Pat, Both Buyer and Seller in north of Troon

how can I sell my house quickly?

Asked by Pat, north of Troon Sun May 13, 2007

north scottsdale, granite slab, excellent condition. located in same neighborhood as million dollar homes. ours is 500k. thanks

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Mitchell Jamel e-PRO’s answer
First I would find out how many homes similar to your sell in a one month period, Lets say that number is 5 Homes per month.
Now we need how many homes are listed for sale ? Lets say 30 homes

This means for your type of home the market has a 6 month supply, now I would go and visit the top 10% or 3-4 homes and score them as if you were going to buy these home and compare them to your home. Based on you research, price your home to sell (Under the one of the 4)

Also use the last months sold homes as a guide by Sq Ft, Location, Age of the home, Condition etc.

Now that we have the price we can start to market the home.

Step 1 is to produce a brochure, postcard to mail and or pass out to your neighborhood announcing your home for sale and a special time for them to preview it... if this does not work then Immediate Hire a Realtor who has an Internet domination, In my opinion this is the best way to get your home viewed and sold. Wishing you the best
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Price it aggressively and it will move; simple as that.

Best of Luck in Your quest!
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We are not used to have slow market, so we discuss how we can sell homes quickly many times in our office meetings. Many ideas were discussed and many reasons were given, and all great to look at again, marketing, condition, presentaiton,, ,etc;; but it always comes down to 'PRICE'.

Basically, this is it - 'Price overcomes all objections'.
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Sylvia Barry,…, Real Estate Pro in Marin, CA
Make sure your property has a good internet presence as 80% of our buyers today start searching on the internet. There are many websites that syndicate so your presence is multiplied. Try craigslist, vflyer, postlet and point2point. Hope this helps.
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Pam Winterba…, Real Estate Pro in Danville, VA
We have a current inventory of 10.5 months, pricing the house right is critical
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There are three reasons homes DON'T sell: 1- they aren't entered properly in the MLS 2- They aren't accessible 3- They aren't priced right.
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Be sure you or your agent hit all the internet bases when it comes to advertising: google base, craigslist, and postlets. Postlets is a great way to syndicate your listing (for free!) because you create your listing once and they take care of posting it on various sites, including Trulia, craiglist, etc. Also be sure to have your open home dates on craigslist up to date. We got a huge amount of traffic from craigslist at our open home, and our buyers found us through one of our online listings, so a Web presence is an absolute must-have. If you're tech savvy, you can also build your own Web site with a catchy URL--there's a growing trend towards building custom, property-specific Web sites named after the property's address (like It's a quick and (relatively) easy way to have something to show when people ask you about your property.
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Contact a Real Estate Professional - price your home at just under market value for your area/home style etc. Make sure that your home is ready and perfect. The way you live in your home is not the way you sell your home. In today's buyer's market, your home has to be Q-Tip clean. It is a good idea to have a home stager come in and tell you what needs to be done. They can also do the work too (for a fee).

If you need more information on how to obtain a professional in both fields of expertise, I will be happy get sources for you through my network.

Kindest Regards,

Holly B
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Consider working with a local agent or Realtor, if not, on your own at least get it on MLS and price it right. Best of luck.
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Hire a realtor who has the most sales in your neighborhood in the last year. After 35 years investing in real estate, I hire the people who produce results, and I find the agents that produce SOLDS seem to be my type of agent. I would also demand a Sunday open house every Sunday from the agent.

David Cooper. Las vegas Foreclosure Investor in Bank Owned REOs with Cash Flow. FReee List +1-7024997037. not a real estate agent
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The most important thing to sell your house is that it's marketed aggressively on the internet. Just simply putting a home on the MLS is not enough to sell a house. Your home should be on multiple websites including the most searched real estate sites. Photos are also extremely important. Having too few or poor photos can significantly decrease your chances of selling your home. 80% of home buyers shop for their homes online. If the photos are not impressive then they just move on to the next listing. I use a professional photographer for all of my high end listings and it makes a huge difference.

Feel free to call me with any questions or check out my website.

Carmen Brodeur
Scottsdale Realtor and Former Attorney
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I just listed a home in Troon. This home had been on the market over 5mos and left the market unsold. I specialize in unsold homes. The first thing I do when I identify the properties that can still be sold quickly in this market is contact the seller and get the interview. If we decide to work together I explain that I'm going to "tell it like it is". I won't OVERPRICE a home (this is often most prior listing issues) and I will require they prepare the home to sell. Best Visual...imagine you are going to go buy a new car tomorrow...first thing you do...take out all your personal items and things that don't go with the car. Second, you spit shine that car because you know you'll get top dollar from the dealership the least amount of "dings" or scratches they polish and drive that baby in to the dealer and get top dollar quickly as they are happy to take your car, make it theirs, and sell it when their ready. The same deal goes for homes. This recent Troon listing needed new exposure and that is critical to the websites we syndicate to. We had the "maids" in etc. When you are selling your home you need truth (even if it hurts) as that will sell your home.
To date I have never listed a home that has not sold. You may want to look at listing agents that don't work like a machine with tons of property to sell, rather a boutique approach so you have constant communication and recommendations weekly on how to get your home sold.
Let me know if my 18 questions you should ask any Realtor prior to selling your home would be helpful as well.
Strategy is everything but keep it real when selling in any market!
All my best to you and let me know if I can help
Laura Myers
Keller Williams Arizona Realty
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Amenities and price sound good. Have you sold the home yet? The best thing to do prior to putting it on the market is having it professionally staged.
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contact home buyers that buy houses through private funds or lines of credit.
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Have you tried I got a lot of activity recently when leasing my rental property.
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Hi Pat!
Troon is a beautiful area! 82% of all homes in Arizona are sold through the powerful MLS. If your home isn't listed there...that would be the first place to go. Getting a contract is only the beginning. It is sort of like getting a trail date.....if the attorneys don't show up to represent you throughout the could be doomed. A competent REALTOR should be consulted to make sure you have your price, condition and marketing all in alighnment.
We have several Scottsdale listings and our average days on market is 52. This is because we don't take overpriced listings. Any agent that will overprice your home, is not working in your best interest, unless you simply want to "list" your home. Selling it takes knowledge of the current market and a stellar marketing plan. You are welcome to use our mapping tool to check out homes in Troon. You can drag and draw on the map and view all homes in the MLS to compare. Every seller thinks their home is the best on the needs to be in this market, that doesn't mean you will get more money, it could mean you will get a sale while others sit.
It doesn't matter where your agent lives. With the power of the web...that is old time thinking. Select a top producing agent that won't easily back down when you attempt to negotiate with them...this is the agent you want to represent you. They don't "need" your listing so they are not willing to just take what they can get. They will give you solid advice no matter how ugly it might be...they will also be respectful and offer a marketing plan online.
If there is opportunity to earn your business, it would be highly valued!
Warm Regards,
Michelle Shelton
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Homes are available in quantity -- Yours needs to be in top showing condition and priced competitively and then you need to have an agent with a large network from which to draw buyers like a RE/MAX or Coldwell Banker ------------------ attract agents by perhaps offering more commission, get listing agent to do a free staging consultation and a virtual tour..........I live in N Scottsdale and this works!

John Lynch RE/MAX Fine Properties 480-236-9470
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Hi Pat, To sell your house and the time frame in which it happens depends heavily upon your motivation. Agressive pricing and immaculate condition -- are hot buttons for buyers. Remember: do not expect buyers to see the home through 'your eyes'. I can help you get your house sold - please feel free to visit my website and of course call me should you have any questions.
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Offer to pay all the closing costs and to buy the mortgage rate down. Financing sells in a down market.
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Look at selling your home as a competition. The weight of responsibility is shared between agent and seller. The agent must give you appropriate pricing strategy, and preparation advice in additional to first class marketing (this includes good buyer agent follow up and feedback systems). It's currently an environment of best value. Make your home easy to show and do all you can to make the home look its best for every showing, really demonstrate pride. Pricing isn't hard, it's just harder to swallow in a buyer's market. Most trends are down and you need to stay ahead of the trend rather than chase it. Just as people continued pricing up in a rising market you need to price down in a falling market. I have seen too many sellers start out high only to sell for less than what they could have had 4-6 months ago if they had started at the right price. Just remember, ultimately the overall market will decide what your home is worth. Forget what homes were selling 'for' and understand what they 'are and will be' selling at. Look over the marketing and make adjustments if necessary until you find a formula that works. Today's marketing commands financing startegies in additon to marketing the property itself.
Now more specifically lets talk about your market, North Scottsdale. 500k versus 1M needs to be followed by a few questions...age? sq footage? lot size? HOA? position (interior lot or backed to or siding something undesirable)? All of this will influence your real value, even in a Million dollar neighborhood. Homes with that big of a price spread were selling very well as recent as 12 months ago and now that custom spec builders and remodelers are seeing a slowing of movement and rising inventory they are more conservative on the initial outlay prior to buying and improving.
Have you toured and gone through any of the homes you are competing and comparing yours with, as that would be something I would strongly encourage.
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One more thing....Well written EXPOSURE ON THE MLS
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Drop the price!

In this market, everything is about price.

Homes that are price right... SELL.
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There are three things that must happen in order to sell your home. Marketing is exposing it to the masses. Your real estate pro controls this. Second is condition. You control want your home to be staged properly. You will want a professional that will give you the truth about this. If you had a life threatenting illness wouldn't you want the physician that would give you the best options for treatment and not the one that would say...."just go home and you will be fine, I will take care of everything." Yikes! The third is controled by a ready willing and able buyer. The more potential buyers through your home, the better your chances of selling...this requires the right price. It is better to underprice and get people fighting over it than it is to overprice. We just put a home under contract last week in Scottsdale Ranch that was on the market for 8 days. It works when you trust your agent.
Give us a call if you would like to see our marketing plan.... 480-626-0312
Michelle Shelton
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The first step would be to analyze the market trends in your neighborhood so that you are an informed seller. The next step would be to stage your home so that your property is viewed as the best value for the price. Once that is done, price your home competitively and ensure that your real estate professional has the right marketing plan for you.
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Unfortunately for sellers there are thousands of highly upgraded homes in excellent condition all over the Valley. Buyers know this because their agents have shown them most of them!

I often show homes to buyers that are in town for a weekend with the express purpose of buying a home. We've done all our homework. They've received e-mail listings from me for a month or more. We've narrowed it down to an area and the cream of the crop. We visit the cream of the crop and now they must decide.

What are the 3 deciding factors...Price, Price and....yes, Price. Understand that this does not mean a buyer is picking the least expensive home over all ....but they are looking for the best value in a given neighborhood.

If the comparable sales show a home's value to be $500,000 and it's listed for any more than $500,000, they may not even want to waste their time looking at it. If there are 3 similar "cream of the crop" homes in the neighborhood for sale...they are likely to pick the most competively priced home.

So...with your Realtor, determine the lowest priced comparable home for sale in your neighborhood and price your house at least $10,000 below it.
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Pricing a home and making recommendations without ever setting foot inside is an improbable task. You can crunch price per foot numbers, expected value adjustments for upgrades, etc until you are blue in the face, but there are too many variables for an agent to contend with to give you an accurate analysis of what it will take to move your home through a computer screen. What is the lot orientation? Does the home back to a highly trafficked street? Is the lot superior or inferior to competing properties and those that have recently sold? Does the rest of the home have upgrades on par with your granite countertops? Does the floor plan flow, or is it somewhat choppy or otherwise dated? Just as critical as these tangible factors are the intangibles that an agent (and a buyer) experiences when he or she walks through the door for the first time. Good agents can generally tell if the home has that undefinable "pop" or not. We look at property all day long, after all. As previous posters have correctly pointed out, there is a tremendous amount of variation in Scottsdale. Take the McCormick Ranch area, for instance. With most of the homes in the community constructed in the 70s and early 80s, there is a big difference between a home that is mostly original with a few upgrades sprinkled in versus one that has been gutted to the studs and remodeled. In established communities which are highly desirable for the ammenities and location, but with older homes, this is happening with great frequency. General rules of thumb: Have an area specialist prepare a thorough comparative marked analysis, and price the home competitively. Market the home aggressively through traditional means as well as taking advantage of the brave new internet world. Make the home sparkle. Because the market is a living thing, you will need to constantly monitor your position and make adjustments if required. The thing to keep in mind in this market is that you might have to take your lumps when selling your home, but you can more than make up for it with the terrific buys that are available right now. Good luck!
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Since over 75% of home buyers start their search on the internet, be sure your home makes a good impression there by using good photos to attract buyers.
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Pat: It sounds as if you are in good shape with an upgraded home priced at $500,000 in a million dollar neighborhood. In addition to the excellent suggestions listed, I would consider having a staging consultation to make sure your home is buffed out. Now is the time to box up off-season clothing, toys, mementos and other things that contribute to making your home look smaller and cluttered. Our good wishes go with you!
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Roberta Murp…, Real Estate Pro in Carlsbad, CA
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