How much are the average realtor feesin Houston?

Asked by Jim Vincent, Muncie, IN Sun Mar 22, 2009

I may be buying and selling a home in the Houston area in the near future. The homes are in the $200,000 to $300,000 price range. What is the average realtor fee for this category of home. Are fees negotiable in Houston?

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LystHouse, Agent, Dallas, TX
Mon May 9, 2016
Everything is negotiable. At LystHouse, if you buy a home with us, we will sell your home for FREE. If you are interested in buying, and selling, simply email us, chat with an agent on our website, or call us and we can schedule a time to discuss your specific needs. 1-855-866-8339
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Diana Shirley, Agent, Overland Park, KS
Tue Apr 12, 2016
I completely agree with Jason Washington. Have a little respect for realtors. The fact that you are trying to cut someone's income is not very considerate. People see that 'big check' at the end and think we are all just rich!! That paycheck might have taken 6 months to earn, and now you want to take it away? Or what about the ones that take 6 months of our time, then change their minds?? We have just worked for free. People are willing to ask us to take less, but not willing to pay for the time they took up, then had a change of heart. We too have mortgages to pay and mouths to feed. We need to put food on our tables just the same as you do. Would you like your boss to give you a pay cut one week, then maybe even more next week? Oh, but hey, you might get to work for full pay the week after that.
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why would it be inconsiderate? if you haggle over a car price, to get a fairer deal, that lowers the commission of the salesperson, but it is not only reasonable but it would be foolish to not do so. i am guessing Diana haggles, or she wont be trying to defend your own interests when others try to get the best deal on your home sale. it is up to the salesperson to be able to explain why they deserve to be paid a certain rate instead of just telling you what you need to pay. to call questioning value and asking for the most fair deal as inconsiderate, it appears she doesnt have a ready answer explaining her actual work involved instead points at how long it might take. silly. unprofessional.
Flag Thu Dec 15, 2016
What are you talking about. Have a little respect? Please, if anything the Zoller was being honest. Jim was basically asking if fees are negotiable, that's all! Who cares if you get your commission slashed.... at least your earning income and if not's not enough you cry baby... then go and get another job! Such a cry baby, you act like you have a real title, give me a break. Anyway you guys are a "dime a dozen" and that's why there's not a big career market for you all. This is a free country and if you can't negotiate and offer lower fees then you can get dropped and we move on to the next one, even if it means 1 less point or two. Please, stop with the whining.....
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Kevan Pewitt, Agent, Houston, TX
Sat Mar 12, 2016
If your are buying a home and selling a home, you can usually save money on the agreed commission on the sale of your current home when you agree to use the same agent to purchase your new home. The agent will make a full commission on the purchase of your new home paid by that home's listing agent. In exchange, your agent can then give you a break on the commission on the sale your home.
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Susie Kay, Agent, Dallas, TX
Sat Mar 12, 2016
The answer is negotiable.
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Mark, Agent, Oceanside, CA
Fri Mar 11, 2016
The best way to find out the current average realtor fees in Houston is to put the commission fees in the open market and let the Agents bid for your commission rate. Commission fees are negotiable and can vary by zip. Houston may be different than Dallas and last year might be different than this year. We find the best way to compare commission fees is to auction them. That is why we created; a free service for Sellers who can invite agents to submit their marketing plan and commission structure. It is a patent pending process that is saving Sellers thousands.

It is completely free to the Seller and there is no obligation for the Seller to pick the lowest bid or any bid. The whole time the Seller remains anonymous as we never publish your street address or contact information. Sellers can sit back and review marketing plans, commission bids, ratings and reviews. A big win for the Seller. After all, Agents are not charged to register or bid and they have no obligation to bid. Give it a try:
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Thank You! Will do
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UpNest Top R…, Agent, Burlingame, CA
Mon Jun 8, 2015
I noticed this question was asked a while ago, but wanted to contribute for anyone selling in Houston that comes by.

Depending on the location and potential selling price of your home, you absolutely can negotiate commission rates. Even with top agents. Keep in mind that working with a reputable agent that can sell your home for the most amount of money is better than finding any agent that will lower their commission rate.

The key to negotiating is to compare multiple agents, and interview all of them. We streamlined this process at UpNest by creating a marketplace where top local agents compete against each other to earn your listing. When agents compete, they bring out their most competitive commission rates and value added services. You also get the satisfaction of "comparison shopping" for agents.
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Hurryupkc, Agent, Houston, TX
Fri Jun 5, 2015
Just giving this input to the overall realtor/owner selling question...
Listing: I am an investor and I always thought selling it yourself was a good idea. We have been doing it for 10 years. But I have found that determining the price, showing the property and answering calls was more than I wanted to do.
Also, I have a friend who sold his property directly behind us, thought he had made a great deal until he asked around and found out that he had WAY undersold his property. He lost more than double the amount he would have paid an agent to list.
Also, the seller does not usually pay all the commission, usually it is split, the buyer paying his agent and the seller paying his at closing. (that has been my experience.)
Buying: Especially if you are a buyer, there are so many things an agent brings to the table. They can spot abnormalities in a wall or foundation that might not be noted in the description (this has saved us a fortune) as well as looking over your contract for hidden fees and negotiable points like assumption and prepayment options on the mortgage side Our last purchase was from a builder and they were charging us a fee that they had hidden and since we were paying cash, should not have been charged. They can also tell you about neighborhood issues that you would have never known; future roadways, transitioning neighborhoods or other things that affect value. You have to remember that they are selling for a reason, what is it?
So all in all, I have found that whether you are buying or selling, it's worth it to have an agent.
Hope this helps!
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Andrea Mazzo…, Agent, Houston, TX
Wed Sep 16, 2009
Hi Jim V,
fees are negotiable, however the avarage Broker fee is 6%. 3% goes to the listing agent for Marketing, Advertising etc..and the other 3% goes to the selling agent who brings a buyer.
This commission ( 6%) is negotiated between the listing agent and the seller prior to listing a property on the MLS. ( Multiple Listing Service).
If you were to buy a property here first, your Agent would be paid by the seller at closing.
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The Zoller G…, Agent, Houston, TX
Wed Sep 16, 2009
Hi Jim,

REALTORS are not supposed to state an average/normal REALTOR fee in Texas. Commission fees are all negotiable. A broker may decide on a fee that they request from a seller. Ity may be a standard for that particular brokerage office. Some brokers will negotiate their own fees. . . . others will not. I would suggest interviewing several agents from different companies to find out what they each charge as commission. You will need to consider what services each of them provide YOU for what they charge. In today's market, I would suggest finding a REALTOR that offers you a tremendous marketing package, experience and knowledge. A real good agent is well worth the money you spend in selling your property. You'll also want to interview an agent(s) when you buy. Make sure they have very good knowledge and work history in the neighborhood you decide to buy your next home. You have the right to be represented by an agent to sell your home and to buy your next home. Take advantage of that right. Please feel free to contact me at 713-661-0884 or if I may be of further service to you,
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Fees are negotiable but are very much so frowned upon in the industry when lowered. As agents we have to make a living and support our families. So when you say that you want to take some of our reward away, that may make an agent not be as enthusiastic about marketing and selling your home. This is the same concept as if a persons boss were to say we have to cut your pay. I've noticed over the years that homes that have a lower commission reward on them, agents will tend to show a different home that gives a higher reward. Me personally, I like to work for the higher percentage and it allows me to increase my budget for marketing to provide an overall better service. Show your agent appreciation, allow them to sale for a higher price, don't cut fees. It's unethical for the most part, in terms of good business transaction.
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Margaret T.…, Agent, Conroe, TX
Mon Mar 23, 2009
As the person from Florida said, yes you can do a flat fee thing, But with the laws in Texas I would certainly want representation. The Governor said that these flat fee people were to represent you, but I have heard horror stories. Our laws are different in Texas , I do not think you want to be sued later.
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Tony Camero, , Houston, TX
Sun Mar 22, 2009
The average fee that realtors charge is 6% that is 3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyers agent. So in your case it would vary from 12K to 18k. That being said realtor fees are always negotiable depending on the agent,. In my case I offer discounts on commission for a variety of reasons.
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Sold!, , Destin, FL
Sun Mar 22, 2009
Jim: You can also just list your place for a flat fee and get it on the MLS. On a $300k sale that is $18,000 pure tax free cash in your pocket. No real reason these days to have an agent. You can give potential buyers a better price and get the deal done is by cutting out the middlemen.
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Margaret T.…, Agent, Conroe, TX
Sun Mar 22, 2009
The answers below are correct but not clear. 6% is the norm for listing and selling a home in Houston.
3% to he listing and 3% agent to the selling or (buyers agent).
This can be higher or lower.
The person that May spend the most on the exposure of your property is the listing agent. The operative word here is may - many just advertise as they wish and your property is not different than any other - therefore what they make should be no different.
The person that talks the buyer into the neighborhood, the value of the house and so forth is the selling or (buyers agent). Therefore if you want to adjust this I would do it where to selling or Buyers agent came out ahead.
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Janine Love, Agent, The Woodlands, TX
Sun Mar 22, 2009
6% is the average, but fees are negotiable.
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