Hope-floats, Home Seller in Saratoga Springs, NY

My house has been for sale for 30 days and my agent has brought no one to look at it. It is in a great location and has a lot going for it.

Asked by Hope-floats, Saratoga Springs, NY Mon Jul 11, 2011

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Tim Page’s answer
Ask your realtor what he/she is doing to try and sell your home.

1. Is the home located in MLS?

2. Does you realtor advertise in other places and in other cities. What I find in my area is that 20% or so of the buyers will buy homes from different cities.

3. On line advertising. Can you type your home into Google and find it on Tulia, Zillow, and Realtor.com. if not, your realtor is not doing their job well enough.

Fire them and find someone to work with you.

And, oh yes, about the price of your home. make sure your home is priced correctly. If your realtor is using averages to set the asking price, find someone that knows how to pull and analyze comparable sales.
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As someone who is shopping for a new home in the area, I've noticed an abundance of severely overpriced properties around. Personally, unless I see something that is at least reasonably close to what I believe the value of the property should be, I wouldn't bother with even contacting the agent representing it. I'd suggest verifying the value of your property and adjusting accordingly if that is the case. Otherwise, just make sure to advertise as much as possible.
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It's common misconception to think that your listing agent will bring you a buyer. 96% of the time the other agent will. So, as long as your agent market your Property right, you will get somebody to look at it. Sometimes it can take one showing to find the right Buyer, sometimes more.
The best of luck.
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Hope, not sure what the question is...
Are you wondering why your agent (the listing agent) has not personally shown it to anyone?
Or are you wondering why "no agents" have not shown your home?
If it is in a great location and has a lot going for it...it should have had a showing by now.
UNLESS...your price is totally wrong.
Buyers have no desire to see what they consider an over priced listing.
Buyers have many choices out there today. If there are similar homes on the market with more realistic pricing...they will make offers on those.
Buyers are not interested in dealing with sellers that they "assume" have an over inflated value of their home.
Proper pricing is key.
If you have had no activity in 30 days and you have a great home (condition) with a great location...
you need to address the price ASAP.
I am sure your agent would be willing to relaunch a marketing campaign for your home...
just don't wait any longer to address what your issues are and get a "move on" !
Call your agent today and put your heads together to get the job done!
Good luck!
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Hi Hope,

I noticed you posted this in 2011. Did you end up selling?

All the best,
Alma Kee
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It sounds like your home is over priced. You should have had a showing by now. Your agent just may not have the right buyer for your home at the moment. Buyers shop on line and when I get calls they tell me what they would like to look at. If it is at all near the price and location of what I have on the market, you can bet any agent would show it to them. You should go over what is selling in your neighborhood as far as price and condition. I am sure your agent would do that for you and you may might just have to do a price reduction to get it sold. Remember over priced homes sell every other home in the neighborhood that is priced right. You do not want your home to become stale.
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My only guess here would be that your price is too high... check listings in the local neighborhood online, see their prices- they are your competing homes, and if you are not close in price to your competing homes on the market you will not have showings.
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This market is very good right now and several of my newest listings have sold very quickly which means that if the home is priced correctly and the property is correctly listed and showingtime has the correct information... You should be getting showings... maybe not from your Realtor... But some agent!
So, Check and make sure the listing is entered correctly... check to make sure that the agency that controls showings is up and running and then talk to your agent and ask his or her opinion...
But something does not seem right as you should be getting some hits!
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You are not mentioning the price range of your property. If your home is in the price range that only fewer people can afford, 30 days without a showing can be very normal but if your home is in a more affordable price range, it might be a sign that something does not appeal to buyers; it could be the asking price itself or some of the features of the property that you do not notice because you have grown accustomed to them. I would suggest that you talk to your agent and look again at the comps in your area to see how your home compares to the competition.

In California where I am, it is legal and normal for listing agents to also represent the buyer. I do not know the law in NY but if you have any doubt you can call the NY Department of Real Estate and inquire about it. Best of luck with the sale of your home.

Daniela Marshall
Realty Executives
760-809 3003
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Hi Hope,

I've been a full time Realtor for over 10 years and I'm not a spring chicken and it is NOT the norm for the listing agent to also represent the buyer--unless there are minimal sales in the area and not a lot of realtors actively working with buyers looking for a house like yours. Of course my experience is from an active market area so perhaps in other areas of the country, ie Lake Shasta, California, there may be fewer buyers and realtors and you may see a higher frequency of a listing agent representing both the seller and the buyer.

How is your property being "pre sold" on Realtor.com? Many buyers nowadays actually INSTRUCT their Realtors which properties to show them so if you have minimal or less desirable photos (i've actually seen realtors post photos of toilets!) and no virtual tour, then you may have less interest in your property.

To verify your price is correct, you may also want to spring for a full appraisal from NY licensed appraiser.. Most buyers get a mortgage and the price will be vetted by an appraiser so you might as well know up front so you don't waste time sitting onthe market overpriced or leave money on the table!

Good luck with your sale!

All the best,
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Oh my goodness, I wholeheartedly disagree with the young lady who considers it highly unusual and suspect if a listing agent also brings in the buyer. I have been a realtor for 32 years and have done this many times under "dual agency". I owe each side of the transaction honesty, full disclosure, and a miriad of other duties when I am doing both sides of a transaction. A serious, upfront and honest realtor will have no problem effecting these duties----and as long as the buyer and seller agree it is full speed ahead. My sellers would be delighted if I brought them an offer. If you had a comparable market analysis done, and you went along with your agent's recommendation, the price should not be the problem. However, I have done many CMA's and the seller will not take my pricing advice but he adds a few thousand to the package! In these situations the seller is not doing himself any favors. In this very competitive market it is soooooo important to put your best foot foward from day one! You mention that the location is good which is one of the most important ingredients for "buyer demand" so this is a "star" for you. Try removing yourself from the equation and analyze your home's plusses and minuses. What would you be seeing if you were the buyer? Make a list. Then work on the things in that list that you can change. If you think that your realtor should be doing more have a "heart to heart" with him. He most likely wants to do a great job for you and will be happy to hear your suggestions.
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Have you had any showings at all... either way do review comps with your agent; if the pricing is off, do adjust accordingly; also review marketing, does it maximize your exposure; keep in mind that a home is worth what someone is willing to pay for it; it doesn’t matter what the seller needs or potential buyers can afford to spend; market conditions do matter as does the immediacy for a transaction to take place; consider a consultation with your agent...
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In case you are not aware, it is highly unusual and in fact suspect if the agent that lists your house for sale also brings your buyer. The majority of transactions are done with two realtors.

If you are overpriced or you have "issues" with the condition, cleanliness, clutter or smell then you will be competing with distressed bank owned listings. So make sure your house is in Model condition so you can get the highest possible price for your house. Also you need to make your property easy for Realtors to show so make sure you have an electronic lockbox. And do not make the mistake of being present for any showings. It is VERY uncomfortable for a buyer to look at house, including the closets when ther is an anxious owner present. The Buyer's agent will know how to present your house in the best light if you are offering a sufficient compensation.

Good luck with your sale! It's gruelling for Seller's in this market!

All the best,
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Hopefully your agent would have done a CMA so that you can determine if the house is priced right. Also you might ask your agent their marketing plan
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Within the first thirty days, you have the WOW! factor and you want to take advantage of it:

You should have had a Broker's Open House: I usually do these in the late afternoon or evening, e-mail or send out invitation to a lot of Brokers and Agents, serve hor'derves or maybe even a light buffet, sometimes wine & beer, and maybe a door price drawing their business card.

You should have had two Open Houses, with at least 10-12 signs directing people, (this can vary if you have 2-3 busy streets nearby that you want to draw drivers from). I like to have my wife (or I) bake fresh cookies to send that smell through the house. Water, Iced Tea or Juice. Fresh flowers, baloons on the signs, etc.

Ads in local Real Estate magazines.

Flyers on the sign post in the front yard.

You get the idea.

In a SELLERS MARKET, you can just list it and wait for the stampede; but not now.

Good luck and may God bless
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Location and "a lot going for it" may not be the features buyers are seeking in their future home.

Since the first thing a buyer considers is a home's price, we recommend begin by evaluating the homes price before becoming critical of your agent.

The fact that buyers are seeking and finding success in identifying homes that represent significant savings is something that cannot be dismissed.

Good luck,

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Has any agent showed your property?
Has your agent provided you any feedback?
Ask your agent to let you know the average days on the market....this will give you an indication of approximately how long you will have to wait to close on your property.
If the feedback is good and your home is listed above the average days on the market, you may have to adjust the price to draw attention.
Web Reference: http://www.321property.com
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