Molly, Home Seller in Sacramento, CA

Is this type of solicitation by a realtor common??

Asked by Molly, Sacramento, CA Mon Apr 13, 2009

I took my house off the market because I realized that now is not the right time for me to sell. Then I got a phone call (to my cell phone number that was listed in MLS) from a realtor that I had never heard of or contacted, from a realty that I had no previous interaction with. He asked if I was currently interviewing other agents and thought that I could sell my house really quickly now. He even asked if he could come check out my property! I was *appalled* at this!! Is this type of blatant solicitation for business a common occurence??

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Ed Favinger, Agent, Folsom, CA
Tue Apr 14, 2009

I used to work the "expireds" as a new agent years ago... and while I understand that you are annoyed at all the attention you are getting now that your listing has expired...? it never hurts to interview another agent if only to get ideas from a new source...

While price and terms are probably the biggest factor in today's market, don't forget condition... I've known of homes that have stood on the market for months, the listing expires and then is re-listed for maybe just a few $$$ lower than the last listing and then sell almost immediately... and there were reasons for this...

Have you considered that maybe you could have "staged" the home.. is the "curb appeal" up to snuff... are you ready to show your home at just about any hour.. within reason of course and is it "bright and clean"...? do you have a "lock box" on your home that will allow access to a buyer's agent to show in case you aren't there...?

These are just some ideas that an agent who specializes in expireds might bring to your attention... and be frank and direct with you.

With that said... I do hate it when I hear of some people in our profession who call at those "ungodly" early morning hours to get the opportunity to be first in line to get your attention.

I hope this helps...

In the mean time...? Make it a great day...
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Matthew Bart…, Agent, Glendora, CA
Mon Apr 13, 2009
Hi Molly,

I noticed you mentioned that you're currently on the Do Not Call Registry. That being the case, let any future callers know that you're are on the Registry and that you do not want them to call you any further. Make a note of their name and company. Since your are on the Registry agents are not allowed to call you even thou you had your home on the market at one point. Another option is to ask the agents to add your name to the companies personal Do Not Call Registry. Best of luck!

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Anna Boyd, R…, Agent, El Dorado Hills, CA
Mon Apr 13, 2009
One more thought - if you were happy with your agent and would use him/her again, but it just wasn't the right timing for you - they can also put a comment like "will relist in Fall" for that agent's listing. Something
to let other agents know that there's still good communication between you and the agent.
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Molly, Home Seller, Sacramento, CA
Mon Apr 13, 2009
Hi Elizabeth, Glen, Anna, and Paula,

Thank you for the quick replies! It's good to know that I might be bombarded with these types of calls -- now I can brace myself. I am already on the Do Not Call list, so I think I will call my previous agent and ask him to remove my phone number from the listing.

Thanks again, and have a wonderful afternoon!
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Grace Morioka, Agent, San Jose, CA
Mon Apr 13, 2009
Hello Molly and thanks for your question.

Yes, this type of solicitation is very common on "expired" or "withdrawn" listings, and you may receive calls and letters from other Reatlors as well as visits from interested buyers. It is very common for real estate agents to contact sellers whose listings have expired in the hopes of obtaining a second listing on the home. In some cases, a new listing agent can help you, ultimately, sell your home, and I've known instances where a buyer was "on the fence" about a property and came forward to purchase only AFTER the home was delisted. It's unusual, but it certainly happens.

If you have really decided NOT to sell your home under any circumstances right now, talk with your previous listing agent about removing your telephone number from the listing or adding a note to your old listing that you do not wish to be contacted about relisting at this time.

Good luck and thanks again for your question!

Grace Morioka, SRES, e-Pro
Area Pro Realty
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Paula Swayne, , Sacramento, CA
Mon Apr 13, 2009
This is fairly common. Agents call "expired or withdrawn" listings, thinking that the reason that it was taken off of the market is because the seller wasn't happy with their agent. I would be concerned with an agent who thinks "he can sell your house really quickly now" as, if this was true, why didn't the agent sell it when it was on the market? You probably will get a few more of these and a good response might be (if it is true) that, when the time comes, you will relist your property with the agent who already marketed the property.
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Anna Boyd, R…, Agent, El Dorado Hills, CA
Mon Apr 13, 2009
Once your listing is expired, then watch flood gates open. There are companies that specialize in keeping track of MLS expirations and also various agents that "specialize" in expirations that may have their own marketing methods in place.

Not uncommon-that's all I'll say about it. You can ask the previous agent to take your number out of the expired listing, take your house photos off the listing and make a comment not to contact the seller per seller instructions. We have access to listings dating years ago. And you may want to put yourself on the Do Not Call list in general. for calls - even general sales calls.
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Glen Mitchell, Agent, Half Moon Bay, CA
Mon Apr 13, 2009
yes many agents focus on expireds. You could call 100 homes in a neighborhood and talk to 100 people who are not currently thinking about selling their homes or you could talk to 100 expired listings who you know wanted to sell, but for some reaon couldn't. Calling 100 people who have recently tried to sell their homes makes a lot more sense. If you don't want to be called just register for the do not call list and hopefully that takes care of any problems.

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