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Asked by djash01, 89117 Wed Jul 10, 2013

I have had really bad experiences in working with LV realtors. Most realtors think about themselves. Anyway. I want to sign a relationship with a realtor on a short term basis to sell my house. I want to have a way out if things don't work out.

How do I get into the relationship with the realtor such that I can end the listing agreement, purchase agreement and other agreements so that there are no legal or financial consequences ?

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Kim Benedict, Agent, Overland Park, KS
Thu Aug 1, 2013
You can sign as long of a term as you want with an agent. There are no set terms or length of time. If the agent is not performing for you as you agreed they should be you can cancel the agreement anytime you wish, just have proof they are not following what you have asked, and terminate the agreement without any ramifications to you.
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Dorene Slavi…, Agent, Torrance, CA
Mon Aug 19, 2013
Dear Sjash01,
I normally sign a 4-6 month listing agreement with my clients, only because it usually takes that long to complete the process. At the moment, property in Los Angeles is selling faster then normal so a shorter agreement might be beneficial. When you interview the various Realtors, let them know your concerns and what you would like to do. I'm sure you will be able to come to some agreement with one of them. The listing agreement has a start and end date, so make sure they are what you want.
When it comes to purchase agreements and the other documents, they are 'pr-printed' with the dates, but some of the time frames can be changed.Just read them carefully and make sure they say what you want them to say.
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Chad Roberts, Agent, Henderson, NV
Mon Aug 19, 2013
As mentioned by other professionals, the terms of the contract can be set by yourself and the Realtor/Broker. Be sure to be your own advocate, do your research and have your key terms be your guideline. The key terms you have mentioned can help determine which professional you choose to represent you.

Chad Roberts
Realty One Group
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Robert Adams, Agent, Henderson, NV
Fri Aug 9, 2013
Have you listed your home?

Please let me know if you would like to discuss doing so. We can work out terms that will make you feel comfortable and allow my team and I to market your property for maximum exposure.

In the hot seller's market we are in right now we will have no problem selling your home.

Please contact me below and shoot me your address. I will run the comps and let you know how much we think the home will appraise for. With the low inventory of the current market we can most times sell your home for more than it will appraise for. Now is the time to sell if you want top dollar for your home.

Please contact me directly or fill out our seller's form here:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Robert Adams
The Adams Team at
Rothwell Gornt Companies
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Cheryl Lockh…, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Thu Aug 8, 2013
First part of your question. You and the agent can agree for any length of time, 2 days to 2 years .Keep in mind tho that your listing really belongs to the BROKER not the agent so if you want out that is who you need to talk to.

Second part......if you enter into a purchase agreement that is with the buyer and the agent or Broker can't cancel that.only you and the buyer can do that. Should you sign a purchase there are legal consequences written into it and no one can quarantee you there won't be. Also, our listing agreements, once you sign a purchase agreement, run with it to the close of escrow if there is one.

I would be happy to do short term so we both can see who we are working with. I don't want to work with a unhappy seller.

Cheryl Lockhart
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Tony Warfield, Agent, Manhattan Beach, CA
Wed Jul 31, 2013
I can recommend a great Realtor that I have know for many years. I had a client who relocated from LA to LV and they loved working with her. Contact me if you want her contact info.
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Rebecca Nish, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Jul 31, 2013
I would be happy to assist you with selling your house. I can do a short term contract. If you'd like to hear see my marketing material and how I can get your property sold please contact me via phone or email.

Thank you,

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, ,
Mon Jul 29, 2013
I can introduce you to a Broker/Owner that has 21 years experience. He is a true professional, and if you had differences (which I truly couldn't see why),....he would have no problems dissolving the agreement. Call me today if you feel this could benefit you. I look forward to your call.…

Thank you for choosing City First Mortgage Services,

Nathan T. Kessler | Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator
City First Mortgage Services
8871 W Flamingo Rd Suite 202
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(C) 702.683.3126 | (F) 702.974.0848 | (O) 702-522-6743
Company NMLS # 3117 | Branch NMLS # 819501
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Samantha Kol…, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Thu Jul 11, 2013
I agree with the agents below. You should contact the listing broker/real estate company that you listed your house with and see if they can work out a change in realtors. If the realtor is not meeting your expectation, then you should be able to make the changes you desire. Contact the broker and see if you can work it out with them. If you have any further questions, please contact me at 702/301-7163. I'm in the Real Estate Risk Management department and may be able to assist you.

Good luck with the sale of your home.

Samantha Kolari
Pulse Realty Group
Las Vegas, NV
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Vlad Roces, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Thu Jul 11, 2013
Hi Djash, I'm a Realtor, I just want to say that most real estate professionals try to cultivate a long term relationship with their clients simply because it's good business to do so. The best way to make this happen is to fulfill our clients needs, not our own.

Your Realtor should explain to you the provisions of your agreement and the ways you may terminate your agency relationship prior to signing the listing contract. I think it is also important that both parties inform one another of what their expectations are so if either feel it isn't a good match then it might be better not to move forward and look for another agent/client.

I would love to talk to you and see if we can work together. Please email me at or call me at (702) 763-1688. Thanks.
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Robert Adams, Agent, Henderson, NV
Wed Jul 10, 2013
If you have signed written agreements and you wish to cancel them you need to get the agreement canceled in writing by the agent's broker.

If you would like to discuss your options for listing your home further please contact me. I lead a team of agents in Las Vegas and Henderson and would be more than happy to help.

Best Regards,
Robert Adams
The Adams Team at
Rothwell Gornt Companies
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Terry Larsen, , Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Jul 10, 2013
I have a way out for you.... Call me 702.812.7870
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Steven Shluk…, , Henderson, NV
Wed Jul 10, 2013
In Nevada, all listing agreements are in writting to protect seller and brokerage..Usually a listing is for 6 months. If you and your agent have reconcilable differences, often the the brokerafge will offer to change agents . You can also write a shorter 4-5 month listing. or write into the listing agreement that either side can cancel after 3 month. On the pactical side few agents wants to keep a client who is unhappy and usually the agreement is mutually cancelled. . But the fact is a legal contract is a is not meant to be easily broker and a good agent has spent many dollars in photography and time
I would also suggest you meet amd talk to your possible agent and discuss what each of you expect before you enter into a listing agreement.

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Joseph Rados…, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Jul 10, 2013
Visit my website and read the 4 dozen recent client testimonials just to show you how I treat everyone I work for however if we signed contracts there would easily be an escape clause for you in case you feel mistreated. I have no doubt if given the chance I would outperform the best scenarios you might have been wishing would occur with an agent.
Call me at least to get to know me for 2 minutes on the phone.
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Damon Bottic…, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Jul 10, 2013
I have an easy exit listing guarantee in writing to address the concerns about the listing agreement. Give me a call if you'd like to discuss listing your home.

Purchase agreements are another story...if you've accepted an offer and then change your mind about selling, there are consequences to all involved and you will likely be expected to share some of the pain.

Damon Botticelli
Silver State Realty & Investments
(702) 523-7713
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Becky Zisk, Agent, Henderson, NV
Wed Jul 10, 2013
First of all, I am very sorry that you have had such terrible experiences with realtors. There are a LOT of professional and ethical realtors in our field.

To answer your question, in the listing agreement have your agent write in and if for any reason the seller is NOT satisfied with his/her service, the seller by signing a termination of listing form can cancel the listing at any time. This will definitely cover your worries and I hope you have great success this time. Good luck! Becky
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Jill Murty, Agent, Mission Viejo, CA
Wed Jul 10, 2013
It sounds as though you've worked with a number of Realtors and have been dissatisfied. Write a list of things that concern you, select some Realtors to interview and go through your questions and concerns and hire whomever answers satisfactorily.

When I am contacted by someone has been working with a lot of Realtors, I first try to establish a trust relationship with the prospective client. If they can't bring themselves to trust or want to continue to contact numerous other agents, I gladly let them go. I can't be 100% committed to a client who is 10% committed to me.

When the needs of the client are served, those of the Realtor are as well, but it has to be in that order.
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Dawn Houlf, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Jul 10, 2013
I am sorry to hear such news. I have been told by my clients that I go above and beyond my clients expectations. I only think of what is best for the client short term as well as long term after the sell. I assist each client in preparing not only for the sale but come up with a strategy fro a move, a purchase as well as the financial obligation. Each client circumstances are unique and the education and knowledge I have not only in real estate but in other industries sets me apart from agents in Las Vegas.

I look forward to working with you. I have references that you can call. Review my profile and review some of the recommendation.

Lets start to discuss what you are wanting to do.

Dawn Houlf
The Force Realty
7854 W. Sahara Ste 110
Las Vegas, NV 89117
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Wed Jul 10, 2013
Try asking, "What are my optons if 'things' don't work out?"
You will be presented with two channels of thought.
Channel 1 - Agent can't get a response from a buyer who will pay previously agreed upon selling price.
There will be a 'cancellation' provision in the listing agreement. Those rules apply.
Channel 2. - You have changed the preconditions.
The agent has invested in marketing and promiting your home via normal media, network, tier 1, tier 2, teir 3 and tier 4 buyers and the mls. You may decide, after the agreement, those dual flush toilets are worth MORE and want to raise the price or will not negotiate in good faith.
There will be a 'cancellation' provision in the listing agreement. Those rules apply.
As you can see, regardless of the cause, the rules are printed for you to read.
Bad relationships are ALWAYS the result of bad communication.
-Be honest regarding your real goals,
-express your expectations clearly,
-don't listen to the babblings of 'housing experts' who have not sold or bought a home in 15 years. These experts are often encountered by solicitiong opinions from strangers on the internet
-When you don't understand, ask more questions until you do.
I find that folks DON"T lie but that I failed to ask sufficient questions.
You express that you want to enter into a 'agreement' / contract where there are no legal or financail consequeneses. What you are seeking is a hand shake, a verbal agreement. Be aware such agreements are non-binding and in the eyes of any authority, are essentially non-existant. This means no one is committed or obigated to anything expessed on either side of the agreement. In such an envioronment, how can anyone have a 'bad expereince?" IT is EXACTLY what the participants agreement WITHOUT ramifications, expectations, consequences. That works in a 'I'll buy lunch next time' situation but never ends well in real estate. If you want to sell your home yourself, do so. If you want the help of a professional, handshakes and verbal agreements simply won't fly.
The way out is always available.
It is encumbant upon you to understand those provisions.
When you fail in your responsibilities the natural response is to blame someone else.
A listing agreement is a CONTRACT that you must sign. A CONTRACT IS BINDING and does have consequenses and requirements. Professionals should and would NEVER work without a contract.
Why? Because real estate professionals ARE going to make an investment in marketing your home.
Under what conditions would you be willing to INVEST your dollars into anything without a binding agreement? You buy consumer goods with a return policy. You buy manufactured goods with a warranty. You subcribe to services with realiablity expectations. You aggree to the 'Terms of Use' CONTRACT on Trulia. Others, as you can see, ARE making a binding agreement to you and put it in writing.
But you want, expect a real estate professional to provide you their help without any regard to YOUR obligation. Doesn't that seem a bit one-sided? It could be the root of our 'bad expernences."
A contract is a contract.
All things are negotiable.
If it is not in does not exist.

Best of success in selling your home,
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Mike Kruse, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Jul 10, 2013
Hello, It saddens me to hear of your experiences here in Las Vegas but does not surprise me cause I am forced to co-work with these individuals on a regular basis. I offer listing agreements for as little as 72 hours with no strings or contingencies attached. As far as purchasing, if a realtor shows you a property and you want to purchase it, that person is considered the procuring cause and has legally earned the commission, so changing agents mid stream when purchasing can be a little tricky.

Mike Kruse
VIP Realty Group
7570 Norman Rockwell Ln
Las Vegas, NV 89143
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Marilyn Mat…, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Jul 10, 2013
Good morning! Sorry to hear that you have had bad experiences with Realtors in the past.Most listing agreements are for a set amount of time, which you are the realtor decide on ahead of time, so if you only want a few months, etc., that can be discussed BEFORE you sign anything. As far as a purchase agreement goes, if you are in a contract to purchase, there is no ending the agreement in the middle. Every agent has a broker who is responsible for their conduct. If the agent is the broker, then they have the board to answer to. Not sure of what your particular situation was, but you can feel free to contact me and we can discuss. In many situations, communication is the answer. There are good and bad people in every profession, and real estate is no exception. On top of that, sometimes personalities dont match up. I would suggest talking to a few agents and getting a feel of each one, and make your expectations clear to each one. Then you can both decide if you want to work together..Have a great day!
Marilyn Mattson
Remax Advantage
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Michele Kubi…, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Jul 10, 2013
I am sorry that you have had bad experiences. Not all Realtors are the same. I come highly recommended with many testimonials and a high level of customer service. Maybe going into your contract with a positive experience won't want you to get out of it. Michele Kubiak Prudential Americana Group Realtors 702-683-6576. Check out my web page so you can see who you are dealing with. I'd love to give you the service you deserve. Call me to discuss.
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Hank Lauzon, Agent, Las Vegas, NV
Wed Jul 10, 2013
Good Morning,

I work with many out of state sellers and buyers and can provide several references.

I do not believe in forcing relationships.
Square pegs into round holes doesn't work in any scenario.

If you are not happy with my services and I cannot resolve the problem,...
I move on....end of story...

Provisions can be made in the additional terms section of the listing agreement.
Short term agreements are possible as long as we are dealing with a marketable property.

I'm not sure what has happened in the past,...but I would be happy to discuss it with you so that we can keep it from happening in the future.

Please call me when you have a moment.....
Contact info is below...

Hank Lauzon III
Your Las Vegas Realtor

Signature Real Estate Group
9525 Hillwood Drive #120,
Las Vegas, NV, 89134

Cell 702-449-0899
Office 702-799-9598
Fax 702-543-6844

Web :

Never look down on anybody...unless you're helping them up.
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