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Asked by Dusty Brazil, Del Mar, CA Thu Jun 21, 2007

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Patti Philli…, , Carlsbad, CA
Sun Jul 22, 2007
In today's market, you want to have as much internet exposure as possible. I typically have my client's properties in as many as 30 different internet sites, in addition to the MLS. What your realtor enters in the MLS is of importance also. I often see realtors who only show 1 photo, andhave 1 or 2 sentences about your property. It is important that the maximum amount of description is shown about your property, and to have description with your photos. Different websites pick up different parts of the MLS, and one never knows what is going to strike someone from a different part of the country. I have actually sold properties sight unseen because of some "word picture' that I had spelled out, that caught the eye of a buyer, from 1/2 way across the country! Internet exposure is important! Be sure you have it! I have sold a number of properties this year to young, first time buyers who have taken time to shop the internet, figure out what they wanted, called to see my listing, and wrote up the offer immediately! Get an agent who will take the time to put your property out there as many places as possible!
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Richard M. J…, , Sherman Oaks, CA
Thu Oct 18, 2007
Hi Dusty, are you asking or informing?
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Dwight Von S…, , 32225
Thu Oct 18, 2007
The power of a dynamic internet marketing campaign is the most important factor for you to consider when interviewing an agent. The last time I checked the National Association of Realtors survey; over 70% of buyers first shop on the internet before they talk to anyone. Then most buyers still chose to work with a Realtor to help them through the process. Buyers are curious and want to be sure they explore many options. The best way for any consumer to compare price, research products and services is the internet. If your listing agent is not dedicating a large portion of marketing your home on the internet they are not getting the best exposure for your home possible.
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Mark Raso, , Alton, IL
Sat Oct 13, 2007
This is kind of a loaded question. For a moment, just consider where you might find the link.
We know that it exist on thousands upon thousands of real estate agencies websites. We know that many newspapers across the country offer the link off of their sites. We also know that many television network offer the link off of their sites, which even includes many of the Hispanic televion networks. Now consider that we haven't even got to the franchised real estate agencies websites i.e. Coldwell Banker, C21, ReMAX, etc. Yes, you get a lot of Internet exposure these days!
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Jason Lopez, Agent, San Diego, CA
Sat Oct 13, 2007
An another consideration besides exposure is communication. According to the National Association of REALTORS, nealy 60% of all Internet inquiries go unresponded to and on average it takes an agent 2 1/2 days to repsond. So be sure your agent offers a live instant response system to insure all leads are handled in timely and professional manner. Check out my site at for more info!
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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Fri Oct 12, 2007
All of our listings currently are promoted on over 30 websites.
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Mr.P, , Arizona
Fri Oct 12, 2007
OK Dusty ,
I went and saw your Website.

I am sorry, to much to look at, and I know what I am looking for.

I like your Idea of having a different website for every neighborhood.
I know a guy who is doing that for a whole state.

I think you need to put those links the pictures 3 across and 3 down front page on a "map of the area " or make the pictures individual maps or Ariel views. so it is easier for clients to navigate. Put the wording on the picture.

You need to add return to the main home page buttons, and contact me button on every page and larger.

A few of those 3X3 sites were nice, but one or two just blasted me with photos. The photos are great, you need to better categorize them, maybe add subtitles?Slow them down. Maybe not as many. your You tube should only run 40 seconds.

I think people come to a Realtors website to look at homes for sale.
They want to find the homes and start looking, like in a few seconds.
No one wants to register, and if they do, they give bad info.

I am sorry to say this but I think your site is just . Web 1.75 not quite Web 2.0

My site link below is only about 10 weeks old, and is about 80% done. I am looking for a better way to interact live with the client on the website simultaneously.

Take the map for a Ride.
Let me know what you think.

Dont forget to sign up for the 11/04 be apart of History.
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Bill Richard, , 92009
Fri Oct 12, 2007
I think your question is good and let me answer it in another way by asking a question. How would I find a good listing agent?
If it were up to me I would want to be given the opportunity to be able to speak to any one of their last 50 to 100 clients either buyers or sellers. I would also want what I would call an unscrubed list. The actual last clients. I say this because I have found some who only give their favorites and that is not in your best interest. By being given that you can then call anyone and get an unbiased opinion. In this market you may want to ask for the last 20.
On top of that list I would also take the advice of the last few postings with one exception. Give an agent who is busy something to do and it will get done. If they do not answer their phone seven days a week move on.
There are agents in this area who only work on the weekdays. There are also agents who have many listings and they flaunt that in your face but fail to mention that 95% of their listings are for 600k of less. While others will parade in front of you the look how many I did rather then what I can now do for you. So let me give you a list of the gimmicks that you should look out for.
1. The I will sell your home in 30 days or buy it myself. -- Wow that sounds great until you find out that sure they will buy it but at what price. The fine print get's you to call. I will buy almost anyone's home for 37percent less then what it is now.
2. I will list your home and if I do not sell it in 30 days it will cost you nothing. This is new one but of course it will cost you nothing. There is no charge to an agent anyway.
3. I will sell your home in 30 days or I will give you $1000. Sure again the 37 percent off price. Also it is not the 29 plus 6 percent commission price that you should be worried about. It is the then appraised value plus the 29+6!
4. Or how about this one. I take the listing and then you never see me again. Well then who does the negotiations. The answer is I have a team of experts. In one case I know of an agent whose negotiator lives in Arizona. Another couple who only are there when they take the listing as a figure head.
5. Please sign my buyer broker agreement. A buyer broker agreement is something that some agents us but to me it would be like entering a department store and the first person who sees you tells you that they are going to be your personal shopper. What if you learn that you just do not get along.
6. I only take 6 month listing agreements. WHY? I 100% believe if you want to take a listing with an open agreement based on trust then the seller should have the opportunity to cancel at any time and it should be in writing.
7. 6% listing. Well quite frankly this has nothing to do with reality. I can take 7% listing agreements all day long as long as I get you the best price bottom line. So it really comes down to the bottom line and nothing more. If the agent can show you how they did it in the past with proof from their past client base then great.
8. My average listings time is only 28 days. That could possibly be but make sure the property has not been listed before. I know of a few agents who take it off the market by self canceling it and then place it back on the market and after a few days put it on as sold.
9. Marketing budget is another thing to look at! You should ask for a breakdown on what they will spend per house obviously your home in order to sell it.
10. Internet Exposure? I have heard of a group that tells people that their wed site is the number one in this area. The last I looked over 97% of all people who look for homes look at

Anyway there are a lot of things to consider. The key is will the person you work with treat your money like their own.
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Linda Slocum,…, , Santa Clarita, CA
Sun Jul 22, 2007
Internet exposure is critical in this market. The majority of buyers are searching online before they even contact a Realtor, and homes that are either not on the internet or are presented poorly online are bypassed by most of these online buyers. There's no excuse for poor quality pictures anymore, with digital cameras readily available. is just a basic starting point - there are many other sites that should be utilized as well to obtain maximum exposure for a home listing.
Web Reference:
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Peter, , San Francisco Bay Area
Fri Jun 22, 2007
A friend of mine was recently in the market here in the Bay area and asked me this exact same question. And I will tell you what I told him. As much as possible. This is something that you should speak with your Realtor about when you originally sit down with them. The reason being that there are people who look at homes in their area even if they are not in the market to buy. People just looking to see what is out there, deals, Dream homes etc. And the easiest way for them to do that is online.

Then there are buyer who are actually in the Market...

I guess this internet thing might actually take off after all.
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