what options do I have if I don't feel my realtor is doing all they can to market my home?

Asked by Jd, 43231 Wed May 14, 2008

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Polly Hamilt…, Agent, Columbus, OH
Wed May 14, 2008
The first thing to do is have a heart-to-heart with your Realtor and express your concerns. Find out exactly what they have done, and what their overall marketing plan is. The truth is that a large part of what Realtors do to effectively market property is somewhat "invisible" to their clients - the networking with past clients and contacts, presenting the property to other top Realtors, making direct contact with potential buyers - all this can be very successful marketing, but the sellers can't actually see it happening. Please don't judge marketing efforts by print ads alone, which is one of the only things sellers do "see". Ironically, it is one of the least effect marketing tools Realtors use. Perhaps your agent is aggressively marketing your home, and they have not been good about letting you know what they are doing.
After your conversation with your Realtor, if you are not satisfied that they are doing all they can, you should speak to the broker of the real estate company that has your listing. They will want to hear your concerns and may have some solutions to offer - they may even transfer your listing to another agent. Rest assured that brokers want to sell your home, and they want you to be a satisfied client, and they need to know if they are falling short of your expectations. They will do everything they can to make things right.
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tom roberts, Agent, powell, OH
Thu Jul 17, 2008
Jd you can terminate them,and use an experienced Realtor that will.Where are you located.


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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Wed May 14, 2008
in many market both Realtors and sellers are frustrated with homes not selling. The fact is that 80% of selling a property is getting the right listing price. The rule of thumb is that you need to be +/- 5% to be "in the ball park", so that is 2.5% down, or 2/5% up, so on a $200,000 home that is $5,000 up, or $5000 down...a pretty small margin for error.

There are a couple of reasons for this:
2. Buyer's shop in price ranges. There is a big difference between pricing a home at $195,000 and $205,000. Many buyers, who might make an offer, will never see the $205,000 home becaue their Realtor won't see it.
3. Setting the Seller's expectations is key to a successful process. If you knew that the average was 12 showings equal one offoer, in a slow market it could take 20-30 showings, then having your property shown by a Realtor is key. Homes that did not have "showing activity" in the first two weeks are over-priced.

I tell my sellers if we do not have 10-12 showings or 1-2 ofers in the first two weeks we are adjustingn the price.

Marketing is the other key. The Realtor's job is to expose the features of your property in a way that Realtors will pick up on the best selllig features easily. I remember a house once that had one photo on line. When I went to see it in person, it was much better than the one photo showed.

Look for your property on line, ask ti see a hard copy of the MLS printout so you know what your Realtor is saying.

How many homes, like yours, have sold in the time that yours went on the market? I provide my clients with weekly market updates so they know new properties on the market, price reductions, sales, etc.so we can adjust. Pricing a home is not a one-time decision. Pricing changes based on the market conditions.

Sit down with your Realtor, ask them what their plan is to get your home sold.

Good luck.
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Monica Holter, Agent, New Albany, OH
Mon Dec 3, 2012
Hi Jd,
Open houses are rarely the key to making your home sell. The more important question is what are your expectations of your Realtor? Remember they work or you so if want an Open House or feel that is would help your home sell in your area, that should have been a discussion when you were interviewing agents to represent you and if it wasn't you need to have that conversation now. Communication with your agent will be key in getting your home soldand you having a great experience it geeting it accomplished.

Monica Holter
Realtor for Central Ohio and surrounding counties
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Jack Flash, , Mount Prospect, IL
Fri Sep 4, 2009
Hi Jd. I saw your post regarding open houses, and how you didn't like that your agent said they wouldn't do them. And that led me to your profile where I found this question. I've perused some of the replies here and can't wholly endorse or disagree with any of what's been said. Here are my thoughts. Regarding to the answer to this question, I first have to tell you you're not alone. Millions of homeowners think their agents aren't doing enough to sell their homes right now. The simple fact is, home sales stink right now. And there may be nothing more your agent could to that would help sell your home. Even right priced homes are having a hard time selling right now. The news media with all their bad news about the housing market and the economy in general has buyers scared out of their minds right now. People who have jobs and money to make a purchase are often fearful that they'll be next to lose either one. As an agent, I would love to sit open houses for my sellers if I thought it would do any good. But it doesn't. I don't even get buyers from it like I did as recently as two years ago. And frankly, I've got better things to do with my time than do it to appease my seller. I'd rather they go somewhere else. Here's what I tell my sellers. You want an open house every weekend, fine. I'll promote it on 175 web sites. I'll advertise it in the paper. You sit there and make sure people fill out the sign in sheet - or don't have them fill out the sign in sheet. I don't really care because I haven't gotten a qualified lead in two years from them. As for firing your agent, being released from contract. I can't speak for the laws in Ohio. But in Illinois, you can fire your broker. Some notice is required, but you're not locked to them for an unreasonable period of time. I would encourage you though, to have a heart to heart with your agent/broker. They probably aren't just blowing smoke up your butt. Your agent wants to sell your home as badly as you do. They don't make money if it doesn't sell. Well, unless you gave them a nonrefundable deposit, they don't. But frankly, it's not worth listening to a crabby seller complain just to have a sign in the yard. The sign in the yard doesn't guarantee us leads any more than an open house these days. Agents do not want non-productive listings. They're just not worth it. Good luck to you. I hope your home sells soon, and for a price that doesn't make you wretch.
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Scott Godzyk, Agent, Manchester, NH
Wed Jul 30, 2008
First thing to do is communicate with your realtor. If you have all but given up ask for a release of your contract. He can say yes, say no or ask you to reimburse him/her for advertising expenses. If you havent given up let them know what you expect or what you want. With communication you can bot only win. They may not know your feelings. Sinmply ask, most realtors will bend over backwards to make you happy. Just try a simple and nicely toned call.
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Joe Herban, Agent, Powell, OH
Wed Jul 30, 2008
You should have a listing contract that has a termination date. You can simply not renew with them and get another agent. Or, if you are really p.o.-ed, you can ask to be released from your contract.
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JD, Home Seller, Columbus, OH
Thu Jul 24, 2008
I truly believe that my condo is priced correctly for this area - I am located in NE Columbus 161-Ponderosa area. I started at $79,9 and have lowered the price several times and am now at $78.9. So I do not feel price is the issue - it is exposure.
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A, , 43026
Wed Jul 23, 2008
Just move on and get another real estate agent. Chances are that you can find a better agent. If you try to have a heart to heart with your agent, you will probably just put them on the defensive which will make them work even less for you and waste more of your time.
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joe, , 37040
Mon May 19, 2008
Hi JD,
I can feel your frustration.... as you may well know that 80% of marketing is pricing your home right. Give your Realtor a call and go over the marketing plan that he/she has for you. If you have any ideas or concerns talk it over with them first.(Communication is the key) Im sure that they will be open to any questions or concerns that you have, and would like to know how to better serve you!
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Don Bush Team, , Columbus, OH
Wed May 14, 2008
Discuss it with the Realtor. You can talk to another Realtor, as well. Most Realtors will be very cautious with this. It is not good to interfere with your Client Relationship. But you have the right to search around after discussing it to see if your best interest is being served.

Good Luck, and Good Sellingt!
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tom roberts, Agent, powell, OH
Wed May 14, 2008
JD you can cancell agreement,If you feel they havent used all the tools,Open house,flyers,assoc tour etc...I mean if they are doing all these things and more,plus giving you feedback on price etc... then thats an option.


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Mary Starkey, , Dayton, OH
Wed May 14, 2008
Jd, the previous answer is right on target. Just make sure you can find your home on the internet. 85% of buyers start their home search on the internet and you want to make sure your home is there. Realtor.com is the most popular internet site to search for homes as well as your local realtor board site. Much of what realtors do is not even seen and print ads are one of the least effective ways to market your home.
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