WHy should I use a realtor to sell my home?

Asked by Dwight, Sun Mar 23, 2008

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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Sun Mar 23, 2008

When you use a Realtor, and all the responsible parties do their jobs excellently, you will know that the sales price you receive on your property represented the best the market could deliver at the time.

All parties need to do their respective jobs excellently. The responsibility of advertising and marketing may fall to either the individual agent or the brokerage firm for which the agent works. The agent must fulfill all his/her duties of promotion, marketing, pricing advice, negotiations, and problem solving. The seller is responsible for keeping the property tidy, show ready, and easily accessible. The seller ultimately determines the price. Some sellers heed the advice their agents provide; others do no.

If you sell you property yourself, without broad market exposure, you will never know if the contract price was the best price and terms the market could produce. If your property is presented to a limited pool of buyers, you limit your potential price and/or terms.

If you sell your property yourself, you personally assume a higher risk and liability. I see many, very many, fair housing and real estate code violations by unrepresented sellers.

Properties that are sold without a Realtor have a greater chance of not closing. Absent a mediator, the differences of opinion that so often surfaces throughout a transaction escalate.

Hire a great Realtor to get the highest price/best terms for your property, limit your liability, limit your stress, and increase the likelihood that a contract will make it to closing.

Not all agents are Realtors. Not all Realtors are created equal. Interview 3 qualified Realtors and choose the best.

Good Luck,
Deborah Madey - Broker
Peninsula Realty Group
732 530-6350
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., , Grand Rapids, MI
Sun Mar 23, 2008

A REALTOR is a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional whose goal is to take the challenging world of real estate and make it as simple and seamless as possible to the people we serve…our clients.

First and foremost, REALTORS are constantly improving their expertise through continuing education, broker supported workshops and forums, learning new, cutting edge technologies pertinent to real estate, and other training opportunities that are available. It is vital that we bring the highest level of expertise to the table so that we are able to get the job done right for our clients.

Equally important, is our need to bring integrity to the real estate process. We are licensed by the state that we work in and are held to the highest of ethical standards by our governing body.

When selling your home, it is the REALTORS’ responsibility to cause your home to sell. Some of the ways we will accomplish this are:

• Aggressively advertising and professionally marketing your home.
• Showing you how to stage your home to accent its good points and minimize its more challenging areas.
• Marketing through multiple websites and various local media sources.
• Marketing by word of mouth to past and present clients.
• Promoting your property to other agents.
• Using technology to give your home a market presence 24 hours a day.
• Helping potential buyers obtain the financing needed to buy your home.
• Helping overcome buyer objections to your home.
• Helping negotiate the terms of the sale.
• Communicating with you on a regular basis.

When buying a home, it is the REALTOR’s responsibility to help you find the home that is best suited to your needs at a price that you are comfortable with. We will:

• Provide you with lists of homes based on the specific search criteria that you have given us.
• Make you aware of homes that may be available that do not appear on the multiple list system.
• Examine comparable homes in the area so that we can determine the value of the homes that you are interested in.
• Coordinate appointments with other REALTORS and show you the homes that you have expressed an interest in.
• Assist you with all the paperwork needed to buy a home.

Once a home is “sold”, we will:

• Arrange for the preparation of all of the documents required for closing.
• Help arrange for various home inspections.
• Renegotiate details which may arise after inspections
• Coordinate with attorneys, lenders and the title companies to help ensure a seamless close.

Much like a doctor, lawyer, or any other professional, a REALTOR is your trusted advisor. In matters of real estate, that person may well be your trusted advisor for life.

Getting it done vs. getting it done right.


Round the clock availability

Coordinate paperwork, details, lawyers.

Tools and research to reach more prospects

Ongoing advertising

Relocation Network

Screen prospects

3500 Agents cooperating

A Realtor's role is to cause your home to sell
Web Reference:  http://www.OwnGR.com
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Bill Eckler, Agent, Venice, FL
Sun Mar 23, 2008
The number 1 reason to use a realtor is to protect your "Backsides."

Simple but to the point!

Good luck,
The"Eckler Team"
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Vita Strakhm…, , 07446
Sun Mar 23, 2008
Dwight, because the realtor knows the market; he/she can do market analysis for you in order to price it correctly; the realtor can follow up to find out the feedback after the showings, whereas, if you do it yourself, you will seem desperate. And don't forget that te realtor is not emotionally attached to your house as you are, which means he/she can do all the things that need to be done objectively without getting emotionaly involved. I hope, this answers your question.
Web Reference:  http://www.vitastrakhman.com
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Paul Howard, Agent, Cherry Hill, NJ
Sat Aug 30, 2008
Hi Dwight, you don't need to list your house. I like bringing my buyer clients to a FSBO home as I can often get my buyer a better price when the sellers don't have anyone that really knows what is going on in real estate to help them. Many of my clients make offers on more than one house at once to increase their negotiating leverage. Of course if you house isn't on the MLS I might not even be aware of it - depending on how many sites you put it on or other wise advertise it.

Paul Howard, Broker
http://www.NJHomeBuyer.com Realty
Web Reference:  http://www.naeba.com
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Zack, , Westchester County, NY
Fri Aug 29, 2008
According to a study by university of wisconsin-madison, you should use one if you want to sell quickly, but it won't help you getting a better price.

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John Staglia…, Agent, Sewelll, NJ
Fri Aug 29, 2008

A Realtor is a licensed professional who works for their client. When you hire a realtor you are hiring someone who will work for you and with you to get your house sold. With access to current home sales and listings in your area, a real estate pofessional is going to advise you on the best price to market your home. In addittion showings for your home will be scheduled by the realtor who will also get you feedback from the potential buyer.
Once your home is listed in the MLS OVER 30,000 agents will have access to the information about your home. Additonally, your home will be advertised and marketed to attract the right buyers for you home. Remember that the cost of advertising is on the agent who stand to lose that money if the home does not sell. On the other hand, if you list the home yourself, the cost of advertitsing in on you.

Another advantage to hiring a realtor is that he or she has contacts such as mortgage reps, title companies, home inspectors etc. who may have potential buyers for your home. These are people that a home owner attempting to sell the house on their own might not have access to.

Dwight, you have your car fixed by a professional, you have your heath taken care of by a professional, you would most likely have a major plumbing or electrical job done by a professional. So why would you not want to hire a professionl to sell your home.

Please feel free to contact me directly if I can be of any further assisitance.
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Larry Steinb…, Agent, Medford, NJ
Thu Aug 28, 2008
Hi Dwight. Realtors are professionals who deal in real estate on a daily basis. Just as most people would not prepare their own will...they would go to an attorney and if they don't feel well, they go to a doctor. When you are buying or selling real estate it is more often than not, better to use a Realtor. I'm not saying that there are not people who are successful selling their homes without a realtor, it's just realtors are more aware of the pitfalls of selling a home. The biggest complaint I hear about using a realtor is the commission...but commissions are negotiable.
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J.D. "Dan" &…, Agent, Orange Park, FL
Sun Mar 23, 2008
Hi Dwight,

If all a REALTOR® did was Put a sign in your yard, Put you in the MLS and Pray a little you would not need a REALTOR® (the 3 P’s)

The fact is that today you do need a REALTOR® with an extreme marketing plan that covers all the bases so that your home gets EXPOSURE to every possible buyer. The more buyers that are exposed to your house the greater the potential to net the highest sale price.

How are you at negotiations? The average home seller is very poor, in fact I can often save 20 to 25% when I buy from an owner directly because I am a professional negotiator. Yes, I disclose that I am a Licensed REALTOR® but that does not mean I have to teach the owner the math skills or show him what his home is really worth. All I have to do is get him to agree to a price. Heck I even negotiate when I buy shoes at Sears. I love to negotiate.

How do you handle the proper types of contracts for sale? Do you know how to handle a contract for FHA purchase, Conventional Financing, what about VA?

How do you as in individual handle a contingent sale of the buyer’s other house? What happens to yours while you wait for his to sell?

What disclosures are required by the State in which the property is located? The house might require certain federal disclosures as well.

Who does the Ernest Money (Binder Deposit, etc.) belong to while you are waiting to close?

Has the contract for sale that you use been approved for use in your state by the state supreme court? If not has it been drawn up by an attorney licensed in that state?

What kind of insurance do you carry in the event the buyer decides he was cheated and decides to sue? I’ll tell what it’s not; it’s not Health Insurance, it’s not your Automobile Policy, It’s not your Homeowners Policy, it’s not your title insurance and it’s not that Million Dollar Umbrella your wife told you to get.

You don’t have to use a REALTOR® but in this market only a fool would choose not to.

JD "Dan: Weisenburger, GRI
Broker-Associate, REALTOR®
Vanguard Realty, Inc. GMAC Real Estate
Web Reference:  http://www.neflhomes.com
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Randi Tirado…, Agent, North Brunswick, NJ
Sun Mar 23, 2008
The bottom line is that you want to use a Realtor who saves you time and money. If you're on the selling side, they should know their market and current market trends in your area (which is much more than simply running comps on the computer). They should know how to best position your home in terms of price (probably the most important), along with other previously mentioned factors, to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar (especially in this market). They should also be able to generate maximum exposure for your home. More exposure means more people are seeing your home, which means greater potential for offers, which means more competition, which drives up price, even in a "Buyer's Market". The danger in using a Realtor who cannot or does not do these things, or not using one at all, means poor pricing and minimal market exposure, which means you'll be on the market much longer and probably will get a much lower price. It could cost you many months, along with thousands, if not, tens of thousands of dollars.
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Khazeem Asad…, , Dallas, TX
Sun Mar 23, 2008
I would not use a Realtor to sell if I were you because they are not really necessary anymore. Unless, of course, your home is a million dollar home or anything above $300k. But if its just your regular home under $300k, you now have internet tools like Iggys House and Zillow to help you list and sell your home. The paperwork is not that hard and it may be cheaper to just pay an attorney or escrow officer to help with the paperwork.

Unless you work a lot and really have no time to deal with the sale of the property yourself, you are in a hurry to sell, or you're just lazy.... selling your home does not require a Realtor to do, and you can keep that commission.

Khazeem Asadullah

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Kimberly "KI…, Agent, Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Sun Mar 23, 2008
Dwight, There are a number of reasons to use a realtor. Have yourn realtor check out comparable properties currently on the market, show you the various ways and media they use to market your home or property. Exposure, major, how many MLS systems along with internest websites and media being used to market your home or property. Using a Realtor, they should help you "stage". Get the home or propertey ready to expose to the media's and people looking and or viewing or the internet. A Realto will be able to negotriate for you. This will be the mediator in your best interest without personal emotions attached to the home or property. The realtor should be able to handle the details, market, review, negotiate, schedule home inspection, second deposits, mortgage contingency ecxt... are on time. while making sure all partoes are aware. Then schedule the closing, There are many more reason to use a realtor, this just touches the surface. Feel free to call me and or email personally should you have any further questions or should you need my help, my credentials are easy to fine, click on my name to the right. Good luck what ever you decide!
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Lucy Korzeli…, Agent, Wall, NJ
Sun Mar 23, 2008
Hi Dwight,
Why wouldn't you use a Realtor to sell your house? If you're sick you would go to a doctor. If you need legal advice you would see an attorney. If you need to prepare taxes you would go to an accountant. If you want to design a house you would see an archetict. If you want to build a house you would use a builder, etc. Sometimes a person can't do it all. Using a realtor pays in more ways than you think. Best of Luck in whatever you do.
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Mikem, , 01803
Sun Mar 23, 2008
If you don't use a realtor, can you sell your house yourself and how will you do it? Depending on your answers you'll know the answer to your question.
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