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Asked by khadija.1988, Green Valley Ranch, Denver, CO Mon Dec 9, 2013

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Larry Brake, Agent, Aurora, CO
Mon Dec 9, 2013
It's either one or all of the following: location, price, condition of the home, and marketing?

I recall you posted a question back on 11/19. It appears your listing went Active in the MLS that same day, so your home has been on the market 20 days. Roughly 4 of those days were lost for the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We've also had a deep freeze going the last several days and that's not helping.

How many showings are you having on average per day / per week? If you're not getting 8 - 10 showings per week, it's price and/or how your listing appears in the MLS.

I found your MLS # in the previous question you posted here and looked it up. No disrespect, but your photos are definitely not helping and your home does not appear to be in ideal showing condition. The first shot that comes up is your kitchen, not the front shot of your home. It also appears there is something wrong with the wall just above the backsplash tiles in that kitchen shot (drywall damage, wall paper, ??)

The photos are also tall and narrow, and are in general not taken from the best angles. They are also dark. Some are of out focus. They are definitely not professional Hi Res photos. Showing pictures of your furnace and chin-up bar are not helping. Your front shot of the home is not great, and your front yard looks like it needs some TLC.

I would suggest having professional photos taken, and also having a virtual tour done, but frankly it wouldn't be worth the expense unless you greatly improve the showing condition of your home. You may want to consider consulting with a professional home stager. Ask your Realtor if he can refer you to someone. Remember, the lens doesn't lie. You could have the greatest photographer in the world, but if your home is not in ideal showing condition, you'll end up with great photos of a home that is not particularly inviting.

One more thing - ask your Realtor what he thinks. If he makes suggestions on what you need to be doing to improve the showing condition of your home, listen to him and make those changes. If he tells you the market has softened up and you need to reduce the price, ask him to provide an updated CMA so you can review it together. Just like the lens, the numbers do not lie.

Bets of luck to you.
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good points!
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khadija.1988, Home Buyer, Green Valley Ranch, Denver, CO
Tue Dec 10, 2013
Thank you all of the kind remarks and suggestions. You have been a great help and I will take all of your expertise and suggestions into consideration on getting my home sold. Such a great community there is here at trulia.
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DeLUX Team R…, Agent, Littleton, CO
Mon Dec 9, 2013
Homes should be priced using there three factors, Location, Price, and Condition. Since it appears the location is similar in your competitors homes in your situation that leaves the price and condition. Is your home priced in accordance with its condition and what is the condition of your home? As a listing agent I frequently go to the competition and evaluate it, at times I even take my sellers to look at the competition themselves, have you and your agent tried that? Buyers shop and normally make offers on the homes that are price the best considering the overall condition; however that is not always the case sometimes it is just baffling why certain homes don't sell. In the long run it is always a numbers game get enough perspective buyers to your home and eventually you will get an offer. Talk with your listing agent about your situation. We call our clients constantly to strategize, discuss the number of showings and I tell them the feedback from agents who have shown your home to perspective buyers that is a wealth of information and should be used to educate both you and your agent, selling a home is a team effort if there are things to be fixed fix them, if it needs paint spend a weekend painting ... it will pay off..
When you hire one of us you get four full time professionals working for you call us any time 303 327-5898

When you hire one of us you get four full time professionals working for you call us any time 303 327-5898.

Best of luck
Jim Lux CRS, GRI, e-PRO
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Deanna Vermi…, Agent, Denver, CO
Mon Dec 9, 2013
Ask your agent to take you out and look at the other homes. It will give you perspective on your competition.
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Joseph Sobin, , Denver, CO
Mon Dec 9, 2013
One must account for the season and the cold weather has also kept many prospective buyers in.

You mention there are 5 other houses in the same price range however are they also active or under contract? If also active and of similar design and features by lowering your price you will have an inherent advantage.

As a seasoned broker I am advising clients we will most likely see an uptick in activity around late January as buyers will be looking for a Spg move-in AND when interest rates begin to tick upward those on the sidelines will be wanting to proceed to lock in favorable rates.

In the interim I cannot stress enough to keep the house in truly showroom condition. In a competitive market and with comps it is the home which shows well and is appealing which receives the first offers.

Keep the faith and good luck.
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Rachelle Pap…, Agent, Lone Tree, CO
Mon Dec 9, 2013
As others have said this is definatly a question for your agent.
Price, location, upgrades, current condition.
Try to look at it objectively, is there a smoke smell? Pet Odor? Anything that could be affecting it.
What marketing is the agent doing? Are you getting showings? What is the feedback?
I have sold several properties in that area and it is a good market right now. Talking to your agent is probably the first step. Good luck!
Rachelle Paplow
Cherry Creek Properties LLC
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Audrey Will, Agent, Castle Rock, CO
Mon Dec 9, 2013
Hello 80249 Homeowner: The market has slowed considerable since Nov. 15th. Most families are focused on December festivities now thru the end of the year. The cold snap also took showings down to 0. People do not want to be outside looking at homes if they don't have to. Other than those 2 things, assuming that your home is clean, well priced for the market, accessible for showings and competitive in finishes to other homes in your neighborhood then you should be U/C if not before the end of the year, certainly soon after. Best Wishes! "Where There's a Will...There's a Way!"
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Wisdom Real…, Agent, Denver, CO
Mon Dec 9, 2013
This is a good question for your agent. But the 4 main factors are Price, Condition, Location and Marketing. The market is constantly changing, so keeping a close eye on the competition is key.
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Cecilia Sher…, Agent, Rocky River, OH
Fri Dec 20, 2013
If you consider another price range, you may also want to consider pulling it from the market and listing it as new with the new price. Perhaps better photos? New listings will spit out to all the home buyers looking. It gives it a boost.

Priced right it will sell. Perhaps your agent can take a tour of your competition in person and see what you could do to be a bit more appealing. This time of year, serious buyers are out. Like Christine said, after the holidays you may see more activity! Weather permitted...
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Christine Ni…, Agent, Denver, CO
Fri Dec 20, 2013
It's December ~ people are busy with Christmas, kids are coming home from college, etc. Why not temporarily take your home off the market for the holiday, enjoy yourself without the stress of possible showings, and put it right back on first thing in January. It is amazing how much the phone rings the first two weeks of January! Best wishes.
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Jennifer Fiv…, Agent, Red Hook, NY
Thu Dec 19, 2013
Since you are working with an agent you should ask he or she why the home is not selling. Your agent would have access to the local data and could run a CMA. etc..
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Robert McGui…, Agent, Denver, CO
Thu Dec 19, 2013

Are the other homes in the price range under contract or sold. Green Valley Ranch is one of the hottest areas in the Denver Metro area. If it is priced right and in good condition it is unusual for a home to stay on the market over a couple of weeks. I work the area often and know values. Let me know if I can help. Also I have two buyers now looking for homes. Ones can go up to $205,000 and the other can go up to $250,000. Let me know your price range.

Robert McGuire ASR
Your Castle Real Estate
Direct - 303-669-1246
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Julie Bloch…, Agent, Westminster, CO
Tue Dec 10, 2013
If you want to email the property address, I will look in the MLS and give you my opinion.

Julie Bloch Burton - Broker Associate, Realtor®
Brixton Real Estate -
Cell Phone: 970.396.7435 | Fax: 720-306-2397
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4350 genoa st Denver 80249
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Sally Grenier, Agent, Boulder, CO
Tue Dec 10, 2013
Larry makes some EXCELLENT points. You provided your MLS # in a previous question, so I took a look and have to agree the house does NOT look good in photos. Your agent probably took the photos himself (and did a poor job I might add). And the house doesn't show that well. By the limited photos, it looks cluttered in the kitchen. Photos don't show the whole kitchen. Rugs on top of carpet is not a good look. Exterior doesn't have great curb appeal. Why the photo of a furnace?? That adds nothing. While the kitchen looks updated, other parts of the house aren't -- dark wood trim in areas, dark wood doors. Hard to tell from the bad photos but the paint / carpet choices don't look that good. Looks like you could use new paint & carpet -- and paint that old wood trim. And hire a stager. Looks like there are other homes in the neighborhood that are under contract, so it's not about lack of buyers, or time of year. There are buyers out there. They are just choosing other homes over yours. I would pull it off the market, give it a makeover and put it on January 1.

Check out this listing:

This house is smaller, and built in a similar time frame, but it is staged nicely and the photos make it look very enticing! And it went under contract after 4 days.

Good luck to you!
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Joyce Sedam, Agent, Centennial, CO
Mon Dec 9, 2013
How great that the agents who have responded have given you the answers. Now you need to talk with your agent and if you want your property to get sold make the corrections and or take it off the market for two weeks deck utter make repairs and relist.
Best of luck to you
Joyce sedam
Cherry Creek properties
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I agree - talk to your agent.
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Frieda Sands, Agent, Aurora, CO
Mon Dec 9, 2013
Yours is a great question! As you can see by the answers from other agents, there are a wide variety of reasons why it might not yet be under contract. Food for thought thought - TIME AND MONEY - these two items are always factors. TIME, if you have time to wait for the price you want/need, then sit tight. If not, it's a MONEY game and make it priced to sell fast. But, don't be demoralized and make rash decisions. Right now, between the holiday season and the cold weather, things slow down. Best of luck and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.
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Chae Bae, Agent, Centennial, CO
Mon Dec 9, 2013
Location, price, time of the year, condition of home. If there are others in the same price range, are those selling? If they are then, it's probably the home.
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Dan Tabit, Agent, Issaquah, WA
Mon Dec 9, 2013
Without reviewing your home, it's marketing and your market it could be many things. Start by discussing this with your agent. Review other homes that are in your market segment that have recently gone under contract and ask yourself, why them and not me? If nothing has, it could be your market.
I did a blog series called 4 Keys to Selling Quickly and for Top Dollar reviews my basic approach when starting from scratch or taking over a listing. Is it the Best Looking, Best Marketed, Easiest to See and Priced Appropriately? If not, fix the missing issue and wait for the result.
I've attached the first in the series below for you to consider.
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