Louie, Home Seller in Carmel, IN

what is the going rate of commission for selling a house in Carmel?

Asked by Louie, Carmel, IN Mon Apr 9, 2012

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Anna M Brocco, Agent, Williston Park, NY
Mon Apr 9, 2012
Commission is always negotiable between you and your agent, there are no set standards as it would go against Federal Laws/price fixing; therefore interview in person, a few local agents from different realty companies, then choose the one you like best and who has the most to offer; choose your agent with care and not by commission alone.
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Fred Yde, Agent, Carmel, IN
Mon Apr 9, 2012
Officially, legally and ethically...there is no such thing as a going rate. What is usual and customary to some may not be the same to others. Settling on a commission is a private conversation between you and the Realtor you select to help you market your property..I would love to have a shot at being that Realtor... I have been a Realtor in Carmel since 1992.

Fred Yde
Rick Stevens Realty Services
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Mark, Agent, Oceanside, CA
Fri May 13, 2016
The best way to find out the going real estate commission rate is to put the Realtor fees on the open market and let the Agents bid your commission rate. Commission fees are negotiable and can vary by zip code. We find the best way to compare commission fees is to reverse-auction them. That is why we created ListingBidder.com; a free service for Sellers who can invite agents to submit their marketing plan and commission structure. It is a patent pending process that is saving Sellers thousands.

It is completely free to the Seller and there is no obligation for the Seller to pick the lowest bid or any bid. The whole time the Seller remains anonymous as we never publish your street address or contact information. Sellers can sit back and review marketing plans, commission bids, ratings and reviews. A big win for the Seller. After all, Agents are not charged to register or bid and they have no obligation to bid. Give it a try: https://www.ListingBidder.com
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UpNest Top R…, Agent, Burlingame, CA
Wed Mar 4, 2015
I noticed that this question was asked about 3 years ago, but as it remains active we want to contribute for anyone else in Carmel that comes across this thread.

Commission is always negotiable, and the Department of Justice even condones it as good competitive behavior among agents. So 6% commission is almost always the normal but that can really vary depending on the location and price of the home you're wanting to sell.

Many agents are willing to be flexible on commission rates, but it's not something they like to advertise. And most clients are not very capable or comfortable negotiating rates.

At UpNest (http://www.upnest.com), we created an online marketplace where home sellers can confidentially submit their homes, and multiple top local agents will compete to obtain your listing. Some agents lower their commission rates to stand out, and every agent that submits a proposal is an experienced agent, so it's not the same as working with a low grade discount brokerage.

Hope that helps!
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Mallorie Wil…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Sat Aug 23, 2014
As others have indicated, there's no set rate of commission. When meeting with a listing agent, the commission is negotiable. I would ask each agent what services you receive with the negotiated rate. At times, the rate might by lower or higher, based off the level of service you would be receiving. If you haven't yet sold your home, I would love the opportunity to meet with you and go over my listing presentation.

Mallorie Wilson
Sales Manager
Century 21 Diversified
317-590-3434 direct
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Don Tepper, Agent, Burke, VA
Thu Aug 7, 2014
Darn, I hate these discussion. Everyone's playing games with words. With semantics.

Is there a fixed rate? No. That's illegal. That's a violation of the antitrust laws. Brokers or agents can't get together and agree on a specific rate.

Is there a going rate? Sure. I'll bet 80% of all the agents in Carmel will quote you the same rate. And most of the variation will be between full-service brokerages and discount brokerages. That rate might be slightly different (typically by one percentage point) in different cities or states. So if it's x% in Carmel, it might be x+1% in San Francisco or it might be x-1% in Dothan, Alabama. (I'm just making that up; Dothan might be higher than average and San Francisco might be lower. The point is that you'll see some slight fluctuation in different parts of the country.)

Are commissions negotiable? Yes...and no. Since they can't be set (that'd be illegal), you can always ask for less. That's your absolute right. But it's also the right of the agent to say "no." And in many brokerages, agents know that their broker isn't going to offer a discount just because someone asks.

Now, there are some strategies to negotiating commissions. For instance, if you're selling one house and buying another, that gives you extra leverage and the prospect of the agent (who'd handle both the sale and purchase) earning two commissions. You have a better chance of succeeding at negotiating in a case like that.

Back to your question: It's likely that most brokerages in Carmel charge the same commission. But I could be wrong. You can determine that by calling 3 or 4 agents with different brokerages in Carmel and asking what commission they charge. See if you come up with the same number. If so, that answers your question. That'll require maybe an hour's worth of work on your time. But...considering the commission you'll pay--could be $6,000, $12,000, $18,000, or more--it might be worth it.

Except....final comment here...don't base your decision on which Realtor to use on the basis of commission. Base it on knowledge, expertise, and personal chemistry.

Hope that helps.
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Thu Aug 7, 2014
I wondered how long it would take before someone dangled the "I'll do it FREE" bait.

I've done the same thing.
The end result is, the agent makes piles more money doing it FREE.
Grasping at the illusion of saving money the consumer practices consensual delusion.

But Indy (maybe it's Don Kohler) is going to do it FREE......
...and give away FREE money....
...and give 50% of commission to buyers!!!
So where is the free money and the rebate coming from?

So what do you want, a professional whose fees are transparent, or what's behind curtain #2?

Who do you think is being honest, "Let's negotiate compensation" or 'I'll do it FREE!"

In this age of consensual delusion many of you will be shocked at who walks willingly into deception.

"So much incorrect information and so many lies." ......and I'll do it FREE!
There are only 3 ways you can do it free. One of those violate all MLS cooperative rules. Tell us which you use so you are not the subject of your own accusation
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indyrealest…, Agent, Carmel, IN
Thu Aug 7, 2014
Louie, isn't it interesting the things that spew from the mouth of a real estate agent? So much incorrect information and so many lies. It is true that we agents can not price fix commissions. But it is not true that we cannot discuss it online. I am proud to say, and can legally say and publish the fact that I list homes for free. And that I retain a 0% commission when representing a seller. And I am also proud to say that I give 50% of my commission to my buyers, and pay for my buyer's inspections.

So let me suggest that you don't have to make a real estate agent rich on your dime. You can either hire them at their price, or hire me at my price. I would send them packing. Go to DonKohler.com and open your eyes to a new and fair way to buy and sell real estate. Call me at 317-748-0807 for information on my offers and cash gifts and incentives.

When is the last time a real estate gave you cash?459
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Andrew Clyne, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Wed Sep 12, 2012
The usual rate to sell a home that I use is a graduated commission scale 0-300,000 = 7% once that 7% is applied add 5% 300,001-750,000, everything over 750,000 add 3%

it breaks down like this. I have a house that I am going to list for 369,900
21,000 for first 300,000
3,400 for 69,900
That total then gets split 50/50 to the buyers agent and sellers agent. They then split their halves with their respective Brokerages. After marketing taxes and membership fees, each agent would be left with anywhere between 3,000 - 4000
Sometimes agents will give back some to their clients if they use them to find them a new home to purchase. I hope this helps. Feel free to visit my website email me or call if you have any other questions or if you would like a Home analysis.
Thanks, Andrew Clyne andrewsellsindy@gmail.com, 317-800-0909 http://www.AndrewSellsIndy.com
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Mallorie Wil…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Thu May 24, 2012
Good Afternoon Louie:

I know it's been some time since you posted your question regarding commission. Commission is a negotiable percentage and/or amount. Many agents apply a reduced commission if the seller will be purchasing their new home from the listing agent. Many factors come into play when addressing the commission topic. You'll find some limited service firms that will list your home for a much lower price by reducing the services you'll receive. This is typically done as a flat fee listing. When interviewing Realtors to list your home, ask questions regarding what you should expect marketing wise, service wise, etc. Statistically 90%+ of homebuyers find their homes online. You want to ask questions about what marketing you can expect to make sure your home is getting the proper exposure. As agents, we invest a large amount of our time and resources into our listings. If you have an agent that is requesting a higher commission, it may be due to the level of service, experience and marketing they bring to the table. These factors can contribute to a quicker sale and hopefully generate you a higher sale price. If you are still in the market for a listing agent, please feel free to contact me at 317-590-3434. I would be happy to prepare a CMA on your home, address potential closing costs/fees and discuss the marketing strategies I implement in my listings.


Mallorie Wilson
Associate Broker
Century 21 Diversified
317-590-3434 direct
317-585-7748 office
317-845-7726 fax
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Terri Wilcox, , Carmel, IN
Mon Apr 9, 2012
I would be happy to discuss our commission rate with you, but, we are not allowed to do this online. With the F. C. Tucker Co. we have over 700 agents that work for the company. I would be happy to help you with an appraisal.

Thanks, Terri Wilcox
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Courtney Hus…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Mon Apr 9, 2012
I would be happy to talk with you about listing your home and the rate I charge. You can view my website at http://www.everythingcarmel.com
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Scott Godzyk, Agent, Manchester, NH
Mon Apr 9, 2012
Louie you should no that Real Estate agents can not discuss commission on an online forum. Commission is negotiable and most important, you need to ask what you get for what they charge. you want full service, full time and local agents giving you their all. Simply call or email agents in your area and ask what they charge, they just cant discuss what anyone else charges.
Web Reference:  http://www.ScottSellsNH.com
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Chris and Sh…, Agent, Carmel, IN
Mon Apr 9, 2012
Hi Louie,
Great question - there is no standard commission. Companies each establish their own commission policy. Regardless of who you hire to sell your house, you should be confident that you understand what you will get for the commission you pay. Make sure the agent understands your specific circumstances, goals and priorities. The more you communicate up front, the happier you'll be with the outcome! We're happy to help if you'd like to meet at your convenience. Chris and Shari Dykes, Carpenter Realtors - "Your Family First" 317-640-2210
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Joe Shoemaker, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Mon Apr 9, 2012

Great question.

There is no set fee for services in the Real Estate business. All commissions are negotiable between the Seller and the Broker.

One can find flat-fee brokers who will list a property for a very low flat fee, but offer few services. Experienced home sellers often find that they they are comfortable handling many of the aspects of a sale themselves and choose a broker who will work for a substantially reduced fee.

Other companies - like mine - are full-service and charge much higher fees. For home sellers who are not comfortable with many of the complicated and time-consuming aspects of a real estate transaction, a full-service brokerage tends to be their choice.

Good luck in your sale!

Joe Shoemaker
Principal Broker, REALTOR®
MacDuff Realty Group, LLC
317 413.8501
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