Why do homeowners hire part time agents who have very little experience with possibly their largest asset?

Asked by Johann4, Middlesex, NJ Sun Apr 12, 2009

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Johann4, , Middlesex, NJ
Mon Apr 13, 2009
I have now read many responses and I am very happy that theywere quick on a holiday weekend. . What I found are some angry agents responding to a totally different question. i asked why would somone hire a part time agent over a full timer. with possibly their largest asset? I also was not referring to newer agents but part timers those that are not in tune with their local market while working another job and not servicing their clients or the industry properly. Most agentsgave great responses; friend, family etc. Others explained how difficult the business is to be part time etc .and with good reason. The last few answers were irrelevant to the question. I did not ask to list my house on my own. I respect agents but not agents who are not doing their job correctly. There are way too many angry agents who do not know how to professionally run their and i mean their business. Yes I am sure the broker will hold hands and guide an agent. I have met many agents of late that are very angry at open houses, etc. It seems to me when I drive around that there are multiple signs all over the place. I think as an outsider that agents and their broker/owners need to look at themselves very seriously and ask if this is the business they want to be in. If it is, then educate your clients, run your business properly and be positive. Those of you who answered angrily have to become referral agents or change your attitude. Willam from Princeton gave the best answer to my question. This is an industry that caters to the part timer initially but you have to be full time to really make some money and get good clients like me. I ask all who read and answered this question. Do you think you are getting the proper message to your potential clients? The industry needs more accountability and respect. it will not if agents are angry and do not want to really work for their pay. The easy (LOL) days are over for all industries. Roll up your sleeves and work or get out of it and do something else so the agents who care about THEIR business get the job done and improve this marketplace. Thank you for your timely responses!
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thinz, Agent, Allenhurst, NJ
Fri Sep 25, 2015
There are many reasons not even explained here. For example, accountability coming from the agent in their work ethic brings about respect from the client. Even today on 2015, many "veteran" agents (not all) don't work like they used to. Compare that to the inexperienced but enthusiastic newbie, you could understand why a client may opt to go with them. They just seem more genuine in wanting to help the client solve their problem. And they may try to do the little things that the veteran agent used to, but thinks is beneath them at this point in their career. Being accountable means that you take responsibility for a deal not happening for the client. Could be from not setting expectations properly on the purchase, listing, etc, or not being comfortable or confident enough to handle the type transaction involved....e.g. short sale or potential short sale...(I see this a lot...)
Many of the better agents do not give up trying to do what is best for the client...and that is what should always be the priority, whether a newbie or veteran...
If you lose a deal to an inexperienced newbie, the first place to look is at yourself. What could you have done differently that would have made the client sign with you? Forget the ego and just answer honestly.... Tom Hinz http://www.shortsaletosell.com
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Rosemarie Vi…, Agent, Asbury Park, NJ
Wed Apr 29, 2009
Most people do not think real estate is anything but doing... Open houses, Putting Signs Out, Advertising Getting Phone Calls and Showing the Property and Presto it is sold.
Therefore it makes no never mind to them if they list with a partime agent or a full time agent.
Of course most part-time agents are willing to take a commission cut. The worst part is they, for the most part over price the listing. So be around when the listing expires and then the seller will be more receptive to what you have to say.
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Bill, , 07876
Tue Apr 28, 2009
Because unfortunately that agent probably lied to the seller and said they are a full time agent. If this wasn't the case, it most likely is a friend or relative as other people here have posted.
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Francesca Pa…, Agent, Manasquan, NJ
Mon Apr 27, 2009

No excuses, but you must understand that the real estate industry has been just as affected (or perhaps more) as many other industries in today's economy. Many agents who were once "full-time" are now being foreced to take on part time jobs to make ends meet.

As a full time agent, I feel your frustration, as I am now finding that while I once told my buyers that I needed 24 hours notice to set up appointments, I now need at least 48 hours notice . . . . as I have to wait at times 24 hours for a call back just to set up an appointment.

As for your question about "very little experience" it is certainly valid. Most recently, an award winning friend leanred that a "friend" after promising her the listing, listed their property with an agent at a local agency whose credentials don't even compare. I am l for a LOCAL agent, but one must due their own due diligence in choosing the right agent and most often sellers are clueless as to what due diligence means.

Love and Peace,
Web Reference:  http://www.PatrizioRE.com
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John Sacktig, Agent, New Jersey, NJ
Sun Apr 12, 2009
Some people listing their homes do not know how to conduct an interview, do not do their reserach and do not ask questions. Most of the time, this happens to someone that "knows" a friend, or a family member that got her license.. and feels obligated to work with them.

Happens all the time.
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Loretta Chia…, , Vernon, NJ
Sun Apr 12, 2009
I was once a "new" agent. What I had going for me was a company that took me on as a new agent and held my hand very tightly. If a homeowner is considering a new agent because they are family, friend or just an aquaintance I suggest they look at the company they work for. If the homeowner is comfortable knowing there is a mentor working with the agent give them a chance. Sometimes new or newer agents have the time available to dedicate to that one listing. There are many agents that have a decade of experience but no time to offer thier clients.
As for the part time aspect as the homeowner I would just just make sure the agent will be accessable when needed and has the time to dedicate to marketing.
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Rosemarie Vi…, Agent, Asbury Park, NJ
Sun Apr 12, 2009
You Know what I think you are absolutely correct . Why don't you list your own house and do what we do then come back and answer your own question! I do not think you even know what you are talking about!
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Jeanne Feeni…, Agent, Basking Ridge, NJ
Sun Apr 12, 2009
Hi Johann4, Great question! Agent experience and effort are more important than ever. Every seller or buyer owes it to themselve to choose an agent that is fully engaged in helping them succeed in selling or buying a home. This is no market for part timers or dabblers - you will benefit from choosing an agent that brings the advantage of experience, knowledge and compassion to your effort.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if I can be of service.

Jeannie Feenick
Search and connect at http://www.feenick.com
Web Reference:  http://www.feenick.com
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Yelena Tsula…, Agent, Morris Plains, NJ
Sun Apr 12, 2009
Hello! How are you doing?
Yes, very often I was asking this questions myself.
So, this is what I think:
1. agent is friend or relative
2. agent agrees to work for much fewer commissions
3. agent can "sell him/herself" very well
4. agent is a neighbor.
5. seller doesn't have knowledge about how real estate business
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William Leigh…, , New Jersey
Sun Apr 12, 2009
Johann4: Well, everyone starts somewhere, both homeowner and agent. Some part timers are very experienced. I know of one who was a full time teacher and the top agent in a large company. Everyone wondered what was in her local drinking water.

The other fact is, that in a well-run agency, the Broker of Record and/or manager in charge (not always one and the same,) understand that the agency relationship is actually not between the individual agent and the homeowner but between the agency and the homeowner. They therefore take pains to supervise and assist the part timer. Result: an acceptable deal.

My beef, if there is one worth mentioning, is that the real estate field has become, just like everything else, more complicated, and the entry requirement is so minimal that having graduated from high school and being able to read and write are about all you need. Couple that with the fact that the agency really gets these people for free, (independent contractors who SHARE in any commission that they earn as their only compensation) makes it easy for agencies to keep replenishing the ranks. The ranks need this replenishing because most newbies drop out within three years. Only a few of the ranks make the kind of money to work at it full time.

Situation ripe for change? Well, I don't see any signs of it and it has been this way for about 80 years.

That help you any?
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Vicky Chrisn…, Agent, Purcellvile, VA
Sun Apr 12, 2009
I just don't know how anyone survives in this business part time. It is a full time business.
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Kimberly "KI…, Agent, Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Sun Apr 12, 2009
Excellent question! It is very frustrating to negotiate with an agent that can not return your call until after 5pm or later because they are at a job they can not respond to you or the agent is not able to understand logistics of contracts, mortgages, appraisals, home inspections issues, well test, COs, BPO, Bank owned properties, ect..... In todays market, buyers and sellers want timely accurate information. waiting for answers could make or break a transaction. I do agree with Laura, often times it is a friend or relative. A new agent deserves the opportunity to get into the market, but they should be willing to be accessilbe and get the answers requested.

If the buyer and seller are aware they are part time and agree to be represented by the part time agent it is thier decision. I recommend the part time agent pari up with a full time agent that can handle issues as they arise. But we do not live in a perfect world. Even full time agents do not communicate on a timely basis.

I too was part time when I started 22 years ago, until I had enough listing and sales under my belt, so on the other hand I get it. That is the luxury of this business.
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Joan Amoroso…, Agent, Freehold, NJ
Sun Apr 12, 2009
That might be true that it is a friend or relative, and they may be part time, but that does not mean they do not have experience. It would of course depend on the reasion they are part time. I know several seasoned agents that are now part time due to the economy and the financial obligations that they have to meet. In this case they are very experienced, just need to make ends meet and should not be deemed inexperienced for also having a paid position.
On the other hand if they are new or fairly new say less than two years and they never put any full time effort into it that might make a difference. In my eyes it is not whether they are full or part time, the important thing is how much experience they have overall and also the agency they work for as to whether your property is represented with the highest exposure available like we do here at Century 21 Action Plus Realty.
Web Reference:  http://www.joanamoroso.com
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Laura Gianno…, Agent, Manahawkin, NJ
Sun Apr 12, 2009
Perhaps it's a friend or relative. Or perhaps they don't know the importance of a full time agent.
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