I been trying to sell home for last 4 monthe with one agent.No result so far. Do I need to think about?

Asked by E Hong, 63301, MO Thu Jul 3, 2008

changing agent ? Do I need seller agent or buyer/seller agent ? Who could help me more to sell house?

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Michelle Rot…, , 52722
Thu Jul 3, 2008
Your agents job is to make sure the buyers know your home is available and should they have an extensive internet marketing system. Research says over 80% of buyers shop online and choose the homes they want to see based on that information.

You should have photographs that are OUTSTANDING!! and I mean OUTSTANDING!!I have had buyers pass up seeing a home that was priced right but had dark, unflattering photographs. If your agent is not a talented photographer make sure that they hire one!

Is the selling company commission one that will make the agent add yours to the list to show or pass it by for another listing that has the same features with a higher commission? There's so much competition right now you need every advantage you can get.

Is the condition of the home in above average condition? If not, is the asking price below average to make up for any work the buyers will have to do? I recommend your home be in tip top shape with neutral colors and a few "wow factors" that makes the buyer get excited about the house. There are inexpensive ideas that can make your home stand out in the crowd - ask your agent to be honest with you and then follow their advise and make any suggested improvements.

Is it in a good location, great school district and easy access to major highways and shopping? If not, have you adjusted the price to make up for any negative features?

Bottom line - make sure your home is in the top five percent in either special features and condition or price. If the buyers are choosing to look at your home but do not make an offer, it is usually condition, price or a poor location that makes the choose to purchase another property. They have found other homes that are priced lower or have "todays" features that that make the home "move in ready" If you are not getting any showings the buyers do not see any value and are passing it up to look at other homes. Think of it this way - you are looking at homes to buy - are you willing to pay more for the ones that are move in ready, with no hassle of making improvements? If you are looking for a fixer upper that you have to upgrade cabinets, paint, change the flooring or remodel a bathroom, you certainly want to be reimbursed for your expense, time and inconvience of living through an remodel.

I like the analogy that a company can to marketing wonders but no matter what they do they are never going to be able to sell a $25 tube of Crest Toothpaste. Today's consumers have unlimited access to information and will choose the best value for their money.

Talk to your agent - ask them to be frank and honest - and follow their advise. Make sure you are as knowledgeable about todays market as the buyers are.

Ok - here's the hype as to why you should choose me to be your agent in the event you decide to list with a different company. I've been selling real estate since 1991 and know what it takes to position a house to sell. I am painfully honest, and will tell you what you need to do to get your home in the top 5% so it sells. Real estate is location, price and condition - I'll help you get in the top 5% so your home sells. You can visit my website at http//:LetsGetItSold.com or contact me at 636 219-5136. I'm blunt, honest, experienced and will put my money where my mouth is. If I don't get your home sold in 60 days or less, providing you do what I suggest, I will give you $1000 of my commission at closing.

Hey - we will even have fun while we are at it. Life is short - I surround myself with positive people who know how to enjoy life. If that sounds like you - give me a ring at 636 219-5136
Web Reference:  http://LetsGetItSold.com
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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Thu Jul 3, 2008
Ask your Realtor this question:
Since my home went on the market:
how many homes have entered escrow
How many home have lowered their price
How many homes have sold

Realtor are not on vacation. They are showing homes that offer the most value. So they are not showing your home. Ask for a print out from the MLS so You can see what THEY can see.

You need 10-12 showings to produce an offer. If you don't have 10-12 showings in the first two weeks you are probably over-priced.

ANY home will sell at the right price.
Good luck.
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Crystal & Dr…, Agent, Saint Charles, MO
Sat Sep 13, 2008
I see you are in the 63301 area and there are some areas there that are just taking longer to sell than others, you might be in one of these areas. To see if this is the case have your agent pull homes that have gone under contract, homes that have sold and homes that have reduced. Also ask what the average days on the market are for your neighborhood if your agent hasn't already told you.

Your first step should be to talk to your agent about what they are doing to get your home sold. I know with my clients that I get them a bi-weekly email report on the marketing that has been promised and then provided. I also call them on a weekly basis to discuss market changes, showing feedback and anything else I think they need to know about their home being on the market. I also provide internet stats to my sellers so they can see how much there home is being viewed, since about 80% of buyers start online with their home search!

I would communicate with your agent that is the best thing you can do and then if you think there is an issue then you can act on it from there.
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Dale Weir, Agent, Chesterfield, MO
Fri Jul 4, 2008
It's easy for all of us to sit here and second guess your agent who is probably sitting at home right now trying to figure out other marketing strategies to get buyers into your home. Sit down with your agent, talk to him or her. Your agent is most likely as frustrated as you are. But that doesn't mean that they don't care and want to get your home sold. Keep in mind that your agent doesn't see a penny until your home is sold and has probably spent quite a bit of his or her own time and money marketing your home, gas money getting to and from your home to talk to you, do open houses, etc, and they won't get paid until your home is sold and closes and if you decide to relist with someone else, they won't get paid at all, regardless of how much money and time they have spent on your listing. Sit and talk to them about why your home hasn't sold, review the feedback you've gotten from showing agents and the agent open house, but also talk about the absorption rate for your area.

In the 63301 area since March 1st of 2008 there have been 525 homes on the market , ranging in price from $20,000 (sold the day it went on the market for $30,000) to 1 listed at $1,575,000 that sold for $469,990 in 703 days (and yes that is correct). 51 listings sold in the first 30 days they went on the market, 30 sold in the next month, 20 in the 3rd month, 17 in the 4th month, 21 after that out of the 139 that sold out of the 525 that were on the market. Now in the past 4 months, 41 homes went pending and 139 closed, that's 180 homes, or 45 a month. There's 239 active listings left in your zip code that you are competing against, which is over a 5 month supply of homes on the market. that you need to be better than in order to get the contract (now since I don't know your price point or your exact location and school district, this is obviously very broad, with that data - which your agent has - the numbers become more realistic for your situation, but you may still be looking at a 5 month supply of homes on the market that you are competing against!)

Go visit the homes that have sold and the ones that you are in competition against now. If there are things that you need to do to your home to improve it's position in the market do it. Consider hiring a stager who will help you to either stage your home with your own belongings and a few accessories that the stager will bring in, or put your belongings in storage and use the stagers stuff - it can make a huge difference (your house has to have personality and charm on it's own, but it can't be so full of your personality that the buyers can't see the house for your stuff). It's been 4 months, take a look at your home and see if you need to "freshen up" anything that you took care of 4 months ago, but in living in your home has gotten a bit "worn". Do the minor repairs - buyers look at minor repairs and immediately think that if those need to be done that major things need to be done. replace flooring and paint if needed. And if you have the misfortune to be in a bad location, have a bad yard or one of the other attributes that you can't fix, then adjust your price point because that's the only fix you can do in this market that will really work on top of making sure that everything else shines.

I've been showing in that area a lot recently and my buyers probably saw 60 homes. Some were great, some were so bland and blank that they had absolutely nothing distinguishing about them, they were just a house. Some had great yards, some had finished basements, some had walk out basements, some obviously needed work, some the buyers felt cheated because the MLS description really didn't match the house (calling an open loft area a bedroom for example), some had great sunporches, others wonderful decks or patios. Some were well painted and staged, others obviously had elderly home owners in them from the decor, some backed to very busy roads, some backed to common ground. My clients looked at a lot of homes, and chose one that had a finished basement but it wasn't a walk out but had a full bath, had a nice yard, and had a nice flow to it. The flooring wasn't as fancy as some (more vinyl instead of tile) It wasn't the fanciest that they saw, or the most expensive or the least expensive, it was on the market less than 2 weeks when we made the offer, and it was in excellent condition (the building inspector found only minor things).

The last one I listed in that area went under contract in a week, but they did what I told them to do to fix it up to sell it quickly.

Listen to your agent - ask them what you need to do, then do it. Talk to your agent.ask them what they would suggest to "freshen up" your marketing and get more buyers to your home.
Web Reference:  http://www.yourstlhome.com
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Dale Weir, Agent, Chesterfield, MO
Thu Jul 3, 2008
OK, all of the things that the others have said are true, but lets also consider your home. Are there any negatives about your home that are really negative? On a busy road? back up to a dump site or a nasty view? Are there 20 or more other homes in your general area/school district (people don't really search by subdivision, they search by school districts any more) that are just like yours that are on the market that might be slightly nicer or lower in price or have that nicer view or better location or ?? In today's market, there's a LOT of competition on the market and you have to be better than all the others in order to win the beauty pageant and get the buyer's hand in marriage. Sometimes that takes a better price point, but sometimes that takes making sure that you look the best or have the best features. Ask your agent to take you to see the home that have recently gone under contract that are at your price point and up to $15,000 lower in a 5 mile radius of your home. (Many will be contiue to show looking for a backup contract. Even if they aren't your agent can talk to other agents and get permission to take you in if the home is vacant or if they know the other agents and can ask the agent to ask their sellers to let in one more showing). You need to understand what the buyers are chosing over you, so you will know how to make yourself better. Something you can't change (like being on a busy street), but then you have to adapt from that. Your agent can do marketing till she or he turns blue in the face, but today's buyer can pull up maps and see that the home is on a busy street before they decide to go visit it, they can be in the car and when the agent pulls up in front of the home, refuse to get out of the car because the street is too busy. Once you get a buyer inside a home, they may discover that what they thought was a problem, really isn't, but you have to get them into the home first and sometimes that takes all the guile an agent has to get someone inside the door so they can see what a home is really like so they can fall in love with it (and remember that it was their idea to visit it in the first place). My company is starting a program called 10G's to give agents a 1 in 40 chance of winning a bonus of $10,000 when they sell a listing in the program. Other companies are starting other programs geared to encourage buyers and agents to get into the homes and get them sold.

In MO, agents start as transaction agents, we become a buyers agent or a sellers agent when we sign a contract with an individual that states how we will represent him or her.
Web Reference:  http://www.yourstlhome.com
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Terry Willis, Agent, O Fallon, MO
Thu Jul 3, 2008
The seller's agent's job is to market to the buyers agent and the public. If they happen to be the one to sell your home also, that's just "icing on the cake". Make sure your selling agent is doing all of the marketing you were promised at the time you signed their listing contract. In our current market you really need full service marketing - and a full service company. Their primary focus should be on the internet, as over 80% of today's buyers look their first and the ads should include lots of photos. For example: my company features your property on over 800 web sites (including this one). This online marketing needs to be supported through print media (newspapers and magazines) as well as flyers in the front yard and open houses, emails to agents in the area and a large buyer data base - all also advertising the web site the propety is featured on so the buyers can go there and see more photos. You can check out more ideas for marketing your home on the link to this through my web site at http://www.TerryWillis.net and contact me through it if you have any more questions. Good luck to you and your agent.
Web Reference:  http://www.TerryWillis.net
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Kimberlee Qu…, Agent, El Cajon, CA
Thu Jul 3, 2008
If your agent is doing the marketing and the pendings and solds support the price you may want to consider some other factors. Ask your agent to suggest things you can do to make your home more appealing to a buyer. Make sure home is in good repair, clean, uncluttered and accessible. Do you have a lockbox and very easy showing requirements? Buyers have too many choices to wait around to view a home. Do you have good curb appeal? Try to answer these questions objectively as if it was someone elses home. You need to stand out above the competition.
Web Reference:  http://www.kqsellshomes.com
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Karen Wenzel,…, Agent, Brookfield, WI
Thu Jul 3, 2008
One thing I would suggest is to sit down with your agent (if you haven't already) and have a conversation reviewing what activity you have had, what the feedback from Buyers or Agents have been. Also, what has the agent been doing to market your property. Are you being exposed to the multitude of on-line websites as well as local marketing. You never know where your Buyer may come from.
Another really important factor is to have your agent do an updated Market evaluation of what homes may have pending offers, and what has actually SOLD in the last 4 months in your area. The market conditions continue to fluctuate, and if you are not competitive in the market, you won't see results.

Your Listing agent is working for YOU. They are trying to find Buyers for your home - as until it is sold, they are working for free. So there is motivation to work hard to find a buyer.
A Buyer's agent is working for the Buyer to find them the right house, at a price that is right.- which may or may not be yours.
The most important thing is to have a consistent dialogue with your agent - if you are frustrated, tell them.
All the Best to you
Web Reference:  http://www.GoPackerUp.com
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