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Asked by Lem, Katy, TX Sat Sep 1, 2007

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Lisa Simpson’s answer
Lisa Simpson, Home Buyer, Celeste, TX
Thu Jun 3, 2010
I'm a not a realtor but I do live in Texas so I have a much better idea of how things work here.

You'll have Attorney Fees - usually about $350 for handling the closing, managing the escrow accounts, etc.
TIP: Most attorneys are LOT cheaper for handling the escrow than the escrow companies and if they don't pay out when they should, you can get them disbarred.

You'll probably have some courier fees and/or overnight mail fees for sending documents around for recording, signing, etc. Allow $150 for that.

Recording fees will vary by county but you can make a quick phone call to your tax office to find out what those are. (Same place you pay your property taxes, if you pay those yourself). You will also need to call the county tax assessor's office to get your property tax pay off amount, since taxes in Texas are always paid in arrears. For example, if you paid taxes in 2010, that was for the 2009 calendar year. If you sell in July, you'll owe 7 months of taxes at closing. There is a fee for getting the tax report as well and your local tax office will be able to tell you how much that is.

The last thing is your title insurance policy. Since title insurance policy prices are regulated here in Texas, it doesn't matter who you use. You won't see more than a few dollars difference in prices. I've used several and been quite pleased with them. It's based on the selling price of your house and you can call any title company to see what they charge.

Any other money you bring to the table will be to cover repairs, give backs, buyer's closing costs, home warranty, any early payment penalties, etc.
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Pam Winterba…, Agent, Danville, VA
Sat Sep 1, 2007

Looking at your zip code it looks as if you may live in Texas. As everyone stated sellers costs vary depending on location. I found this website that can figure your cost tailered to your area and what you are selling the property for.…

In addition a local Realtor can also prepare a new sheet for you. Hope this helps.
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Thomas Johns…, , Houston, TX
Thu Nov 29, 2007
Lem: Your Realtor can give you what I call a Seller's Net Sheet. I keep the software in my PDA and can pop it out in less than a minute. Most of us have the same capability for our clients.
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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Sat Sep 1, 2007
Every state (and regions within states) have different customs in real estate transactions.

I would suggest that you ask your Realtor to privde you with an "Estimate of Seller's Net Proceeds". This will outline your costs and anticipated profit (or loss).

In California the "net sheet" looks something like this:
Total Consideration 494,899.00

[Total Payoff $70,000.00]
Principal Balance 70,000.00


Estimate For Termite Report/Completion 750.00
Estimate for Home Warranty 350.00
Estimate NHD Disclosure 79.95

Owners Title Policy Fee to SELLERS CHOICE 1,814.00
Messenger Fee to SELLERS CHOICE 25.00
Sub Escrow Fee to SELLERS CHOICE 62.50
Documentary Transfer Tax 544.50

Escrow Fee 1,041.07
Drawing Grant Deed 25.00
Notary Fee 20.00
Wire fee if any 25.00

Net Proceeds 390,468.04

TOTAL $ 494,899.00 $ 494,899.00


I hope this is helpful
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Mr.P, , Arizona
Sat Sep 1, 2007
seller closing costs

Well Lem,
I could write forever, and not answer your question.
What is your question?
Who pays it?
Should the seller offer it as a incentive to the buyer?
What are the seller closing cost?
Can you narrow it down Lem?
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Bill Gassett, Agent, Hopkinton, MA
Thu Jul 30, 2009
A complete explanation of all the fees a seller can expect to pay at closing are provided at the link below. The largest fees include the tax stamps and a Real Estate commission if a Realtor was used.
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Tony Camero, , Houston, TX
Sun Mar 22, 2009
the closing costs for the seller are mainly the realtor fees, and escrow fee..most of the fees at closing are the lender fees for the buyers
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Becky Switzer, Agent, San Marcos, TX
Sun Feb 22, 2009
Please call me, and I will connect you to a title company professional that will give you the exact costs calculated determined by what your property taxes are after homestead and many other variables. Direct line is 281-492-5979.
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Allen Hebert, Agent, Spring, TX
Tue Sep 4, 2007
Your seller closing cost include the buyers agents commissiong, selling agents commission, and various title fees. The cost is dependent on the commision strudture with your agent.
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Melissa Manc…, Agent, Plainville, MA
Tue Sep 4, 2007
Hi Lem,
In MA some of the seller closing costs include: real estate fee, title 5 certification, tax stamps, mortgage payoff certificate, deed preparation, final water readings, smoke and carbon monoxide certifications and attorney fees.
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Judy Nolin, Agent, Simpsonville, SC
Sun Sep 2, 2007
In South Carolina typically the Seller pays for Deed Stamps
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Rita Thieme, , Upton, MA
Sat Sep 1, 2007
They vary from state to state, and town to town. In Massachusetts, for example, there is a cost to the seller to record the new deed. It's equal to $4.59 per $1000 of selling price. So if the home sold for $100,000 the cost would be $459. etc.
There are also fees to discharge their current mortgage(s), as well as preparation of the deed that is provided to the new buyer ($150+/-)
Then there are legal fees for the seller to have the purchase & sale agreement negotiated with the buyer's lawyer. (The escrow process is different in Massachusetts than most other states).
Prior to selling your home in Massachusetts you must pay to have your local fire department confirm that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are all working properly. That's about $35.
And if you have a septic system, instead of public sewer you have to provide a document that the septic system is working properly. That document, referred to as a "Title V" document is completed after a certified septic inspector checks your system out. That check out will cost you around $400., again, depending on where you are located.

Beyond that (and a Realtor fee, if you hired one) you could, as an owner, agree to pay some/all of the buyer's closing costs if that were agreeable to both parties. It is rare, but, let's say you really wanted to sell your home, and you hadn't gotten any offers, and then one FINALLY came along, but they wanted you to pay their fees, well, you might just be willing to do that... just to be able to move on to the next phase of your life. But it would not be required costs, as the other ones would.
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