Here is a scenario, my condo is listed, 3 agents have visited with prospective buyers. All 3 said that they

Asked by Maddy, 07601 Fri Mar 28, 2008

left a message for our listing agent telling her that they plan to visit our condo and also mentioned time range when they will visit. However, my agent never calls me to let me know that i should expect somebody. She does not even call me afterwards to check if somebody visited my place or not. She does not ask me for their phone #s to be able to follow up on their visit. Is this acceptable?

At this point of time, I am pretty dissatisfied with the situation. Am I over- reacting? Everytime I have to call her and give her visiting agents phone #, then I have to call her and check whether she made a follow up call or not. is something wrong here or is this how it is supposed to be?

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Nellie Arrin…, Agent, Columbia, MD
Fri Mar 28, 2008
Wow! Selling your house is invasive enough when you know someone has an appointment to see it. Having folks 'drop in' is awful! Here are some steps to resolve this mess!
First, talk with your agent. There is a slight possibility that the showing agents really didn't talk to her. Typos in telephone numbers and malfunctioning answering systems can happen, and if so, then your agent really may not know about the appointments. Right now, you are getting showings, so your condo is being presented well so that agents want to see it.
Second, your listing is actually with the real estate broker, not the agent. Call the office where your agent works, and ask to speak to the broker or sales manager. Explain to him or her what is happening, and ask the manager to either speak to the agent (if you want to continue to work with her), or to refer you to an agent who will commit to following up with showings.
Third, if you are still unhappy, read your listing contract again, and see how to terminate the contract so you can list with another broker.
Finally -- no, you are not over-reacting. You hired this agent because you trusted her to sell your home, and you are going to spend a significant amount of money in commissions for it to be done right. Keeping her on track is not what you are paying for!
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Penny Boyles, Agent, Winston Salem, NC
Fri Mar 28, 2008
In my market, it is common for agents wanting to show our listings to contact our office or a Centralized Showing Service. Some of the smaller companies that do not have appointment desks or that do not subscribe to a showing service do make their own appointments.

My recommendation would be to confront your agent. Clarify that you need to have the appointments confirmed with you. I would also contact the broker-in-charge of the real estate office and voice your concerns and frustrations to them. If you don't get a satisfactory resolution, you may want to consider "firing" your agent. Sometimes there are circumstances that cause us to forget to make a call or follow-up but it is not the standard of practice wer adhere to.
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Brian Morgen…, Agent, Hackensack, NJ
Tue Jul 27, 2010
Hi Maddy,
Hopefully, your scenario has changed since posting this question. Actually, I hope you sold the condo by now.
Not knowing what your agreement was in its entirety, I think it's harmful to trash other folks in the business. That being said, many folks don't belong in a service industry where communications is so key to their clients' (& their own!) "end-game".
Here's something I tell prospective clients... We'll agree on the ways we'll move forward ahead of time. If you'd like, I am more than willing to give you a guarantee, in writing, which will release you from the listing contract, should I not meet & exceed our initial agreement & your expectations. I'm betting, you'd only get that guarantee from the best & the most competent.
Again, hoping by now your unit has sold & your unnecessary stress has subsided.
All the best!
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ann santee, Agent, teaneck, NJ
Mon Jul 26, 2010
Hi Maddy,

To put it bluntly -- your agent is lazy -- and obviously not providing you with quality service! When a listing is written, the agent and seller should discuss specifically how the showings will be conducted; i.e., lockbox, call agent first, call seller directly, etc., and that process should be followed consistently throughout the term of the listing. If you are paying the agent a commission, the agent should be doing the work -- not you. If you can get out of the listing, do so and find yourself an agent who will service you. Certainly if your condo does not sell during the term of the listing, do not re-list with the same agent! Unfortunately there are many sellers who are experiencing the same lack of service as yourself, and these agents give those of us who thrive on excellence of service and professionalism a bad name.

I provide my sellers with a list of former clients as references, and encourage them to call and ask about my service. Also, if you call me, I can provide you with a list of questions that every seller should ask of the realtor prior to hiring them to sell their property.

Ann Santee (201) 233-5278
Vice President/Broker Associate
Mark DeLuca Realty
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Sharon Kozinn, Agent, Hillsdale, NJ
Sat Mar 29, 2008
Dear Maddy,
I agree with much of what my colleagues have said. There is not any communication between your agent and you. It seems you need to have a frank discussion with them as to how they are not meeting your expectations. You can also have that conversation with their manager/broker. I hope this yields results for you.
Good Luck!

Sharon Kozinn
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Polina Posner, Agent, Edgewater, NJ
Fri Mar 28, 2008
Dear Maddy,
Such practice by real estate agents is unfortunate and you can definitely call the office broker of record to voice your complaint. You do have an option to withdraw your listing due to your complete dissatisfaction with the service provided and list your property with another broker. During a listing presentation and when considering which agent is best suited to represent you and your property, please make sure that you advise the prospective agent of what you expect the service to be.
I can say with a complete level of certainty that most agents are quite dilligent in their duties, but, unfortunately, every now and then you do come across some who are not quite as responsible.
Good luck!!!
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Jeffrey Halp…, Agent, Hopatcong, NJ
Fri Mar 28, 2008
Dear Maddy:
Communication is the key to any relationship and there is no communication with your agent you need to call their broker. As a matter of fact the reason why most people do not relist with an agent is that constant (at least weekly) call to you letting you know what is going on - even if nothing. This is the only way you know if there is another step you must take to get a sale.
As far as agents showing your home, have them call you directly for a showing and then to require them to leave a business card. I see u r in NJ and being a Jersey agent myself, it is commonplace.
Also many lock boxes record who has been in your home. Again, being in NJ, I know that by registering the lockbox online, that information is very attainable.
Good luck
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Deborah Lern…, Agent, BROOKLYN, NY
Fri Mar 28, 2008
Dear Homeowner:
This work ethic, or lack thereof, is certainly not acceptable- not by you, and not by any real estate professional's standards. You hire us. We work for you. We answer to you. Our job is not only to sell your home, but to keep you apprised of all activity, offers, and changes in market trends. If your agent is not performing in this this manner, tell him or her of your dissatifaction, and be adamant in what you expect of them . . . within reason of course. Afterall were only human, and very few, throughout history are said to be mircleworkers.

Deborah Lerner-FILLMORE RE, BROOKLYN NY 718-332-8800
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Nyla Young -…, , 80132
Fri Mar 28, 2008
Maddy, May I ask how you found this Real Esate person? What is your relationship? Is she your Seller's Agent or a Transaction Broker or have you simply paid her a fee to place your home in the mls? My suggestion is that you interview other agents to find out what they will do for you (don't spend much time on what the current agent is NOT doing for you until you find out what the other agents WILL do for you). Ask specifics like how long homes like yours are taking to sell on average and at what price? Ask for a printed marketing plan and comparables evaluation from each. After these conversations, re-read your agreement with your current agent and do what you feel you need to in order to accomplish your goal.
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Maria V. Kaf…, Agent, Plainview, NY
Fri Mar 28, 2008
Dear Homeowner:

It is the true key to success to be able to answer your phone, or at least get back to everyone within the hour they call. At times, of course, we are in the middle of working with another client and can't but if not communicating within 3 hours, thats a bad sign of an Agent who doesn't care. All agents should have access to their email 24 hrs a day, since most of the buyer calls come through email. You should get a call from your Agent within a half hour of the buyer or other Agent calling to show your home. That other Agent or Buyer should get a return call within an hour with confirmation. I suggest you get a Withdrawal and Release from that Agent immediately, that Agent is hurting the sale of your home. Please feel free to call me if you would like to speak with me, or require assistance in selling your home. Good luck !
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Christopher…, Agent, Tarrytown, NY
Fri Mar 28, 2008
I can definitely understand your frustration. I am not going to bad mouth other agents but communication is #1 expecially in a tumultuous marketplace. We as agents need to get every bit of information and make the best use of it, to 1) help ease the sellers anxiety and 2) apply it to the marketing of the home. the marketplace will let us know what we are doing right and wrong. I don't think you have to compromise on communication, after all you are paying for a service and this industry is a service industry. Everybody has there own way of doing things, some do it right and others do it differently..:)
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Glenda Marks, , Charlotte, NC
Fri Mar 28, 2008
If your agent is not following your lawful instructions (instructions for showing and follow up) then you are free to terminate your agreement because they have not fulfilled their fiduciary duties to you.

Our appointments are made through a centralized showing service, however, I have sold real estate where the appointment was made through the listing agent (listing agent would advise seller). After the showing, no matter how it is arranged, the agent should provide you with feedback from the buyer agents.

That's the way it is suppose to be!!!
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Gina Chirico, Agent, Fairfield, NJ
Fri Mar 28, 2008
Something definitely sounds wrong there. What were the listing instructions given when the property was listed? Were the agents to contact your agent and let her know that were coming? Did she explain to you that they would call her and she would then call you? Do you have a lockbox or are you always home to let them in?

Either way she should most certainly be contacting them for feedback on the property and then relaying that information to you whether it be positive or negative. Have you spoken to her about this?

I would contact her immediately and if that doesn't work you should contact her broker/manager and explain to them your concerns. If she still continues not to do what she is responsible for, I would ask to be released from your listing agreement with no further obligation and interview new agents to list your property with. Good luck! All our agents are Quality Service Certified and we are held accountable for our actions. I'm sorry to hear that not all agents have such standards.

Gina Chirico, Sales Associate
PNJP - Caldwell
973-228-1000 ext 132 (office)
973-715-1158 (cell)
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