Where can I find real estate agents that charge fixed rates, not commission based.?

Asked by Investtucson, Tucson, AZ Wed Sep 8, 2010

I came across a couple of ads for agents that charge flat fees, cant seem to relocate the ads nor the agent's contact information. Is there some kind of a listing where I can find non-commission based agents. No disrespect to commission based agents, but with the amount of homes I sell it makes a lot of sense to go with a flat rate agent.


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George Szkup, , Tucson, AZ
Wed Sep 8, 2010
Commissions, in theory are negotiable between client and broker/agent. Please note that buyer does not pay commission - it comes from the seller and is established at the time listing is taken. Agent can negotiate within guidelines of his broker - some brokers will not allow discounts. I am not aware of any list of brokers/agents willing to accept fix commission - something like this may exist? Any self employed broker - like myself, can negotiate any number. It really depends on how "hungry" broker is? I have done it in the past.
George in Tucson
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Tara M Moore, , Tucson, AZ
Wed Sep 8, 2010
Yes I would have to agree with both Don and Craig, all pricing is negotiable. Your best bet is find a Realtor you trust, one you will do well with in business, one that understands your wants and needs and is willing to get the job done. as you know, working with investors is much different than working with your average buyer or seller looking to only do one or 2 transactions. Therefore once you find the right fit, see if the you can both come to an agreeable solution for commissions and or flat rate fees.
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Jillian Skin…, Agent, Greenwood Village, CO
Wed Sep 8, 2010
As already mentioned, all commissions are negotiable, even the type of compensation. Be straight forward with your current agent and see if they can work with you, especially if you're providing a lot of business for them. Especially in this market, many agents will be willing to work with you. Good luck!
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Alex Aunon, , Tucson, AZ
Tue Sep 14, 2010
One of the most important factors to look at, is what you can completely overlook, and end up with just that. An unsold home. problem # 1: a flat fee can be a deterrent to an agent bringing in a buyer. It is a common practice to look at what we call a Co-op fee. Thats what in the MLS discloses what you are going to bring in a "selling agent "who brings in a buyer. Many Realtors get motivated with a % that is reasonable. If you see a flat fee, it just might get overlooked ,over and over again costing you time in this market with a flip. A Good Realtor knows how to attract buyers. Realtor persuasion is key! Now you can negotiate a flat fee on lisitng side and a Co-op % on selling side. On a cash foreclosure purchase from a cryer at the courthouse, yes its reasonable to charge a flat fee to an investor, then when you use there same services to "List" yes it is common practice for a fee on lisitng side. But remember "Relationship and loyalty" will only get you that from a good Realtor if you follow those principles.
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Brad Bergami…, Agent, Prescott, AZ
Thu Sep 9, 2010
Find the agent that you think is best then negotiate fees.
To respond to a previous answer by Sam % based Brokers do take less in commission when the economy is down. Prices of homes are less thus pay in less in real $$. Our fixed cost and overhead aren't going down so yes belts are tightened.
Invest in Tuscon, a thing to think about is by choosing someone that is % based they share in the risk of the sales price when choosing a fixed price there is no risk of a lower sale. Also most fixed payment companies I know will charge the price if sold or not. Not saying one way is better, study your options and hire the best broker.
Good luck,
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Desari Jabbar, Agent, Stone Mountain, GA
Wed Sep 8, 2010
If you sell a number of homes, then you should negotiate the commission with the agent who assisted with your previous transactions. That agent will be more inclined to work for a flat fee. But, as always, fees are always negotiable.

Best of luck to you!!
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Sam Zobrest, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Wed Sep 8, 2010
I charge a flat fee rather than a percentage based fee when selling homes in Pima County. I am not a flat fee service that charges you up front, puts your home on MLS, and then disappears. With Wildcat Realty you pay less and get a full service listing. The economy/ housing market is tight, most industries are tightening their belts, why shouldn't Realtors as well. Click the link below for more information on my flat fee listing program.

Sam Zobrest
Wildcat Realty & Property Management
(520) 312-8032
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Fawn Whitford, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Wed Sep 8, 2010
Some agents charge flat fees and some charge lower commissions- some agents should. If you are in the business of selling homes, it depends on what you want the brokerage to do for you. Marketing and design work, including a custom-built website to rate and capture leads with relevant contact info, demographic targeted marketing, press releases, developing a quality value proposition to differentiate your product from others, would warrant a full-service commission- if you just need someone to, as we say, do the 3 P's- "Put up a sign, put it in MLS, and Pray," I would imagine a flat fee company would be your best best. The reason you can't find the contact info or ads for the flat fee companies should speak volumes. Most Sincerely, Fawn Whitford Owner/Broker Prudential Foothills Real Estate, Tucson, AZ
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Richard Leci…, , Tucson, AZ
Wed Sep 8, 2010
Any agent can do a fix rate. The most important thing is to find an agent that you trust and understands exactly what you want and expect. Good luck
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Mack McCoy, Agent, Seattle, WA
Wed Sep 8, 2010
Who have you been using to sell your homes so far? Why not negotiate with them?
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Spirit Messi…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Wed Sep 8, 2010
Any agent can take a listing 'as % or flat fee. There are some that specialize in flat fee & clients find out they get what they pay for. I am available if you would like discuss fee(s), check out my profile and contact me if you are interested.
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Craig Thomps…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Wed Sep 8, 2010
All commissions are negotiable, When sitting down with a Realtor, you can negotiate whether the commission is a fixed number or a percentage of the sales price. Some agents do offer discounts if selling multiple properties.

Hope this answers your question

Craig Thompson
Keller Williams Southern AZ
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Don Tepper, Agent, Burke, VA
Wed Sep 8, 2010
Hmmm. Maybe those fixed rate agents are no longer in business.

There are flat rate services out there. You pay $x to get listed on the MLS. You pay $x if you want a sign out front. You pay $x for every add-on. Those are pretty easy to find. Here's a search link that'll bring up a whole bunch: http://www.google.com/search?q=flat+rate+mls+tucson+az&r…

And remember that commissions are negotiable. If you're bringing in a steady stream of business to a Realtor, you certainly should ask for (and may well get) a reduced commission.

Hope that helps.
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Why is everybody so reluctant to say that Realtors charge approx anywhere from 3% to 7% as their fee for professional services? Typically, but not always the fee is split between the agent that took the listing (seller), and the buyer agent (representing the buyer). These are typical fees for professional services and reflect primarily the residential market. Commercial fee's can be higher or lower depending on the type of transaction!
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