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Asked by John El Hanafi, 19087 Wed Apr 20, 2011

I was wondering if any of us could share their thoughts on how to generate leads in this challenging times using social media, Networking, online marketing and Google?

John El Hanafi, REALTOR®, ASP, IAHSP

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John El Hanafi’s answer
John El Hana…, , 19087
Fri Apr 22, 2011
1- free market analysis to homeowners
2- register with the Linkedin Network, among many other social networking sites
3- Network, network, network!
4- place an advertisement in college newspapers
5- Local news papers and search the “legal” announcements for recent divorce proceedings.
6- host open-houses and get to know the prospective buyers
7- Contact large companies in your area that recruit and hire people who relocate to your town
8- Establish relationships with wedding planners, photographers, printers, etc
9- be sure to add you business contact information to the cities you work in
10- marketing yourself online
11- Community clubs/associations or welfare associations as they cover all the residents
12- real estate developer
13- Join a club, work-out, and start to get to know people. You would be surprised at how effective this is (plus you get good exercise!).
14- Hold a free “Investment Seminar”. Discuss various investment options like mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and real estate
15- One way to get real estate leads would be to become really good friends with the manager of a real estate company and tell him you are looking for a house and he might be nice enough to show u a few houses before they go on the market.
16- purchase add space in “new student guides” for colleges or Universities in your area.
17- tying up with a company which has a huge employee base like Microsoft etc. Or putting up an ad in place within such company like the cafeteria which is visited by lot of employees.
18- Talk to all your friends and family and see if anyone they know is buying or selling a house.
19- One way to get real estate leads would be to hold a free short lecture or seminar for the general public interested in selling their houses which would teach them ways to increase the value of their home.
20- online forums like craigslist
21- Post a flyer with your name and contact information (include your website!) on tear away strips, on free boards at places such as the library or supermarket.
22- entrance to the supermarkets
23- try setting up a booth at local fares or at school carnivals and such
24- Look up all the people in your area who are behind on their property tax bills. Maybe they are overwhelmed and are thinking about selling.
25- Buy a moving truck! Put your business name and information on the sides
26- catering to the military market in a military-saturated area is always a plus. Military people are relocating frequently,
27- set up a booth at grade school fairs or to participate at the school on some other level
28- I would target people living in apartment complexes because they are more likely to be in the market to buy a house or to lease a house/condo in near future
29- Figure out the addresses of rentals in the area and send literature to people currently renting. They may think they are not able to buy a house, but they very well could be.
30- Create a neighborhood information website (where to find services, school info etc) of the area you want to farm, the Realtor ads on the website link to your site.
31- One way for real estate leads is directing advertisement to carpenters for fixer-uppers. Carpenters are looking for deals to flip.
32- Mail postcards with pictures of houses that you have closed in the area showing what % of the asking price you were able to get for your seller. 1320 Scotsman sold for 98% of asking price in only 10 Days!!! List YOUR house with me!
33- One way to get real estate leads would be to take out an ad in the same page of the local newspaper that weddings are announced in. Many people look to buy a house once they get married.
34- I have found that the best way to get Real Estate leads is to send out a Market Update - Just make sure that it is not restricted by your local MLS Board.
35- A real Estate Agent can make follow-up phone calls after a transaction to get old clients to references the Real Estate Agent.
36- Check the obituaries and find out if the deceased owned a house. The surviving family members or estate might be selling the home
37- Buy ad space in the yahoo real estate section. I know that when I was looking for a house I used their MLS listing search and every page had an ad for a local real estate agent that said ‘contact ____ about this listing’, even if it was not their exclusive listing.
38- An overlooked way to get real estate leads is through completing BPO’s (Broker Price Opinions) for various finance companies.
39- One way is to place ads in Apartment finder guides, many people are looking to buy a house sometime.
40- Place an ad before a movie at a local theater. advertise online via social networking sites

Any More Ideas? :-)
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Judy Sharma, Agent, Grover Beach, CA
Wed Apr 20, 2011
Hi John,
This is a very interesting question and all the realtors are looking for answers. I can share some of my thoughts. I like online marketing. Trulia and has been a great source of my leads. I try to be visible in my sphere of influence and I do get some leads from them. Another source that works for me is "open house". Open house is mostly for buyer leads.
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Gwen Janicki, Agent, Bryn Mawr, PA
Thu Jul 28, 2011
Wow many great answers. For both Buyers and Sellers Definitely an appealing and user friendly website. Then you need a place for them to see your sphere interact with you so a complete Truila, Zillow and Facebook. Not just a facebook page but a website on facebook with a wall that informs and uses video, podcasts (playable at the facebook level) pictures, webinars and more.
People want to see prominence and expertise. Specifically they want you to bring up solutions and good points of view. SHOW them why they should use them not just show them an award for being the top salesperson the 2nd Tuesday of the week.
First page placement for you, your number, your website and questions you answer show clients that you are ahead of the pack. So many facebook "pages" are just plain with posts of other sites' posts with no real insight as to why they should use you.
For sellers the same things apply but they want to see that your website or social media has an audience for their area. We are in the process to moving our site to someone that guarantees first page placement so soon we will be able to farm our markets easier because sellers look at how well their listings will get in front of people on search engines for their area.
There is so much more but this should have you thinking. The web turned a corner this year...its what you have to say and having that seen everywhere that attracts buyers and seller.
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Erica Ramus,…, Agent, Pottsville, PA
Wed Apr 20, 2011
Do you have a facebook business page (fan page)?
That's a great place to start if you have not made one yet.
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Nick & Trudy…, Agent, Devon, PA
Wed Apr 20, 2011
I know it takes a lot of hard work whatever the networking angle you use might be. Face to face networking, sphere, social media, all require time and effort. You also need to spread your risk and do a little of everything. The main thing is to be consistent, even if you work on social media just a little be steady in what you do. The main thing today is to be giving, not pushing, that is make sure what you are offering is about what the consumer/person you communicate might need, that requires lots of listening, and not simply pushing your option towards them without finding out what they want and need.
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Dallas Texas, Agent, Dallas, TN
Wed Apr 20, 2011
Part of your business plan with any company determine your niche then focus that market niche
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Sergio Herna…, , Naples, FL
Wed Apr 20, 2011
The best way to generate leads has always been and will always continue to be, from your sphere of influence.

Over time, with hard work and a sincere desire to meet and exceed customer expectations, you can create strong relationships, with customers that will either recommend you, or become your friends, or both.

People like doing business with people they know! For that to happen, relationships must be created.

Through social medias and Online marketing you may reach large audiences, but so will everyone else doing exactly the same thing. What will distinguish you from the rest?

In the end, the difference will come down to the number of relationships you build and relationships take time to build. Unfortunately, time is something most don't invest in. For those that do invest the time required to create meaningful and lasting relationships, the rewards are great.
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Steve Sisman, Agent, Media, PA
Wed Apr 20, 2011
Good morning John, have you looked at KW's edge? Steve
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