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Asked by Chuck Valery, Mount Laurel, NJ Tue Jan 8, 2008

Looking to sell my single familt (4 2.5) Mt. Laurel house at about $350K and want to pick the best realtor to sell in next 3 months.

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weanona hugie, Agent, Edison, NJ
Tue Jan 8, 2008
Happy New Year ! Chuck, I agree with my colleague who indicates you are hiring an Agent based on what they demonstrate in their interview process. Most folks do use the premise of " which agent has sole the most homes " to determine who they choose. This might not be the only criteria you look at.

Realtors do a whole lot more than marketing and unfortunatley most of us only highlight that one item when we sit down with our potential client to discuss what it is we do to get yout home sold. Currently through out various states there are SEVERAL homes sitting on the market inclusive of experienced agents who has sold many homes in the past. The point I am making we are in a challenged and changed market...hire an agent that keeps up with current day techniques that work at this time to $ell homes tailored to " fit your needs" .

There are many great agents out there that just got started that work their buns off to service thier clients needs...and they may have only sold a few homes.....it's not always the quantity....but more importantly the quality.

In close ...no I am not new I obtained my license in 1999...but I will always remember that once I was and I needed to get going like all others before me.

If you like I welcome the opportunity to discuss in detail shoot me an email: weanona@weanona.com Have A Great Day 0:)
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Michele Casey, Agent, Moorestown, NJ
Thu Jun 20, 2013
Hi Chuck,

There are a lot of great Realtors out there! Unfortunately, there are also a lot of not so good ones out there, as well. Finding the one that best suits you may be a daunting task. Padraic had some great advice! Pricing your home is the KEY. Marketing & Staging your home are other crucial KEYS.

My advice is to interview a Realtor from a few of the top Real Estate companies. Print advertising is kind of dwindling out, but online presence is a major factor, since most Buyers start their search online. How does the Realtor present their listings online ... Professional photos? Blurry dark photos? Does it capture the Buyer's eye? Communication is also another important factor.

You're getting ready to sell one of the largest investments in your life, so take your time and choose and experienced, hard-working Realtor that will make you one of their #1 priorities!

Good luck! Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions!
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Padraic Mc C…, , 08096
Thu Jul 16, 2009
I think it is me Chuck because you want to pick the best realtor.

Weichert and Prudential Fox N Roach both have "facts" saying their companies sell the most so I guess someone does not know how do read their facts. Unless the fact are being twisted somehow?

I wonder if a team with 10 agents have every sale credited to the Team Leader?

I tell sellers' what they need to hear. If you want to list too high because another agent said they could sell it that high well GOOD LUCK because that is called "buying" a listing.

Anyway, I know many great agents with different companies who service Mt. Laurel that I would feel comfortable listing my home with in a heartbeat. (I even think some of them are smarter then me - but don't mention that.)

I know their are volume agents out their I wouldn't list a dog house with and would probably have a heart attack if they returned a phone call. They are SO IMPORTANT Chuck you'd be lucky they took you on as a client.

For high end homes I have 2 of the top 5 resale homes in Mt. laurel going back about 6 years. Your price range is a bit more preferable though but I know other individual agents have sold more homes then me in Mt. Laurel.

Here's some good advice to sell your home Chuck.
1) Price it aggressive.
2) Make sue the co-op (what you offer the agent with the buyer is at least 3%)
3) Stage your home with the help of your agent or a professional.
4) This may sound goofy but make your home EASY to show. People can't buy it if they can't see it.
5) The agent should not let their EGO get in the way while negotiating. It is your home. It is your money.
6) Watch out for agents with lots of "fluff" or "listing tools". These are things they spend money on like print advertising, fancy online presentations, etc - it simply does not matter. (It simply helps them get listings.)

PEOPLE start searching online (over 80% now from what I have heard last time I checked) - so you simply need to be priced right - show well- and make sure your home is easy for people to see. After that your agent just needs to be able to represent you during negotiations without letting their ego get in the way.

Good luck.

Padraic McCormick - Sales Associate
CARDINAL Real Estate Services.
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Harvey Wagman, Home Seller, Laurel, MT
Sat Feb 16, 2008
Hi Chuck:

How did you make out with a realtor? I am also going to sell and found 2 excellent realtors, 1 in Marlton and 1 in Cherry Hill. 2 different personalities. If you are interested my email is hwagman@hotmail.com. (Harvey Wagman)
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Marc Paolella, Agent, Succasunna, NJ
Fri Feb 8, 2008
Keep in mind that company-wide statistics mean precisely nothing. You are always hiring the agent, not the agency. Every agent in every agency is basically an independent contractor in business for themselves. You could hire the worst agent in the world from the biggest company or the smallest. You could hire the best agent in the world from the biggest agency or the smallest.

Large agencies get that way by aggressively recruiting newbies out of real estate school. How well a company recruits rookies has nothing to do with how well your agent will perform for you.

Remember: In real estate it is all about the individual, and nothing at all about the agency.
Web Reference:  http://www.marcpaolella.com
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weanona hugie, Agent, Edison, NJ
Fri Feb 8, 2008

Please remember the agency does NOT make the Realtor . We are all individual and independently contracted. I know many agents who "hide behind the "brand" name of agency. Unfortunately for those particular Realtors once that curtain is lifted and they need to perform on their own to conduct their business they don't have a clue; because they expect to be carried along by the brand. Unfortunately this is a disservice to their client truly not what they were hired to do.

The efforts put forth in servicing the seller needs has a lot to do with that agent ...because you best to believe once a seller contacts the Broker of record the Broker almost always will suggest working with another Realtor within their company in hopes to not lose the business. The seller in almost all cases makes the choice to work with another company due to having a "bad" taste in their mouth.

This is not good because it leaves the seller to believe that one bad apple spoils the bunch and that philosophy does not apply here. They don't see the service being any different.....not good at all.

I myself feel that every client I have encountered was because of my efforts and not my company name or my Broker and I would bet that most agents feel as I do especially seasoned Realtors. We work hard for the money we earn not the Broker or the name of the company.

You did ask the question "which Realtor sells not which agency " the most houses....I just wanted to point out that if you chose a different agent or agency than from answer given to you , that it does NOT mean your needs will not be met and/or your expectations exceeded.

Those that work we all get up and go everyday believing that we put the best foot forward...and when it comes time for that annual performance we all expect to be judged by our "individual" efforts vs. someone elses.

In close....I don't feel great service can only be obtained from ONE source there are plenty great Realtors throughout the states working at various agencies and I know I am among them.

Have a great day ...and best selecting to you.

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Janice Morze, , 08108
Tue Jan 8, 2008
Hello Chuck. Being a newer agent to the business, I agree with Weanona's answer. The Realtor who has years of experience or sells millions in volume per year is not always who would be best for you. Picking a Realtor is a very important part of the home-selling process. You need to interview your potential picks. Look on Real Estate web sites and read the agent's bio's. That is a great start to getting a feel for what they can offer and what their values are. I love Mt. Laurel..as I was born there. It is a great area. The agent you choose should be able to spell out exactly what they will do for you to market your property to it's maximum potential. They should suggest staging tips ( or even get in there and help you out with it!) . They should provide a list of where and how they will market your property on the internet. Technology is so important in today's market.. you want to make sure you are on every possible site! Again, it is an interview process..you are interviewing the Realtor and the Realtor is interviewing you!! A good commumication is essential. WIll they provide weekly feedback to? Will they contact other area offices and market your property to other agents too? I am a part of a wonderful team with Long and Foster, in Haddonfield. I bring my team members thru the home and get all their tips and ideas...that is a great help too. There are so many things a good Realtor should do...Good luck...make your list of questions for the Realtor and let them know what you expect of them. That is a great start. Please let me know if I can be of help!
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Marc Paolella, Agent, Succasunna, NJ
Tue Jan 8, 2008
Hi Chuck,

One tip. You are not picking an agency, you are picking an agent. Every agent is an independent contractor basically running their own business (within limits and guidelines, of course). Every agency has good and bad agents on the roster.

How do you pick one? Simple.

1-Call an agency that obviously does a lot of business in your area.
2-Ask to speak to the office manager.
3-Request the name of a FULL-TIME agent with at least 5 years of experience.
4-Interview said agent to determine chemistry and marketing program.
5-Get 5-10 recent references.
6-Call 3 references and verify competence.
7-If all is well, select agent and sell home.

If any step fails, rinse and repeat with another agent.

Another tip: You want to find out how the agent is going to market your home right? But they all seem to tell you they do everything. Well, when you interview the agent, ask for listing sheets for one or two of their currently listed homes. Now go online and see if you can find that home from the standpoint of a potential buyer. Check out the online presentation and evaluate the quality of the photography, video, description, accuracy, etc. It the agent's listings don't look better than all the rest, then proceed to selecting a different agent.

Selecting your agent is important, so it pays to take extra time and effort to make sure you are getting a good one.
Web Reference:  http://www.marcpaolella.com
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Tony Lee, Agent, Hamilton, NJ
Tue Jan 8, 2008
Hi Chuck,
According to Trend MLS Prudential Fox & Roach holds the most volume in sales in Mt. Laurel. Prudential F&R has over 64 offices in the area. Large relocation Dept. And Etc....If you would like more information about our services. Please free free to E-mail me or call.


Tony Lee
Prudential Fox & Roach
Tel: 609-456-8360
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