Hello- How long does/should it take to get feedback from a buyer's agent after she/he shows our home? It always seems to take several

Asked by Cathleen Beetel, 19026 Thu Jan 14, 2010

days to get feedback or we get no feedback at all. This seems odd... Is this the responsibility of our seller's agent to track the buyer's agent down or is the feedback required and expected. I just imagined a faster more considerate turn around time. Thank you?

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John Sacktig, Agent, New Jersey, NJ
Fri Jan 15, 2010
This is the part of your agent! Your agent should be on the phone to the other agent later that day while the information is still fresh.

Some agent s now send these emails from their showing desk type program.. these are o.k.. but usually delete them myself. I wait for the agent to call me. I never like to put feedback in writing, as your agent could use this against me at some point.. with a " Well, John Sacktig said.. your house is only worth this and he is a big time agent:... blah, blah blah.. and it now sours me with that seller.

Have your agent call the showing agent that day, if they do not do so, ask why!
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Anna M Brocco, Agent, Williston Park, NY
Thu Jan 14, 2010
It is the responsibility of the listing agent to gather any feedback--however, keep in mind if buyers had any interest whatsoever in your property their agent would have called immediately--if you want feedback from the agents that showed your property to their buyers ask your agent to call or send a quick e-mail survey. Since it sounds like you're not getting any feedback at all--consider--are you priced on target for today's market, does the property show well, is it neat, clean, clutter free, what about the exterior, etc.

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Jill Costa, Agent, League City, TX
Fri Jan 15, 2010
Here in Texas we get feed back from the MLS appointment manager, but not all agents fill it out/send it back. If I have a property that I/my clients really want feedback on and it has been a day and I have heard nothing back about the showing, I will usually pick up the phone and call the agent or send an email. That usually works. You can also tell them to please send you feed back when they make the showing appointment.
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The Urban Te…, Agent, Phoenix, AZ
Fri Jan 15, 2010
As a home seller this can be quite frustrating. There can be many reasons for not getting feedback. Often times an agent is showing 6-10 homes and simply doesn't have feedback to give. I was talking to an agent last week who showed an out of state buyer over 30 homes in one weekend. He probably did not take notes on but a handful of the homes that most interested his client.

We've tried a variety of techniques to get feedback and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I believe among long time professionals in the business, providing feedback is common courtesy. However, some agents were never trained in the details and niceties of the business and simply don't have a clue. This is one of the reasons I keep pushing our State to up the licensing requirements from 91 hours of classroom training to 500 hours with a mentor program.
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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Fri Jan 15, 2010
One thing you can do is ask your agent to prepare feedback cards and have them paper-clipped to the flyer, and ask that they leave it when they leave. Some agents offer to put the entries in a drawing "guess the price at which the home will sell, winner will receive....."
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Dorene Slavi…, Agent, Torrance, CA
Fri Jan 15, 2010
Hi Drexel,
Your listing agent should be in contact with all buyer agents who tour your home. Unfortunately some buyer agents are difficult to "pin down" to get information from. We do use a special "lock box" that allows them to put in feedback online, that might be a solution.
I agree that it is helpful to know how the buyers view your property. Sometimes a slight adjustment makes the difference between a home that is sold quickly, and one that stays on the market too long.
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Alisha Chen, , Irvine, CA
Fri Jan 15, 2010
Hi Drexel Hill:

I have automatic feedback program in place whenever an agent uses the supra box to show the property. However, many selling agents do the give the feedbacks for many reasons: 1. Lazy 2. Buyer is not sure what they want yet...too early in the home searching processes 3. Busy 4. Don't like the listing agent 5. Don't like the seller. These are the most common feedbacks I've heard from other agents in my office. Hope this helps you.
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Gita Bantwal, Agent, Jamison, PA
Fri Jan 15, 2010
I have a program where the agent receives an email for feedback soon after showing and many agents email the feedback right away. If we do not hear from them , they receive another email and phone call . The agents do not have to give feedback. They represent the buyer and if they mention the buyer loves the home, the buyer may lose negotiating power. The agent can however give their own opinion about the house but not what the buyer said without the buyer's permission.
In a seller's market the agent may call the listing agent and alert the agent that an offer is coming in so that the buyer will have opportunity to make an offer.
Web Reference:  http://www.gitabantwal.com
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Maureen Inge…, Agent, Media, PA
Fri Jan 15, 2010
Feedback has been one of the age-old dilemnas Real Estate agents have had to deal with. I can remember when my own house was for sale before I became a realtor eighteen years ago, this was a topic that my Realtor and I butted heads on many times. Then, when I got into the business,I soon realized the agony of it all. Agents may show several homes a week to several sets of buyers. On a weekend, it is not unusual for me or a member of my team to show 5-7 homes to three sets of buyers in one day. Buyers may voice very specific comments on some homes they see, good or bad, or they may take a neutral stance on some. If they love it, we can tell. If it's really not for them, we can tell that too. The rest fall in the middle. At the end of the day, they all seem to run together, except for the ones where the buyers were vocal. Some agents may be just too tired to answer 15+ emails by the time they get home from the day and don't respond. Many companies or agents have a showing service that they use to get the feedback from the agents. When (and if) the agent gives feedback, it gets passed along to the seller. These appointment centers email the showing agent three times over an 18 hour period, hoping for a response. Sellers can actually go on line after each showing and check the responses. Other companies or agents do not subscribe to a service like this and must make the feedback calls themselves. That takes time out of a busy day, and sometimes doesn't get done. My team and I wait to see what feedback comes in through the service. If the answers are vague, I personally call the agent to ask for more clarification on the feedback. If we get no feedback in 24-48 hours, we track the agent down through VM, email, office line--whatever it takes! We send a compilation of the feedback out to the sellers once a week, and , if necessary, discuss a plan of action depending on the feedback received. There are other ways to get feedback for sellers too. I use stats provided to me from Realtor.com and Trulia, that show me how many buyers are looking at the home on line and how many actually click through for more info. If 2000 visitors come to the site and 4 click through, there's a definite problem. Find out how your agent gets feedback. If these systems are not being utilized, request that they be implemented ASAP. Good luck!
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Dallas Texas, Agent, Dallas, TN
Thu Jan 14, 2010
Many agents don't even respond for any type of showing feedback

Your property is not only home the buyer is looking at can you imagine trying to give feedback on 40 or more homes per week.

I am on property 200 times a month.

Great you receive anything agents who stop invest that time take those comments negative issues address immediately

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Ron Humes, , Lexington, KY
Thu Jan 14, 2010
From our personal experience, Buyers are looking at more homes than usual and it is getting increasingly difficult to get feedback from Agents. I would recommend that your Agent try sending an email to the showing Agent requesting feedback. Include a picture of the home to help jog their memory and attach a Read Receipt. If the Listing/Seller's Agent showed the Buyers a lot of homes, they might have a hard time remembering which home you are asking about. We make a point of taking notes on the "Pros" and "Cons" of each home our Buyers preview and we provide feedback to the Agents that request it but not all are quite as courteous.

Good Luck.
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Brian Fletc…, Agent, Springfield, PA
Thu Jan 14, 2010

In this area most agents will receive feedback through the showing service that you might be using. Agents in my office use e-showings and they send at least 3 emails to the showing agent for feedback. If you have not received any feedback yet from any clients, there might be a problem in the system that your agent is following. I live near your home and am familiar with the area, if you have any further questions feel free to shoot me an email.

Thank You,
Brian Fletcher
Lincoln Realty
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Alan May, Agent, Evanston, IL
Thu Jan 14, 2010
Yes, it's up to your listing agent to get the feedback from the buyer's agent.

Some are quicker to return feedback than others. Sometimes buyer's agents don't call with feedback at all.
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Kathy Weber, Agent, Murrieta, CA
Thu Jan 14, 2010

Honestly, if my client (the buyer) is not interested in the property - we move on.

There's no need to contact the listing agent if we're not interested.

As a Listing Agent, and am aware of what agent came through my listing with buyer's, I gather the business cards and contact the buyer's agent to get feedback. Usually my seller will let me know if there are cards left on the counter.

I feel it's my job to do this. The buyer's agents are usually very honest & give me feedback on what their thoughts are. Was the property listed to high? They were in other homes with more upgrades & amentities. Location? etc., etc. I can turn some of their feedback into a more positive experience for the next buyer.

If I receive positive info., I pass it along to my seller. If it's "constructive" negatives, like the house needed to be cleaned up, etc. I will pass that along too. Nothing ever offensive.

Best of luck with the sale of your home!
Web Reference:  http://kathyweberhomes.com
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