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What are some effective ways to increase the value of your home before selling?

Asked by Trulia, San Francisco, CA Fri Mar 2, 2012

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Have written results of 3 basic inspections in a folder for the buyers to read: (1) roof (with a 5 year certificate in writing), (2) electrical (showing everything to code), and (3) Furnace/AC system cleaned and inspected. That plus all the cosmetic things fixed, painted, and shined up. The best price comes from a buyer who is concerned that they are going to lose this gem to someone else!!!
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To help increase the value of your home be sure that the paint has a clean fresh appearance on walls, doors, and ceilings. The carpets are cleaned, and home is brought up-to date as it can be, kitchens and bath are very important to appear updated and will bring the most value to the property. In most cases if a home is de-clutered and depersonalized with a fresh clean bright appearance it will attract buyers. Also remember curb appeal. Even in the winter months the buyer wants to pull up to the home and feel good about the exterior. Fresh rock or mulch will give a nice new look. You can even add some front solor lighting, maybe a spring colored chair and a fresh look with newely painted front door and shutters if they are on the home. They want to feel as though they do not have much updating and can move in and live.
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I always suggest a Pre-Inspection and offering a 1 year Home Warranty. The Pre-Inspection will inform the Seller on what needs to be repairs. This helps eliminate surprises later on. It is also an enticing bonus for the Buyer.
Of course keeping the home extremely clean, making the paint neutral, and updating flooring, appliance and counter top are all a given.
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Another thought: Paint, marvelous and gorgeous paint!

But don't just grab a brush and pan and start rolling it on.

This is where some folks get in trouble. Neutral colors are best. Bold colors distract the buyer from doing their job of imagining themselves in the home you are selling. If you want to brighten a room, go for an eggshell or beige.

Do some touchup on the exterior if needed.

The house will sparkle and you won't have to lay out a bunch of cash.

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Seller needs to de clutter. You don't want to overwhelm the buyer’s sense with your stuff. Seller Possibly needs to purchase a pre- home warranty plan which is very affordable and heightens buyers confidence about the home.
Finally, leave your home everyday with the thought that this could be the day I sell my home, better clean up and make my bed, just in case. :0)
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There are several things you can do. First and foremost, take care of anything that needs to be fixed. It is a great idea to get a preinspection and address those items. My company can market your home as a certified pre-owned home which buyers love. Next, I would clear out all clutter and put in storage. A professional stager is a great resource for this and they are not too expensive when you consider the return. Finally, a clean home shows the best. If your home is going to be on the market, it is not a bad idea to hire a cleaning person to come in on a regular basis. I would be happy to discuss these further and help you with these resources- I have some great stagers, cleaners, etc... that I work with. If you would like me to estimate the value of your home or have any other questions feel free to call me. Kristi DeFazio Re/MAX Advantage 719-459-5468
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Great advice by my colleagues, but don't forget the things that make a home appealing, some of which were mentioned, but worth mentioning again.

Fresh paint, granite counters, new carpet, staging, landscaped yard, working lights, and.....let the natural light in!!
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I provide my sellers with a checklist to prepare their home for sale. Not everything on the list is necessary for every listing. I advise them to complete the obvious items that will make their home more appealing than the competition. A clean car sells for more money and so does a clean, uncluttered, organized house. The checklist is available on my blog,…
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I wrote a blog article for Trulia that provides some great tips titled "Home Improvements Worth The Price" Please click on the link below to view article.…
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Your home has the opportunity to shine if you know what to update and/or change. De-cluttering is first on the list. Remove personal photos throughout your home, put away all unused small appliances in kitchen, make sure there is lots of room for movement around furniture and if not, then rearrange furniture to make home feel spacious. Green plants make such a difference and a flowering plant even more on the kitchen table and/or coffee table. Another idea would be to organize kitchen cabinets and closets because if a buyer opens the door and it is disorganized, they might wonder what else is disorganized. Paint is always a great option in the end and a neutral color is the best choice.
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Find and hire a qualified professional realtor that has a good reputation in your area. They can help with everything you have questions on.
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Another thought is to get a professional stager. They can help you spruce up your home in a way that will entice buyers! The feel of the home is one very important factor when a buyer walks in, and a stager will help you with that!
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Clean Everything! While renovation projects are nice, they are also expensive. For home sellers on a budget, sometimes the best thing to do is simply ensure that the home is spotless. Clean homes will look newer and better maintained than similar homes that haven’t been as well cared for. The trick is to clean EVERYTHING! This means wiping down baseboards, cleaning the inside and outside of windows, and paying close attention to the areas of the home not frequently cleaned on a regular basis like ceiling fans and window coverings. While home shoppers may not look directly at these items, they will get an overall feeling that the home is either clean or if it needs a thorough disinfecting.
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Kitchens and Baths sell! Take a good look at what your kitchen and baths look like and then see what you can make changes with.

Here are some other great things to do to help with the sale!

Look at it thought the eyes of a stranger.
•Walk through your house from room to room and really look.
• What would a total stranger think?

Remove Personal Items.

•Buyers need to see themselves living in this home. You want them to think about what it would be like to live here with their family.

Get Rid of Clutter
Curb Appeal

•Spray down the front porch and walk way.
•Keep the lawn mowed and weeds out.
•Make sure your porch light works and keep it on in the evening. Prospective buyers like to see what a neighborhood is like at night.

•Make sure your house number is visible.

•What will prospective buyers see?
•Arrange furniture so it makes rooms look inviting and spacious.
•Does the house look well cared for and kept up?

• Get rid of knickknacks and excess items on shelves.
•Make sure that the amount of furniture you have in the room doesn't make it looked cramped or small.
•Clean off kitchen counters.
•Clean off bathroom counters.
• Make bedrooms feel peaceful by taking out too much furniture and items laying around.

Reorganize Closets and Cabinets

•You need to make the home look like it contains plenty of storage.
•Buyers tend to think that if the home is neat and organized you take care of the home.

Rent a Storage Unit

•If you have too much stuff, take it out of the property.
•Take out items that you do not intend to sell with the property such as window coverings or light fixtures that you don't plan to leave.

Make any Needed Repairs

•Patch holes in the walls.
•Fix leaky faucets.
•Paint walls a neutral color if needed.
•Replace all burnt out light bulbs.

Clean, clean, clean!

•Wash windows.
•Clean out Refrigerator.
•Keep the house vacuumed for showings.
•Scrub those showers and tubs and replace grout if it looks dingy.
•Air out any areas that might smell of pet odors or must.
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If your kitchen and/or baths are out dated consider some of these options:


1. Make sure your appliances appear clean. If they look old and dingy, replace them. You don't necessarily need high end, just something that looks clean.

2. Give cabinets a fresh new look by sanding and refinishing the cabinet doors and/or replacing the hardware.

3. Re-caulk around the counter tops or make sure it is very clean.


1. If your tile is dated you can get special paint that makes it like new, just go to your local hardware store and they will point you in the right direction.

2. A new vanity/sink combination can be purchased for relatively cheap. If yours is old and dingy consider replacing it.

I hope this was helpful. If you hire a good agent they will walk through your home and give you tips to make sure it shows well. This should go beyond the obvious of keeping it clean. I always visit a home at least twice before it goes on the market.
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There are so many simple things you can do....

Start with cleaning it. TOP TO BOTTOM. We're talking spotless. Wipe down doors, baseboards, wash windows, no cobwebs anywhere, clean ceiling fans, any shelves or ledges. It all matters. Outside, make sure your lawn/landscaping is as good as you can get it. no weeds, clean out window wells, fertilize and water your lawn, rake leaves, trim back bushes...curb appeal counts!

After you are done with that, then get rid of your stuff. You don't live in a house the same way you sell it. Nothing left out on counters or on the floor....EVER. Remove most of your personal pictures. Make sure the house doesn't smell like animals, etc...

These are just simple items. There is also staging to consider. Lastly, if you are looking for home improvement projects that will increase the value, let me know and I'll be happy to give you some ideas.
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Consider adding a closet and an egress window to a room used as a study (as long as there is a door) without laying out a lot of cash and enhance the appraisal value.

There are the musts, too. If your home looks "lived in" keep de-cluttering. That means only a few books on bookshelves. Rooms that people can easily move about.

Make sure your home shines. The kitchen has to be immaculate. Bathrooms and kitchen must be absolutely spotless.

Address all maintenance, right down to changing batteries and filters.

PML of Longmont, CO
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