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is anyone esle having trouble even getting a showing at a home you have for sale?

Asked by , San Antonio, TX Thu Jul 10, 2008

I have a new (one year old, but it looks and smells new) over by sea world. It’s priced well below what I bought it for, and very competitive for the neighborhood. im offering the world to sell it, closing costs, ect. Realtor bonus. It’s been on the market over 40 days, still not one showing.... im baffled

ya ya, i know the market is slow, i still should have at least some interest. anyone else having troubles.

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Write a blog about your house for some of these.

This is a list of some of the places I am listed with, some of them are blogs, some blogs you can't put a link directly to you website but you can put a link to another blog that has you website on it..
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these are all free, I am probanly om more but it is hard to keep track.
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If your below the market rate it should sell, I would look and see what the absorbtion rate is for your neighborhood. In some markets 40 days is not very long on market, instead of a Realtor bonus I would reduce the price
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Sorry, one more thing. For the blog, write a blog about your house then post it to http://talk.realtor.com/ or hubpages.com then got the social blog pages such as digg.com, mixx.com, Subbmitt.com, Swik.net and submitt the links to your blog, get a few agents like me to comment on your links and get a fire going that way your links will move up towards the front of the pages. If this is done fast enough then whatever the title of you blog was such as Austin homes will be high in the rankings. Unfortunatly after all of this work it will only appear #1 for about an hour, so do it when a lot of people are online to get maximum exposure.
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I took all new photos, and it made a big difference, looks much better. Thanks for all the feed back.

still wonder why there have been no showing though, the realitor.com add looks great compared with the others in the area. also, i have it listed for rent, not a single person call about that either. if i didn’t know the area i would swear there was a nuclear plant next door.

At this point, I would be better off to find a renter and look 800 a month. That will get me into next year where hopefully the market is much better. The hospitals and Microsoft should be in operation, the military surge of troops should be here, etc. but I would just like to be done with the home and get on with life honestly.

I have thought a lot about staging the home, I have staged other homes I have had, but I think an empty home appeals to people as well, if it is completely empty and feels smell and looks like it just was built. Also, I would make it a bit harder to rent if someone needed to move in quickly, guess that’s not a big deal. Something just tells me not to stage this home.

Again, thanks for your input.
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Hi All - First, he is listed with a Realtor. I checked on Realtor.com. So, please do leave him alone. It looks tough, there were pages and pages of listings in San Antonio between the price of $150,000 and $175,000. He is trying to do the right thing so let's help him out.

Hi Mtdave2:

I can't advise you on the price because I don't' work there and assuming you are doing all the marketing you can... here are some suggestions ---

Definitely take some new pictures. This is summer, bright and sunny. Your pictures shows dreary winter, cloudy, gloomy, not a very happy house if you ask me. It does not make me want to go and see it.

Stage it. Make it colorful. Don;t have to put tons of furniture's in there, some pictures, a few accessories. If you are adventurous, go and rent some furniture and put in there. You are competing with brand new home and, no doubt, model homes that are nicely decorated.

Plant some flowers in the yard, make it colorful, cheerful.

I will usually take hundreds of pictures at different times of day (or different days) until I get it right for my clients. You can do the same. - I am not saying I am better, but at least I try to make the pictures bright and cheerful. You can check my website for a few property sites if you'd like.

But either way, it looks pretty difficult out there, so I wish you best of luck!

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Sylvia Barry,…, Real Estate Pro in Marin, CA
People!!! Read the seller's response!!! He has it listed with a Realtor and is trying to do anything he can to attract a buyer. Don't kick people when they are hurting already!

Dave, I just looked at the recent sales and homes that you are competing with. It seems you need to be in the low $150's to get it SOLD. You have a great agent who truly goes the extra mile to help people. Listen to what he has to say and he will help guide you to your buyer. It's a sad thing for any of us Realtors to see someone have to bring money to the table to sell their home. I wish you the best and I will definitley keep your home in mind for potential buyers. If you don't have to sell, lease it and take the tax write off. When the market improves in that area, put it back on the market and get it SOLD!
Web Reference: http://www.ronmersinger.com
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I went to your website for your home and all I saw was your desperation. All you are inviting are low-ball offers and for people to take advantage of you. You've hired a realtor, now let him do his job. Make sure he has new pictures of your home and don't compete with him. Take down that website and make sure he puts up a virtual tour. Quit advertising it yourself. You are damaging your chances to sell this home.
Web Reference: http://www.CarolPease.com
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The market is slow, is your house appealing from the outside and is your house the best price and in the best condition in your area? If you answered no then you have a lot of work to do.
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try taking a video fo the property and tracking the viewers. At least you'll know if people are even looking...
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Mtdave2 did successfully get his home sold just a few days ago. Congratulations mtdave2 and I'm sorry that it took so long to get it sold. I personally event showed my clients your home as well, but with so much military moving and new builder growth, my clients had too many options to choose from.

I'm just happy you were able to get the short sale approved and just closed! Whew!

God Bless,
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Sounds like you are a victim of circumstances. The housing market being the worst part of it and your financial situation the second.

Folks who are trying to sell today in the San Antonio market need to understand Fiar Market Value (FMV).

FMV is a sliding scale moving up and down with the current trend in sales. When a Comparable Market Analysis is done, you use the current and past sales and "offered at" prices. This gives you an idea ow what the FMV for your particular area is, for homes similar to yours. No two are alike so do not waste energy trying to compare the same model with yours.

My daily review of expired listings in San Antonio show those within a FMV for their area sell. Those that are not, expire. Too many folks do not want to believe their home is not worth $15-20,000 OVER the current Tax Appraisal. My sense is, most (the average or median homes) will sell for $10,000 above or below current Tax Appraisal. Last year it was $10-20,000 above. Times change. So does the FMV.

Getting back toi your situation mtdave2....my suspicion is you had your home priced too high in the first place. Now folks know you are on the ropes and will low ball you or wait until it is in foreclosure. Then try for a bargin price. The longer the Days on Market (DOM) goes the more folks think there is a problem with the proeprty. Works against you...some would advise to take it off the market and then put it back on in a week or two.

As for the banks and short sales, it appears they have not yet learned GREED is an ugly thing. They take their time in responding to offers because they hope a higher one will arrive tomorrow. Their best interests are the only thing of any consequence to them. It is a shame we have allowed this type of thinking to invade our society..."me" first. Our grandparents knew "we" was so much more important.

Best wishes,

Dominick Dina
Christian Realty San Antonio
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Yeah I would go to online classifieds site you will probably get better and faster results
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The lender will respond when they feel like it.
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If I understand MTDAVE2 correctly. Now that his house is in short sale, he is now on the 6th contract (meaning at least 6 offers). The problem is slow response from the lenders and the buyers drop out, not whether he is getting offers or not.

So, what he needs is to get lender to respond quicker...

That's what I understand the current situation is.

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Sylvia Barry,…, Real Estate Pro in Marin, CA
Good Luck, Mtdave2, on the short sale. For us, i advise the seller and the buyers agent that it takes 30-45 days just to get a negotiator assigned.. I do call the lender(s) every couple of days to make sure they received everything so there is no delay in process - you'd be surprised at how each customer service read what's on the computer a bit different. I make sure they record everything we said, so when the negotiator is assigned, there is nothing missing.

Seems to me the lenders are more efficient now a days, but maybe that's just my houses.

Good luck to you and hope you get it sold this time!

Sylvia Barry
Marin Realtor
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Sylvia Barry,…, Real Estate Pro in Marin, CA
I have not been able to get a shortsale through on homes owned less than one year. The lenders always rejected mine. although the market has changed since the last one I tried to do similar to yours.
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oh ya it was listed from the start. we now are on our 6th contrant... ya 6th. its gone to a short sale, and my bank is so dam slow, people get tired of waiting and back out. crazy. 3 weeks seems to be the magic number for people for some reason.....

anyway, i have been getting showings, but only after it went to a short sale. i knew it wasnt the house becasue its perfect, just like new.

here is hoping this one goes throgh!
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mtdave2, sorry I was unaware that your home is on the MLS. From your message I thought you were a FSBO!
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I take it that you are trying to sell your home on your own, by your tag. You must remember as Realtors we are hired by the consumer. Our first obligation is to sell our inventory, meaning all that is in our selling area. Once we sell the homes here, we will than take a look at yours. Hiring a Licensed Realtor may be your first step to selling your home.
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With a market like this everyone is becoming very aware how difficult it can be to sell your home; especially when there are 6 other homes on your OWN street that are listed as well.
Everyone has heard the litany of "Must Do Things" that ensure the sale of your home. Perhaps many of you have done these things and still your home languishes. On average, a potential buyer stands at your doorway for two minutes. That is the time it takes on average for their agent to locate the lock box, retrieve the key and read any instructions. The potential buyer is already assembling their impression and opinion of your home and they have yet to step foot in it!

Is the concrete clean? Are there stains on the brick? Does the home look "cared for?"

Now they enter your home. What makes your home different from the 45 other homes they have seen and the 50 more they are about to see? You need them to stop, take their time, have a reason to put your home on the short list and maybe even fore go looking at the remaining 50 homes on their list.

That is where we at Hercules Flooring and Refinishing come in. We can take care of those stains on your concrete and brick to give a great first impression. We can refinish those counter tops, bathrooms and kitchens. We can offer you affordable flooring that leaves an impression rather than the "stock" flooring potential buyers have seen at every other house. We put your needs and budget first because in times such as these no one wishes to see yet another "Foreclosed" sign.

This can be one of the most stressful times in your life. We at Hercules Flooring and Refinishing want to help. Call or email us, together we can make your home the one that buyers remember.

Phone: 210-391-2451
Email: herculesrefinishing@yahoo.com
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Well I did drop the price on the mls to 155900, and to see if the problem is really price, all my advertising that if i find a buy and only pay 2% commission, i have it at 145,900. still no calls, no emails, nothing.

Any other ideas on what may be going on here?
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i did resize them. your browser should do it automatically but some people have that box unchecked! so, probably better this way, thanks!

there is tons of homes for sale that’s true. Now if i can just get them to look, i am offering more than most, and this is a new home, really it amazing. price, ya i really have to come down some i think. there were a few repos sold in the neighborhood that has brought down values.

the one home that i see as comparable to mine just cut 10k off their price, he is at 144k! yikes. Though my home is bigger, more upgrades, on a cul-de-sac and has a better floor plan, still that isn’t good for me. id be curious
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The pictures do look much better. One thing though, you want to size the picture to be web appropriate, for speed, but more importantly for seeing. Right now, the pictures fill up my 17" laptop and I only see a corner of it.

Like I said before, when I checked Realtor.com and search for properties between $150K and $175K, there were 99+ pages in San Antonio. A lot of inventories there.

From what you described below, perhaps renting for now is better if you (and your Realtor) think the market will be much better next year. Be careful of the rental period also - you want the lease to end when you have to to prepare and sell easily. Don't have lease end at then end of year when the market is very slow.
However, this may or may not affect you, but do check with your mortgage broker about the the new Fannie Mae guideline effective August 1. That might affect how much you can borrow for your new home.


Good Luck!
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Sylvia Barry,…, Real Estate Pro in Marin, CA
Hi Dave,
Sylvia gave you some great suggestions to help get your home sold, but ultimately price will be the determining factor. If you are upside down, then you need to be talking with your lender to see if something can be worked out. You didn't mention why you are selling-is it necessary to sell now because of hardship or job transfer? If it is not absolutely necessary that you sell now, I would suggest you look at the option of staying for a few more years or renting it out as an investment property as someone else suggested. Check with a good CPA for all the tax benefits you may experience by becoming a landlord. Just be sure to background check any potential tenant with a reliable agency.

Best of luck to you! There are buyers out there. You just need to be the best home at the best price in your neighborhood to capture them.
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I just wanted to point out to you that, although I am not an attorney, in Texas it is illegal for you to offer any type of "finder fee" in a real estate transaction which would be considered a part of a commission to anyone that does not have a valid real estate license.

Good luck to you.
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why are you trying to sell it yourself?? buyers use realtors to find homes. suck it up, hire a realtor, and price it to sell!
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I think that you need to ask your Realtor this question:
How many properties, like mine, since mine hit the market:
1. Have come onto the market? How many am I competing with?
2. Have lowered their price
3. Have entered escrow
4. Have sold
5. Have expired

The fact that homes are selling tells me that your property is over-priced. Most homes are purchased by buyers with Realtors. If Realtors are not showing your home (10-12 showings in 14 days), then a signficant price reduction is in order. Is this going to be a short pay?

If it is then you and/or your Realtor should be talking with your lender. If vaues are headed south you had better get on this ASAP.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
the home is listed with a realtor. the photo is from before i listed it. perhaps i need a new one with the new sign and repaird grass! the price is dropping on friday nite. just not sure how much yet.
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Something looks wrong here. If you put the address in Trulia is says this home is priced 3% above the competition. Ask 3 realtors to give you an idea of sales price. My guess is that you will find that you are perhaps priced high for the neighborhood. Also on the pictures we see a FSBO sign. I think any market is tough for FSBO, but especially in this one. You need to get it listed quickly with a real Realtor and perphaps price slightly below the sales number the 3 realtors you interview give you.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
LOL, from sea to shinning sea!

1 List with a realtor

2 Take the realtors opinion on price...You may be upside down on the property since many new constructions are selling lower than those sold 1 - 2 yrs ago!
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Give me a call. 521 0068. I have a couple of suggestions, but would prefer to speak to you directly. I live right across the street from you, and am very familiar with the area.
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722969 that’s the mls number, you tell me. Dropping the price again on Friday.

My realtor is very good, and a friend of mine. he is doing tons of adverting. on top of that i am doing my own. i am all over the internet, flyers, offering $500 to my friends and everyone i talk to to send me a buyer.

Yes i am upside down i owe 165k on the home. i have 25k in cash that i am putting toward the home. When i sell something i drop the price.

The neighborhood is built, no new homes being put up. but, just down the road there are some building going on, i know that does hurt. only because people are not looking at my deal. i am offering everything the are. im paying closing costs, down payment, what ever a buyer wants.

What else can i do? id defiantly not the house, its beautiful and has the new home smell.
Here is a link to a little webpage i made.
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I am far away, but when we have that trouble here it is because we've priced it too high, and I think that is the case whenever there's a good MLS system in place (like in your area). The word gets spread quickly, but no one is interested. In today's market to get showings you have to look like a true value from the listing.

Good luck
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It is difficult to compete with the builder. They offer high incentives for buying from them, financing through their lenders, etc. Also, it's obvious you're significantly upside down in the house. Did your current realtor share with you exactly how much you should expect to lose on the house?

Is your realtor keeping in touch with you, explaining the reasoning for such? now a days, MLS exposure often isn't enough to sell homes. Home buyers often start searching for homes before they have a realtor. You probably need more exposure - internet, print, etc. Then, once you know you have the most exposure possible for your home, then you can look at other areas as well - pricing, etc.

Give me a call and I'll be happy to discuss it further with you. 210 521 0068.
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Is there still new home construction in your neighborhood because if there is many times the builder will under-cut you with all kinds of incentives. Or maybe it was entered into the system wrong. Talk with your Realtor and see what they have to say.
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