Frances, Home Seller in Arlington, WA

who is the top selling realtor in arlington, wa?

Asked by Frances, Arlington, WA Thu Dec 13, 2007

I want someone who will WORK at selling my house.

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Janelle Wilt…, Agent, Marysville, WA
Tue Apr 8, 2008
A little different of perspective here on your question... You are asking for a "TOP" selling realtor in Arlington and you are asking for someone who will "WORK" at selling your house. Just something to keep in mind... the two are not always related. Depending on your property and its specialized needs, someone who sells an enormous amount of inventory many not be your best bet. You need to choose an agent whom is specific to your goal and your property. Sound strange? May not be as strange as you think. The busier an agent the less that person has time to adequately handle all impending business, unless they have adequate support staff such as an assistant to process all the details of selling property. If they have assistants and additional agents working for them to get all the details completed... then you are not actually working with that TOP agent but their support staff. If they don't have staff in place to handle the volume of business then each client is getting less of that agent's time. Then why are they so successful??? Being able to say you sold the most inventory isn't necessarily the determining factor of how those clients felt attended to. Over the last year my personal time spent on listings, sales and all that goes into it has increased 10 fold! It is just the facts of the market. However, I am not suggesting that these aren't good agents and should be avoided... just noting that volume is never a sole determination as to the quality of service you will receive, innovation of marketing or that you will be communicated with appropriately. Typically those TOP agents specialize in a certain niche of the market and that is what makes them successful... they go after a certain area, specialize in it, know how to market it and receive results accordingly. One example of this is new construction. You should always know EXACTLY where you stand in the market and what expectations come along with selling in your particular market. Hire an agent based on experience with YOUR type of property and experience within this type of market. Thanks for posting!
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Debbie Barger…, Agent, Marysville, WA
Wed Mar 12, 2008
Hey Frances:

Here is what is happening in North Snohomish County lately. Houses in our market today are taking up to 6 months and some longer to sell. The amount of inventory available in Snohomish County right now (newest report from Trend Graphics) is worth apx 9 months, down from 11 the month before last. The factors involved in the speed and price at which your home will sell are #1 Price. Your home must be priced at the low range based on pendings. Every time I prepare a market analysis for a Seller these days I'm seeing minimal price changes on those homes that haven't sold & more substantial changes on homes that have recently sold or are pending. The Sellers who want to sell must have prices that reflect the current market conditions for their specific property period. The price your home must be at should reflect the home's age, style, size of lot, amenities & location compared to other similar homes.

Secondly, it must be properly staged including removal and storage of some personal possessions, if necessary, fresh paint, new carpet, etc as needed to compete with the other homes on the market. In today's market, your agent must know the market. They should have been in your competition so they can tell you exactly how you stack up. Buyers simply don't have to look at our make an offer on homes that are not up to snuff on either price or condition.

Third.....great photos. The tech savvy buyer right now is looking seriously at homes that are priced right & look great on-line and are absolutely passing by those homes that either have few pictures or crappy pictures. I'm resorting to professional photos these days because I know we're in a high tech area and buyers must see the homes really well to be interested.

Those great photos must be on a variety of web sites such as Trulia, postlets, craig's list, zillow, etc. Representing sellers is hard work these days yet no stone should be left un turned.

Magazine ads are still an important marketing tool, as well.

Broker's Opens don't seem to bring me much buyer traffic these days. Not since early 90's when they came for a free lunch in our area (N Sno. County). Now the agents can see as well on line as the Buyers to preview homes.

Open Houses are getting most of their activity from signs and web sites. You can ask your agent to send out invitations to people in your neighborhood who know of someone who wants to move into the neighborhood, or your agent can stick a sign in the front yard indicating the house will be held open on Sunday. Ads in the newspaper, unless your home can be submitted to the Herald Resale Home of the Week and is chosen, do not bring a lot of Buyers in. It's all about the signs & web sites.

I can certainly understand your need to feel like your agent is working hard. If you wish to continue to work with your agent, or any agent, you should require a marketing plan, planning calendar and regular feedback. The market is constantly changing and your agent should be on top of those changes and be willing and able to share with you the data to support their position.

The good news is that we're seeing some pick up in Buyer activity. However, that "good activity" is really defined as still a strong Buyer's market.

Thank you very much and best of luck.
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Walter North…, Agent, Everett, WA
Wed Oct 27, 2010
Hey Frances,

I got your frustration. I also clearly understand a lot of sellers cannot stomach the current market value of their house. Current market value being defined as the price a buyer is willing to pay in today’s market place.

Do not expect an agent to spend time and money marketing a house priced well above today’s value, good strong agents will avoid listing your home, a lot of agents will not even show your house.

Listen to what the agents say. It’s painful for most.

Good luck

Walter Northfield
Managing Broker
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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Thu Dec 13, 2007
You sound very frustrated.
You might want to rephrase you question if you are having specific problems. I personally have mixed feelings about "top selling Realtor".
Are you implying that the Realtor with the most units sold is the hardest working?
Are you saying that the Realtor witht he most units sold is netting each and every client top dollar?
Just my experience in my market: The biggest are not always the best. Interview, ask tough questions, talk to friends or business associates, etc.

Merry Christmas!
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Don Flores, , Arlington, WA
Tue Mar 11, 2008
I can give you four names, they all work in our office, Windermere Arlington: Hardey Davidson, Jennifer Leigh, Patty Wedda, and myself.
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Diana Shipley, , Arlington, WA
Tue Mar 11, 2008
good morning Frances

Dianne answered you question pretty well, it's just a slow market right now and location and price dictate selling time. Have a good heart to heart with you realtor. He/she may be doing more than you realize, or may be open to some additional ideas. Your home should be posted on several different advertising locations, not just the MLS. Signage is important. Postcards, or some type of notices, sent out to your neighbors, someone may know someone who is looking for a home in that area.

I hope you will have a good discussion with your realtor prior even considering dismissing him. I'm sure the two of your can come up with some creative marketing methods.

best of luck,
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Dianne Matth…, , Arlington, WA
Wed Dec 26, 2007
Frances, Hi:

I'm not trying to make excuses for your agent but this is a tough market right now and only the strong are going to survive. I don't know if you need the top selling realtor since they have so many listings (that might not be selling either) that they can't possibly have the time to put into the hard work of Open Houses and all the other activities that are in place in a strong and creative Marketing Plan.

In my experience here in Arlington, Brokers Opens are only having numbers of agents turning up when the agent offers cash for coming. And then, the agents who show up for the cash are those who aren't selling anything anyway. It makes the Seller happy because so many agents came to the Open but it makes the agent somewhat unhappy because few of them actually have Buyers. It's a bit of a catch22 situation.

Public Open Houses are yielding more results but a toll-free call capture system where folks dial an 800 number to learn about the specific features of the home might be something you and your agent could investigate? It's definitely a way to calculate whether there is interest in your home.

And I agree with the other posting here who suggested that pricing it below your nearest competitor would definitely be advantageous. In fact, if you are wanting a quick sale, then it should be priced aggressively. And marketed the same way.

Having said that, this is generally a slow time of year anyway, the market notwithstanding. I do hope things pick up for you in the New Year.

Best wishes
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Frances, Home Seller, Arlington, WA
Fri Dec 14, 2007
My agent held three broker's open houses. People showed up at the THIRD one, after the house had been on the market for three months. She staged our house, which woked until we had to move, so now it's vacant. The only place our house is listed is on the MLS. If she's having an open house it show up in the local paper on the day of the open house.
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Deb Nicholls, Agent, Concord, MA
Fri Dec 14, 2007
Hi Frances,

I agree with Keith- "top sellers" usually make their profit in volume. Their listings may take a year to sell, and their strategy may be to just keep lowering the price until someone buys. I think what you want is someone whose listings sell faster than others and who has some creative marketing ideas.

But I'm sure you know that this is a very slow market and the slowest time of any year to sell a house. Sellers have to do so much more than they did a couple of years ago. Your house should be professionally staged, and priced below the nearest competitor. If you really believe your agent isn't doing enough, suggest a meeting to go over the marketing plan. Has your agent held a Broker Open House? Perhaps it's time for another one. Is he or she marketing on the Internet? There are dozens of sites now for advertising homes. Are you getting showings but no offers? That is usually an indication of price. Some really great homes are just not moving. I wish you luck.
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Courtney Coo…, Agent, Seattle, WA
Thu Dec 13, 2007
Hi Frances - sorry you are having trouble selling your house. I have only sold one house in Arlington for a friend - I don't usually go that far, but would be happy to refer you to a good agent if you need one. Good luck!
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