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Asked by Kevin, Papillion, NE Fri Aug 1, 2008

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Debby Thomps…, Agent, Wauwatosa, WI
Sat Aug 2, 2008
I think maybe if your agent knows a home stager that might help. I can see from the pictures that maybe they could give you some advise that might help. You never want to have an empty room. Buyer look on line before they even go out and see a home. You need to put your best foot foreward to draw them in. I offer this service to all my listings. Remenber the way your home shows is not alway the way you live.
Good Luck
Debby Thompson
Homestead Realty
Milwaukee WI
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Julie May-Sm…, Agent, Atlantic, IA
Fri Aug 1, 2008
Everyone here has given you some great advice. As a Realtor in Papillion, I know which house is yours, and I'm sorry it hasn't sold. I've been working with Buyers in this price range and I've shown them over 20 homes in the Sarpy County area, and we still haven't seen them all. The market is saturated with homes like yours. My advice is to do something to make your house stand out. Most homes are nice and clean, but nothing grabs a buyer's attention. One thing...maybe a granite countertop, a great deck, an updated bathroom with a whirlpool tub...can be the selling point on a home that is just like every other split entry home on the market.

And... talk with your agent. Print out these responses and show them to him. See if there is anything more that can be done. Maybe flyers at your place of work, church or local organizations would help. The more people see your home for sale, the more chance that someone might know someone who wants to be in your neighborhood.

Good luck!
Julie May, Realtor
Papillion, NE
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Franklin Far…, , West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Fri Aug 1, 2008
Kevin, market comps are very important in today's real estate market. There are important indicators in that report that will let you know how well your area is doing and how your home compares with others.

What information has your second broker given you that is different from the first? What do those differences mean? If the listing price is at or nearly the same for both brokers then price is probably why your home is still available for sale. How many homes are avaliable for buyer's to consider? How long has it taken homes to sell in your area? There are those that sell quickly and those that take sometime. What are the characteristics of these homes?

Many times home owners believe their home is valued more than those on the market and those that have sold. Buyers control all markets whether it be for stock or milk. Buyer's want to see value when making a purchase. If the perception of value when compared to others is missing, your home will sit on the market.

No matter how much money is spent on print advertising, no matter how many open houses are conducted, no matter how many mailers are sent out, if your home to positioned incorrectly, it will sit.

Have a meaningful conversation with your agent and make the appropriate adjustments to sell your home. Staying and waiting for a better day is always an option.

All the best,
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Anne, Both Buyer And Seller, Omaha, NE
Sat Aug 2, 2008
I just looked at the photos of your home and it reminds me of something straight out of the 70's - Boring boring boring!!!! As a woman - most have the deciding vote on which home to buy - I would not select yours as it does not have a welcoming and inviting feel. If I viewed the photos first online I would not even spend the time to go see it in person. The colors and wallpaper are cosmetics as far as a home goes but to have to redo all that is a huge chore and cost. Most people want something that they only need to make minor changes to. Good Luck from neighboring Omaha
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Melissa T, , Lexington (and Northern VA)
Fri Aug 1, 2008

I'm a lay person, but I did find your house listed. There is something very off with the photos. They are just not clear and there is a strange "sparkly" quality about them. Something about the picture quality ... well, I've already said that ... I'm not necessarily commenting on what I'm seeing in the photos, just on their quality and lack of clarity that really gives a bad feeling.

Even though I like a lot of design, I would probably remove the borders and give each room a fresh paint color. [But I do like some of your design ideas - like the purple room - when I'm doing very creative things in my own home I sometimes realize that a new buyer probably wouldn't appreciate them, just being that they are my inspiration].

Finally, the text mentions a nice lot, but where is the back yard? I always look for a photo of the back yard - for me it's always a major selling point.

hope this is helpful, just for what it is, sort of about staging and buyer appeal.
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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Fri Aug 1, 2008
You need some data.
How many homes, like yours, have sold since your home hit the market. The first time.
How many homes are you competing with? Have you looked at them?

Selling a home is like chess. They make a move, then you make a move. In most markets homes are selling, but only the 20 % that are properly priced, marketed, and exposed. 80% are overpriced and sit there.

The Realtors in your market know what you home did not sell for. They show the properties that they think offer the best value. So if you are not getting showings. lower the price. If you are getting showings but no offers, lower the price.

Also, go look at your competition. Take notes. Compare to yours. Make some changes.

Good luck!
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Roy Kotz, , Papillion, NE
Fri Aug 1, 2008

All this research that has been suggested is needed. I would hope that being on your second agent that one would have had to have done their due diligence to get the right price. Aside from price, assuming you are getting showings, what has been the feed back regarding why buyers have chose other homes? It sounds as though your home is in good condition, but how does it truly compare to your competition?

Before I suggest a price for a home I like to visit several of the competing homes first to see in person how the condition compares to the pottential seller's home. I have on occassion invited my seller along on the viewing. This may be of benifit to you to help you understand the market and the suggestions your current agent has made. I hope this helps.

Roy Kotz
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Lee Collins, , 85242
Fri Aug 1, 2008
You have received some excellent and accurate advice! I would also like to point out that your agent should be working with their loan professional to make sure that your home can be easily financed.

Remember we are in a credit crunch, and lending guidelines have dramatically changed. What types of buyers are looking at your home? I would suggest once you have figured out if they are first time buyers, trade-up, investors or other, it would be a good idea to include financing options with your Agents marketing info. Some buyers have no idea what is still available.
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Lisa Raczyns…, , Minocqua, WI
Fri Aug 1, 2008
We need to do some research first. How many similar homes are listed in your area? Where does your home price fall in with these homes? This determines supply. Now look at demand. What is bringing people to move to your area/neighborhood?

If your listing agent did not give you a written market analysis - get one now. With this information you can determine whether or not your listing price is in the correct range or if you need to make an adjustment.
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