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Asked by Jon, 08734 Mon Apr 6, 2009

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John Sacktig, Agent, New Jersey, NJ
Thu Apr 9, 2009
Hi Jon,

How would you know that the sellers of these two homes have not let agents schedule appointments for their home? Is it possible they know it is you and just want to avoid a nosy neighbor?

There is this one psycho woman in East Brunswick a younger mom....looks normal until you speak with her.. and she has that too much medication fast erratic talk.. every open house I have ever sat and or had people sit.. she comes in with her three unkempt children that run wild and says that she has a cousin from NY that is interested in moving into the neighborhood.. (this is all over the town, mind you) and she is just a crazy nosy person that want to look in other people’s houses.. she is a habitual liar and just plain crazy person. maybe they are trying to avoid that person?

Seems like you want to know a lot about what is going on. Are you looking to purchase either of these homes?
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Shari Schramm, Agent, Atascadero, CA
Wed Apr 8, 2009
Hi Jon,
I have had sellers do this for any number of reasons. I will first assume it is the owner of the home and not a tenant. Tenants are ususally the biggest obstruction in a home sale for obvious reasons. Divorce and short sale situations have been running number two and three in my experience. There is then an occasional just "stressed out" life factor we will never know about or understand that comes with selling a home but just not really wanting to let go. As a buyer it is frustrating. Just know maybe they love the home enough to take great care of it and it will be worth checking back in later to see if it's available for viewing. Who know's could be the best maintained home around because they love it and dont want to let it go but have to for what ever reason. Above all I hope your able to trust what your REALTOR says on this. Tthey usually can get a feel for what is happening by speaking with the lising agent.
Happy home hunting!
Shari Schramm, Broker
Shari Schramm Real Estate
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Wayne F. Smi…, Agent, Hillsborough, NJ
Wed Apr 8, 2009
It may be a divorce situation sort of like the movie "war of the roses" whereby if the home sells the person living in it will have to move, so they are holding on......but....all in all its not really important unless you absolutely must have that property. The other reasons mentioned also could apply.
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Marc J Willi…, Agent, Whiting, NJ
Mon Apr 6, 2009
Why not ask them? Or give me their addresses and I'll look it up on the Lis Pendens file.
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Barbara Fish…, , 08731
Mon Apr 6, 2009

If the home is a new listing, it may be that the homeowner listed the home before it was prepared for showings. The homeowner may not have counted on showing the home so soon. Sometimes sellers are unhappy with the Realtor they have chosen, and refuse showings until the listing is expired. The seller may have medical issues that make it difficult to be cooperative. The Realtors below have offered good reasons as well. There are as many reasons as there are people.

In short, don't dwell on it. There are so many homes for sale that finding the perfect house to buy shouldn't be an issue. Good Luck.
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Laura Gianno…, Agent, Manahawkin, NJ
Mon Apr 6, 2009
There are several reasons...sometimes, as already stated, the seller(s) are not motivated for what ever reason. Sometimes, they want to make sure the home is perfect for every showing and if they can't scrub and clean, they won't show the home. Sometimes their agent has not fully explained the importance of showing, whenever another agent or client calls.

My question for you is: Have you attempted to see these homes and been denied? Were you just checking them out, or are you a serious buyer (pre qualified and ready to go)?

I've had listing where the sellers specified agents and/or individuals they did not want in their home. To speculate that it has something to do with possible foreclosure seems to me to be out of left field and, quite frankly, not your concern. While a sellers motivation is nice to know, it's not generally shared by listing agents.

Laura Giannotta
Keller Williams Atlantic Shore
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Kenneth Verb…, Agent, PRINCETON, NJ
Mon Apr 6, 2009
perhaps they dont really want to sell and are trying to build a case for tax appeal on value. Could also be a divorce where only one wants to sell. Sure gives mixed signal re motivation.
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Jeanne Feeni…, Agent, Basking Ridge, NJ
Mon Apr 6, 2009
Interesting question Jon - is it that the sellers are being uncooperative with showings? It likely signals some level of discomfort on the part of the sellers - they may be frustrated with the market/process or perhaps are in the unfortunate situation of loosing the home.

I'll be curious to read what others have to say...

Jeannie Feenick
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