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Asked by Mark Meyerhofer, 30064 Tue Oct 9, 2007

Thanks for all the helpful responses to my last question. After careful consideration and fear to go the route of FSBO we have decided to try to improve our presence on the web. Doing some simple google searches for homes in marietta gave me plenty of home search engines to try. However on some I found our home with it's original price (30k more than we are asking now), one with a current price and more than a few that we were not on at all, including Tulia. I used to be able to find our home here and I am not sure why I can no longer find it. was the only site that had a full picture display but it too had the initial list price.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get all home search engines sync'd up to display pictures and current price?

Thanks for the help...

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Diane Menard, Agent, Marietta, GA
Tue Oct 9, 2007

Well again if you are working with an agent they should be doing all of these things for you, unless they are a discounted broker. Remember the saying you get what you pay for, well this is the same thing. I am in no way telling you to get rid of your agent, that has to be your decision only. I always give my clients a full marketing plan on what I am going to do for them throughout the selling process. As an agent I take my listings and input them into two different multiple listing services and from there they automatically upload to hundreds of websites and the ones it doesn't upload to I manually enter like, trulia and Also remember that these usually expire in about 45 days and you must repost at that time, so try keeping a journal of when you put your house in there. As far as search engines go, there is a lot more to them then you realize, it sometimes can take up to thirty days with some crawlers but if you are posting on the popular sites like craigslist and trulia the search engines should pick them up. This could be a whole other discussion. Please feel free to visit my website for free school and community reports and if I can help you with any other questions feel free t contact me.
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Peter Larson, , San Diego, CA
Tue Oct 9, 2007
Hello Mark!
If you are working with an agent, I also think that they should be doing this for you...its our job! If you are taking it on yourself, there are tons of sites to post your home on. I think that Craig's List and Backpage may be helpful for you. They are easy to use, can be edited easily and also index pretty well with the search engines. Trulia also seems to index well, make your description include key words that you think buyers will search for. I use pay sites and free sites and I seem to get more hits and interest from Craig's List than most of the others. You do have to remember to re-post every so often and use a posting title that you think buyers would search for.
All in all, I really do feel that your agent should be doing this for you. As far as FSBO, the stats show that you will do better with an agent and you get representation that will help keep you out of any problems that can arise.
I hope that helps a bit and good luck!
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Sylvia Barry,…, Agent, Marin, CA
Tue Oct 9, 2007
Hello Mark:

I am a bit confused here. I think from your previous question, you are listed with an agent who works for a small firm and does not believe in certain marketing techniques; including open house and others. You were thinking about if you should go FSBO or not.

Now, it looks to me, that you are staying with your agent, and then you find out that your house has none or at best, minimum internet presence and with incorrect information.

I have a question for you - is your agent a full service broker who gave you a full marketing plan but he is not living to what he promised or is your agent a discount broker who does minimum marketing for you?

Why is your agent not doing the job as he is supposed to and you are?

if your agent is not living up to his promise, then you should find another one. If you are signed up with a discount broker who provides discounted service, then it might be time for you to look for a full service broker. You might pay a little more, but you should get the service you deserve.

I have a new listing on the market. The owner signed up with their friend who offered discounted fees. Well, the service was way discounted also. They ended up switching to me, and they have seen a world of difference so far.

I don't know if we can answer all the questions about marketing on Trulia for you and your agent because there are just so many aspects to it. In this market, you need all the help you can get.

I think you should really looking into getting the right service through your agent; and if you can't get it, then get the right kind of agent to serve you. .

In real estate, Time is of Essence.

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Emily Erekuff, Home Owner, Menifee, CA
Tue Oct 9, 2007
Hi Mark,

I'm not sure about other sites, but in regards to Trulia I wanted to let you know that your Realtor needs to submit your listing to us in order for it to show up in our search results.

Please refer to the question below and my answer. You can forward the information to your Realtor so he or she can submit your listing to us.

Best Wishes,

Emily Gibson
Customer Service Representative
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Kelli Philli…, Agent, Powder Springs, GA
Tue Oct 9, 2007
As you know there are a vast amount of home sites out there to post your home for sale. Some are free, some cost money, and not all are worth your time! Posting the same data over and over again on various sites can be time consuming. We've been advertising houses on line for several years now with great results. The best tip I can give you to minimize your entry and reach several sites at once is This site allows you to enter data once and submits to several top home search sites.
Also, most importantly in any site you place your home for sale is that YOU receive any leads generated when clicked. Your other concern about pricing is noted. Many sites will provide "ideal price' for a home. It is important to learn where they pull the data from and how current it is. In today's changing market, your price is extremely important. I advise my clients to be in the "top 1/3 of condition of comparable prooperties and the lower 1/3 of pricing of comparables". When these 2 are met, you will achieve a timely sale! Good luck! Kelli Phillips
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Lorrie Thomas, , Kennesaw, GA
Wed Mar 12, 2008
Mark, if you have an agent than this is not a solicitation of the listing(you didn't state whether or not you had your home listed with an agent in your question). However, if you do not currently have your home listing with an agent, then I would love to share my Internet Marketing Plan with you which would answer all of your questions regarding syndication to search engines on the world wide web.
~Lorrie Thomas RE/MAX Town & Country
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Don Lantier, Agent, smyrna, GA
Sun Oct 21, 2007 answer your question without all the curves and most proficiently....delete, and then replace and/or add your listing on all the sites of your choosing. Put your description and pictures in one file on your computer and then copy and paste to each site. Keep a list of direct links to your listing with expiration dates in a folder on your computer. Open up a yahoo acct if you do not have one...go to yahoo calendar after you have placed your listing on your chosen sites and place the link there and send yourself a reminder to your e-mail, even mobile phone for the date just prior to and the date of the expiration date of each listing.
#!. you have a list of links to your listing and yahoo calander will remind you to update potential expiring listings. If you have any questions on how to do this, you can call me, Don Lantier at 770-434-7302 or shoot me an email at
I also have a NEW free site where you can place your listing at http://
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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Tue Oct 9, 2007
Is anyone home?
You have a Realtor representing you, right?
I am sure that your Realtor shared with you that 90% of the time (on average) another Realtor brings the buyer to see your home...right? So why are you so pre-occupied with the web? Not that the web is not important, however, as you have found, there are issues with web connectivity.

My point is this: I do not know your situation (disclaimer!). You would be best served getting your home in A1 shape, than micromanaging the web presence. That being said, once your home is in perfect condtion (de clutter, paint, lanscape, etc., etc., etc., ) THEN google it, or whatever you feel is appropriate.

Most buyer are under contract with a Realtor. So YOUR Realtors marketing plan should address BOTH Realtors, AND buyers....

It's a buyer's not forget, it's a buyer's your ability to demonstrate VALUE to buyer's trumps almost every other issue!
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