We have a small cabin in Ellijay georgia we are thinking of selling. It sits on nearly 5 acres on the

Asked by Margaret, Ellijay, GA Sun Mar 9, 2008

Cartecay river. Do we need to get an appraisal first? Is this a bad time to sell? Not sure where to start. Thanks for any advice.

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fseiferd, , Saint Louis, MO
Thu Feb 20, 2014
if i was you i would save up as twice as much as the home is worth. because,they may sell big price home if they find out you afforeded that home.
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Susan Shedd, Agent, Blue Ridge, GA
Sun Feb 9, 2014
I have handled many, many sales for out of state/area sellers & buyers and I work hard to see that they go smoothly and be sure that all questions are answered. I am prompt in replying to emails, as well, which I think is very important..
I would definitely go with a local realtor who you are comfortable with and who is going to give your home good exposure in the local MLS where your home is located. If you are looking for a home in Ellijay, you wouldn't contact and agent in Atlanta or Clayton.
If I can be of assistance to you, please let me know. I have nearly 30 years of experience selling homes and land here & as you can see from my recommendations, I do my best to see that my Sellers & Buyers walk away from the closing table with a great opinion of me & my service.
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Terrill Moran, , Outside U.S.
Sun Jan 26, 2014
What are you asking for your property and do you have any photos? We had a home in Gatlinburg, but decided to go more south with fewer miles and less time to travel. We love that area. Please send photos to msubulldog3@msn.com. Thanks so much. Terry
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Leoqt730, Home Buyer, Snellville, GA
Fri Mar 26, 2010
I am looking for a cabin in Ellijay. How much are you thinming of listing it for? Do you have pictures?
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Jerri Nowlen, Home Buyer, Ellijay, GA
Thu Mar 12, 2009
Hi Margaret,

I'm not a realtor, I'm a cabin rental manager in Ellijay. First don't even think that a 900 SF on the Cartecay won't get any attention. It will. Sure those mega-cabins are impressive but you will have more people looking for your type property than the bigger cabins. Structures can be changed-land can't. You've got a real winner as a waterfront cabin only 25 feet from the river. As you know, they can't do that any more. Also you have privacy. There are a lot of people looking in this area for cabins that they can purchase for themselves and put on a rental program to offset the costs.

I personally would not get an appraisal. The fine realtors in this community know better than anyone what will sell, what will not, how fast and for what amount. I would suggest you take the time to have the property "staged" to sell. I think you will get higher offers that way.

Good luck!

Sliding Rock Cabins
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None, , Ellijay, GA
Sun May 11, 2008
Hi Margaret:

I've read the replies to your original question and feel like you've been given great advice from all of the responders. My reply is to your last question regarding the selection of an agent.

I actually work in the Ellijay market and will gladly provide you with a CMA and recommend a listing price for your cabin. I know you're afraid that your home will be compared to the newer cabins, but that's not always the case. Some of the older homes were built on property that just isn't available anymore and it sounds like that is the case with your 5 acres right on the river! I can assure you a lot of weight is given to the older (even smaller) cabins with great locations. Buyers who are looking for a second home/cabin up here, are usually interested in either a mountain view or a river/creek. The river/creek homes are even more appealing to "flatlanders" that don't really like driving up a mountain to their home. I speak for myself, as I came from FL three years ago, and personally prefer the creek front home setting.

I am a member of all three MLS services in this area: CTI, FMLS and GAMLS. This provides maximum exposure for your home in addition to enabling me to put both the NE GA lockbox and the FMLS lockbox on the door. Dave was correct in his "caution" to use someone who will lockbox with both systems. It DOES help when Atlanta agents come up to this area and are able to access the home with their own lockbox key, without having to schedule a specific appointment.

I also think it's important to find and agent who believes in the value of your property (as you do) as opposed to someone who just wants to list it for you. So, from a local agent, who totally understands the joy of living on the water... I offer my services to you if you'd like them. As you can see, I'm a big believer of internet marketing and expose all of my listings to as many venues as possible... like trulia!


Susan Powers
Realtor, Metro Brokers GMAC
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Andrew Herren, , 31061
Thu Apr 3, 2008
I have read all ten responses to your real estate questions, and while some provide sound advice, most sound like a solicitation for the listing. I work on the Lake Sinclair/Lake Oconee area and deal with second home and vacation property regularly. While our market has been slower than the last 3-4 years, correctly priced homes sell every day. Interview a few agents in the area to see who you feel comfortable with, research a listing price, and go from there. With no mortgage to worry about, I would test the market to get my best price. There is more inventory on the market than ever, but there are also a lot of buyers looking. Don't let the negative media dictate your decisions.
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Judy Aselton, Agent, Blue Ridge, GA
Tue Mar 11, 2008
i see you have received several answers concerning your wanting to sell you cabin on the Cartecay. I was glad to see a North Ga. realtor answered you. I also sell in this are and live outside of Ellijay. If your cabin is priced right for the size, you should have little trouble selling because that size is in the "hot" range right now. Our office is getting more calls and making more sales in the $150K-$300K range than any other price range. I presume you were thinking of pricing in that area. As the other realtor told you, most any of us can provide you a Comparative Price Analysis. This pulls information from the MLS listings much the same way an appraiser would (part of the reason you need to work with someone in the NorthEast Ga. Board so you can get local comparables). It needs to have comparable properties sold generally no more than 3 or 4 months before it is prepared to be relevant to today's market. Besides knowing a selling price to start, you need to be prepared for that "lending" price that the banks will finance. A current CMA will assist you with that. Whomever you choose as your listing agent should be prepared to continue to update that periodically, especially if you don't get activity on your initial pricing, to keep current with what the market is doing.

If you have already contacted an agent to assist you, good luck to you. I will be watching new listings for your appealing river cabin and try to help find a buyer for you also. If you have not yet decided on an agent, I, too, would be happy to talk with you about listing. I own land off Hwy 52E and am often in that area and would be happy to preview your property with you and offer you some free pointers on getting a property ready to put on the market. Just like HGTV-the realtor comes in before the "designed to sell" team to give that seller some practical observations!
Judy Aselton, Realtor, Appraiser, ePRO
Century 21 Professional Realty Group-In The Mountains
Blue Ridge, Ga.
judy@judyaselton.com (visit my website http://www.judyaselton.com)
Cell: 678-463-1129 Office: 706-632-2041
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Carolyn Nung…, , 30540
Mon Mar 10, 2008

I am a full time realtor in Eliijay and I would love to have the opportunity to assist you in selling your home. I have had a lot of experience with selling second homes that were no longer being used.
I don't think that there is a right or wrong answer in regards to getting an appraisal versus a Comparitive Market Analysis though the latter is free. Sometimes if can be beneficial to state to a potential homebuyer that your home is "below appraisal", but if you aren't planning on pricing it lower than I don't see the advantage.
If you want a no pressure consultation that we can do over the phone, please contact me at 706-669-9347 so that I can go into depth further on the ways I would market your home.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Carolyn Nungesser
The Real Estate Connection
Web Reference:  http://PropertiesYouLove.com
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James Dudley, Agent, Suwanee, GA
Sun Mar 9, 2008

My experience with property in North Georgia has not been the best. I reccomend that you contact a local agent in Ellijay. The North Georgia Board of Realtors seem to dislike agents from Atlanta and operate with different lockboxes to make it difficult for FMLS/GAMLS agents to show property in N. Georgia.

To ensure easy access for showings etc. I think it would be in your best intrest to stick with agents in that area. I've worked with a few in North Georgia that were very nice and easy to deal with compared to others. If you would like some reccomendations for some of these agents I would be happy to share them with you.

Feel free to e-mail me through my Trulia profile.
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Judy Wittenb…, Agent, Suwanee, GA
Sun Mar 9, 2008
GAMLS and FMLS are the two major listing services in the Atlanta and surrounding areas that most realtors use. I would interview several realtors and you don't need to worry about making anyone mad. This is a major transaction and you need to be comfortable with who you choose. in my opinion, the most important thing to look for in an agent today is how much exposure your property will get on the internet. 80% of people begin their search there and you want your listing to be seen and to be seen before others. If you would like more information, please contact me. I would be glad to help you out. There is a great video on my website home page regarding the best way to market your home in today's market.
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Margaret, Home Seller, Ellijay, GA
Sun Mar 9, 2008
Thanks for all the answers. We would not be selling on our own, just live to far away and both of us work. We've owned it since the late 80's, so no mortage, just don't use it much anymore.

Not sure what the GMLS or FML is, assume it has something to do with listings? Do I just ask a realtor? Is it proper to "interveiw" a realtor? I don't want to make anyone mad.
A few pro's and cons here.
cabin sits only 25' from river
underground power/cable/internet
privacy (no one can build across the river)
270+ river frontage
semi independent (underground propane tank for emergency lights & heat)
good view of mountains
Cabin is small (well built but less then 900 sq ft)
no HVAC (just wood stove & propane)

Contracts? What is normal? I guess I just look in the yellow pages for realtors, just worry they will look at the size of the cabin and not be interested compared to some of the newer mega cabins. How embarrassing! :)

Thanks for all your help.
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Toi Irvin, , Atlanta, GA
Sun Mar 9, 2008
My question is are you wanting to sell on your own, or will you be using the expertise of a realtor? If you will be using the services of a realtor, then I am sure your realtor will eliminate these questions that you have, and put you at a comfort level of a stress free transaction. If you are selling on your own, then I would suggest you consider a broker that offers a flat fee option for sellers. You really can't allow the market to determine whether it is a good time or bad time to sell, the time to sell is today. There are always buyers out there ready to buy their first, second, or dream home. Your home may well be what someone has been thinking of, therefore the market has not determined the sell of your home, the desire of a buyer has. Why don't you begin by asking yourself if you want the help of a realtor or would you rather go for the flat fee option? Then you can begin from there.

Thank you
Discount Brokers of Georgia
Your Flat Fee Broker
Toi Irvin
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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Sun Mar 9, 2008
There is rarely a case when one can sell at the top of the market. Most of us would like to "time" our transactions so we can buy low and sell high, but in truth life does not cooperate with the market.

In most cases an appraisal for purposes of selling your home is not crtical. However, a knowledgeable Realtor is important. It is not only the sale of your property, but the location, condition, timing, etc. are all factors that should be taken into account.

I recommend discussing your situation with a Realtor and determining the best course of action.
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Dave Gordon, , Dahlonega, GA
Sun Mar 9, 2008

At this point, I do not think you need to spend the $300 to 400 for an appraisal. What I would advise is to find an agent who works the North Georgia Mountain area and speak with them concerning a suggested listing price. They should be able to provide some sold comparables and ever if there are no recent sales, he/she should be able to put current listings and provide a picture of the competition.

It is true that we have moved to a Buyer's market and days on the market have lenghtened, but property on water will sell. I do agree that it has to be priced correctly and would add that marketing is more of an issue today than it was even a year ago. Just placing a property in a MLS and thus Realtor.com not longer is sufficient.

I work the Dahlonega/North Georgia area and we have seen our second home sales slow and time on the market extend, but the prices have held fairly stable. So bottom line, speak with a few agents, take a hard look at their marketing, and go for it. I would caution two things, pick an agent that list their properties in FMLS and/or GAMLS and use a lockbox that is accessible by those agents enrolled with these services. These are minor, but important because it is where Metro Atlanta agents go to look for properties and if the lockbox is only accessible by the NGA folks you are unneccessarily restricting access to your listing.

If I can assist you in any way, just let me know.

Dave G.
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Judy Wittenb…, Agent, Suwanee, GA
Sun Mar 9, 2008
Hi Margaret,

While today's market is a little more challenging, when your property is priced right. well maintained and looks beautiful, people will buy. Buyers are looking and sales are being made. I definately think an appraisal should be your first step so that you know you have your property priced to sell. We can look at comps if there are similar properties that have recently sold and I will be glad to do that for you if you would like. I actually have a client looking for some property in North Georgia . Please let me know once you decide if you are going to put it on the market and what your price is. Please visit my website and let me know if I can assist you in any way.
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