How do I find a great realtor in my area to ell my home?

Asked by Christine, League City, TX Sat Jan 26, 2008

I know that the market is really rough here in Houston, so I need a realtor who will work hard at getting my house sold.

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Bruce Lynn, Agent, Coppell, TX
Sat Jan 26, 2008
Good question. I'd ask friends and family or coworkers.
You might also start by speaking with some of the realtors in the area that have signs in the yards.
If that doesn't work, let me know and we can provide you a referral in your area.
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John Walin, Agent, Libertyville, IL
Tue May 21, 2013
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Cyndi De Pal…, Agent, Dickinson, TX
Mon Nov 5, 2012
First of all, a realtor should sit down with you and find out what your definition is of a Great Realtor!
It may be someone with a lot of experience, someone who does this full time, (its not a hobby), someone who uses technologly to sell your home, someone that keeps you updated on neighborhood sales, someone who has systems in place to handle your listing, someone who has a proven marketing plan, someone who really knows the area and someone who who can meet your individual needs and expectations. I have all those qualities and would love to visit with you!
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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Sat Jan 26, 2008
You have some great advice to start.
The key question is the sale or puchase of a property is: what is important to you about the sale or purchase?
for example, do you WANT to sell, or do you NEED to sell? Why? What is the drawback if your property does not sell? What alternatives to do you have?
Depending upon your situation, selling may not be THE answer. It could be one of the alternatives.

The reason I make this point is that in a buyer's market, sellers need to clear on why they are selling. In ANY market, there are people that HAVE to buy, and those that HAVE to sell.

Let's not muddy the waters with people that are not certain. It may be after this post you have questions. I suggest explaining your situation to a Realtor, then see what they say. In most cases there are more alternatives than might appear at first glance.

Like Abe Lincoln said, "Make sure you are right, then go ahead.:
Good luck!
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Jim Atkinson, Agent, Houston, TX
Wed Jul 8, 2015
If you don't have a friend for family member that can recommend one, go to some open houses, get a feel for the realtor showing the home, find a few on line that have a bio that sounds like you would work well together, interview several and then pick one to move forward with. You want to make sure you get along with your realtor, selling and buying can be emotional decisions already.
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Charles Mill…, Agent, Galveston, TX
Wed Mar 26, 2014
Christine: I would be happy to put you property on the market and get it sold. Give me a call at 832-287-9459 and I will try and answer any questions that you may have. I know the League city area well. Thanks ever so much. Charles Miller (Broker) C. Miller Realty
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Cathy Chapman, Agent, Frederick, MD
Wed Mar 26, 2014
One of the things to do in search of an agent is to talk to friends, colleagues and neighbors. When interviewing an agent, find out what advanced education they have participated in, this will tell you how devoted they are to protecting your best financial interests as well as their own. Find out what experience they have in Short Sales since you may be competing with Short Sale homes for sale.

And finally, find out what the agent's average days on the market are and what their marketing plan consists of.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Cathy Chapman, Broker Owner
Signature Home Sales
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Trisha Hope, Agent, Kemah, TX
Wed Mar 26, 2014
Actually the market is very strong in Houston and surrounding areas. In fact inventory is extremely low so it is a seller's market.

I recommend looking at HAR and make sure the agents you are looking at participate in the Client Experience rating program. This will tell you how other Sellers viewed their experience with that agent. Past performance is a great indicator of future performance.

I, of course would loved to be considered. You can contact me at:

Trisha Hope
Logos Real Estate
The Hope Team
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Charlese Poi…, Agent, Houston, TX
Sat Mar 8, 2014
Check out places such as HAR to find a few Realtors that match your requirements and interview them. There is nothing worse then going with a decision someone else made for you based on opinions. Mkae sure your personalities don't clash though this is a business you want to work with someone you get along with!

Charlese Pointer
Realtor ©
Century 21 Paramount
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Parker Compa…, Agent, Houston, TX
Sat May 18, 2013

I know you asked this question almost 5 years ago, but I think you have a very good question that I would like to answer for others who ask the same thing.

In my opinion, from a consumer viewpoint, I would want to ask questions like:

How much experience do you have in real estate sales in Texas and the local area?

What is your highest level of education?
(Only a high school diploma is required to start the process of earning a Texas Real Estate Salesperson or Broker's License)

What kind of mandatory continuing education classes do you typically take?

What kind of marketing do you do to find buyers?

What resources do you use to market your listings?

What area(s) would you market my home?

How would you market my home?

How can I contact you and when can I expect to receive a response?

If you're not available, who can I contact?

What is your primary area?

These are just a few questions to think about when interviewing agents. You need someone that will be proactive in the transaction, aggressively market your property and is knowledgeable to make the sale happen. Successful agents are successful in various ways, but may not be THE ONE for you. You will know when you have found the one. Don't feel pressured. Give yourself enough time before your deadline to find an agent who meets your needs.

P.S. Don't shy away from the rookies. If they can sufficiently answer your questions and you feel confident in them to sell your home, you may find them doing as good of a job, if not better than, the successful veterans. Every salesperson passed the same test and took pre-licensing/mce classes that satisfied state licensing requirements. The same goes for Brokers.
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Charles Mill…, Agent, Galveston, TX
Sat Jun 9, 2012
I work the League City area. Give me a call. Thanks Charles Miller (Broker Associate) Bridgecrest Properties 832-287-9459
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I would like you to come to league city historical district asap to possibly put my house on the market. need to relocate asap due to illness and allergies of the gulf coast. it is appraised at 72K but cant find a fair realtor to deal with me. the last one told me today she could not market at my bottom line plan to board up and move anyhow if I cant sell. hadn't plan to retire here but due to illness cant live here any longer. please call me at 713 376 5468. thanks Sandra
Flag Tue Jan 14, 2014
April Rudman, Agent, Chesapeake, VA
Mon Mar 19, 2012
Ask your friends. Refferals are the best. Your friends will tell you if they liked thier agent or not. I work with Keller Williams and will be happy to find an agent to assist you. I lived in Texas for 20 years in different parts, It is a GREAT state
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Robin Geiler, Agent, Houston, TX
Thu Feb 23, 2012
Not sure if you found a realtor yet, but I would be happy to run a Market Analysis for you. I am a local realtor in the Friendswood area and service most surounding areas. Let me know if you need help. Feel free to look me up on for ratings and more information.

Robin Geiler
Prudential Gary Greene
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Lookingtobuy…, Home Buyer, Tampa, FL
Thu Mar 18, 2010
I would use a site like or you could contact your local MLS or Association of Realtors for a suggestion.
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Anne Wanchic, , Florida
Thu Mar 12, 2009

To find a great realtor in your area, you can use a free referral service. Referral services can take your infomation, your wants and needs, your special requests and find a realtor that is customized to you. You can even request a certain realty company and be introduced to the top selling or listing agent in a local office. It really takes the guesswork out of finding a real estate agent when you are matched with a realtor that is not chosen by how well he or she talks a good game, but by the honest sales volume and respect that comes from his or her own brokers and managers.

Best of luck with your seach and the sale of your home!
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Lise Desorme…, , Atlanta, GA
Sun Jan 18, 2009
You may want to contact a home staging business in your area to answer your questions. Thing is these business work with agents to help sell a home. The benefit to you is while stager work with agents in a collaborative effort they by virtue of the relationship get to know the work ethic and ability of agents. Get three references minimum and interview them all gathering recommendations to double check with clients.

Hope this helps.
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Terry Rizzo-…, Agent, Galveston, TX
Sun Jan 18, 2009
You can go to and check out the Realtors that serve your area. I would be glad to discuss selling your home with you.
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Vista Real E…, Agent, Bayou Vista, TX
Thu May 29, 2008
I have been selling real estate in Galveston County for 16 years. Call me! Vicki Baggs @ 409692-1127.
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Alan May, Agent, Evanston, IL
Mon Jan 28, 2008
The $64,000 question!! How do I find a great agent?

The best way, as many have already answered, is through a referral from a friend or family member who've already found a great agent, and can pass that name along to you. Make sure that the friend or family member you've taken the referral from is someone who's opinion you respect.

If you don't have that referral, I would strongly suggest visiting Open Houses, and meeting agents who are sitting those Open Houses. Often the agents who are hosting those Opens are not the listing agent. They are agents who are looking to increase their business (in other words "hungry agents") who are out there to meet and greet the public.

Take your time, ask a few "general questions" about the market, and how's business. Get the agent talking a bit about themselves, it shouldn't be difficult, there are very few "shrinking violets" in this industry and we love to talk about real estate and about ourselves. After you've been to a fair number of Opens, you'll begin to get a feel for the type of agent you like and click with. Some of the agents you may run into more than once.

When you've found 2 or 3 that you think you may like, it's time to narrow the field. If you're selling, hopefully, you've been attending open houses, similar to the type of property you're going to sell. (if not, start again) Interview each of those agents, and get a feel for their personality, their marketing plan for your property, have them produce a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) for your home. Ask them pointed questions. What would you price our house at to be sold quickly? How quickly do you think we could sell? What would you recommend if we're still unsold in 30 days, 60 days, 120 days? Where will you advertise and why? What's your internet presence? How reachable are you? How often will you upate us? You get the idea.

For a buyer's agent, the process is different. Find the 2-3 that you like and tell each of them, that you'd like the to put you on their e-mailing list and begin sending you listings that might fit you, and begin going out to see properties with each of them. Let them all know that you're going to be "Testing" 2-3 agents for the next 4-5 weeks (be upfront), and you'll be hiring the one that impresses you and fits best. And then stick to that... don't drag 2-3 agents around with you for months and months... it's not fair to all involved.

Good luck and have fun!
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Scott Alexan…, Agent, San Angelo, TX
Mon Jan 28, 2008
Here's another thought.. All the answers are right, but they not be right for you. Certainly, experience, success, listings, etc. matter. But this is an employee--employer relationship. So here's what do you do: find(using the methods outlined below) some people to interview. Then pick the one that you are most comfortable with. He/she might not be the top producer in the area, he might not have the most experience--but this agent is right for you. If he is not responsive, replace him. If you would like, I could refer you someone to interview. It's your money, your house, your move--so you get to make the decisions.
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Dana Phillips, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Sun Jan 27, 2008

The answer to that is easy. Start with Keller Williams the largest and most successful real estate company. Keller Williams was founded in Texas by Gary Keller to help agents better serve their clients.
I have a great agent for you to contact.

Name: Gary Swafford
Credentials: GRI
Address: 8514 Hwy. 6 North
City: Houston, TX 77095
Cell: (832) 279-9960
Fax Number: (281) 856-7082

Gary is a great listing agent in Houston who will know how to help you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Have a great day.

Tom Phillips
Keller Williams Realty
Realtor/ Investment Broker
Cell: (210) 857-2375
Fax: (210) 568-4307
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Lise Desorme…, , Atlanta, GA
Sun Jan 27, 2008
Christine, the best advice I can give you is to drive around a 5-7 mile radius around your home. Look at all the listing signs and make of note of the number of listings each agent represents. Choose the top 3 and interview each of them thoroughly. Get referrals, a minimum of 3, and call each one. Pick the one you feel the most comfortable with. Look for the one who comes across serious, ambitious and honest.

Here's why!
Agents who specialize in your neighborhood know it the best. With this expertise they can help you price your home accurately since they “live and breath” where you live. They also have the most experience experimenting with ways to sell these homes. This is extremely valuable. Last but not least, they are vested in the neighborhood and have a keen interest to stay ahead of their competition. Agents targeted in the neighborhood you live in are specialized and should be regarded as highly effective and knowledgeable.

Although there is not sure way to measure whom may be best to list your home this is most likely the best approach. Good Luck and happy selling.
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