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Asked by Rvilla, San Antonio, TX Thu Jun 2, 2011

Is is common for licensed Real Estate Agents to remove signs for owners that are selling by owner? My neighbor watched an agent pull up my sign and lay it in her yard before he had a showing of another unit in my condo complex. Is there some dirty competition in SA that I was unaware of?

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The agent was probably not very successful if they have the time to be so petty to take a sign down. Not to mention, this kind of activity gives real estate agents a a bad rap, even though most of us would never take such action.
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That is NOT ok. I believe you will be best served by working with the best agent you can find - suggest you keep an eye out and note who this one is - not a cool thing to do. We all compete - and yes, we compete with our share of FSBO properties - but there is a way to do business and a way not to - and I'd categorize pulling signs in the later category.

Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service --- in New Jersey
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Unethical! and a waste of time, agent sounds desparate and won't be around long...it is absolutley not a common practice!!! A good agent would form an "alliance" with FSBO maybe could bring a buyer???
Cathi Hughes REMAX Assoc
Salt Lake City, Ut
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Wow! Why waste the time? That agent (if it was an agent) must have some low self confidence to want to prevent their "client" from wanting to look at a FSBO. A simple form signed by the property owner could have protected their commission. Probably would have been an easier sell too. This is not ethical and is against the code of ethics Realtors are supposed to follow. Thanks for the good laugh Rvilla sorry you had to deal with this.
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This is obviously a huge ethics issue for the Realtor that took down your sign. It also shows a lack of confidence in his/her abilities as a real estate agent to either:

1) Call the FSBO and inquire about the property and see if they are willing to pay a commission if a buyer is presented

2) Educate his/her buyer on why it may not be a good idea to purchase a FSBO if they will not cooperate with a buyer agent for the sale of their property.

Both of those conversations would have settled the issue, but the agent obviously took the easy way out.
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It's not common and not ethical. I have found FSBO homes for my clients all the time. If a client of mine is interested in a FSBO home or Condo I will typically call the owner and speak with them. I will let them know that my clients are paying me a commission and are you willing to pay that commission if they decide to put in an offer on your property. I have never had one say no when the question is posed that way. This agent should not have done that and was most likely fearful they would try to your home without their assistance... This is something a less seasoned agent may do and it is wrong.
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Unbelievable!!!!! It is not surprising then why we Realtors rank so low in trust. I hope you reported this agent. We do not needs these "foul apples" to ruin the reputation of the rest of us Realtors with sound ethics practices.
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Wow, I sure hope that it is not a common practice for fellow Real Estate Agents in any part of the country. The Agent lost an opportunity with the FSBO, by not asking to also show his property to a possible buyer and have possible closing with all parties involve.
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Wow! As you can see by the quick response from those of us that believe we are bound ethically and morally in our profession--a reputable agent would never remove someone else's sign, whether it is a FSBO or other company's sign.

I agree with another responder, I would have taken the opportunity to show both properties. The objective is to find the best home for the buyer. If that agent happened to sell your condo, she would have made TWO new potential referral sources: the buyer and you!

Please know this is not typical behavior and is not condoned by reputable Realtors.

Best of luck!

Karen Andrews Lucas
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Wow.. Sounds like a flat out "LOSER" agent to me. If I had been that agent, I think I would have called you to see if I could show yours too... Why not? The object is to show your buyer every property that fits their needs that they would like to see... and if your unit is right next to the one they were there to see... why not ask you if you wouldn't mind showing yours... Seems like a lost opportunity to me.. Seems like a good "Go Getter" type of agent would have said "As you can see, I have buyers looking in your area, can I talk to you about what I can do to help you sell your condo?"

But, what can you do? There are always agents out there that just don't look at the bigger picture... but taking your sign down is just Low Class... and even though I had nothing to do with it... On behalf of the Realtor Community... I'm Sorry!

But know this.. Not all agents are like that... I described to you above what I would have done... And I'm not the only one out there that has a good business ethic...

Jason C Campbell
Keller Williams Realty
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Every profession has unscrupulous members, and unfortunately, ours is no exception. Not all licensed agents are REALTORS. REALTORS® are licensed agents who are members of the National Association of REALTORS. It is a violation of our ethics code to do any such act.

Some people go through life cheating and stealing, cutting corners, and angling to get a supposed advantage. Others work exceptionally hard to give their clients AND the public the best possible service, getting all the education possible to remain up-to-date on issues affecting their profession, maintaining the administrative support necessary to make sure that things don't fall through the cracks, and doing the things necessary to retain an honest competitive advantage through competence and intelligence. We do that all at our own expense, by the way.

If you ever see a licensed agent do such an act, do your community a favor, get out of your car, demand that the agent show you his or her license, and immediately call their broker and local association. The faster we get those clowns out of our industry, the better off we will all be. I have attached a link to our Code of Ethics for all who may think that agents are just our for ourselves. Most of us work really hard to follow these rules, both to the letter and the spirit. That is what sets REALTORS® apart from other "licensed agents".

Thanks for asking.

Doc Stephens, REALTOR®
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Hi Rvilla: I am glad you asked the question. If that was the case, those actions are unprofessional and I want to assure you that the colleagues I work with would not do such a thing. As licensed agents, we work very hard to upkeep the ethics of our profession and it's a shame that a few don't. Please don't let the actions of one paint the picture of all agents. When I am showing homes and my clients spot a FSBO, I volunteer to call the owner to see if we can work together for a common goal. I wish you the best selling your home yourself.
Best regards,
Becky Flores
Keller Williams Heritage
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NO, it is NOT a common thing at all. That agent should be reported immediately to his or her broker AND to the Board of Realtors.

Most realtors would knock on the door and tell that owner that they have a buyer in the neighborhood that may purchase that condo. Then you have an agreement signed with them to pay you "X" percentage for that one buyer for a 30 day period after the showing. It is only for one customer and for that showing.

We have done this numerous times. In fact, very often you may end up with the listing because you have demonstrated that you have buyers in the area!

Debbie Albert, PA
Keller Williams, Treasure Coast
I-95 and St. Lucie West Blvd
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Are you sure it was an agent and not the HOA?

Many Common Interest Communities have strict rules and regulations about posting for sale signs, as they are a visual nuisance.

If it was an Agent, it is NOT ok, and that Agent will get it back 3-Fold.
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No it is far from the norm and he / she had no right to do so, period. These types make all of us look bad!
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tsk...tsk...tsk. Very tacky indeed. I love FSBOs..... the vast majority of them are overpriced in this market, and often are the response to the seller being underwater, and hoping against hope that they can net enough money to not be in a short sale position. Which is sad, but is a reality in today's market . So for my client to compare what I have to offer to most FSBOs...it only reinforces the information that I have offered. Besides, agents don't "sell" houses. Houses sell themselves. Agents help clients navigate the tricky waters of the process that surrounds it. This is a pretty tricky market for someone to try going it alone without a professional. If an agent is so threatened by the potential of his client talking to the competition, agent or FSBO... well maybe it's time to put on his big boy pants and find a more suitable job. LOL
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That agent was silly and probably was looking to make a full commission for himself on both sides. I can't think of any other reason.....but greed.

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I would file a police report. That FSBO is legal. I look at it as if someone damaged the house.

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No it is not common practice to do this. You should complain to the local board of Realtors, and provide your neighbors account and contact information. This behavior violates the Realtor Code of Ethics.
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Wow...I can't imagine anyone doing that. I guess they didn't want competition. Was it the agent who had the sign? or someone showing it? Any idea? if you can find them...I would definitely report them. You can start by calling the office of the agent on the sign, talk to the managing broker and see if they know anything....


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That action is unprofessional and is not tollerated by those of us agents who are Realtors and abide by higher standards than this agent. You can at your choosing fikle a complaint with the board of Realtors or the state of TX real estate commission. Good luck with your sale.
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I am surprised an agent would do that, as it is unethical and just plain morally reprehensible. Of course, there are unscrupulous people in every profession. You may want to contact the local Association of Realtors, or at least have a discussion with the agent.


Rachel LaMar, J.D.
LaMar Real Estate, Inc.
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That was definitely a no-no. I'm sorry that you experienced this. I think for all service industry professionals such as doctors, lawyers, CPA's, financial advisors, and yes real estate agents included there are going to be top notch high quality professionals out there and then there will be those who have questionable ethics and unfortunately in this case those that cross the boundary into illegal activities.
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The agent trespassed on your property, removed your property and then trespassed on another property and littered on that person's property, I think you need to find out who this agent was, if it was a realtor, then you need to report this ethics violation to the local Board or Association of Realtors for your area, look them up in the phone book or Google them! San Antonio Association of Realtors most likely. I am sorry that any licensed agent Realtor or not, would stoop as low as to do what you say this individual has done. You have a right to not have anyone touch your signs, you have a right to sell your own home, you have a right to have the respect of professionals to treat you the same as they would their own signs. I wish you the best of luck with the sale of you home and that you get a sale soon and can move on to new and fun endeavors!
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It is sad to know that there are some unethical agents. Next time just go up gracefully and ask for one of there business cards. Then you may report the agent actions. Good Luck on your For Sale By Owner. I would be please to help you if you need any assistance.
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It is not professional or good business! An agent should never remove a sign or anything else from a sellers yard. I would have called the "for sale by owner" and let them know I was showing a condo in their complex and ask if I could also show their home to my buyers. Every profession has bad apples and this sounds like one of them.
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Pretty poor ethics and paranoia on the other Realtors part!
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Sorry you had this happen to you, maybe you can find out from the agent who listed the other property the name of the agent showing and you can bring a complaint to the local realtor association about his ethics. As mentioned by several people below it would have been better to show both properties and let the customer decide which was the one they were interested in. Good luck with your sale.
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I agree with the previous responses. It's unethical at best. And, no, it's not common practice.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
Hi Rvilla,

Absolutely not! Whomever did that should have the police called on them. As said below, unfortunately there can be some unscrupulous folks in any industry but for the most part, Realtors would not conduct themselves that way. I sincerely Hope that doesn't happen to you again. Lots of luck on your sale!

Brenda Mullen
Realtor(r), ABR, e-Pro
Smart Moves Realty
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You should call the police. We don't need Realtors like that giving the rest of us a bad name.
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Unprofessional... and probably worse.
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