What does it take to find a buyer in the 33176 area (East Kendall)? Have a large home for sale for over 9

Asked by Eddie G., 33176 Wed Mar 12, 2008

months with no showings or offers yet. Have gone through 2 realtor companies with no luck. Now I'm selling it on my own offering broker 3.5% commission. The house is priced 20% below comps. You can see it at http://www.kendallestate.com. Any advice will be helpfull.

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Shelly Montalvo’s answer
Shelly Monta…, , Coral Gables, FL
Tue Jul 14, 2009

Please send us information on your house as this link does not work. Although offering a commission of 3.5% does sometimes help, as others have mentioned, the marketing and PRICE are way more important. You say that you have it priced 20% below comps, but I would like to check this out. I have seen many homes very badly marketed, but when the price is right, people still make offers or at lthe very least the house gets shown.
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Flag Sat Jul 20, 2013
Open Door St…, , Fort Lauderdale, FL
Thu Jun 19, 2008
Buyers want value today - price and presentation. Not price alone.

How does it look online and in person? What does your property say to buyers?
- nice
- same as the others
- or , wow , we need to put an offer on this property - it looks like home.

Have you considered having a home staging consultation to finfd out what buyers think?
Over 85% of buyers search online before visiting a listing, does your's stand out in the online photographs?
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Lynn Vantien…, , Miami, FL
Wed Mar 12, 2008
The previous answers are dead on. Price, price, price. There is nothing else you can change. If you can't afford to sell substantially lower than what you are asking now, consider renting it for a few years. I looked at your website. You have presented the property well. The biggest mark against the property is that it sides on a busy street. This definitely affects and lowers the price. Consider listing with a Realtor again as your property would then be listed on all the major search engines and with every agent who puts the MLS on his/her website. Exposure and a lower price are what you need. Good luck. Lynnvt Miami Realtor
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Stephanie Le…, Agent, Miami Lakes, FL
Mon Jul 22, 2013
A lot has to do with marketing your home...

We specialize is marketing to fast track sells. If you would like to learn more contact us at info@realtyempire.net or visit our site at http://www.realtyempire.net
Web Reference:  http://www.realtyempire.net
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Lazaro Lopez, Agent, miami, FL
Thu Jan 10, 2013
The more your home is exposed to the Maximum amount of "Qualified Buyers", the better you increase your chances of getting the best possible price, meeting your bottom line, in the least amount of time. Hiring and listing your home, with a Broker that will network and cooperate with all Brokers, plus marketing your home to both foreign and domestic buyer's is a strategy you cannot afford to discount. Please call me at 786-525-9430 if you would like to further discuss the sale of your Home.
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Joao Mercado, , Miami, FL
Tue Jan 8, 2013
Hello Eddie. With all do respect this is a no brainer. There are uneducated agents out here who think obtaining listings is how you win the game. Negative. There is no point in sweet talking a seller to get his or her listing if you are not going to be honest with them. I live in Kendall, and predominantly work out of Kendall. If it's been 9 months and NO SHOWINGS?? or OFFERS?? Sir you need to consider sitting down with a real professional who is not going to be afraid to tell you what your house will REALLY sell for in todays market. Plain and simple. No fairy tale number, no Lotto number, just and honest list price to AT LEAST get some attraction from the public! It would be my pleasure to help you, should you choose to contact me.

Joao Mercado 786-367-3818
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Miamihomefin…, , Miami, FL
Thu Jan 3, 2013
You will need an energetic Realtor and advertising! We have both! call us at (305) 274-0400.
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Wenceslao Fe…, , 33140
Mon Jun 2, 2008
Unfortunately, I must say I couldn't follow the hyperlink you included in your request. For some reason it crashed! This is but one of the reasons homes don't sell. Often doing something yourself as compared to what a professional can do leads to a marked difference in the results.

Mr. Ted Kennedy went to a professional brain surgeon to get his brain tumor operated (he was still in surgery at the time of this writing). Similarly, buyers and sellers should visit with a professional when dealing with real estate. However, not all professionals are made equal. There are good, bad, mediocre and excellent in every profession (even in the oldest of professions), and because of this fact, one must use common sense and listen to the advice of their trusted professional once chosen.

Based on some of the remarks, there may be some TLC or neglect that if addressed, would make the home more appealing, starting right at curbside. Curb appeal will get a potential buyer in the door but it will NOT get you an offer if you are overpriced.

Paying a commision does not guarantee a Realtor showing if the home is overpriced either. The money we receive will not buy us the ability to sell an overpriced property to a potential buyer. And for us, No sale = no $. So, you could offer 10% but, if the property is overpriced...it'll sit and your frustrations will grow.

Are you looking for property to move to as you try to sell yours? If not, perhaps you should start and see how your mind shifts when you are the buyer with respect to what you are looking for in your next home and what price you feel you're willing to pay for it.

Similarly, potential buyers are looking at your house with similar critical eyes. Get out of the house and visit every FSBO available in your area and every Open House you can. Compare notes, see what others are offering for their asking price and you will quickly develop a sense of where you are in your offer price.

Based on what you are offering and the lessons you learn, would you buy your house? If not, it's time to consider another strategy.

Today, we are in a Price and Beauty Contest. No question about it. Which is the pretiest house I can buy for the least amount of money I can get away with?

Hot properties in this market sell in days or weeks. The rest, seem to sit for what it seems forever. If you'be been trying to sell for 9 months with few showings or just Realtors looking for a listing or Investors (seasoned or newbies) looking for a bargain, then perhaps you need to consult with a professional.

Also, if your property has been on the market (specially if improperly priced) for 9 months and you've already gone through 2 Realtors, then it's time to gather the lessons learned and find a no-nonsense Realtor who will show you how they will get your house sold if you follow their advise, and if you then follow it, regardless of how painful it may seem. If you are drawing a posture or an imaginary line in the sand as you read this, then you need to reevaluate your motivation to sell.

Remember to also consult with a decorator or staging professional. I'd be happy to offer you contact information on a couple I've used, but a Realtor should be able to give you unbiased, objective feedback...IF YOU ARE WILLING TO LISTEN.

Weather you like what these pros have to say or not....who's the brain surgeon (real estate professional) in the mix? If that is not you, or the person(s) now giving you advice, then perhaps it's time to take notice, get humble and listen to what these pros have to say.

Start by seeing your house not as a home but as a piece of property you want to sell. As most car sellers would do, they clean up the car and shine the wheels before every showing for maximum effect. You must do the same with your house.

It's like buying an expensive pair of shoes at Saks or Bloomingdales then finding the same pair of shoes at Ross or Marshalls. Nothing wrong with the latter, but you'd surely not pay Saks prices for that pair of shoes at Ross.

If your home is not in tip-top shape, this must be reflected in your offer or asking price. Specially if nearby homes compare better at a similar or better price. Comparables must be evaluated for both, sold homes and active, for sale homes (yes...including those pesky short sales and foreclosed/REOs).

Get some statistics. My board (RAMB) publishes some and they can be found at http://miamirealestateking.com/9404/dsp_agent_page.php/48898… Find a Realtor who is a member of a board that is very Realtor intense in the way of providing their members with great benefits such as the ability to publish your home in up to 13 languages so that buyers from whereever they may come can comfortably learn about your home. If you can't do that, then you are competing with those of us

Otherwise, you may contact a Realtor for a confidential and complementary consultation.
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TeamDoubleZ.…, , Miami, FL
Tue Mar 18, 2008
Hello Eddie
I would start by pressure cleaning your roof. This would "revamp" the curb appeal of your lovely home. It would also show anyone that might be looking that you care and maintain your home. Why would anyone pay half of a million dollars for a home now-a-days? Simple, because there is "VALUE" in the property. That just might get some people in the home...oh, and the price is some thing that your might what to consider. I have sold homes with great "Dramatic Pricing" call me and I will expain that to you.
Have a great day!
Web Reference:  http://www.TeamDoubleZ.com
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RN, , Miami, FL
Wed Mar 12, 2008
Broken record, part 4: You MUST be priced competitively, and you must be realistic about your pros and cons. If you are on a busy street, you must offer something else to create a PERCEPTION OF VALUE in the buyer pool.
You also MUST be in the best possible showing condition you can, and be available to do showings, qualify buyers (make sure they are pre-approved) and negotiate skillfully. In other words, as Lynn said, get listed with a good, aggressive broker, and the right agent, who knows the area.
Feel free to contact me any time.
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Lisa Hill, , Port Orange, FL
Wed Mar 12, 2008
I'm sorry to say, it all comes down to price. You say your home is priced 20% below the comps. But what else is on the market. What is your competition? The key, as far as I've experienced in this market, is to be priced well below the competition of active listings.

Good luck!
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Jose Gomez, Agent, Miami, FL
Wed Mar 12, 2008
It's a coincidence to see your home here on Trulia because I drive passed it daily on my way to the office. I live in Country Walk and take Killian to 104 and then straight to my officeon US1. I just had a home listed on 99th Court in Pine Acres and I'll give you the same advice that I gave the owners there. You have to price your property to sell or price it to continue living there. It's somewhat a harsh reality but the the choice is simple. Regardless of the tough fickle market that we are in you can not outprice your competition and when price meets the level of the buying populace in your area your property will sell. Feel free to contact me and best of luck! Jose Gomez - Miami Realtor http://josegomezfl.sef.mlxchange.com
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