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My condo has been on the market for 8 months and we have only had 3 lookers. Any suggestions?

Asked by Kacurtis10@sbcglobal.net, White Bear Lake, MN Thu Feb 23, 2012

Our real estate agent is a friend of my husband's who lives and works in a different area code than the condo address.

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probably need to lower your price.
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The condo market in West Hollywood is very challenging and you need to see how your condo really compares to other condos .The Buyers in West Hollywood have many condos to look at. I have many clients with one bedroom condos that were purchased in a different market. They are not willing to sell at the current price for a one bedroom condo for obvious reasons. In today’s market one could purchase 2 bedroom condo at a very attractive price in West Hollywood since most of the condo in weho are upside down

I would recommend you do the following:
1. Please look at your condo with a critical eye to see if it looks designer done
2. Please verify that your agent is doing more than just posting your condo on the mls
3. Please have a trusted friend look at your condo with a critical eye and tell them to tell you the truth..
4. Please revise your findings with your agent and if needed make adjustment
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New agent. New photos. New marketing plan. New price.
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Price overcomes all objections. You can lower the price until it sells.

Other things you want to make sure you do first:

Is it in showroom condition? Is it clean and I mean what you would find it the finest hotels clean? De cluttered ? You should have nothing on the kitchen and bathroom counters, no photos on photos on the fridge, take personal photos down throughout the home. Closets should be organized, color arranged, not too packed as if in an ad for California Closet. Pack stuff up and move it to a POD or storage. Your moving anyway? Right? Does it need painting inside or out? Baseboards, doors? No fingerprints.

Do you cook with heavy spices? If it smells of spice you should definitely paint.

Do you have a pet? If it's a dog you should remove the dog for showings. Same for a cat. If you use a litter box, send the cat to your mom's and get rid if the litter box.

Are there small things that need to be fixed? I recently went to show a unit and the prospect tried to open the window. It was the kind that had a crank handle. It came out in his hand. All they could talk about was how ridiculous it was. It was a small repair but it was the end of imagining himslef in that home. Fix small bit distracting repairs. If it's something large it may be better to adjust the price.

Does it need to be staged? If the property is completely vacant prospects can have a hard time I visioning themselves there. Modern clean but minimal furniture helps them Envision how the rooms can be used.

Do not stick around for showings and do not ask your agent to go. Prospects feel like they are being watched and frankly they are. When they feel that way all they want to do is leave. They cannot talk frankly with their agent and it's important to allow the agent to help understand solutions for things that the prospect may think won't work for them.
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Wow! Great Answer. I'm curious if the listing agent was courageous enough to have this conversation with the sellers. The agent is a friend? Right? I think that's why you should not hire friends. If the friend was part of a larger company, he could have partnered with someone in your area. I did that. My sister worked for a larger realtor. We wanted her because we knew she would have our best interests in mind but she co-brokered it with an agent that she knew had a ton of experience. We got the expertise we needed + someone we really trusted.
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My advice to you would be to have a conversation with your agent and open up the communication. You need to be on the same page with one another and see what needs to change. There are many factors that can tie into why your property isn't generating the proper activity, price, marketing, availability to show, etc. The more communication the better, best of luck!

Best Regards,
Alex Meguerditchian
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Three reasons the home has not sold yet


Your were not competitively priced and your home helped to sell other homes in the area that WERE priced accordingly.


Agent has not hosted enough open houses, does not have enough exposure, inexperienced, low marketing budget, does not have the proper sphere to get the home sold. Anyone or a combination of all of these could be why your home has not sold.


Often homeowners do de-clutter, or the home still looks lived in. In some markets Lived-in as opposed to staged could mean sale or no-sale. Enlist the advice of a staging company deepening on the value of your home of course. Also better interview your Real Estate Brokers, pin a few up against each other. Have an open house to see who can get the listing, this will put agents on their A game and you get to see you is good under pressure and who should properly get your home sold.

Hope this helped !!!

Good Luck

All the Best,

Daniel D'Amico
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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Is your condo fairly priced when compared to similar units in your area? Look at the units that have sold then review the current units offered for sale. You should be able to determine if your condo priced correctly; representing the average value of condos in your immediate area.

Make sure your pictures are clear and properly display the attributes of your condo.
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HELP! Most listings only last a few weeks these days. To me, it seems like it is overpriced? Did you try lowering the listing price? What about working with a new agent and making sure they market your property, use the latest technologies, online presence and open houses?

I hope to help you sell this condo,

Alexandra R. Trudeau | Realtor | CA CalBRE #01948951

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Price resolves all objections
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This happens to a lot of sellers. The best advice I feel would suit you best is to go over the marketing with your agent. It could be that your marketing for your condo is lacking. So approach your agent and let him know how you feel. Perhaps some new photos can generate more interest. One last thing: make sure the price for your condo is right. Obviously if it is too overpriced, buyers will go elsewhere.

Ricky Smiles Jr.
Rodeo Realty
BRE # 01940776
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There could be many factors to why your property isn't selling. My advice to you would be to take a step back and reevaluate your situation, start fresh and new. Best of luck!
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With so few showings in 8 months, the challenge is almost certainly price. Be sure your agent has the place listed in the MLS -
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Yes, Take a look at the price again. Also make sure the marketing is correct, all details are listed properly, and that the agent is actually taking the time to respond to all inquiries.
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Where is your condo located? Can I find it on Trulia? I would like to take a look. How old is your condo? How much is the HOA?
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If a property isn't selling it almost always one or more of the following:

Bad agent
Bad marketing
Price too high

Fix any of the above that need fixing and you will sell.
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When I interview for a new listing, I instruct my seller's to ask a few simple questions that most sellers and Realtors don't address: What is the marketing package? How much has this particular Realtor closed this year and last year (Iv'e done $15.3MM in sales) and finally, what are you going to do to sell my home?

First with the marketing package: Not only does my office email blast my beautiful, custom make flyers with professional photography to roughly 10,000 agents, but I also market it to the 1300+ people on my Facebook pages (and yes Facebook really works.) Next, we talk about the open houses and how I am going to get people in the door. Whether it's with Valet service, wine, cheese, live music or something else over the top (and yes, I have done all of these things before,) it's about getting people to see your home. I average 52 people per open house that I have.

Secondly, I have closed $6MM this year (with $1MM in escrow that is about to close) and $3.2MM in listings currently. I will be over $10MM in sales this year. Last year, I closed $9.3MM

Lastly, I will hold as many open houses as it takes, I will knock on every neighbors door to personally invite them to your open house, I will pay for bigger and better ads in the the LA Times, Broker Caravans and even highlight your property on Trulia to get the phone ringing.

The bottom line is, every Realtor does 80% of exactly the same thing, it is that other 20% that makes the difference so call me so I can talk to you about the other 20% that sells my listings on average in 43 days!

Jason P. Galardi
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Make sure it's priced right...that is the #1 reason people pass on condos. I would do a thorough comparable sales evaluation and continue to look at comps while on the market to see what other units in the area are selling for.

Also make sure he has good photos and tons of information online. Most buyers and their agents find properties online so you want to make sure that you put your best foot forward on the net. It's important to have photos of the kitchens, bathrooms, and all the major rooms in the property as well as exterior and common area photos.

Price and Marketing are very important and must be done right so the unit doesn't continue to sit unnoticed.


Julie Kryukova
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Did you check the price of comparable properties to make sure your property is not over priced?
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You have heard this before ... Inprove the Value to the Buyer -- Lower the price and improve the condition. A property is only worth as much as someone will pay for it.
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Three lookers in eight months? I can assure you it's the price. Any piece of property will sell in any market if it is priced to the market. Have your agent do a current market analysis. An 8 month old listing is bound to be outdated. It's also best to have an agent who understands your particular neighborhood. I'm sure your agent would agree.
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Based on your comment following the question I suspect there is some course of action you desire to take but don’t want to hurt the feelings of your husband’s friend. Many times I have spoken with home buyers that have a friend or relative that is a loan officer. Whenever the subject comes up I suggest if they feel obligated to write their friend a check for $1,000 and take advantage of my experience. Don’t think I have ever lost a loan in one of these situations, no idea if any of them wrote the check. Let your husband come up with the amount since it is his good friend. I know, that sounds cold putting a price on friendship, but isn’t that what you are already doing in the existing listing agreement with a Realtor outside of your market? Good luck, hope this helps,

Jim Simms
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I love how Lance put the answer so simple. I agree with him except sometimes its not price. There has been lots of times I took a listing and kept the price the same but my marketing techniques & local agent networking got the home sold quickly.

Good Luck.
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If you are confident that the condo is priced properly, the presentation of the condo could the problem. How are the listing photos? Too often, I see property listings sitting on the market with terrible photos. A potential buyer can be turned off by the photos before they get to see your property.

Take a minute and read my blog entry, "6 tips An Amateur Photographer Can Master to Enhance Your Property Listing."


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After your contract expires give us a call at (310) 623-0289 to list your condo on TopLACondos.com. Our featured listings get more exposure then any other Los Angeles Real Estate Website. With hundreds of "Recent" transactions under our belt we are quite in tuned with today's market. We are area specialists and our office is in the Sunset Strip and we have another location in the Directors Guild. We are the best choice to get your condo sold fast!
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Lower the price. That is driving the market now because condo sales are difficult.

Good luck.

Angie Simpson
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What is the absorbtion rate for your Property? Has your agent been marketing it corectly? Have you turned down any offers? When you say he is working 'out of area' what do you mean? I can only speak from Los Angeles, there are many zipcodes that are actually close to each other.
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I would definitely consider lowering the price. I know it would be difficult just to go out and get a new agent considering he is a friend of your husbands. Sit down and discuss current advertising he is using and discuss other ways the home can be advertised, ask him to do an open house to get more people in, and ask if there is anything that can be done with the home to make it more attractive to buyers. Good luck with everything!
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Agree with new marketing plan to include potentially re-pricing... If your agent is already telling you it is a price issue, then you maybe should consider listening to the "expert" you trusted and hired. Not sure how different the "areas" are where she is vs. where your condo is. I work in more than one zip code, and it is entirely possible to really know more than one submarket and be very effective, if your clients are following your guidance. If it is a price issue no agent will be able to overcome it. If it is anything else, assuming you're doing the basics (reasonable showing conditions, offering terms, etc.) then the agent makes all the difference in the world. Ask your agent why it's not selling and what is.
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Feel free to email me the address and I'll give you an estimate of value in my opinion. I have assisted buyers and sellers in West Hollywood. Email me at smehr818@gmail.com with Trulia in the Subject of the Email.

Sara Mehrpouyan
Rodeo Realty
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