why are the buyers in morrisville?

Asked by Mass1, Cambridge, MA Fri Mar 21, 2008

Where are the buyers in Morrisville, PA? Seems like there are a lot of perfectly fine houses, including my own, that are offered at a good price, with fair compensation, and are in good condition and still no buyers! What gives? and how can we overcome these problems?

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Entropymom, Both Buyer And Seller, 19067
Fri Sep 5, 2008
Where are all of the buyers?

Many have stuck their heads in the sand thinking that the real estate doomsday is coming soon!( Watch for a large black cloud looming over the horizon---always a good indicator of "when not to buy"!) Others are out chasing banks and lenders down trying to "rescue" them from foreclosures and REO's. (FORGET IT GUYS...Banks give out toasters-NOT EQUITY!) Stop watching the news and start crunching numbers...real numbers. This is a soft market, but not stagnant. Stuff is moving and that stuff is priced well and meets the needs of the buyer.

But there are a few smart buyers who are diligently watching the market and the interest rates, keeping their credit scores up and their debt down and will be ready to pounce on a good deal as soon as they find the right one.

OK smart buyers...come out, come out where ever you are!
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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Fri Mar 21, 2008
The market speaks most loudly through it's buyers. I do not want to appear to be insensitive, or unknowledegable.
First, Cambridge is not my market area (disclaimer)
Second, how long has your home been on the market?
In that time, how many homes, like yours, have sold?
So it is not a matter of homes not selling, it is a matter of VALUE. Buyers want value, they want the best deal.
That is why you hire a Realtor to expose your home's value to the market. Of course, 80% of marketing is price. You need to be within plus or minus 5% to get a response from the market. But there is also why a buyer would rather buy your home than another.....and also, why you need to sell, when , and what are the drawbacks if it does not sell.

I recommend talking with a Local Realtor and discussing your plans. If you are unable to find one yourself, look on Trulia. If that does not work then let me know. we'll find someone with whom you can talk.

Good luck. Time is of the essence~
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Rebecca, , Alabama
Thu Sep 23, 2010
I am a Realtor. I was born & raised in Morrisville. I am presently living in AL. Morrisville is a great place for a first time Buyer and a great place to raise children!! Smaller schools are Better!! If the school board can not get their act together, join it and make things better!! Throw the unreasonables OUT!! My granddaughter has a
very nice house on the market w/a Realtor in Morrisville. Very suitable for a single person or a young couple
or someone who wants to downsize!! Priced well at the price she paid for it. She needs to move upstate. House is in North Morrisville on Stockham. Where are you Buyer?? Interest Rates are Extremely Great !!NOW is the time to Buy!! Interest Rates will go up again in the future.Don't delay or you may never be able to Buy when interest rates increase and then your Mortgage Payment will be High!!! Aren't you people thinking??? As far as the incompetent newspapers, you people in Morrisville need to call them and complain and don't buy the papers!!! I sure hope the Real Estate Market turns around up there and here and in the whole US of A!!
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Gita Bantwal, Agent, Jamison, PA
Tue Sep 23, 2008
How much are you asking for your house ? If it is in the price range for a first time buyer it should sell now with the tax credit . All you need is one buyer. Hope you are marketing it well. If you need to talk to an agent and get some free advice by telephone call me any time. 2153438200x124 or 2153431122 home
Web Reference:  http://www.gitabantwal.com
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Entropymom, Both Buyer And Seller, 19067
Fri Sep 19, 2008
The media has really done a lot of damage to the Morrisville real estate market. I only wish there was a way to hold them accountable. Yes there certainly has been a lot of controversy and heated school board meetings (complete with adult temper tantrums and time out's), but GET REAL! Isn't controversy and heated school board debates the American norm??

Let's be reasonable everyone. Morrisville offers a great neighborhood and community feel, has a variety of houses and avariety of peoplewho live and work there and yes, school board controversy...all part of the American Dream!

REALTORS TAKE NOTE: I refuse to believe that the Morrisville schools are bad. Send your kid to Pennsbury and see if he ever gets the chance to play football. Maybe a teacher or two may know your high schooler's name at Pennsybury high. This is not the way it is in Morriville. With a small district (under 1000 kids), all of teachers know the kids and there are so many programs for the students.

When was the last time your child could take SAT prep classes FOR FREE, attend all day kindergarten or go to preschool FOR FREE or go to summer enrichment programs, like theatre and drama camp FOR FREE or enjoy after school sports programs given by the ymca FOR FREE. Find me another district that can offer this to their students and offer affordable home prices to families and then we will talk.
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Andy Raffle, , Yardley, PA
Wed Sep 17, 2008
Mass1, you may not be aware, since you';re out of the area, that the local papers have had a lot of coverage of the Morrisville schools and much of it has not been good. They've talked about high taxes, inmcompetent management, behind the scenes posturing to merge into Pennsbury, etc. I don;t think any of this gives potential Buyers a good feeling ab out Morrisville.

I'm in the area, if you'd like to discuss particulars of your home.

Web Reference:  http://www.AskAndyRaffle.com
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Dee Caruso M…, , Salem, MA
Thu Aug 21, 2008
We live in Salem, Massachusetts and have been watching the real estate market in your area for 2 years - daily! We have harbor views from three sides of our house, live in a notable part of Salem, the Willows. The comparison of what we could purchase in your area, (you market's asking price), to our Salem Willows, MA potential selling price just doesn't bare out. Your area is too over priced for the amenities it offers the buyers. This buyer will sit still till your market gets reasonable.
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Kiya Carmich…, , 19047
Wed Aug 13, 2008
Hello Morrisvilee seller, today is your lucky day not only do I specialize in the Morrisville real estate market, but I live in Morrisville. I would love to speak with you personally and maybe can help you make your home more marketable. Please contact me, thanks!
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Christopher…, Agent, Spring City, PA
Tue Mar 25, 2008
Unfortunately, it may be timing of the year, too much inventory, or just that homes are still too overpriced for the area. Even though you may feel they are good deals, the public is disagreeing.
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Tolstoy08540…, Both Buyer And Seller, Belle Meade, NJ
Tue Mar 25, 2008
3/2/1: Please produce the inventory of DETACHED ranch homes !
3BR/2BA/1-Storey for UNDER $100,000. UNDER $100k is the pent-up demand.
Thank you. :)
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Hi, , Virginia
Tue Mar 25, 2008
not sure about your area in particular
but maybe turn on the tv


good luck
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