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Asked by Sean, 92056 Thu Nov 22, 2007

I’m concerned if I list my house with a realtor that is not in my immediate area it may have some drawbacks when it comes to prospective buyers. The realtors I’m looking at are with large real estate companies in my area i.e. Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, but they do not work from the closest office. You thoughts will be appreciated.

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Carole Cohen, Agent, Cleveland, OH
Fri Nov 23, 2007
I agree that large or small company does not matter, as long as you ask the right questions of the Realtor®. Are they internet savvy? Will they be able to provide marketing for your home on a good enough level on the Internet, since around 80% of buyers are looking on line now.

I agree with others, that where an agent is located is not as important as how knowledgeable they are about the neighborhood. Their ability to price well, know the nuances, are all important points.

Having said that, how far away is far? In reality, a good agent who takes a listing a distance from them will hop on the highway and show it whenever needed. A lazier agent may think of reasons to put it off. So this gets back to my 'your interviewing the agent' portion of my answer. Make sure you are comfortable that they know sales past, future trends, hot spots for sales prices, good or bad, in the neighborhood, etc.

As opposed to 'large or small' agencies, what agencies seem to do the most sales in youro neighborhood? By that I mean, whose signs do you see the most? A good place to start your search would be with one of these brokerages.

And much success with your home sale!
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Lorie Gould, Agent, Duluth, GA
Fri Nov 23, 2007
I would not be concerned about how close their office is to your home if you have the confidence that they will do the best job for you. If the agent provides great customer service then they will provide that service no matter how close their office is to your home. If they provide bad customer service their office could be across the street and your flyer box still be empty!

I am sure the agents that you have spoken with have spoken with you because they do work your area.
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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Thu Nov 22, 2007
If you were choosing between mediocre agent in immediate area and excellent agent who was geographically further, choose the excellent agent. Hands down.

The agent must understand your area well enough to properly price the property, understand the competitive properties, and relevant issues facing the area.

A great agent who is a bit further away can still do a great job. I woudn't worry if they were with a large company or small one. That, too, is not going to determine the result.

Your property must be property priced and marketed agressively. Discuss those components extensively with any agent under consideration. Choose based upon the knowledge, skill, commitment and wilingness to work hard coupled with the marketing plan and exposure. Price right, otherwised you won't sell regardless of who lists your property.

Best of luck.
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T.E. & Naima…, Agent, Dallas, TX
Thu Nov 22, 2007
Sean, it is not the size of the real estate brokerage company nor the logo that sells your house. It's the agent that you hire. Make sure they are familiar enough with your area to price it properly and enough to discuss all aspects of the house such as schools, shopping, employement, transportation and more with prospective buyers. Pricing a house from the moment it first goes on the market is crucial. Next, you have to look at their marketing plan for your house, what kind of web presence are they utilizing? networking? Communication is another factor you should consider highly and set from the moment you hire an agent.
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Jeanie Hohol…, Agent, Maple Grove, MN
Thu Nov 22, 2007
As long as the Realtor previews the homes in your area and keeps an eye on them, it shouldn't be a problem. Your Realtor performing a market analysis of the area will help, as well. Pick the Realtor that you trust and know. Someone that you have good communication with is the most important aspect. Good luck!
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Terry Osburn, Agent, Pleasant Hill, CA
Fri Nov 23, 2007
Definitely the experience and the success of the REALTOR(R) you choose. Just because someone belongs to a major real estate company does not indicate how successful , professional and results oriented they are whether they are local to the area or not.
As stated in prior responses it is NOT the company that sells your home. It is the REALTOR(R).
In this market you need a straight shooter who will guide you as to how to price your home in todays market.
Price your home well, have it propertly staged and allow easy access to the property. Making homes by appt only in this market will deter a lot of showings to your home. Pricing it well and having it show ready will allow yours to stand up above the crowds of other listings.
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Jackie Blank…, , North County, SD
Thu Nov 22, 2007
I agree with you that it is important for your agent to know your specific area in terms of pricing and competition. As long as they are knowledgable and are willing to work hard and market your property, the distance doesn't really matter. It also doesn't matter the size of the company that they work for. It's not like those 'large' real estate companies have a different requirement for hiring, not really even though they may say they have higher standards. Unfortunately there's a huge range of talents in this industry and its your job to comb through them and find the right one for you, sorry to say.

Take a look at my blog, in the middle of the page on the left side, is what I call my job as a realtor. In addition to all the things other have said, I just like to add one thing which is you have to find someone that you can work well with. You'll be working together as a team and a successful team works effectively to achieve the set objectives.
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Joe Spake, , Memphis, TN
Thu Nov 22, 2007
You didn't explain why you are not looking at agents closer to your property. I do know many agents who cover very large geographical areas, so if you are going to use one of the ones you are looking at, I suggest that you check on their record of sales in your immediate area.
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Mack McCoy, Agent, Seattle, WA
Wed Jan 20, 2010
It's a concern, all right, but one that you have to weigh.

I have often - to which I feel quite honored and grateful - been asked to represent sellers on properties outside of my area, on the basis of, "We'd rather have somebody we trust than someone who's knowledgeable." Meaning, not a local expert. Or not; I don't know what they really meant!

You can't have it all. It's possible that the best buyer for your property would have come across it in the New York Times; you just have to do the best you can do.

The fact is, you never know.
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Jeff K, Home Buyer, Bristol, PA
Tue Jan 19, 2010
Hi Loan,

That question is from Nov 2007 ... you may wish to look more carefully at the posted date for a question before answering. Attention to detail and all that ...
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Loan Do, Agent, Oceanside, CA
Tue Jan 19, 2010
It's not the company size or the distance where the Realtor is coming from. You need to lay out your expectations to the agent. For example, do you need the agent to open the door for a buyer because you don't want to install a lock box and while you are away? Anything to aid the sale. lmost everything can be done electronically and more efficiently so distance does not come into play. One of my listings was as far as LA county. The first thing I told my client was if distance would be an issue before we sign up. We worked out a plan when and how often I need to be there. I also let them know that the plan can be modified to accommodate them and potential buyers. It's the agent's availability not the distance should be a major concern.
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Bill Richard, , 92009
Mon Nov 26, 2007
In California I know of a Realtor who has their negotiator living in Arizona. If I were to interview an agent I would want someone who is willing an able to negotiate as well as be available if needed. A lot of agents might say well that is not necessary but I have not seen that to be the case.
My phone is on seven days a week from 8:30 am to 1030pm.
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