how can i find the #1 sales agent in my area?

Asked by Jenny, Webster, FL Thu Feb 7, 2008

i would like to list my home for sale and would like a serious agent for a fast sale.

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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Thu Feb 7, 2008
Hi Jenny,

The number 1 agent may or may not be the best person to sell your property quickly for you. What is the criteria for rating the agents? Depending upon the criteria used, the results of who is #1 will vary.

A top agent might be a great choice for you, but your best choice might be an agent who has few clients and had the time, commitment and will to focus on you and your property. To this agent, your sale means everything. As a seller, you need to know that the marketing capability is there, as well as knowledge base.

I recommend shortlising a group of 3-5 Realtors to consider and spending an hour with each, asking them why they are the best candidate for the job. When speaking w/ these agents, inquire about knowledge and capabilitiy of marketing your property, with specific attention directed to internet marketing. Look for an understanding of the local market, full time work commitment, thorough understanding of managing real estate transactions and solving problems. Probe extensively about commitment clients, communication methods, and ask for examples that will help you understand their skills in negotiating and sales.

For help in creating your shortlist of potential candidates, try the obvious .......... referrals from friends, family and assoicates. Beyond that, look to the internet. Google for the name of your community. Browse social media sites like Trulia and what an agent writes to gain insight into their working style, knowledge of real estate and the local market.
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Lisa Hill, , Port Orange, FL
Thu Feb 7, 2008
What is your definition of the #1 sales agent? If you're wanting the one with the highest dollar volume in sales, or the one with the largest number of transactions (they're using not one and the same), you're going to be working with a team. One single agent cannot maintain that position by themselves. And when you're working with a large team, you'll frequently run into communication breakdowns.

I'd recommend that you ask your neighbors, friends and family who they've worked with in the recent past, and got good results. Ask them why they liked the agent they recommend. What is important to you may not be what was important to someone else.
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Dan Marantz, , Westerly, RI
Thu Feb 7, 2008

One of thr best ways to find the right agent for you is to ask other people you know who have sold. I feel some of the most important questions are,:
How much communication between owner and agent was there while on the market? If not weekly, or at worst every other, be careful.
Is this a full time career? (not a job)
How do you network with other agents? (they will probably bring the buyer)

Jsut for your info, I have a business coach, and am part of a network of over 6000 professional agents from around the country who invest significant money every month in improving their business and personal lives, and are dedicated to working by referral. This allows us to spend time with our clients instead of worrying where the next deal is coming from. If you would like a referral to someone in your area, I would be pleased to find you a true professional.
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Irina Karan, Agent, Aventura, FL
Wed Nov 7, 2012
Hello Jenny,

The #1 agent in your area will be the one that consistently sells homes in your area,
within 30 days from being listed and for the highest asking to sold price ratio.
It may or may not be the one that sells the most homes by volume.

This agent will need to know how to improve, stage, declutter the property for sale.
Their sales/work should be easily verified (they can send you their info, if asked).
This # 1 agent will have a detailed marketing program, and they will tell you the truth on your
home price and condition.

The info on sales can be found through multiple listing services.
Visit a few brokerages and ask the managers about their best agents.
The rest can be checked through agents' interviews.

Google considered agents in your area to see how much marketing they are doing, and interview
focusing on how detailed and accountable these agents' marketing plans are. More good exposure = more traffic = faster and better value sale (good exposure is sufficient visual, write up and social networking coverage).

Hope this helps,

Irina Karan
Beachfront Realty, Inc.
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Wed Nov 7, 2012
It is easy to find the tallest agent for you.
Even the agent with the highest BMI index.
We can identify the agent with what appears to the the highest number of sales.
Even the agent with the highest count of Trulia recommends.
Will a Better Business Bureau rating identify the #1 agent?
How about Angie's List?
How about the car they drive? Or how much they spend on a vanity photo?
Clearly the number 1 agent can be measured by the number of bus benches supporting their mug!
Perhaps, being a extreme distance runner might edge me into the #1 ranking on someone's scale.
My point is, you failed to provide sufficient data for a meaningful response to emerge.
As others have pointed out, ONLY your expressed and precise goals and timeline can determine who, IF ANYONE, can emerge as your #1 agent.
So, who would be a number 1 home seller?
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Alphadoghigg…, Home Buyer, 33525
Thu Jul 29, 2010
I went through too many too count right IN THE AREA you are referring to. I had those who were go getters, but that were NOT listening to what I said in criteria. I had those who were either non-responsive or decided to take a trip to Disney (or someplace :)) before they could- would return a call. I had those I would not trust with my mother dentures (yes, I intentionally put something NO one in his right mind would want to make a point). They were all flash and no substance.
I finally found a guy that works that area that NEVER failed to return a call, email, instant message. NEVER failed to schedule a showing when requested, and is HONEST TO THE BONE.

His name is Steve Caliendo. He works out of Brand Realty Ridge Manor Fl 33523. Do not let the zip code fool you, he is right at the corner of 50 and 301 if you are familiar with the area. (352) 583-5202
I have no <backdoor> deal with Steve to send him referrals, I just do not think that is a savory business practice as it might unduly influence someone one way or another. I am simply sharing this because I wanted someone responsible, trustworthy, and who actually was listening and HEARD what I was saying instead of telling me what they wanted, or thought best for me and my family. Trust me, I do not mind good advice, in fact I welcome it, but I have no need for advice that goes 180 degrees against my sole goal.
Hope you feel comfortable enough to contact him. He is a smart, simple, good guy that really cares about his clients and their wants and needs.
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Paula Bean, , Orlando, FL
Thu Feb 7, 2008
meant to add to my post that if you are in Webster, FL there is a site you can go on and find out how long the agent has been in business and if there have been any complaints filed against them.

Actually, you can find out this info for anyone in Florida who has to have a license to do business, whether that is a Realtor, builder, hairdresser, contractor, etc. I would DEFINITLY check what the agent says against what the site says.

Another good site is the Orlando board, you can get stats and lots of good info, go to

Education is power!
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Paula Bean, , Orlando, FL
Thu Feb 7, 2008
WELL, POOR JENNY is probably totally confused by now, and although I agree with most of the comments, some of them I don't.

If you look at my original post, the #1 agent depends on your needs, what do you want in the form of communication?

I thought Deborah Madleys post was 'right on with her comment about >>>your best choice might be an agent who has few clients and had the time, commitment and will to focus on you and your property. To this agent, your sale means everything. As a seller, you need to know that the marketing capability is there, as well as knowledge base.

Just because youi sell a million houses, or you a million deals doesn't mean that you are the $1 agent... For instance, I spend MOST of my time training other agents, so I take on a very limited number of clients so that I can service them properly.

Because I mostly do consutling and training, my stats will not show a lot of transactions. That does not mean I'm not the best agent for you, it simply means that I don't take on more than I can handle at the level of expertise and comittment I guarantee my clients.

I still say that the only way you can figure out who the best agent for YOU is another agent. I also think that you should spend a few bucks and hire a real estate consultant to cover your wants and needs analysis.... when it is all said and done, it is much like paying for an appraisal to make sure the home is worth what you offered, and a home inspection to make sure it has no serious defects.

When you are contemplating one of the biggest financial considerations of your life, it pays to spend a little money and make sure you are doing the right thing, and the only way that will happen is to pay a consultant, who is totally unbiased to give you their expert opinion.

As I said before, I'm not sure where you are, so I'm not giving you a song and dance story to make money........but you need someone to give you an unbiased opinion, and the only way that is going to happen is to pay them for their time.

In the next few years, I think all real estate transactions will be conducted this way. There is no reason why you should pay a high percentage of the price of your house, vs the price of the house that may cost $100K more or less, because when it is all said and done, it cost no more to sell your house than the higher or lower priced one.

The only difference this makes is when you get into the really high luxury market and agents have to front lots of money to advertise in expensive magazines, pay up front for staging and spend many hours doing unique marketing.

I wish you luck, please let us know what happens! .
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Tom Cox, Agent, Louisville, KY
Thu Feb 7, 2008
You could move here and call me. :) I am laughing out loud. # 1 agents and quality of are not necessarily one and the same. One of the things, I would do for sure is to interview at minimum 3 and no more than 5 top agents.
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Paula Bean, , Orlando, FL
Thu Feb 7, 2008

This is a two edged sword ;-)
What you consider to be the #1 sales agent in your area, and what is the truth could vary.
I would suggest talking to a real estate consultant, finding out what your goals and expectations are, what
do you want in the way of communication?

The biggest problem I see when sellers and agents don't get along is lack of communication and expectations, so perhaps you may want to think about this.

It is worth it imho, to pay a few bucks to an unbiased consultant and get where you need to be. You also need education, support, etc.

The other issue is that the ONLY person who knows who the good agents ARE - is another long term professional agent. Much like going to your family Dr. with a broken arm... he is not an orthopedist, but he knows who the best one is to refer you to.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance and I wish you much luck with your search.
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