what's is the logic for listing a home online without photos, only exterior shots or only 1 photo, etc.?

Asked by mrhs, Ohio Sun Oct 16, 2011

Does it indicate that the property is not "photo-worthy?" As a potential buyer - I would pass right over these properties. Why do real estate agents/brokers do this?

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Molly Hay -…, Agent, Columbus, OH
Mon Oct 17, 2011
It depends on the website you are looking at. Zillow, Truila and Homes.com do not feed all the pictures from the MLS. The agents are responsible to do it themselves. Are you working with a realtor? If not find a good buyers agent to work with! If you are have them set you up with a direct feed from the MLS. Keep in mind if it is a bank owned you aren't going to get many pictures. The agents most of the time have 50-60 listings and don't have time to maintain their listings. The bank typically doesn't pay those agents a full commission so they try to not to spend as much of time on them.
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Don Tepper, Agent, Burke, VA
Sun Oct 16, 2011
Feel free to pass them by. There are lots of reasons. And some of them are legitimate.

In some cases, the sellers are concerned about their privacy. Maybe they've had break-ins. Maybe they've got some valuable pieces of art or collectibles. Maybe they don't want people driving up, tromping through their front yard and back yard and peering into windows. Maybe a female seller has been through a nasty divorce and doesn't want to give her ex any help in tracking her down.

In other cases, the place is a dump and would only be of interest to investors or rehabbers. Even then, it makes sense to post pictures. But lots of retail agents don't, and sometimes for good reasons. It may surprise you, but if you post a picture of a dump you'll get lots of calls from folks who say: "Why are you selling that piece of $!##?" Or "I'll give you a dollar for it." Or "So, what are the sellers going to do to fix the place up?" The point is: It's being sold as-is. That's what the seller wants and that's what the agent agreed to. But lots of retail buyers expect to see nice, pretty pictures. And--inexplicably--they're offended if they don't like the pictures. The agent and the seller both know that a serious buyer will read the description, understand the type of sale it is, and--if interested--go out to tour the property.

And, frankly, there's no way to satisfy people who demand pictures. Understand: I agree with you that the most effective listing will have exterior shots of the property from different angles as well as interior shots of the main rooms. But one time I had a property and I'd taken plenty of shots, exterior and interior. But--oops--I hadn't taken shots from the inside looking out the windows to the outside. There were outside shots to show what was surrounding the property. But some supposed (not real) buyers complained because I hadn't taken shots from the living room and kitchen looking through the windows so that buyers could see precisely what the view would be from the windows.

So, if there aren't enough photos to satisfy you, pass the properties over. In some cases (as with privacy issues), that may be your loss. In other cases (as with some rehabs) you weren't going to consider the property anyway.

Hope that helps.
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Erika Hinton, Agent, Pembroke Pines, FL
Mon Oct 17, 2011
Agree with you, I don't undertand the logic behind it, if it is an REO, the occupants won't allow the agent in to take pictures, but if it is a shortsale or regular sale, I don't see reason not to have a good interior picture.

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NonRealtor, , 23456
Mon Oct 17, 2011
Hi mrhs,
I think Fred has it right, the Agent thinks you're going to call them for more information. I agree with you, just skip those listings. But I have noticed some agents have the "connection" to the bank owned foreclosures. The agent doesn't put much effort into the listing, usually one picture and a price. They know it will sell, so they don't put in a bunch of effort. So check to see if the 1 photo listings are selling, they might be a deal. Good Luck.
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Kenneth Lee, Agent, Piedmont, CA
Mon Oct 17, 2011
Our job as agents is to effectively market a client's home in order to obtain the highest possible price from a buyer. The more photos the better. We wouldn't be doing our job if a home is listed online without photos. Can you imagine trying to sell a car, a piece of furniture, clothes, or almost anything else online without photos? It just wouldn't work.

I can think of only one good reason for listing online without photos and that is if it is a specific request from the seller not to do so. In that case I would presume that the listing agent has advised the seller this may limit the number of prospective buyers and perhaps lead to a lower sale price.

Ken Lee
Highland Partners
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Edith Karoli…, Agent, Winnetka, IL
Mon Oct 17, 2011
oh my, many reasons, the property could be vacant, or is not showing well on photos because of angles etc.,
or they are still painting and sometimes the Sellers just do not want photos of their home's interior everywhere on the internet, it is their personal choice and then it has nothing to do with the listing agent.....

Other agents want agents at least to preview the property, or buyers be curios enough to see it because it is
the right style, size and price and location, in other words they are thinking that if the photos do not show how
nice the home truly is, have them come and see it in person.

So many reasons, but as most buyers explore properties on the internet with or without their agents, any property that can show well on photos should have as many as possible in my view.

Take care...
Edith YourRealtor4Life!
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Gary Geer, Agent, Antioch, IL
Sun Oct 16, 2011
As a lisitng agent we want you to see as many picutres as possible so we don't waist our time showing homes that you the buyer may not like. Sometimes seller's request that we do not provided interiror or have limited interior photos for personal reasons. Even homes that don't show well normally deserve more photos.

All the best,
Gary Geer

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Phil Rotondo, Agent, Melbourne, FL
Sun Oct 16, 2011
Interesting how we're talking about the listing w/o photos.
Makes ya wanna see it, huh??
Web Reference:  http://www.321property.com
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Anna M Brocco, Agent, Williston Park, NY
Sun Oct 16, 2011
As a potential buyer, don't overlook all properties with only a limited number of pictures, you may be passing up on a terrific property. Keep in mind that while some may not be photo worthy, others may be owned by sellers who are uncomfortable having interior shots of their home, posted all over the internet for all to see...
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Jessica Park…, Agent, Bryan, OH
Sun Oct 16, 2011
I ask myself the same question, as a Realtor I try to take as many pictures as possible. Most home buyers start their home search on the internet and then they call a real estate agent. Not posting a picture or just putting up one picture puts the sellers at a huge disadvantage because most people do pass by those properties. Buyers want to see what the interior of the property looks like so that they can get a good feel of what the house looks like and if it's even worth their time to go see it.

If you need any help looking in the Bryan area, please feel free to give me a call I would love to help you out or answer any more questions that you may have!

Jessica Parker
AmeriMade Realty
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James Deskins, Agent, Worthington, OH
Sun Oct 16, 2011
Actually, they do that a lot on bank-owned properties--don't know if the ones you're asking about are bank-owned, or not. Typically they just don't bother to take pictures of the inside....because there's nobody to answer to and because they don't look that great.
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Dallas Texas, Agent, Dallas, TN
Sun Oct 16, 2011
I agree post at least 5 - 10 pictures minimum . However many agent still are not into technology As a Realtor difficult to determine send those properties to client can't figure out if you just wasted clients time show a property not within their specifications

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant, Credit Repair Advisor
The Michael Group - Dallas Business Journal Top Ranked Realtors
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Marc White, Agent, Charlotte, NC
Sun Oct 16, 2011
Either they are lazy, or ignorant. Lazy is inexcusable, ignorance is a lack of recognizing the market has changed. With the Internet these days, a property with no picture or one picture (of the inside) will probably be passed n by buyers. At least this is what I have seen buyers do when sitting in my office. I have a major problem with agents that have horrible pictures, one example is a local photo of a person sleeping on the couch (looks like they were passed out from the night before). It's amazing how some agents can be so unprofessional and lazy.
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Fred Glick, Agent, Mountain View, CA
Sun Oct 16, 2011
There is none.

Why do agents do it? Simple. They have an old school model to acquire clients. They think if they don't show pictures, people will call to ask for them.

Then, they feel they "got em."

Also, these agents normally perform and enjoy dual agency where they represent both the seller and the buyer, which I feel is 100% wrong. Would you wan the same lawyer to prospect and defend you?

Other times, the seller does not want pictures of their home exposed to the public.

Lastly, some agents are just not that good and don't understand how important pictures are in marketing the property.
Web Reference:  http://fredglick.com
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