What is the average cost of a very good professional Staging of a home?

Asked by April, Potomac, MD Sun Apr 13, 2008

How does a professional stager price? By the BR? Sq. Footage?

I am a big believer in staging! I'm planning on doing it myself but if the price isn't outrageous then it's a lot simpler to leave it to the professionals.


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Kathy Holbro…, , 33909
Mon Apr 14, 2008
Yes April there is a Santa Claus!!!!!
I, too, got a real kick out of your reply. Just to clairfy, I am not being deliberately evasive. But to just make this simple: I have a Realtor Partnership price list that I give to the Realtors that use my company regularly. We usually have an arrangement that I do a consultation for every one of their listings, with a report for the most critical things the seller needs to accomplish immediately. That fee is $200 but if the seller decides to have me do a half day of staging or a full service staging where I help with packing, arrange the necessary contractors to complete the critical repairs. The different package deals range from $395 to $2000.

Now that I have told you that, I have an entirely different pricing structure if a seller contacts me directly via a web search or from local advertising. I reward my agents for bringing me business but have to pass on the actual cost of my services if I am using external marketing arrangements.

I am also the Connecticut Chapter President for the American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners (ASHSR) and my members and I agree on our basic structure. The links I gave you are from members of another group that I belong to and the one that hosts my website, Home Staging Resource.

Good luck with your upcoming sale.... and Hello to Linda and Karen
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Shannon Eliz…, , Virginia
Fri Oct 10, 2008
April you've gotten some great advice here, so I may sound repetitive. Staging costs vary SO much because markets are vastly different from one neighborhood to the next. Each staging job requires different staging help, depending on the house's situation. Because staging jobs vary so much, Professional Stagers have a wide variety of ways to base their fee structures. Some may charge a flat fee for a certain number of rooms, some may charge a percentage of the listing price, some may charge based on square footage, and so on... The staging industry in not regulated, therefore, there really are no standards as of yet. I've seen staging jobs range from $100 DIY Consultation, to $10,000+ Vacant Staging (with furniture rentals, art, etc...). If staging with your own furniture and accessories, you many only need a DIY Consultation from a Stager, which can range typically from $200-$500 for the average home.

I wish the best of luck!
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Linda, , Berwyn, PA
Mon Apr 14, 2008
If you are talking about staging a vacant property, the costs will include the staging fee, furniture and accessory rentals. As you can imagine, the cost will vary significantly depending on the number of rooms to be staged and amout of furniture/accessories needed for each room. Most stagers will provide you with a bid after seeing the property. If you are talking about staging an occupied property, using your exisiting furniture and accessories, the cost will just be for the staging fee. Most will base their fee on an hourly rate. Again, someone would need to see your property to determine how much time would be involved. I would not begin to speculate on costs in your area compared to mine (Philadelphia). So glad you see the value in staging!
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Karen Negrete…, , The Santa Clara Valley
Mon Apr 14, 2008
Hi April,

Your reply cracked me up so I had to put my two cents in.

I'm a stager in California so obviously the prices would be different between Silicon Valley and West Virginia. However, I can share a bit more info that hopefully will help further enlighten you. At least somewhat.....

Pricing out a house is the variable that plagues most stagers. I know a high profile and very successful stager here that wants to know how I price my jobs as a reality check. Every stager has different pricing structure; by the square footage, by the hour, by the rooms. Unless any stagers in your area rely to your question, you may to bite the bullet and contact a few to find out. I think that most stagers (who want to work) would be willing to give you a price range if you give them some info like the size of your house and if you need to rent furniture and accessories.

The woman that lays claim to having started the concept of staging has a website called stagedhomes.com. You can find a plethora of stagers in your area. Ideally, they have their own
website that's adequate enough to provide enough info on how they work, their pricing structure and have some before and afters so you can get a feel on whether they're any good.

Good luck!!

Karen Negrete, ASP, IAHSP, IRIS
Web Reference:  http://www.xformyourhome.com
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April, Both Buyer And Seller, Potomac, MD
Mon Apr 14, 2008
Thanks for the comments thus far and even the links. I know that I could contact a local stager and ask the same questions but I really like this site for finding out information ahead of time. Here I can get the info I need without any high pressure sales tactics or even having to give out my telephone number and address. I like to give out that information when I am ready to do the actual interviews of who I want to hire and before I do the interviews I like to figure out what is "typical", "average", "normal" etc. I understand that pricing is not going to be the same everywhere but once I have more knowledge I am in a much better position to negotiate. For example, the average appraisal is going to cost me around $300. The average Realtor is going to charge 5% to 6% of the selling price. The average server in a restaurant is going to get 15 to 20% tip. I know they are all averages. Maybe the appraisal will be free if I choose a certain lender. Maybe the appraisal will cost $500+ if I want to hire the best to just work for me so I know he or she isn't being influenced by any outside pressure to increase or be extra strict on the result. Maybe I give a 50% tip to a server who was great and then no tip and talk to the manager of the restaurant regarding the server if the service was really really bad. I can choose to hire a full service Realtor who will advertise my house like there is no tomorrow and pay him 6% or I can choose some low price Realtor who will not do much more than place the listing on MLS and pay him a flat fee. So, I am aware that there are going to be variables in the price. But, the question I am asking here is about averages.

What do you charge? Who pays? When is it paid? What is the level of service offered? Unlike some of the replys I have seen on another question regarding stagers, I personally believe in it 100% and wouldn't sell my house without staging. I am going to the grammys....do I dress up or just go in my sweats. I am going on a date..do I put on makeup or do I go without? Why do I not do that with my house? Why let everyone see my house without it's very best face on when I want to get someone to buy it for the highest possible price before it becomes an "old maid" :*)

Still hope to get some average prices of "very good" stagers. Thanks a lot!
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Kathy Holbro…, , 33909
Sun Apr 13, 2008
Every Staging Professional has their own pricing structure, is the simpliest answer to your question. Just keep in mind that only 10% of sellers can visualize the necessary elements. I would suggest that at the very least you call one of the companies I have included here to have them do a simple consultation. That visit and the report that will follow (if you choose that option) will be vaulable if you feel you have the ability to stage the house yourself.
Best of luck selling your home...

Kathy Holbrook

WV Stagers
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Larry Story, Agent, Greensboro, NC
Sun Apr 13, 2008
You are right in that it will depend on how much you want done. Some clients will go with just a few rooms such as the master bedroom, dining room, kitchen, any entry area, and a den or living room. Of course with the kitchen sometimes it is as simple as putting out an attractive cookbook and having a basket or bowl of lemons and limes. Or even fresh flowers. You want to show as much counter space as possible. Have you already or going to vacate the home? I have done some staging myself so try not to go overboard and ask your realtor for some references and interview them just as you did your realtor.

Larry Story
Coldwell Banker Triad
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