Joel Crayne, Home Seller in Dallas, TX

I own a lot in the Villages at Lone Oak (Texas) golf development. What would be the best way to begin the?

Asked by Joel Crayne, Dallas, TX Tue May 6, 2008

process of selling the property.

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Philip Ragona, , Dallas, TX
Tue Jun 30, 2009
I am a property owner in the Rocky Ford portion of the Lone Oak development, and have been following this saga for the better part of three years. I am also an attorney in Dallas (though not a real estate attorney). I have spoken to one of the real estate agents representing many of the Lone Oak homeowners to get her perspective. She is in the process of updating her information from her sources. We are both of the opinion that if the Lone Oak homeowners want to get any meaningful response from 3-D Resorts (or even any answers), we need to act in unison. The first step would be to organize a homeowners’ meeting to get a sense of the numbers we're dealing with, and then decide next steps.

Hopefully, more info to come soon. In the meantime, please respond if you would be interested in attending such a meeting. I also can be reached directly at 214-583-1520. Thank you.

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Yes, I am interested in attending! Amanda Clarke - please email me at
Thankfully we own only one lot - LOT 91
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Yes I am interested in attending such meetings. I am owning 2 lots there. My name is Chithra Aman and my cell number is 214 557 2758 and you can also email me at
Flag Sun Jan 25, 2015
I realize that we came to a dead end legally getting these crooks. However, I've been considering putting a self sustaining home so we would not need to find water, electric, or sewage. Has anyone tried this angle?
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I would be interested. Neal Hollingsworth
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I would be interested. Will Starnes, +1 940 390 8459.
Flag Mon Oct 1, 2012
I think I would be interested in organizing an HOA...but would want to know more. (ie: HOA's goals, plans, cost, etc.)
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texas.hoa-po…, Home Owner, Green Valley, AZ
Thu Mar 24, 2011
I am Sharon and I am trying to gather us all together in one place and share what we have "lost", either in monetary value or disruption to our lives. There are 4 developments involved, that I currently know of. About 800 lots per development. That is potentially over 3000 Texas voters. I am hoping with that kind of clout, we might be able to get an organization of government official to look at this situation.

Each development has had many of the same 'characters'. I have put preliminary information on the website and forums with some of the evidence of the connection between them all. And, each development has been effected in many of the same ways.

If you want to register for the forums and have your information logged or read the information there, please type my 'username' here exactly as you see it in your browser. That will take you directly to the forums. You will need to have your property information available from your county tax bill. That will help me verify that you are an actual lot owner and not a spammer. If you need any help along the way, just use the Contact link at the top of the forums.

I am also waiting for Kim to get back from vacation to have her fill in what she has done so far and help to identify all of you.
Web Reference:
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Tara Flynn, Both Buyer And Seller, Greenville, TX
Fri May 28, 2010
My name is Tara Flynn,

It seems you've all been afraid to give your real names, phone numbers and contact info!, I'm not!

My company on 2/10/2010 closed on the house and land located at 103 Lakeview Court, in the Villages of Lone Oak.

It paid $5,000 for the 75% finished 2007, 2,881 sq. ft concrete house and .25 acres, it sits on!

This property was a resale owned by One West bank, sold to my company through our agent Marty Gray.

As a resale, the property had been struck from the Hunt County Apprasial District (HCAD) tax rolls in 2008, in an attempt to 1st sell it on the county steps, which failed as did, attempting to sell it at auction.

Gray real Estate entered it as a listing for One West Bank, after they turned down a bid from a wrecking crew of $25,000 to tear the house down!

The HCAD wouldn't let Gray list it for anything less than $31,900, 10% of the FMV that the HCAD had put on it!

My company 2 weeks later called Marty Gray, made a Fair Market Vaule offer of 5,000 in cash and settled it on a HUD1 less than 15 days later.

The property was sold in an as is condition under a special limited deed, with no septic,city sewer,city water available ever, nor was there a way to have the electric hooked up!

There is still is a sticker posted on the front window put there by the county saying it is unihabitable, and it was there when we closed on it on 02/10/2010.

On april 30, 2010, the HCAD sent a tax FMV of 197,260.
I filed a formal protest on the 15th, based on what my company paid for a purchase FMV as well as using the sales comps for the last 6 months for property sales, and the ones I pulled after closing on 2/10/2010.

Lots began selling for 1,000 a lot, 3 days after that date, with the 1st 3, were sold on the steps and the rest sold on
I'm a licensed paralegal researcher, real estate agent and ready to fight the HCAD, if you are!

Isn't it bad enoungh the HCAD has charged you poor lot owners for the last 3- 4 years on purchase values you paid!
Not one property since the last lot was sold by the last debunk, dubious assumed owner of this subdivision to an unsuspectiing buyer, in Sept 2009, has ever been failrly taxed by the HCAD, for its FMV!


FMV is based on comps!
I just gave you a huge one to use against them!
It's bad enough if you pay for worthless land and the fact the HCAD know it's worthless and will remain that way, but now if they continue to tax it on what you paid for the land it is a crime against you as a tax payer, not before I bought the house and land, but after I bought the land and house.

My phone number is 903-455-8090, I live at 1408 Jacksons Run in Greenville, Texas.
My company's name is on the ownership papers. It is Equine Colic Relief.
The phone number is to my office!

This is an election year, these subdivisions and the victims of them and the evils brought about by the CAD's that tax them, is something not yet brought to the attention of the news media, but will be!
Petitions, are not one citizen but many that oppose or propose changes, what The Owners Of The Villages Of Lone Oak do, can change what CAD's like Hunt County, can do in the future!

I will fight them alone, as Travis said when he drew the line in the sand at the Alamo, if you do not wish to fight them leave, for there is no shame in retreating from numbers greater than you are!
This is America!
We the people, do not serve those we elect they serve us!

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Docroger, Home Buyer, Irving, TX
Thu Aug 27, 2009
We would like information about meetings or law suits also.
Put us on email list.
Roger Knapp
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Louise Thomas, , 75453
Sat Feb 28, 2009
If you own property out at the Villages at Lone Oak, here is my advise for what it's worth --

First, take a deep breath. This new company, 3-D Resorts, is a fine reputable company who has a plan and they are carefully working that plan. When they purchased this property they also purchased an enormous amount of debt. They are working through paying for the "sins" of the previous company and doing a pretty good job at it. If they hadn't stepped up to the plate when they did, the development would be a financial disaster for all of good people who have purchased land there.

I understand that the economy is in turmoil. No one could foresee this plunge in the market or that there would be massive lay-offs and such. They didn't, you didn't, and either did anyone else. But, the right Real Estate is still a good investment. It may no longer be a the right investment for you, but for someone else it is.

I am pleased to see that this new company has a plan. Will everything be rosy now?? No, but they are working their plan which include paying off debt, building infrastructure and finishing the last nine holes of the Golf Coure. It is easy to see whether or not roads are being built, and construction projects are being completed, but there isn't anything that you can point to that shows debt being paid, unless you get into their financial records, which I would imagine are available if you go to their offices in Spring Branch Texas.

There have been negotiations with Cash Water, which is a Special Utility District, to facilitate adequate water since the beginning. These talks had been virtually discontinued when Colorado Mtn. Development was the owners. But there is an end in sight, and now there is an agreement in place to provide water to up to 355 homes prior to a Water tower being built. Only certain areas are ready to be built in, however over the course of this summer that will change. Like I said, infrastructure is their number one priority.

If you are a property owner who wants to sell their property, keep in mind that until homes start being built the only lots that are selling are those being sold by the sales staff. If you are considering purchasing a lot out at the Villages, but you are unsure, consider purchasing a lot from someone who is needing to sell. I can almost guarantee, that you can purchase a better one than the development is offering right now, and in many cases the Golf Club membership that will be transferred is better than the one that you will be offered. There are full / unlimited memberships available, but not from the sales staff.

If you are a builder looking for a really nice place to build several or even just one home, call me. There are deals out there and prime locations to show off the style and quality of your workmanship. If you build a beautiful home in The Villages at Lone Oak, I have been assured that it would be added to the tour each week-end and hundreds will see the quality of your workmanship each month.

The Villages at Lone Oak is an emerging resort style development on the Shores of Lake Tawakoni in the quiet Ranching community of Lone Oak Texas. It is a great place to go to get a way from the Metro-plex where you are truly away without being too far away. It only takes about an hour to get to from Dallas, but unlike some of the other lakes in the area, Lake Tawakoni hasn't been totally developed out. It really is a nice recreational lake.

If you have been invited as a guest to preview the Villages at Lone Oak, I would encourage you to go, get your free gift then call me. Or better still, just call me and I will show you around and answer all of your questions. I have many clients who have found that in this current economy they need to sell their property. Their loss can be your gain, and there are so many advantages to purchasing these lots that have already had payments made for a year or two.

My name is Louise Thomas, and I am a Realtor in the Lone Oak area. I am very familiar with the Villages at Lone Oak and my only goal is for it to be a robust success and a boost to our local economy. If I can answer any questions for you I am happy to. In the spirit of full disclosure, I did spend about 4 months on the sales staff out at the Villages back in 2006, that is when I realized that there were a lot of people purchasing these lots as an investment and they were going to eventually need a Realtor. I am no longer an employee, or in any way associated with 3-D Resorts or The Villages at Lone Oak, but I am happy to speak frankly with you. If you are a builder, once again, I encourage you to contact me because there are some really great deals out there that I would be happy to discuss with you.

I hope that you have found this useful. If I can assist you, please don't hesitate to call me.

Louise Thomas
903-268-4200 (c)
903-356-4700 office
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Missosmommy, Home Buyer, Fort Worth, TX
Tue Oct 8, 2013
We had to stop making payments and DFC settled our $34,000 loan for $2000. granted, we owed around $3500 to the IRS for the unrealized gain, but that's better than giving DFC another dime.
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Bj, Home Buyer, Camarillo, CA
Fri May 10, 2013
Just got my appraisal for my $ 65,000 lot...................$3,560................down from $14,220 last year.............2013 Notice of Appraised Value from Hunt county................
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Any news if the taxes will go away all together?
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Nancy, Home Owner, Longview, TX
Thu Apr 11, 2013
We have not been contacted by BOA in many months now. Land has gone back to the county. Our credit shows the surrender as we knew it would but that too will disappear in about 3 1/2 more years. BOA did have their law firm send lettersa few times but our lawyer responded each time reminding them about the fraud involved and we no longer hear from them. It was mainly a scare tactic by BOA to try and make us pay.
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Local, , Lone Oak, TX
Fri Jul 20, 2012
Update: the golf couse has closed and greens are ruined, must be scraped and redone. County has stated that they will not allow anyone to build on their lots. Cash water stated they want $2 million to provide water to the lots. No septic can be put in unless you have 1.25 acres. The county is holding the tax lots in inventory trying to get $3500, but no takers. They will not absolute sale lots because they are taxing at an $11,500 value. Something is wrong with this picture.
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Bj, Home Buyer, Camarillo, CA
Fri Dec 2, 2011
A lot of people owe a lot of money and taxes on this property. Others have lost a lot and had their credit and lives ruined. I hope the developers and promoters can sleep at night for not putting in the utilities as promised !!!!!
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Dennis Phill…, Both Buyer And Seller, Longview, TX
Fri Nov 18, 2011
I understand about the hit on our credit. But I'm not putting anymore money into this worthless piece of property. We like everone else I'm sure are out several thousand dollars. We will survive the hit on our credit. The bank is saying short sale is better than foreclosure. I'm not sure but whichever happens we are paying anymore for this lot.
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Dennis Phill…, Both Buyer And Seller, Longview, TX
Fri Nov 18, 2011
I have informed Wells Fargo that I would not be making anymore payments on this lot. They are suggesting a short sale. Does anyone know any realators in this area or have any advice on short sales. My loan started with DFC then went to Wachovia which was taken over by Wells Fargo.
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Nancy, Home Owner, Longview, TX
Fri Aug 12, 2011
Our lawsuit never went through...Once our lawyer contacted the lawyer for BOA about the facts about the land they decided not to pursue the recovery of the rest of the money. We had about $40,000 into the land when we stopped payment owing approx. $58,000 more. I drove by the properties Wednesday after visiting with our lawyer. I bumped into a man and his son playing the open holes on the course. I was having difficulty finding my lot so i stopped him to ask if he was familiar with the prooperty. He said he was and never introduced himself by name but did identify himself as having been hired by BOA to visit the property and do a current appraisal of lots that had been foreclosed on. Some things he shared with me that may help you...

He has appraised approx. 13 lots...some fairway $2,500.00 and others $2,000.00, they are being sold for this amount currently to anyone who wants to pay the current taxes which are about $1,000 per year, Hunt county is still taxing based on the amount the property was originally valued. He said most people buying currently are locals hoping the land course will make . He says it appears the nine holes developed on the course are being watered by well...1-5 and 9-12...they are playable. One house is complete...kind of...make shift aerobic system and dug well...they are full time residents. Another house was started but never completed...both alike...can't tell if it is brick or ? and green tin roof. Not what i consider a golf course home.
None of the sites are furnished with city utilities. No real golf pro shop. He said most owners have foreclosed. He said there is one area on the water that has about 15 house...he guesses they were the original executives that have separated from the golf course and got city utilities by joining with the lake properties.
Our lawyer is a friend of ours...he is not a property lawyer but just helped us to get BOA off our backs. I will ask him Sunday to see if he can recommend someone in your area.Until then i hope some of this helps you.
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Darthbowmacc, , Fort Worth, TX
Tue Feb 22, 2011
I have been following everyones struggles for a while, we too are in the same situation, we own a lot on the golf course so we owe about 90K to Wells Fargo. Has anyone had any sucess with a restructured loan with reduced principle, or have people just been walking away from it? And if you do walk away from it can the bank come after you and your house? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, we dont think that we should have to pay the bank $150K in principle and interest because we made one mistake and bought this land. Thanks
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any update- we are having problem, pls post if there is anything that might help us. thanks.
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Morgan Woods, Home Buyer, Laredo, TX
Mon Sep 27, 2010
Did anyone else get a letter from Jeff King at DFC about the lots? I retyped it in case somebody else wanted to see it. Looks like they are trying to do something.

Dear Property Owner:

Earlier this year I wrote to you to introduce myself and bring you up to date on our foreclosure of the Lone Oak property and our intentions going forward. Since that time, myself and a number of my associates have been working diligently to familiarize ourselves with the issues and challenges associated with restarting and eventually completing the project. This has included meetings and discussions with Cash Special Utility District, Hunt County officials, engineers that worked on the project, as well as site visits with developers, some of whom we’ve worked with for over 20 years, who may be interested in developing and selling the remainder of the property. At the same time, we’ve continued to work toward securing the additional funding and financing needed to restart the project. And although we’ve secured commitments for some of this financing and we’ve answered many of our initial questions, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. I’d like to assure all of you that DFC will continue to work toward resolving these issues and challenges.

In the meantime, hats off to Bentley Burrus, our resident golf pro/golf course superintendent/wearer of many hats, for keeping the golf course looking great with a small crew and a shoe-string budget. We’d like to encourage all of you to see for yourself. Bring this letter, present it at the pro shop and play a round, with cart, for free.

I’m also excited to report that work continues on the President George Bush Turnpike Eastern Extension, a $1 billion project through the North Texas Tollway Authority (go to for maps and a progress report). By bringing areas east and northeast of Dallas 10-15 minutes closer to Lone Oak, we’re hopeful this will increase the demand for primary residential living at The Villages.

I will continue to keep all of you informed throughout this process.
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Nathan Oehrl…, Renter, San Diego, CA
Wed Jul 21, 2010
To sum up:
1. no water, no sewer for almost the entire development
2. 3D Resorts, which bought the development from Lone Oak Land Dev. Co., has filed for bankruptcy (or so the rumor goes, but I don't recall an actual notice that that happened).
3. A group of Prop Owners bravely headed up by Kim Brown looked into filing suit only to find lawyers who wanted $10K up-front per family to go after them.
4. People who have protested their taxes have seen a 50% reduction in land value for tax purposes this year.
5. People still using DFC for their loan have seen generous renegotiations for payments on a case-by-case basis.
6. The golf course is a 9-hole public course run by Hunt Co. of uncertain fate as Hunt Co. tries to collect on unpaid taxes for the lots owned by 3D Resorts/LOLDC.
7. Approaches made by Kim Brown (in person) have gone un-acted-upon by the State Attorney General. Numerous complaints filed by numerous prop owners have gone un-acted-upon by SAG Office.
8. Hunt County officials have looked the other way for all of these years while they collected tax money. The provided bonds ensuring completion of roads and utilities are mysteriously "not on file" at the county office and thus non-claimable. Phone calls to the actual insurance company who insured the bonds do not get returned.
9. All of us owners continue to be scattered around the state and country with very few of us actually local to go see the property and annoying poke at people. Even fewer of us live in Hunt County to vote in elections to unseat any elected officials who are less than helpful or have chosen to look the other way.

Anything different to add to this list would be appreciated, but keeping it factual and succinct would be advisable.

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Nathan Oehrl…, Renter, San Diego, CA
Sat Jun 5, 2010
Raul: Where have you been for the rest of this year?? ;-) Just kidding :-D

I think going to the media is a great thing to try--I know a few people have tried that, so hopefully they now come forward and suggest tactics that worked and tactics that didn't. I seriously doubt the VLO is the only place where a development like this has been undertaken and failed. The best way to approach it is to shine a nice bright light on the cronies at Hunt County--as opposed to the guys who used fraudulent practices in the later years to sell land. Media loves to get involved in politics--and those guys at Hunt County will be re-elected by the citizens of Hunt County--and it seems that local news stations would love any dirt on them possible.

Questions for the media to answer:
1) What happened to the original bonds taken out by the original developer to finish roads and utilities?
2) Why does Hunt County allow lots to be sold without infrastructure in place and then not follow through in pursuing avenues of restitution when the developer splits before finishing?
3) Why did Hunt County engineers require excessive water infrastructure placing excessive burden on future developers?
4) Why has Hunt County applied an un-even and unfair pricing scheme for lots at VLO (and probably others)?

Seems like enough for a decent segment to me...good luck Raul--and thank you for any help you can provide. It seems Kim and others who have worked on this over the past year are absolutely tired, frustrated, and angry--anything that can be done to move this in a positive direction would be appreciated.

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Kimberly Bro…, Agent, Plano, TX
Fri Mar 19, 2010
I am bringing my letter to the meeting tomorrow.
I was wondering if anyone had the letter that talked about what the schools were doing?
Can you scan into your computer and then cut and paste it in here so I may read?
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Andy P., Home Seller, McKinney, TX
Fri Mar 19, 2010
Just got a letter from Developer Finance Corporation. They've foreclosed on the Villages.
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Kimberly Bro…, Agent, Plano, TX
Thu Oct 22, 2009
I thought I posted this earlier, but computer must have ate the Q and A.
I and two other people will be at the Starbucks located on Preston and the George Bush Hwy in Plano, TX. today at 4. For those who can't be there but want to be involved please email me at or, or you can call me and I will put you on speaker phone in the coffee shop if you would like. Ideas welcome.
I have an idea to get things rolling, but I need your help. I can't do this alone, it is too much for one person.
Thanks, Kim
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Brenda Ashley, , Azle, TX
Mon Sep 7, 2009
Jimb123, Thanks for that info. I too, just cancelled my "subscription". Gary, I was wondering, what does your lawyer suggest you do? If he can get alot of people would he be able to do a class action lawsuit? I would be very interested to join. The sooner we do something the better. I'm tired of wasting my money. We are paying for Lot 1 at Lakeside where, I'm sure, nothing has been done. Obviously, I don't want to ruin my credit, so I haven't stopped paying on it. My email is if anybody wants to add me to a list of any kind of action.
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Ddblosser, Home Buyer, Keller, TX
Sun Sep 6, 2009
I too believe a class action suit is justified and necessary! Please add me to the contact list as well; or call 817-741-0966. Denny Blosser
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Rick Van Dame, Home Seller, Rockwall County, TX
Sun Sep 6, 2009
I belive Olga is running the meeting?? She sent me an email saying she would be there from Noon to 2pm. What a strange time to call a meeting, on a Holliday when they know many people cant come!!! click on her profile and email her.
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Olga Cooper, , Rockwall, TX
Sun Sep 6, 2009

Take FM 1571 out of Lone Oak, towards the lake. Follow the road until it dead-ends. Pass the pro shop, take the next entrance. You'll see the sales office on your left.
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Jimb123, Both Buyer And Seller, Arlington, TX
Mon Aug 24, 2009
so will the county help ensure that this gets finished or do you think folks should just walk away and hand the land back to our banks (ie: not pay the loans)? Sure it'll ruin my chance to get another loan, but right now this is sucking several thousand a year plus taxes out of my pocket.

no idea what to do at this point

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Wills, Home Seller, Highland Village, TX
Wed Jun 17, 2009
I played the course last month and was also surprised to see that it had been spun off independantly and the clubhouse (club-trailer) staff informed me that i should also pay for playing. I had a very short conversation with him on this topic and wound up playing for free, as i have the full membership acquired with my property, but not without some consternation on the part of the staff.

The club staff also informed me that i should be getting notification of some fee, due and other associated changes associated with the course in the near future, mostly due to the separation from the property. My assumption is that this is in part due to breaking up assets and running, yet trying to pull in fees for the course based on a membership sold with the property.

Obviously an interesting arrangement, and one my lawyer is looking into at.

Anybody know what is going on with the property company?
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Zoesmom, Home Seller, Dallas, TX
Fri Jun 12, 2009
So, basically, there are no options here. We own a lot there, too, that we have been trying to get rid of since basically day 1. I hate to think that we either end up paying $400 a month for a worthless piece of land or ruin our credit by walking away. Our property has been listed for almost a year with no interest. So much for trying to do the right thing!

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Btt, , Texas
Sat Sep 27, 2008
With all due respect to Mr. Gipson, I think he has presented a very unfair perspective on the Villages. I'm sorry for your negative experience, but there is always risk involved in any investment. Many people bought lots at the Villages that they perhaps could not really afford and hoped to flip them quickly for a prophet. When this was not possible due to the stagnent market, some would-be profiteers found themselves in the unhappy position of having to pay for an investment that they didn't plan to hold for more than a few weeks. This is not the fault of the Villages, but rather a symptom of the larger economic crisis that the country is facing collectively.

I should say here, that I am not employed by the villages, I am not a real estate agent, and I do not own lots there, but I am familiar with the development and what is happening there. I don't like the methods the Villages employ to sell lots, but it is a beautiful development, the golf course was designed by Jeffrey Brauer, the development is right on Lake Tawakoni, one of Texas' top fishing lakes. The main thing slowing development there is squabbles between the Villages' developer and the local government. These negotiations happen with every new development and they will run their course in due time. In the meantime there is no reason not to invest in this development. It will become a wonderful place and investors who stick with it will be very pleased I think.

There are many lots at the Villages for sale by individual owners. You don't know about them because they cannot put up signs. The top listing agent for lots at the Villages is far and away, Louise Thomas at Exit Realty - Pinnacle Group in Quinlan, Tx. If you want the true picture on what is happening at the Villages now and what things are in the works for the future, talk to Louise. She can help you list your property, buy property, or just give you guidance on your options with regard to the Villages.

There is no need to panic, and any sort of litigation would most certainly be a waste of time and money because there is nothing going on at the Villages that is unusual or criminal.

Mr. Gipson, I hope you can work things out for yourself and find a great solution to your issues. You sound frustrated and your situation is regretable, but know that you are just playing Monopoly and you're loosing right now. Get rid of some hotels and sell Park Place and you'll be fine. I hope you find a nice "Get out of Jail Free" card real soon.
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Linda Waltman, Agent, Katy, TX
Tue May 6, 2008
Select realtors and/or brokers that advertise and/or sell in that area. Then interview them. Ask them to bring with them some information on listing prices for lots in that development and/or area. Ask them to bring along their marketing program for their listings.
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rebecca.barn…, Home Owner, Lone Oak, TX
Sat Aug 27, 2016
Any updates for folks still owning lots in the VLO today 8/272016?
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Jayme.starr1, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Sun May 8, 2016
We now own one of the houses on rocky ford and it was the best decision we've ever made :)
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Bj, Home Buyer, Camarillo, CA
Tue Apr 5, 2016
I stopped paying after several years and refinancing with BOA...............ended up taking a $ 45,000 loss on my taxes...........and with the new laws had to pay $ 7000 in additional taxes because of the write down..........I would not have got involved if the dallas cowboy players were not recommending it.....wonder what they were paid.....i hope karma visits the lone oak texas swindlers
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rebecca.barn…, Home Owner, Lone Oak, TX
Thu Mar 6, 2014
Good luck trying to sell a lot in Lone Oak. We have not been able to find anyone to list our lot which is in a good lake view location with electric and water (so they say). I understand the 2 homes are listed, and one lot in Rocky Ford sold in 2011 for $18,000. Other than that, nothing moves.
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you can buy those lots at the court house for tax due price
Flag Thu Mar 6, 2014
Jack Gipson, Both Buyer And Seller, Lone Oak, TX
Wed Mar 5, 2014
Local realtor has property for sale all vacant land and abandon golf course...
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ss, Home Buyer, 95212
Wed Mar 5, 2014
Wow. I haven't been keeping abreast with this development as I considered it as really bad lesson learned many years ago, but just reading up on the updates, this appears to be a scam from the get go especially since there are other similar developments facing similar dire circumstances. I know I'm very late to the party, but if anything has been planned or is planning to be done to remedy this situation, I'm very interested in joining. I believe a lawsuit is warranted and if enough of us join in, we should be able to take this to court, get our money back and , and our attorney fees paid. I'll be checking back here more often to see further developments.
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Hi, I too was not aware of all the developments. How can I be added to the group if ever anything come from it. Thanks
Flag Tue Aug 12, 2014
Some of us got together and had an attorney take a good look into it. Basicly, these guys have gotten away clean and there is no legal recorse without putting in money in vain.
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RJ, Home Owner, Dallas, TX
Sun Jan 12, 2014
The county gains a lot of property tax revenue if this development were to get going and succeed. How about finding a politician that will put some federal investment dollars to use at the local level to put utilities in and maybe subsidize a private developer willing to get that golf course up and running again.

Hunt County ought to be on board with an idea like that.
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I was thinking the same thing this week. We need to talk to some people at Hunt County court house and see if they are willing to make a little investment with decades of returns for Hunt county.
Flag Sat Feb 1, 2014
Look for one who is up for election, soon. Promise to back them IF they resolve this first. (smile)
Flag Mon Jan 13, 2014
texas.hoa-po…, Home Owner, Green Valley, AZ
Sun Jan 12, 2014
The county may have some 'rules' on septic systems and wells, ie. land required to have both, distance from each other, etc.. If anyone lives on the water, they could probably pump directly from that water or dig a well next to it and filter the water through stone using a culvert to house the pump (long story can explain if needed). Solar for electric is relatively easy IF you have the room for that many solar panels.
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rebecca.barn…, Home Owner, Lone Oak, TX
Sun Jan 12, 2014
I realize that we came to a dead end legally getting these crooks. However, I've been considering putting a self sustaining home on our lot so we would not need to find water, electric, or sewage. I'm still paying Compass as we used our house In Irving as collateral. Has anyone tried this self sustaining angle?
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Rebecca, we drove by this place yesterday. We don't own anything there, but it was sad to see it so dosil. We are buying in Lone Oak soon. Can you send me a private I may have a few questions you can answer about the area.
Flag Sun Jul 20, 2014
Jack Gipson, Both Buyer And Seller, Lone Oak, TX
Wed Oct 9, 2013
I bought a lot at the Hunt County Courthouse for $846 dollars .. Many are for sale but this was the cheapest one .I think DFC will leave soon They sent their people to dig up all sprinkler heads on the golf course last year ... The man I talk to said they were heading to Brownwood Texas golf course.. The GIG moves west ... Jack Gipson
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They have had that development in Brownwood for a while and it is just as much a scam as the rest of them, sadly.
Flag Wed Oct 9, 2013
Bj, Home Buyer, Camarillo, CA
Fri May 10, 2013
Treasure Chest------"An unforeseen windfall of new abundance comes to you now!"
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Bj, Home Buyer, Camarillo, CA
Fri May 10, 2013
and a wonderful community would be born.
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Bj, Home Buyer, Camarillo, CA
Fri May 10, 2013
Save the people at Lone Oak
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Bj, Home Buyer, Camarillo, CA
Fri May 10, 2013
A college class could do it as a pet project.
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Bj, Home Buyer, Camarillo, CA
Fri May 10, 2013
Part 2-------class action suit------------------part 1----------the county could make much more money in the long run if they hooked up the utilities
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Harp, , Allen, TX
Fri May 10, 2013
around and around we go unfortunately, but I long ago let go of the dream as Rneal13 said.
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Rneal13, Home Buyer, Chandler, TX
Fri May 10, 2013
There's no way anyone is going to buy the land from you or any of the rest of us. If you read the other answers below, this was a giant scam that we all bought into and are stuck with until we can realistically stop paying the bank and stop paying taxes on it. We had our lot listed for over 2 years and have yet to get a single person desperate enough to buy it. There's obviously no water available via wells, so that's out and I doubt the county will bring in water lines to help out from the goodness of their hearts. Simply speaking, unless you know of a great lawyer who can help resolve your issues you are stuck like most of the rest of us. We cannot afford to take the hit from not paying at the present time. If you find a lawyer willing to work for you, please share that name and contact info with the rest of us poor losers.

RNeal, Chandler, TX
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They are selling lots at the Hunt County courthouse. First Tuesday every month.. I bought one for 836 dollars in July... Bunch more go in August Jack Gipson
Flag Fri Aug 2, 2013
Bj, Home Buyer, Camarillo, CA
Fri Apr 19, 2013
Praying for a Miracle !!!
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Nancy, Home Owner, Longview, TX
Fri Apr 19, 2013
We did stop payments to BOA but kept on paying taxes. About 18months later after we received a couple letters from BOA and the threat of legal action we did contact Mr. Merritt. He advised us to also stop paying the taxes and let the land go back to the county. He dealt with BOA and their council for us. He is a personal friend of ours and this may be why he has decided not to get further involved...however, I would give him one more chance to respond to you before giving up completely on talking to him.
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Rneal13, Home Buyer, Chandler, TX
Thu Apr 18, 2013

I have loan with BAC and have kept current to this point. Did you just quit making loan payments and let them contact you and then have your attorney call them or how did you handle? I have placed a few calls to Mr. Merritt but he has not returned calls. I had the lot listed as a short sale for over a year for minimal amount and not a single call obviously. Can you give me any pointers on best way to dump this albatross( (BAC loan)?
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Chris, Home Owner, Lone Oak, TX
Thu Apr 18, 2013
Does any one want to buy a lot at a very cheap price, below appraised value? $1000.
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