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Most realtors these days do not leave their business cards after showing a home. Nor do they leave feedback. Why?

Asked by Somewhere over the rainbow!, Charlotte, NC Mon May 13, 2013

Most realtors these days do not leave their business cards after showing a home. Nor do they leave feedback. Why? As a professional I think it only polite.

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Andy Richardson’s answer
Out of respect to the seller, I leave a business card at every house I show that is occupied. It is an easy way to let the seller know that you were there and actually did make the appointment. It is the least I can do. If the house is vacant, I usually don't leave a card unless the showing instructions request that one is left.

As for feedback, I try to leave feedback as often as possible. If for some reason I forget, a simple follow up phone call or email from the listing agent is all it takes.
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Feedback is definitely a common courtesy. But a lot of times when I am working with a buyer and I show them 10 properties in one day, it is just HARD to remember to contact each listing agent and let them know what my buyers thought of the listing.
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Good morning!

Good points made by my fellow realtors. Follow-up is essential to your sale at highest and best price. My suggestions are to: reward and encourage good behavior: provide a bottled water and cookie to realtors and prospective buyers, make your house memorable, instruct your agent to select for multiple
requests for feedback and to follow up with a phone call.

Of course, sellers with the "intelligent house" by Time Warner Cable watch the buyers go through their house. I have heard of sellers taping buyers and realtors while the showing occurs- not sure if this is legal or ethical. I have had sellers hide around their house and eavesdrop on the buyer's conversation with me.

It would be much easier if everyone would just take the high road and provide timely feedback. We would not have this angst. By the way, let me know which house is yours, so I am sure to provide feedback right away.

Wishing you a happy sale,
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You make a valid point. I list quite a few properties and showings are up. I alos show a lot of homes this spring and I beleive in giving feedback on all of the showings. My take is a Realtor that does not give feedback or leave a card is being lazy......

First, I am a beleiver it helps a seller understand why or why not a prospective buyer liked the house ro did not like the house. The old saying that a second set of eyes are better than one applies to this. The more people that look at a house and provide good qulaity feedback the better psotioned it makes the seller to adjust ro make modifications to the house in order to get it sold. Putting down nice house but cleint did not like it does not help. I try to get as informative as possible and tell a seller what they liked about the house and what they did not like about the house and why they are not interested in the house (if that is the case). if my buyer is interested in the house my feedback will usually be that they ahve strong interest in the house and is on a short list of homes they are consdiering right now...Hope to have a descsion in X time.

I find it to be common courtsey when showing to provide the feedback...it allows the lsitign agetn and the seller to anaylze the data and make adjustmetns accordingly based on it.

I alwyas ask for feedback on my showings and will send out up to four reminder emails over three days and follow up with a few phone calls to get some feedback...But still I generally get it on about 70% of my shoiwngs but provide it on 100% of the homes I show. My hope is that what comes around goes around and that by providing it on one end i will get ti reciporcated on the other.

Dave diCecco
Coldwell Banker United
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Great article but bad typing si noticeabel throuhgt yoru script. Maybe its tiem to retier ?
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I always leave a card in any occupied home to let the seller know that, yes, I have been there. I have had numerous calls from sellers telling me that they could not tell if the buyer had been there or not. Leaving a card is simply a common courtesy that should always be followed in an occupied home, whether the showing instructions say so or not. We are professionals and should not have to be "told" whether or not to leave a card.

I have, though, run out to show without taking cards. I still want to seller to know that I showed up for my appointment and will leave a note on a slip of paper, or even the mls sheet.

As far as leaving feedback goes, it continues to blow my mind that some agents don't take the minute it takes to send the seller feedback. Again, this is a simple common courtesy. Agents need to act like professionals! I don't care how many houses one has shown in a day - it is part of the job! I suspect that the agents that don't bother to leave feedback get just as irritated when other agents don't send feedback on their listings! If a seller has taken the time to prepare their home for showing and has left the home for an agent to come by, convenient or not, the agent should say "thank you" to the seller by providing feedback!
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In a word or two..............................TURN THE FLIPPIN LIGHTS OUT. GEEZ MAN. NOT THAT HARD YOU KNOW.
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It would seem to me that SOME realtors who MAY have been trained on all that, do not listen. All you have tyo do is consider if it was your home. pretty darn simple. We have had our home for sale for a year and while we were away for 5 months the home was shown 5 times. Each and every time a realtor had shown the home ALL the lights were left on. On one occasion, our neighbour who was keeping an eye on our home had also been away for 5 days. They didn't come in at first because they thought were had arrived home early. So...................the lights, ALL the flippin lights had been on for 6 days. I guess it's somehow beneath some of them to turn the lights out. JUST SAYING !!!!!!!
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Everything is true below and I personally have showed Robin's listings...my buyers and I enjoyed those cookies...my take is this...usually I have papers my supra key, my phone in hand...and I am usually answering questions...most of the time I flat out forget to leave a card, BUT I can say 99% of the time I leave feedback...somewhere along the line I was told we could get in trouble if we didn't and really...it only takes a couple minutes...actually I try and do it asap b/c if not...your email gets bogged down with all the requests for feedback... :)
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We have this problem here in California too.

In many ways our business has changed for the worst. I see professionalism and old fashioned courtesy going out the door.

Kawain Payne, Realtor
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In my opinion, most realtor maladies can be traced back to the company broker/management. When you give people great latitude to run their business this doesn't necessarily insure good practice.

Our problems are much deeper than business cards and feed back.....Have you taken a close look at what is posted on the MLS? no photos, cats drinking out of the toilet, misinformation, incomplete information, realtor description of property that make pig sty appear to be a castle.

Shouldn't someone be checking on this, and if so, who should it be? This unprofessional approach makes all of us look bad....

Sorry but you struck a nerve with this one.....


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Leaving feedback is more than just being polite. Feedback is very important for the listing agent and the sellers. Good agents leave helpful, constructive feedback. There have been instances when I wished the agent had not given feedback as it was not constructive. And sometimes it has been just downright comical. But I always appreciate that the agent has taken the time to relay a few comments.

It is sometimes challenging to leave feedback when showing multiple properties. Now that we have mobile apps, it is much easier. We can leave feedback while it is still fresh in our minds.
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I am a seller and this is one frustration I have with realtors is not giving feedback and especially in situations when THEY tell you they will get back to you with feedback and also in cases where it is a 2nd or 3rd showing and nothing. At that point you are in high anticipation of an offer and after all the interest...NOTHING!
You have to understand that as a seller, there is alot of pressure to have everything in perfect order for a showing and then to take your time away from you while you have to leave the house during the show time. Doesn't matter what the weather is, if you have to take kids and/or pets with you or, as in my case, you work from home and have to be interrupted...you pick up and go so that strangers can come into your home and have access to it for an hour or so. That is alot of stress on the seller and the least a realtor could do is to inform the seller of potential buyers considerations of their home!!!
If a buyer has questions or if they want to make an offer, you are informed right away, but alot of times when it comes to giving feedback...NOTHING!!!
A realtor stands to make a good amount of money on a sale...they should do their job COMPLETELY! Without a seller you have NO chance of a sale...ALL parties should be considered and taken care of and don't ignore a seller when a potential buyer moves onto the next home for sale...LET THEM KNOW and THANK THEM FOR THEIR TIME!!!
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That speaks volumes doesn't it. It's been standard protocol my entire career (15 years) for Realtors to leave cards so the seller knows you've been there. There are so many and clueless people that get into this business, I think it's a combination of laziness and a total lack of professionalism.

Managing broker should pound this simple step into their agents brains. It's a matter of common courtesy.

Julie Montgomery
Realtor, Denver, CO
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I once looked for a house in Denver. It was definitely a hot Seller's market and realtors did not have to do much to sell houses. The buyer's agents just had to sit back and wait for the offer to be written without really having to do much "selling" at all. When a person can get the job done quickly and move on to the next sale right around the corner, they do get lazy and sloppy and there are no consequences. Even if the managing broker pounds it into their heads, they can still nicely skate by with nobody really checking to see that they left a business card or gained feedback.
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I agree. Leaving feedback is the polite thing to do. Unfortunately, not all realtors do this. More and more, the practice of leaving business cards behind is become less due to online showing services that record who is coming to the home.
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I always forget to leave my card when I'm out showing properties. I am so busy paying attention to my clients and gauging their needs that leaving a business card is honestly the last thing on my mind. And then I end with sellers calling me to see if I showed the property or not because there was no card. I think a card is a great way to let seller's know that I have in fact showed their home. My new goal is to remember to leave a card EVERY time!!
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I know it's an old question but I feel like adding two cents for the record since I almost never leave business cards anymore.

If you're in an area where there are electronic lockboxes, your agent can see who has been in the house by accessing a lockbox report. It's a far better way of keeping track who has been through the house than relying on business cards. Not to mention, it doesn't kill as many trees.

As for feedback ... as the seller, you know your house pretty well, right? In theory, your agent knows your home pretty well also, correct? Feedback can be useful if there was something that didn't show quite right; having said that, in the past I've received feedback about the number of bedrooms, about the layout, about the neighbor ... all things my seller has zero control over. Which makes that feedback all but useless.

If someone sends me an automated feedback request, I'll usually ignore it. If they pick up the phone to call or send me a personalized e-mail, I'll usually respond. Depends on the situation.
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I'm frankly a little surprised by your flippant remarks but, I would like to explain that the SELLERS are the ones that want the feedback; it's a courtesy providing it. For example, as a listing agent, I may have told my sellers that they need to get rid of the brass fixtures in the house. They decide not to replace them and then hear from the first 5 buyer showings (IN THE FEEDBACK) that the buyers don't like the brass, then that's constructive feedback that they can take to the bank - and rather quickly make the change for upcoming showings.

For me, I'd rather provide prompt feedback than had to deal with email reminders and phone calls from listing agents asking for the feedback. In my opinion, providing feedback is a win-win-win - it is a courtesy to the sellers, keeps the LA from having to hunt me down AND it saves ME time in the long run.
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"doesn't kill as many trees"????
If someone sends me an automated feedback request, I'll usually ignore it"???

You are irresponsible and a discredit to the profession! You have a lot to learn.
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To any non-agents out there, if a seller does not instruct its agent to request other agents to leave business cards then generally it does not happen.

Sellers should explain to their agents what they want, aside from what agents explain to sellers what they will typically do to list and show their houses. Both parties set expectations of the other before houses are put on the open market, right?

It's a two-way street.

As mentioned, it is unprofessional for a buyer's agent to not provide feedback to a listing agent. This is a two-way street as well. I simply call, text, or email an agent if I don't receive timely feedback. Many agents thank me for the simple reminder...not a big deal.

Unfortunately, being polite is a broad statement these days and left up to interpretation.

I'm not aware of any "worthless," agents in the field; however, I'm very aware of ignorance.
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Many Multiple Listing Services have rules that prohibit this as it's deemed unwanted advertising. This is the case in my area. Unless a homeowner specifically leaves written instructions to please leave a card (which I have no problem doing) I do not leave cards. You may want to ask your Realtor to see if there are any such rules prohibiting Realtors from leaving a card and if there are then you should leave a sign politely requesting that they do.
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If a realtor shows my home and does not leave a card, I make a note and if they submit an offer, their buyer will pay far more than the $75 for 1000 business cards. In fact, I make notes for everyone who is in my home (left doors unlocked, all lights on, didn't leave card, muddy footprints etc).

Don't forget, the seller is the one who is actually PAYING your commission so you ought to take that into consideration you worthless cheap agents who cannot be bothered to leave a card letting the seller know you were there.
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At the end of the day, if a seller REALLY wants to sell they are not going to be picky about an offer because the lights were left on by the buyer's agent. Let's get real.
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It is disrespectful to a seller's agent for a buyer's agent to leave a business card behind after a home showing. It may be interpreted as a marketing ploy by an agent to gain more business through another agent's client. Often referred to as the "peggy back" business effect. Consequently, if an agent does not receive feedback from other agent's showing the home it's simply considered unprofessional and a lack of good business ethics in my opinion. Thanks!
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.. I am so guilty of this, and here is why

My business cards are expensive- every 1,000 costs me $75.00 to be printed on special cardboard paper, and all that jazz. Plus, I do not ever imagine I will get business from leaving behind a card in a home I have shown. I only leave one if asked by the listing agent, and that is even rare. If showing 100 homes per week, the cards can go very, very fast.

And on to the feedback portion of things...

It is very hard for me to determine what house an agent is talking about when they call me for feedback 3 days after a showing, especially if I have shown 9 or 10 similar homes. The only way I can provide good honest feedback is if the agent emails me, with a photo of the home in the email.... then and only than do things become memorable.
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In 1985 leaving cards and filling out the form was common. Today is June 27, 2013.
Today, the agent showing your home will be receiving an email containing a multiple quesion form requesting feedback that could be specific to your house targeting the important issues for which buyer or agent evaluation could prove vital.
In many cases, the agent will receive a telephone call from the listing agent requesting feedback.
Still other situations suggest the agent will apply time management skills and get the feedback while in the car headed for the next location. The feedback will be avaialbable when requested for all five, six, seven or more home that may have been visited that day.
Using the methods of 1985 will have an agent repeating the same task multiple times in 2013. Who wants to do that?
An electronic trail of every agent accessing the home is available via the Supra (electronic lockbox) system. Your agent will be recieving feedback, IF REQUESTED, and will share it with you. If, however, your agent is not a REALTOR (r) many of these systems may not be available.
Then, it has been my experience. some home sellers will actually use that list and attempt to call the agent to get the identify or attempt to contact the potential buyer. This breach of professional protocol is avoided entirely by allowing all feedback to be directed to and through the professional you hired.
Now would be a good time to have a chat with your agent and discuss the feedback mechanism in place,,,if in fact, one exists.
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Possibly because they feel they don't need to waste their business card. As for feedback I find that some agents feel if you don't hear from them you get the fact that their buyer doesn't have interest. Others may be unorganized or maybe just don't care, until of course, they are the listing agent...then the tables turn :o)
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I have been an agent for 17 years. I am asking some of these agents who responded, have MLS rules changed? When I went through my training, I was told that we were always to leave a business card in order to allow the seller to know that we were there. Of course, if there is a showing beacon or sign in sheet, then we may not need to leave a card. We were told not to leave a business card if the home was vacant. This was due to agents leaving multiple cards in a vacant house, thus causing the seller to think they had showed it multiple times. We were also told to give feed back.

I try to leave a business card every time I show a home. Sometimes on occasion, I may forget or I may run out of cards. I also always provide feedback. If I cannot remember the house, I will at least say that I cannot remember it. When I get a minute, I am going to go back and check our rules.
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I do not find that to be true.
Maybe that's one diff between the East and West Coast.
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You are quite right. Agents are supposed to leave cards.

It is a courtesy to the homeowner. If they make their homes accessible to us, with all the vulnerability that entails, and leave the home for an hour or two to privacy for the buyers, the least we can do is leave our cards to show who was there and to prove that we actually did show the home. Any agent can make an appointment and fail to show.

If you have doubts, however, you can call the showing service. They know who made the appointments. And if there are disputes, the lock boxes will prove who was or wasn't there.
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It is very hard to keep up with all the listing agents request when you are showing 18 to 30 properties in two or three days. When we call for showing instructions, they ask for all our information including email, which is the easiest way to communicate these days. If you need a feedback, e mails is the way to go. You can forward it to the homeowners. Sellers are enjoying a great sellers market with multiples offers within a few days on the market.

Best of Luck,

Maria Cipollone

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Don't see any need to leave a business card. All showings are scheduled through centralized showing. In addition, listing agents can keep track of who came into their listing if they take the time to assign their lock-boxes to the respective homes where they are placed. It amuses me that some listing agents won't embrace the electronic lock-box technology and put their client's homes at risk by using combo and other unsecured lock-boxes. Sellers should demand electronic boxes for better tracking of who is coming into their homes, and if nothing else better security.
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I don't leave my business card unless I am asked to do so by the listing agent. Sometimes we are actually asked not to leave one. As a result, though it used to be my standard practice, I have stopped leaving my cards unless it is requested.

I always give feedback because I believe it is essential to help the home owner know how their offering may have been received by potential buyers. When you give specific feedback it helps them know what resonates with folks and what does not. I have, however, had home owners get very angry with me for giving them candid feedback. For example, a small townhome I once showed had 8 fully decorated Christmas trees in the 1600 square feet of space in the place. You can imagine how difficult it was to show the house in the best manner when you are busy trying not to bump into precious ornaments. The homeowners were not happy when I pointed this out to them. They told me never to show their townhouse again. LOL! (By the way, it was almost two weeks past Christmas!) You just never know how folks will take to the feedback. It may be that Realtors are just not willing to put up with the abuse we sometimes receive for trying to give constructive feedback.

Another scenario that sometimes happens is that you are working with a couple who only have 3 days to find a home because they are relocating. You might show them 14 houses in one day, three days in a row. By the time you are finished running your marathon, if you haven't kept good notes, you are likely not to remember the details of each showing. (I try to take notes on my I-phone at each showing so that I can keep up with the details.)

I hope this helps you to consider the other side. I know that, as a listing agent, I have had to track down the agents who have shown my listings at times to get real time feedback. It can be annoying but I try to give them some grace.

Blessings upon you...
Jan Teel
TEEL Realty
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Professionalism in our industry is hard to gauge and it seems to wane over time. Some "old skool" methods like leaving cards and giving feedback have started to die out. We always teach staff to do these things and I hear many excuses as to why these "little things" do not get done around town. The card callings have been replaced by smart lock boxes....BUT, we should still leave our cards. Feedback is usually only given these days if I call and ask the showing agents. Standards have been replaced, decreased in some instances, and are different if you're an old-skooler like us (or were taught that way). Take heart, do your best, and set a good example! Cheers!
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It is actually very rare for a homeowner to request a card be left. Very often when a Realtor shows a home they have half a dozen homes they are showing to the same buyers. Showing your home & pointing out the best features of it to the buyer is the Realtor's priority at that point and leaving a card is not always at the top of their mind at the time. Oftentimes the Realtor will go in the home without cards on them. If you would like a card left, have your Listing Agent put that in the Centralized Showing instructions to the showing agent.

I do not leave a card unless the showing instructions specifically request it. Leaving a card without the request of the Listing Agent makes me feel like I am going behind the Listing Agent's back and trying to solicit their client so I will not do it unless specifically requested. Regarding feedback, most of us do try to keep up on the feedback but sometimes we have shown so many places or we get so busy it gets by us. Your Listing Agent can set up Centralized Showing instructions for up to 4 requests. Usually by that time, knowing the feedback is a priority to you, your Listing Agent will contact the showing agent to see if they can give feedback. Some folks do not care about the feedback because, depending on your home, a lot of feedback may be redundant (driveway too steep; yard too small...) so the feedback doesn't really do much for you because these are things you already know.

Hope this gives you a bit more insight. There is usually a good reason someone does not follow through.
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Good morning, SOTR:
A busy Realtor can show 30+ properties to 7 different buyers in a 2 or 3 day period. If there are a couple offers and that come out of that effort as well as management of transactions in process, the courtesy of providing feedback can and probably should become a lower priority. A couple reminder emails, or if it is very important, a call from the listing agent usually will get the desired feedback. I remind our Seller clients that the showing agent works for the buyer and the feedback provided may very well be the beginning of negotiation.

With almost all showings done via electronic scheduling in the Greater Charlotte NC/SC area, listing agents and sellers can have instant access to a full record of every agent who showed the property, along with their contact information, either online or by email. To some extent, this makes leaving a business card a formality. If you appreciate an answer, please give thumbs up. For the most helpful answer, please say thanks with a best answer click.
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Good Morning! Realtors are suppose to leave cards after showing a home unless the home is vacant. Sometimes we do forget or sometimes we run out of cards.
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Most repairmen make 4-hour-window appointments; and then do not show up.
Most drivers will cut you off; because they own the road.
Most people will walk past you, without making eye contact; so they don't have to speak to you.
Most people don't send "Thank You" notes.
Most people say; "No Problem" instead of "You're Welsome"
Most people think that an $8 pizza is "as good as it gets"
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