What do realtors do to "market" a house beyond putting it on the MLS and open houses?

Asked by Irvineseller, Irvine, CA Fri Jul 30, 2010

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Monir Mamoun, Agent, Denville, NJ
Fri Aug 6, 2010
Good question. Many times, the answer is "not much." The reality is that the MLS is by far the most important type of exposure for most homes, because it fans out to many other sites and reaches most people directly or indirectly from its data feed. Of course, a realtor can post on more web sites and do mailings, but the MLS is the core, and not all realtors go much beyond that. If your agent agents helps you stage and prepare a house, and take GREAT pictures (most MLS pictures are photographically poor in terms of lighting and perspective in color or b/w) then that helps.

A better question is, what is the realtor doing to get a good price, negotiate properly, and make sure a potential transaction happens well, without screwups. A thorough agent helps you avoid liability and money-losing situations, whereas a less organized agent can allow small problems to derail a deal.

A better idea of "marketing" beyond advertising is to understand that a good realtor helps you set a good price, which is BY FAR the most important factor to selling your home quickly, and to getting multiple offers. An agent who advertises here and there and everywhere is going to fail unless he or she has convinced you to price the home at MARKET VALUE, because MOST home sellers lose the absolute critical first 30 days thinking "if it does not sell, I can reduce its price." A home that sits is damaged goods in terms of negotiating power, and a bad agent will allow you to sabotage yourself because of fear of losing the listing if they don't follow your wishes.

So what does a realtor do to market the home effectively? A great realtor helps you understand the reality of selling a home in whatever market conditions prevail, and help you through your own psychological sticking points (price it right, clean up the place) so that you actually get the most dollars in the end.
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I agree the first 30 days on the market are the most critical.
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Yvette Palmer…, Agent, Nogales, AZ
Wed Aug 18, 2010
MARKETING YOUR PROPERTY AND GETTING IT SOLD IS ALL ABOUT TEAMWORK...If you are thinking about selling your house the first thing you need to do is adopt the right attitude. Think of your property as an asset in a business transaction; don't think of it as your home. Your home will be where you are going to go next...Your following step is to find a tech savvy, reputable and professional Realtor® who will do more for you than just put a "for sale" sign and enter your property in the multiple listing service. Enclosed is an outline of what I do to market my clients’ properties:

∎Thoroughly inspect your home and outline all the important features and upgrades.
∎Determine the Fair Market Value of your property by doing a detailed written market analysis.

∎ Prepare a written home enhancement proposal and budget for your approval by recommending repairs and improvements to sell your property for the highest price.
∎ Provide Seller with home selling advice of Things To do, Curve Appeal, Home Staging, Selling Process.
∎ Provide Seller with home trends and principles of Green Living, Vastu, Feng Shui, Home Design.

∎ Prepare and submit accurate information to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
∎ Photograph your property for the MLS and Internet web sites. (an average of 100 photos taken)
∎ Promote your home at marketing sessions and place you home on our weekly Realtors’ Home Tours.
∎ Promote listing info and video through my Personal websites http://www.SouthernAzHomes.com
∎ Promote listing info and video through my Mobile website http://m.SouthernAzHomes.com
∎ Promote your listing info through Agave Premier’s website http://www.AgavePremier.com
∎ Syndicate listing to real estate websites such as: Realtor, Trulia, Yahoo, Google, Zillow, Vast, etc.
∎ Upload videos on YouTube and promote listing through my Channel http://www.YouTube.com/ympalmer
∎ Feature and create videos tours and upload to ZipVo, Daily Motion, & Behance.
∎ Promote your home through social networking avenues; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Plaxo, etc.
∎ Create a listing ad and submit to internet classifieds web sites including Craigslist, Backpages, etc.
∎ Feature property listing in the Southern Arizona Home Magazine for old school Buyers.
∎ Send out a mass e-mail of your listing ad to southern Arizona real estate agents.
∎ Promote listing within my real estate circle of contacts; ActiveRain & Real Estate Connections TV.
∎ Mount a for sale sign on your property to generate drive-by leads.
∎ Install a high-security, computerized lock box to facilitate showings and coordinate showings with Seller.
∎ Provide business cards, brochures, and video tour link for you to distribute to your friends and business associates.

Give Me a Call Today & Let's Map Out a Plan!

Yvette Palmer, Associate Broker
Agave Premier Properties & Investments
Nogales, Arizona
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Thomas Tolbe…, Agent, Savannah, GA
Fri Jul 30, 2010
Well that depends on the Realtor.

I can tell you what I do. In addition to the MLS and all of the sites like, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc., I write blogs about my listings, design listing web pages for each of them and send out beautiful flyers to my database of real estate professionals in the community to get the word out. My company also publishes a high quality magazine with our listings and it is available throughout the community and we also have an online edition.

I prefer holding Agent Open Houses rather than traditional open houses because I find them to be much more effective. Having 20 or 30 Realtors drop by to preview your home so they are already familiar with the home should they have a buyer can be invaluable.

Lots of great photos on the MLS and all internet marketing is key to selling a home these days since most home buyers start their home search online. Print marketing can be productive but internet exposure reaches a much wider audience. Many home buyers may be from out of town, out of state or even out of the country and those buyers will be relying on the internet. A tech saavy Realtor can help you get the exposure your property deserves.

Good luck with the sale of your home!
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Sarah Moore, , Concord, NC
Thu Oct 28, 2010
There are alot of agents that get the listing, put a sign up and place the home on MLS. If you are hiring one of these, then you may find yourself on the market forever or atleast a very long time. Realtors today must change with market. Your realtor should focus on a heavy internet presence marketing their homes, they should have a wide lens high quality camera, be proficient in photography, use marketing tools in the home that showcase the home, create high quality brochures and much more. Your home may be videoed, virtual tours and much more. Today is the day that real estate goes all out to sell your house. Interview agents to find out who is working for YOU. Do they work only 9 to 5 or are they available for questions regarding your home at nights or on weekends. You better check because alot of reators turn off their phones at 5 and you are just out of luck.
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Linda Lorenzo, Agent, McKinney, TX
Mon Oct 25, 2010
People please after 140 answers i think this has been thoroughlyt answered, just sayin.

P.S. My favorites are those of you who say you didn't read the other responses here and then
proceed to say what has been said 10 times before. Please give it a rest, thanks.
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gabriel palo…, Agent, Pompano Beach, FL
Mon Oct 18, 2010
Dear Home Seller,

A brilliant question deserves a brilliant answer.

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Brian Vander…, Agent, Beaumont, CA
Tue Aug 17, 2010
Ok what is the truth? The truth is this. MLS is King. If you marketed everywhere else & didn't put it on the MLS you would have half the results that you are looking for. Over 90% of all buyers for your home will come from the MLS because that is where all Real Estate agent look when they show property to their qualified buyers. So what else is important in marketing your home? The first & most important thing you can do is to PRICE your house correctly! Most agents are afraid to insult you and will try to buy the listing by telling you your property is worth more than it is. In other words they will tell you what you want to hear. You need an agent that will show you vividly what your house is worth by spending a lot of time on pricing your home correctly. Simply stated if your house is priced correctly your house will sell. Ok now you can put the icing on the cake which is the other stuff that helps sell your home but in my opinion is something that you expect your agent to do well. Pictures, writing a good description of the home, accessibility (Can agents get in to show the home), putting in on other web sites, networking with other agents, & a myriad of other things you can do that have already been suggested.


Brian Vanderbyl
Hanson Realty
Cell 909-528-9205
Fax 909-363-1890
DRE # 01418665
Web Reference:  http://brianvanderbyl.com
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Brian Arendes, Agent, Cape Coral, FL
Sat Aug 14, 2010
You will need someone with a lot of internet exposure. With over 90% of home shoppers starting their search online, you have to be all over the internet. My company markets to over 300 websites and I personally post on Trulia, Zillow, Google Homes, Yahoo Homes, HomeSeeker, Oodle, Realtor.com and even Craigslist. Also, make sure your agent posts lots of high-quality photos with their ads. People are very visual nowadays. They want to see multiple photos of every home. I also like to do VHT or Virtual Home Tours for all my listings.

Good Luck, Irvine!
Web Reference:  http://www.bestcapehomes.com
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Mack McCoy, Agent, Seattle, WA
Fri Aug 6, 2010
It is said that, to a person with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Conversely, people without hammers tend to ignore the value of a nail, or at least miss the distinction between a nail and a screw.

To agents who are interested in technology, good marketing means more photos and virtual tours and video and dedicated web addresses. To agents who like to write, the contents of the MLS remarks are the most important part of marketing. And to press-the-flesh types, nothing matters more than throwing out a bunch of signs for an open house.

Regardless of an agent's marketing strength, the important thing is to do it well - to ensure that you are controlling the message, and that it is being received and understood by your target market.
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Linda Lorenzo, Agent, McKinney, TX
Thu Aug 5, 2010
In addition to all the great marketing comments here don't forget that a good Realtor knows current real estate law and can protect a seller from the lawsuit happy public. Realtors are there to advice the seller, keep current on the market as it changes from week to week, communicate regularly with the seller and constantly think of way to promote the listing. And don't forget that when it gets to the offer you need an agent with strong negotiating skills to protect your equity.
Okay a postscript here to mentuion that when you go with a name brand Realty such as Coldwell Banker your listing doesn't just go on a handful of websites but on over 300 websites, which give you maximum exposure.
I am sorry that there is a perception out there that Realtors do not earn their commission and that is simply not true. The general public has no idea of all that we do. Why is it that we don't question lawyers and doctors fees but we do real estate agents (we just like doctors & lawyers have huge overhead - if we keep 50% of our income after taxes, insurances, MLS dues, desk fees etc we are lucky). Not to mention all the money we have expended on a listing and then it either doesn't sell or the seller withdraws it - we don't charge for those services.
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Linda, I believe most of the time, the agents fees get called in to question because they don't communicate all that they do to sell a home. So, the sellers are left to assume that all they did was list it on MLS.
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Jonathan Chi, Agent, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Fri Jul 30, 2010
I have a complete online and offline marketing proposal for each different client's need. It also depends on the sales type.

These are some of the things we do for standard sales.

# Categories
1 Prudential Online Seller Advantage (Yahoo!)
2 Professional Photography
3 Video Tour
4 Unique Property URL Slide Show Page
5 Web 2.0 (Facebook, Twitter, etc…)
6 Data Base Emailing
7 Professional Flier
8 Traditional Mail Outs (Depending on Market and Sales Type)
9 Caravan (if applicable) / Visual Caravan
10 Broker’s Open House (if applicable)
11 Open House
12 Staging Consultation

Feel free to check out my website for more details.
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Typos - you hired someone for this response
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The Donohue…, Agent, Southport, NC
Tue Nov 2, 2010
Wow - this has to be the number one question at a listing presentation. I am very up front with my clients. Internet and Social Media is 99% of my advertising in addition to the two MLS services I belong to. Enhanced Realtor.com, personal web site, blogs, interactive company website, signage (if allowed), List Hub and Social Media including, FB, You tube, Linkedin and Trulia. Not a fan of home magazines as they usually are outdated by time they reach the drop off areas - they also want folks to visit their websites. As for folks who say they are not comfortable with on line searches or do not have a computer...well they just need to find a realtor who will be happy to do the work for them.
Last but not least, never under estimate person to person networking in the town or community you live in. That also moves property! And yes, I am a real estate agent over 50!
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Mildred Vale…, Agent, Bronx, NY
Thu Oct 28, 2010
Very true all the facts that Sarah Moore has pointed out are "EXTREMELY ESSENTIAL"!

Awesome Answers Sarah, you got my thumbs Up!

Mildred Valentin, Realtor
Exit Realty Van Zandt
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Brett Matsuu…, Agent, Laguna Hills, CA
Thu Oct 28, 2010
The honest answer...some nothing and other will do a lot. You should interview a few before makeing a decision to list with one.
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Grant Nesbitt, Agent, Denver, CO
Wed Oct 27, 2010
If your agent is simply entering the property into the MLS, they aren't doing very much for you. Your agent should have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place to reach the most qualified buyers. That strategy should, at a minimum, include an online marketing plan, advertising the property on the top buyer web platforms. If your agent doesn't have the time, money, or skills to get your property on the top platforms, then your property is being missed by a huge segment of qualified buyers. Beyond building a comprehensive online presence for your property, your agent should be connecting with other brokers in the area who may have a qualified buyer. Again, this takes time, patience, energy and resources. These are just some of the tools that can be utilized to get a property sold beyond MLS entry and open houses...Thoroughly review the agent's marketing plans, and select an agent that has the right tools to get the job done. Don't settle for agents that have no plan beyond reliance on the MLS....Good Luck!
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Todd Spiller, Agent, Fort Collins, CO
Mon Oct 25, 2010
Great question! In the Northern Colorado market print advetising continues to shrink dramatically in terms of use and effectiveness. The web is "on" 24-7 and most buyers go either there or directly to an agent first. MLS now feeds to 20 or more real estate oriented sites. Best way to market listings is to make sure the visual representation on the web especially photos is as positive as it can be. Next it is extremely important for listing Brokers to have good rapport with cooperating Agents and to make sure that they are aware of the property. 80% or more of sales here involve another Broker. Word of mouth and neighborhood exposure are next in importance. Get the word out to friends and neighbors ASAP. The listing broker must also be knowledgable about the market, and all the pertinent details of your property for a successful negotiation and closing!
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Tatiana Kogan, Agent, Brooklyn, NY
Sat Oct 23, 2010
Use Social Networking facebook, twiter, youtube. Place your ads in craigslist and backpage. And of corse make sure it’s on Trulia.
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Caroline York, Agent, St Petersburg, FL
Sat Oct 23, 2010
This seems to be how many people view what we do. This is what I and many of my fellow realtors do. Of course it is up to the individual as in any other business. But, after we have jumped through hoops and done our homework on the neighborhood, house and gathered the latest statistics to make sure that we have given our seller the most up to date comparable information and they sign the paperwork:
1. Create Listing and prepare for MLS
2. Set up MLS listing
3. Arrange for the photo shoot by professional photographer
4. Get photos and add to MLS
5. Add Listing to real estate and real estate related websites that are not automatically added (I use up to 32 additional websites depending on the property. We automatically upload to 8 major sites)
6. Create Flyers, Brochures and other marketing information for distribution.
7. Prepare mailing lists/e-mail lists/telephone lists for this listing
8. Schedule brokers open to make sure it has received maximum realtor exposure
9. Prepare mailers for distribution
10. Send mailers
11. Schedule Open Houses (if applicable)
and sometimes there are special requests from our sellers.

That is just to get started. The real work begins when we get offers and contracts. . .
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Don Maclary, Agent, Virginia Beach, VA
Thu Oct 21, 2010
Some do nothing else, My company has an exclusive magazine for all of our listings. Personally I do target marketing in the internet aimed at specific age groups, employers or hobbies.
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Agent Hub, Agent, Philadelphia, PA
Thu Aug 19, 2010
While the MLS is a great tool, if used correctly, it is not the only tool professional agents use to sell homes. A good agent will have an understanding of technology and how to use it to advertise his/her listing. Craigslist, Trulia, Realtor.com, Google, etc...are great internet outlets that most civilians use to educate themselves on the home buying process and to see what homes are available in the areas they are interested in. 85% of all home buyers use the internet at some point during their home search; good agents utilize the internet to provide as much information about their listings as possible. Depending on your marketplace, print advertising may or may not be used. But it all boils down to pricing and showing. Work with your Realtor to price you home competitively, even the best agents can’t sell a home that is over-priced. Listen to their advice on how to setup you home so that it shows well. A prospective buyer wants to picture themselves in the home, they can’t do that when the house is cluttered and has “your life” all over. Communicate with your agent, be upfront and honest with your expectations but remember, you’re hiring them to sell your home so listen to them and together you can sell your home quickly and with little frustration.
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Jeanne Feeni…, Agent, Basking Ridge, NJ
Thu Aug 19, 2010
You've gotten a ton of info - but I just thought I'd drop in to the conversation to say that everytime I see this question I find myself saying "ugh"...I work so hard at what I do and knowing that this basic of a question lurks in the minds of home sellers confirms to me that we need to take our profession up a notch in the eyes of the consumer.

A great agent will do a tremendous amount to assure success for you and I would like to think that you will not begrudge what you pay as commission, but to the contrary, I hope you will find it a great bargain.

Increasingly I believe that it boils down to agent effort - a great brokerage behind a weak agent is a weak product. A great brokerage behind a great agent is what you are looking for. Focus on the agent, be sure she knows the market and the inventory cold, she will be your advisor on price and if you get that wrong you are doomed. Nothing - NOTHING - cures a pricing problem. Work with an agent that understands and embraces online market becuase it is highly likely that is where your buyer is right now. Ask for references and talk to them about the level of service the agent delivered, the consistency of the communication, hit any buttons that are important to you.

Actually, as I think about it - putting your listing on the MLS and conducting Open Houses are the least of what a great agent will do for you. Essential yes, but there is so much more.

Good luck to you,
Jeanne Feenicnk
Unwaveirng Commitment to Service
Web Reference:  http://www.feenick.com
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Young-Jin Ya…, , Van Nuys, CA
Tue Aug 17, 2010
Syndicating your listing beyond just the MLS on the 100's of available other real estate web sites.

Staging your home for maximum appeal to the public.

Holding tactical geographical marketing targeted at neighbors whose friends may want to move into the neighborhood (good old fashioned door knocking).

Purchasing Ad Space on all major real estate Websites

Making sure our website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) to provide the most attraction through search engines to your listing

Taking professional photographs (by professional photographers with very expensive cameras, mine uses the MDKII) with wide angle lenses to capture whole rooms

Capturing Cinematic Video of your property to further syndication through the web

Putting years of negotiation skills to use when dealing with buyers and more specifially the agents that represent those buyers (buyers must submit offers with a licensed agent)

Blasting a property update to our Network of 1000s of Realtors our team knows (they are more willing to find buyers than ones not networked with)

Making sure you are protected on a legal basis and providing all contracts and piles of paperwork required to get a sale through

Legal Support from our legal counsel from our brokerage

Professionally Held Open Houses to garner public enthusiasm

Being available at times when most home owners are not because they are at work (buyers come and go fast and it is extremely important for someone to immediately answer phone calls and reply to emails to capture more buyers)

Providing realistic Comparative analysis of homes so your home is not under-priced nor over priced to make sure your property sells in a quick time frame

Close Relationships with other agents from various brokerages in the area that foster more open communication and smoother deals

This is all that I could think off the top of my head, but there is so much more. Please keep in mind that not all Realtors area created equal. It is unfair to group us as a whole, so take into consideration the skill set and experience each of us have as individuals. Good luck in your real estate endeavors.
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Janice Welch, Agent, Orlando, FL
Sun Aug 15, 2010
There is a lot of prelisting details an agent performs to market a property and a seller must be proactive as well. I find that the old school marketing approach is just as important as modern internet exposure.

• Check affiliated internet sites for accuracy
• Personal website
• Flyers/Brochures inside and outside the property
• Directional signs
• Post Cards/door-to-door community announcements
• Networking Functions
• In-house agent info distribution
• Drip emails
• Brokers Open
• Visual Tours (Property must warrant)
• Local news paper/magazines
• Obtaining feedback from showings
• Business card of listing & details to hand out (Great for the seller)
• Caravan’s (Agent tours of listings)
• Obtain Feedback from all showings
• Post info at local commercial venues & schools community announcement board
• Periodic update of comparable properties
• Lighting for yard sign at night

Best Wishes

Janice Welch
ReMax Town Centre
Orlando, Florida
Web Reference:  http://www.janicewelch.com
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Gerard Carney, Agent, Spring Hill, FL
Fri Aug 13, 2010
Pricing the home correctly is an important part of the process, but beyong that, you should be looking for a Realtor that does more than place your home on MLS, if the home has special perks, like it is a golf backed home on one of the nicest greens or roughs on the course then you might want to make sure that wording makes this an alluring description for Golfers. Advertising in Zillow, Trulia, and other Internet venues is also a must. MLS only goes so far, you need to extend your listing out even further and you will want to target the best possible buyers for the property, 5 acres of meadow could mean a perfect home for aquestrians, Home with 1/2 acre pond may light up a Fisherman's eyes, Fenced in large back yard tend to be what Couples with Children or Pets look for! Accentuate ever plus the house has. The house faces east may attract a certain culture because of beliefs in good fortune! All in all, you must look at everything that can be an attraction to some one. Feature the home on websites that attract these kind of people and in this way shorten the time a home is listed!
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J R, , New York, NY
Fri Aug 13, 2010
I think the most important thing an agent can do for a seller is to provide them with the data and their experience working every day in the market to price their home correctly in the first place. A realtor can advertise, promote, hold open houses, network, etc till the end of time and a home that is priced incorrectly will not sell.
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Robert Savage, Agent, Bakersfield, CA
Fri Aug 6, 2010
Part of what I do to market a home is to help the seller prepare the home so it is appealing to potential buyers. This can involve something as small as picking up clutter or as large as replacing paint and carpet. Another aspect of marketing is bringing in potential buyers that I have met from the marketing of other properties. A third aspect is leveraging my relationships with other agents as a means of bringing in a potential buyer.
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Mack McCoy, Agent, Seattle, WA
Tue Aug 3, 2010
- If you have a direct question, feel free to ask me, but this is now pointless.

Well, I'm sorry. The point that I'm getting to is that we accept that lenders charge interest based on a percentage of the loan - Chase doesn't say, $75,000 or $500,000 - pay us $50 a month over and above 1/360th of the principal. They charge something they call "interest," which is a percentage of the loan amount.

Along the same lines, sellers pay agents based on a percentage of the sales price. We call this a "commission."

As a practical matter, I don't see any difference. The compensation is based on the value of the transaction, not the time or effort put into the transaction.
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Karen Parsons…, Agent, Laguna Beach, CA
Sun Aug 1, 2010
Hi "Irvine Seller,"

There are many things that owners who are selling their own homes CAN do....and if you have a "Realtor®" who is not performing, than selling your own home might actually save you some money. But.....if you hire a professional, you will find that it is well worth it.

Every professional agent does different things for marketing. I have several types of campaigns depending on the property, the price and the buyer we are trying to attract. For instance, for a condo....I often hire people to canvass surrounding appartment complexes to lure renters over to an open house. On the flyers I would show them sample down payments and mortgage payments from a lender or two and invite them to come buy. Just one example of creative marketing. Of course we also use the Internet to it's fullest and print media as well. I like to work with my sellers to create a unique approach for each property.

I would encourage you to speak to some Realtors® if you are considering selling...check references and ask tough questions. There are many very hardworking, talented agents out there....and we'd love to talk with you further.

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Emily Knell, Agent, Huntington Beach, CA
Fri Jul 30, 2010
A front page ad in the OC register, the L.A Times & the Wall St. Journal, will not help you sell your home if you're overpriced. 30 days, no offers, you need to reduce your price.

562-430-3053 cell
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Dp2, , Virginia
Fri Jul 30, 2010
Jonathan and Thomas, I like your styles.

Another thing that Realtors can do to market properties is to walk the comps with their sellers like Mike Aubrey did in "Real Estate Intervention". Many sellers have a highly unrealistic idea regarding the current market value of their properties, and walking the comps helps to give them a reality check.

Realtors also work with their sellers to create a marketing plan that incorporates many of the items that the others listed. Ads online or otherwise, blogs, open houses, etc won't make much difference without a decent marketing plan. Plus, a marketing plan enables the agent and seller to track each marketing activity, and to make adjustments on the fly if necessary.
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The Hartanov…, , San Clemente, CA
Fri Jul 30, 2010
Thanks, Chad, we appreciate your concern about our inexperience. However, doing almost all our business as a result of the internet and referrals from the internet, we do exceptionally well without print media and our clients want internet exposure for their homes as they know few search newspapers for property. If you have web presence, it far exceeds the exposure of print media. The only exception may be luxury, high end property. We think of what works, and it is not print media as almost all other agents here expresss as well.

But, glad it works for you.
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Chad Pape, Agent, Irvine, CA
Fri Jul 30, 2010
Print advertising is not dead. Ask yourself a question what do you do on Sundays? 82% of all orange county people read the Sunday paper--you cannot ignore that fact. The Hartanov Team seems to be a bit inexperienced and misguided. Think of marketing this way:
Exposures creates demand
DEMAND=Higher price!
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Chad Pape, Agent, Irvine, CA
Fri Jul 30, 2010
In the 92620 there are a variety of ways of marketing the property and they cannot be answered by just one company like a Remax, First Team corporate boxy shell etc. If you are a seller that wants to sell -thats great if your a seller that wants to feel out the market -the answer is simple. Demand from yourself or your agent is fully committed to being your marketing agent-dedicated to not just getting your home to sell -but to causing your home to sell for more! Marketing agents like me leverage the laws of supply and demand. Your marketing agent will create the optimum competition for your home. Marketing agents/sellers encourage all other agents to sell your home. Demand from your agent/yourself a robust off and online marketing of the properties they represent. Insist upon not only a comprehensive marketing plan but one that is customized for your property's distinctive characteristics. And remember-no two homes are exactly alike, so DEMAND a tailored marketing approach for your home. Demand real estate merchandising! Merchandising is referred oftentimes, is property presentation or staging. DEMAND real estate networking. As a listing agent the last 8 years in the Northwood area, I have understand with experience that flyering the neighborhood is an important supplement in the creating the buzz about a property it almost gives a cult-like status increasing value. Additionally, I actually take my sellers to the other properties that are the competition so they can see what they are up against. All this gives the seller and creates alignment between agent and seller so that they can work in unison at getting the highest and best price for their investment or home. This is not a simple question.
It comes down to three things that actually sell a house:
Pricing- Use your head not your emotion (save the emotion for the sale)
Commissions to agents -make sure it is a least 3% to the office that brings the buyer
Availablility for showings: Go Direct is the best!! Appointment only will decrease your exposure in Northwood

If you would like to discuss this further please call me First! Chad Pape 949.394.8971 Meritage Realty, Inc.
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Arpad Racz, Agent, San Jose, CA
Thu Feb 26, 2015

Word of mouth is also a plus for marketing to local agents.

Kind regards,

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Pat Kapowich, Agent, Sunnyvale, CA
Thu Feb 26, 2015
We also have the power of print newspapers and property pages magazines. Newspapers have a loyal following and they also have powerful websites that are read widely and often Additionally, Now-a-days the listing can put on over 100 websites with little effort by a real estate agent. We also have breakfast meetings and broker tours were your property is duly noted. The layperson cannot complete with a real estate using all the tools at their disposal.
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Walter Richa…, Agent, Newport Beach, CA
Fri Jan 23, 2015
As a Realtor I will promote to other Brokers and Agents in the area, Direct Marketing, Post your listing on over 600 syndicated web sites, and place your home in select publication magazines.
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Jan Sefl, Agent, Mission Viejo CA 92692, CA
Sat Nov 23, 2013
Most people start their search online, so web exposure is very important. All First Team listings go to more than 300 websites.
Also, there is a lot of international buyers, coming to Orange County market, so it is important to advertise in foreign language and foreign websites. You hire any broker as a marketing firm. If you want to talk to few, before you hire any of them, let me show you how we were able to bring the most byuers to seller in Southern California

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Rasheed Muha…, Agent, Media, PA
Sat Oct 5, 2013
Good question! Depending on the realtor, some run ads in newspapers, magazines and real estate periodicals to reach a wide range of buyers, promoting your house. We can also hold brokers opens, which brings in agents and brokers from different offices, who are working with buyers, and may be able to bring you sell. Being a Keller Williams agent, I will also send out an email to the agents in my office, as well as agents across the state through our Keller Williams intranet, informing them of the listing. We are talking thousands of agents who are working with buyers, who will in turn shoot an email to buyers, also notifying them of the listing. Keller Williams has a profit share program that gives agents incentives to bring you buyers. The more money I make, the more Keller Williams makes, the more other agents make through profit share. Best of all, you get your house sold!

We will also help you with pricing and listing your property on the MLS, and give you exposure to thousands of other sites online. We will handle all the paperwork, negotiate for you and coordinate closing. It's not an easy task contrary to what you might believe and will take a lot of time and marketing.

Listing with a Realtor is a win-win opportunity that you may not be able to pass up. Furthermore, an opportunity you may not be able to afford to pass up. You get maximum exposure for your home, and your home gets sold faster then it would as an unrepresented seller.
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Beth Yobe, Agent, Knoxville, TN
Fri Oct 4, 2013
Yvette is right on! There is so much more to marketing a home than just the MLS and open houses. A great agent is essential. Good luck on selling your home.
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Ron Thomas, Agent, Fresno, CA
Sat Jun 22, 2013
Three Years and 173 answers!!!

Should we flog the house some more?
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Ted Schafer, Agent, Anaheim Hills, CA
Sat Jun 22, 2013
I can't speak for any other agents. On my last two listings 1. Electronically marketed properties through over 150 of the top sites on the internet.2. Used the reverse marketing program on my mls and contacted agents that had clients looking for similar properties 3. Contacted the area agents and the top agents in my office that sell over 90 % of the real estate sold in the area of my listings.
4. Proper pricing 5. Proper tease photos, that create further interest and shows the property in the most compelling manner. 6. Follow up and maintain all phone numbers on sign and agent calls to call when a property comes up in the future. 7. Personally market so I get to know the neighbors so that if one doesn't want to list but sell, then I have the better neighborhood inventory. Know my competition. 8. Preview homes on a regular basis. Stay in touch and maintain a good relationship with my fellow quality agents and managers.
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William Miura, Agent, Irvine, CA
Mon May 13, 2013
Very simple, 1. Negotiating skills 2. Network. 3. Understanding of the market. 4. Correct list price.

Will Miura
Assurance Properties
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MJ Omidbakhsh, Agent, Irvine, CA
Tue Jan 29, 2013
This is a great question you asked! Lots of people think that the only way that agents market a house is to put it on MLS and that's it! Depending on the agent of course, there are very effective ways to market a house. As a seller, I suggest you always interview more than one agent and see what kind of marketing each agent would provide. You always want to make sure that you higher the best or one of the best who knows how to market and increase the exposure of your house to the maximum and not only to show you but to show you the proof of result from her previous listings. If you have any other questions, I would be happy to answer you. Call me 949-514-4177
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Brandon Davar, Agent, Irvine, CA
Tue Jan 29, 2013
A great way to market a home outside of relying on the MLS and open houses is to utilize Social Networking. For example, if you have a home on a lake that is attached to a dock, you may want to think about advertising that listing to specific people in that area on Facebook who enjoy fishing, or jet skiing. This is just an example of course, but there are many ways of searching for very specific types of people on Facebook that may fit the "Lifestyle" of the specific home you are marketing. The advertising is quite inexpensive, and can definitely get exposure for the listing to the right target audience.

Another great way to Advertise a listing is through YouTube. You could make a video of yourself giving a walkthrough of the current listing. It would be like a virtual showing or Open House. Video will always show up higher on Google searches, and will have a higher chance of being seen. You may add strong Tag words to the video that will get better search results such as community info and schools.
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Nancy Keith…, Agent, Louisville, KY
Fri Jan 25, 2013
Great answers and I say YES to them all. The only one that I really did not like is Realtors are old!
Yep! that's me the old grey mare is as good as she use to be but a little more advanced.
I threw away my 3 watt bag phone, discarded my pager, discontinued the weekly MLS book. Even with doing all that "My how Real Estate buying and selling has Changed". I might add for the better for buyers and sellers and Real Estate Agents. I DON"T do open houses any more unless the Client really insist on it. The younger savvy buyer attends open houses on a daily bases. I DON"T drive my client around to 20 homes for they are well equiped to choose a few to look at and elimate many very quickly (unless I recommend one I have viewed that the pictures don't do justice). I sound like pretty much a Buyers Agent in which I like the most about my job. As a Sellers Agent I usually tour the listed homes near my listing to view in person the competition and this is sometimes done after a listing has been taken. I do not know what type of buyer will purchase the listing (been fooled many times in thinking that). My motto is instead of "Location, Location, Location" it's now "Price, Price, Price". I've sold many homes that were never Staged or the pictures didn't capture the right appearance. The Realtors do their job very well and know their buyer clients and will know if my listing meets the buyer clients needs. Price it right, or reduce, reduce till you get some hits.
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Sharon Paxson, Agent, Del Mar, CA
Fri Jan 25, 2013
Realtors typically have their own marketing plan, and this is a great question which should be discussed prior to listing your home so you make sure you are in agreement with the marketing plan.

As part of my marketing plan, I use the internet and upload the listing to many highly ranked sites to increase the exposure.
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Jacqueline N…, Agent, Stamford, CT
Tue Nov 23, 2010
WOW!! Lot's of responses to this one!! Although this is an old question, I wanted to put my 2 cents in as I didn't see that anyone had talked about pricing and preparing the home for the market as a marketing tool.

Even before the home goes in the MLS, and especially before any advertising is put out to the general public, the first and most important "marketing" a Realtor must do is to determine a price that will cause your house to sell. Your Realtor can advertise till the cows come home, and even put dancing bears in front of the house....if your home is overpriced all your marketing will do is yell to the top of your lungs to everyone how overpriced your home really is! If a house is priced right, and in good condition, it will sell within a relatively quick period of time in any market. As proof of this, I can send you tons of homes that have received multiple offers from buyers in the worst real estate market ever! Why? Because the Realtor did Youtube videos, and magazine and newspaper ads and all the buyers saw it on Facebook??? Not really...simply because they were priced right and in good condition! Real Estate is local and all markets are different, however from what I've heard in most parts of the country - this is a "price war and a beauty contest" - and only the best priced, best looking homes will win the competition.

So for me, it's not so much sexy marketing in glossy magazines, blogging and social media that will sell your house so much as it is getting the price right from the beginning, staging the home to appeal to buyers and fixing up what needs to be fixed (or reducing the price accordingly) and not loosing that crucial first couple of weeks of time on the market when buyers will be looking out for new properties they haven't seen yet.

Is marketing important? Of course it is....but if you're agent is not explaining the absorption rate and showing you statistics of what is selling in your area and consulting you on what it will take to get your home sold (even if that means you CAN'T sell in this market), all the marketing in the world is not going to get your house sold. Giving our expertise on getting your house ready for the market as far as price, condition and staging is in this Realtor's humble opinion, the best marketing a Realtor can do. The rest is Gravy.....

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
Web Reference:  http://www.I-Moveu.com
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Preston Hall…, Agent, Henrico, VA
Tue Nov 23, 2010
With the home searching process beginning on the internet for 87% of the buyers; it is imperative that a internet presence be a focal point to your marketing plan. I recently have invested in ListHub which can distribute your listing to over 300 websites. This tool has really helped when giving listing presentations to expired listing’s who are frustrated with their current agent or situation.

Preston Hall
Coldwell Banker Vaughan and Co
Richmond, VA
Web Reference:  http://www.listhub.net
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Archana Jaya…, Agent, Irvine, CA
Tue Nov 23, 2010
The MLS is a starting point for the advertisement as it is a large network of Realestate agents who are in touch with buyers/investors. The MLS information feeds many search engines and real estate websites, so that even an investor viewing it from another part of the world also has the information. A prudent Realtor would make sure that the home is marketed to the right target market by advertising on local websites, and also media. Technology is giving us more and more tools to get the work out there. Last but not least, The power of networking is not be ignored here. A word to a fellow agent , some times brings the buyer home!

Good Luck to you!
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Luis Salas, Agent, Antioch, CA
Fri Nov 5, 2010

There are many ways to market a home, and not necessarily the most expensive is the most effective. When you hire a broker to represent you, you are hiring his expertise, his time, his creativity and his networking abilities among other traits.

Recently I got a call from an agent that used to work at my office, inquiring about one of my listings, and after describing it she told me she would show it to her clients. Before she hung up, I told her about another property I had nearby. It did not meet all the criteria her clients were looking for, but after some nudging (ok, it was begging, mostly) she agreed to show it anyway. What do you know? Her clients loved it and bought that 2nd house.

It was not advertisement or the MLS entry that sold the house. It was the fact that I knew this agent and because of that she agreed to show this 2nd house. It takes time and money to develop this network. We meet other agents at conventions, presentations, social functions, through transactions, etc. and as much fun as it may sound, it takes time, money and effort to attend these events. You, as a seller, are not paying to the agent to advertise here or there, but for the expertise that your agent brings to the table.

Luis Salas
Web Reference:  http://www.LuisSalas.com
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