meets your rental budget. You could now choose the best school district for your children or move closer to work. Our program is designed with you in mind to increase your work-life balance and overall satisfaction!
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Anna you saved my life..I'm not being a smart you know what but thankyou!!...You are awesome for telling me this
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Towanda Noble, Home Buyer, Country Club Hills, IL
Sat Mar 19, 2016
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keatonej, Renter, Chicago, IL
Thu Mar 7, 2013
The rental agents at apartmentpeople.com might know which landlords are more flexible and will accept individuals with credit or identity theft on the report --explain your situation to them--- http://www.apartmentpeople.com/

See also - http://callmpa.com/Home.html
Ph: 773-975-9400
Shaw Legal Services - website says they work with bad credit or situations where people are trying to find an apartment

We guarantee residential leases. If you are looking to rent and your credit is not the best, (perhaps due to a foreclosure or a medical incident), and the landlord said you need a co-signer, we can help. Our company guarantees the landlord the assurance of payment should a default situation arise, thus allowing you, the tenant, an opportunity to secure the rental property of your choice. You are still liable contractually to fulfill your obligation, but we take the risk.

TruQuill is a for-profit-business that is designed to help individuals qualify for an apartment. We do this by charging two separate and straightforward up-front fees. TruQuill is able to get you approved by having the apartment run and check our credit instead of having to run and check yours.

Apartment Cosigning Services
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Hi my name is Carlos and I don't have credit history, because my company just moved to me in Chicago 2 week ago.. but the company is not able to provide me a real estate agent to rent an apartment.. and every leasing company says.. you need a co-signer.. but come on!!. I don't meet anybody in Chicago.. so I have SSN and the money to pay each month without any problem.. in meantime I am starting to get a credit history with credit cards.... my email is carlos.lopez26@live.com.mx, direct line (no mobile) 312 496 5694.. thoughts?.. please if someone can reply me, I'll appreciate it. Thank you..
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Pangeare.com rents to tenants with difficult credit all over Chicago land and suburbs
Flag Tue May 27, 2014
They are a scam i will never go to apartment people again they stole my money and i never once saw an apartment .
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bybyjob, Renter, Chicago, IL
Sat Dec 22, 2012
Try Pacini Property on Dakin and Pulaski he looks for evictions it is kiddy corner from blue line 1 bedroom are $780
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Michael Pete…, Agent, Chicago, IL
Thu Nov 11, 2010
Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock, and the door will be opened.
If you are totally broke, and have access to the internet, there is help available. Even the City of Chicago has funds available to prevent homelessness. Try the following, and let me know how it turns out.
1). City of Chicago call 311
Ask for short term help - to prevent homelessness.
3). Society of St Vincent de Paul.
Any of the above might help you in your time of need.
Best regards,
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Catholic Charities only help the Refugees that come into Chicago,Rockford,etc..I find that this is by far the lowest thing that anyone can do.They refused to help my family and I out when we needed them the most being HOMELESS and living in a car.City Of Chicago still NOPE because they don't care,Society of St.Vincent NO!!!because they also help refugees that come illegally into the U.S.
How I found this out was because my landlord told my family that Catholic Charities only help the Refugees that he rents out to..
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Patti McDona…, Agent, Chicago, IL
Wed Nov 10, 2010
Do you know your credit score? How much are you earning annually working part-time? Do you have student loan money? Do you have a good landlord reference? There are more factors to rentals than just your credit score! Some landlords will only look at the score and others take more things into consideration. Feel free to contact me and I will advise you in confidence. Patti McDonald - Fresh Horizon Realty - 773-604-7111 x231
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Hello my name is Pearl. My son works for CTA but was recently involved in some financial difficulty that resulted in an eviction. He is looking to move asap. Any suggestions. 312 662 9774
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Knipp168, Home Buyer, Chicago, IL
Mon Jan 30, 2017
I have section 8 but also have ptiot evictions
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Is your housing situation resolved? If not, I know of an excellent company who will the steps to take to get you approved regardless of credit/rental history.

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Sophieakuvi, Home Buyer, Bolingbrook, IL
Wed Jun 15, 2016
My name is Sophie, my husband and have been looking for a tow home with back yard to rent for like 2 month now. We have three kids and my husband earn about $1500/ biweekly. We help so many family member in the past that is hinting our credit now. We also have to moove out of an apt 4 years ago because of roches, and it been on our credit. If we do t find a place to leave by the end of July we will be homeless with three kids. Why is it so difficult to get a place to leave when you actually have a reasonable income? Can anyone help.
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Iman Latif W…, Renter, New York, NY
Tue Feb 16, 2016
I have section 8 but I also have a bankruptcy case that doesn't close until May 2st I need to move by the end of April I live in Chicago and could use some help!
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cathysmith135, Home Buyer, Wilmington, DE
Wed Jan 7, 2015
That's a great question. I would suggest contacting a company that advertises apartments for rent. That's basically the only way you'll be able to find one that fits your needs. I hope you're able to find an apartment soon. Good luck! http://rentnevadaplace.com
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Mike Opyd, Agent, Chicago, IL
Thu Oct 3, 2013
Write a letter or arrange a meeting with the landlord explaining your situation. Offer more months up front is always helpful as well.
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Is this a suggestion based on knowledge or an idea?
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Teresa Frank…, Renter, Chicago, IL
Tue Oct 1, 2013
I have a one year old eviction can I still get an apartment right now because I need one now please can you help me out. My name is Teresa
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Kimmie, , Chicago, IL
Fri Dec 9, 2011
I have bad credit and a dog. I found it very hard to find an apartment that is pet friendly and will accept me with my bad credit. I came across an ad on Craigslist for My Place Apartments. I made an appointment and with in 3 weeks the staff got me approved for an apartment and the apartment is pet friendly!! If you have patience and money saved up to move, I recommend My Place Apartments for sure!
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My place apartments took $180 to help find me an apartment. Found one in Rogers Park in a very undesirable neighborhood and wanted $3000 to show me the property and get the address. The area was not safe for my child and looked bad. I would be paying $952 for rent while neighbors would be on Section 8. They felt that they fulfilled their obligation to me and would not find any other landlords to look at! Unless i was willing to move to the southside of Chicago......ummmmmm....NO!
Flag Sun Sep 21, 2014
My Place Apartments sucks. Read my YELP review
Flag Mon Sep 23, 2013
that is the last place i would go they talk a lot of bull when you get there they want $400 to $500 to help you and then if you got a gov check they want to have it sent the land lord .then if it is not rental season they want you to wait 3 months.lol
Flag Sat Dec 22, 2012
How much did they charge you? My friend said they wanted $190 because she had bad credit but yet advertise big time on craigs in Chicago aas a agency who does solely that,
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Trudo Realty, Agent, Chicago, IL
Thu Nov 18, 2010
The best way to go is with private landlords. They're more flexible in their considerations, and the way the market is now, anyone with a job is looking like a good candidate. Bigger complexes and management companies tend to be less flexible in their criteria. If you're cruising Craigslist, look for independent owners. If you're using a locator service or independent agent, be upfront with them. Most agents know where to look for folks with less-than-perfect credit.
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Matt Laricy, Agent, Chicago, IL
Thu Nov 11, 2010
I would just be honest with most landlords. If you tell them your story, someone will take you on as a tenant. A place that is run by a management company probably wont bite, so look for a self managed place. Craigslist is great for these, and you can sublease places on there. Best of luck!

Matt Laricy
Americorp Real Estate
Brokers Associate, e-PRO
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Even sublease ask for credit check lol
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Urvashi Verma, Agent, Chicago, IL
Wed Nov 10, 2010
Dear Justilloldme,

I am very sorry for your difficult situation:( Given that you are student and are on limited income you may want to consider finding a roommate, there are many ads on chicago's craiglist- also a great local nonprofit called the heartland alliance can help you find immediate accomadation, until you find something more permanent. If you feel that you are ready to rent an apartment at this stage, feel free to email with your price range and credit info. best regards urv
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Alvin Dobbs, Agent, Waukegan, IL
Wed Nov 10, 2010
Depends on how much can you pay? And how long you would like to stay? The more you can pay and the longer the term of your stay. Then there is more landlords will be willing to work with you. I have a deal out in the South burbs--looking to do a rent to own. If interested, drop me a line or give me a call.
Al Dobbs
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John Gall, Agent, Chicago, IL
Wed Nov 10, 2010
No credit, no problem. Many landlords will consider your entire story. There are many successful strategies to incorporate when applying for a rental with damaged credit.

Also, I currently have 4 rental properties available immediately in different parts of Chicago. Contact me for more information.
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I'm looking for a two or three bedroom please call me Tarah 773-668-6542
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I have a good paying job build up my credit all these years just to get a first time eviction I need a place to stay other than a hotel can you help John my name is George phone 3123161522 or text anytime shame good people have to go through this.
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I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment (or House). I have a beagle. I have savings but nobody will consider me b/c my work history is limited & have been away from work for years b/c my mother & aunt died in 2015. They left me a little $$ but agents work for corporate so they cannot make decisions for themselves. The corporations make the decisions. They see you as a number not a person. I want to make a deal as to pay off the one year lease whole instead of month to month. Yes I am credit challenged. I am not asking for the Trump Tower. I Just want to pay an affordable rent where myself & my dog can live. Also I have a stacked washer/dryer I want to bring. I CLEARLY WANT A SUBURBAN CHICAGO LOCATION, EVEN INDIANA I WILL CONSIDER. IT IS TOO EPENSIVE TO LIVE IN THE CITY. CAN I GET SO HELP? Please email me back to Confdmlib1@gmail.com or call/text 7734260821.
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hi I am looking for an apartment for a 2 or 3 br apt. how can I contact u or can u email me at dominiquepruitt1967@gmail.com please thanks.
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John do you still have property available?
Flag Thu Jan 30, 2014

Not sure how old this post is. Do you still have properties available? Tony
Flag Fri Jan 24, 2014
I need a place asap. We have income of $4500 per month. Trying to fix our credit is taking anything we can save. We have bad credit, evictions I'm not sure, but we are spending money on our credit to qualify for a place to live. We are currently paying $1200 per month for a hotel. It really sucks no privacy and we have kids. We just need a place to call home can you help us? My number is 847-691-6466 or 847-348-9779 email is stachura2013@yahoo.com Would really like to find a place before I hand another $300 over to the hotel on Friday. Thanks
Flag Wed Oct 9, 2013
do you have any properties as of now for someone with bad credit?
Flag Mon Sep 23, 2013
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