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Does a room need a built-in closet before it can be counted as bedroom?

Asked by Trulia Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ Wed Feb 20, 2013

Are there any other requirements for a room to be considered a bedroom?

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Tricky question: The short answer is Yes, it must have both a closet as well as a window to be considered a bedroom, and of course must be heated and cooled. However, in a few of the historic areas and/or loft communities, if you have a buil-in or freestanding armoire that is attached to the wall, SOME appraisers will consider it a bedroom (provided of course it meets the ac/heat and ingress/egress requirement).
Hope that helps!
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I would consider this a yes especially for this time period. I understand what Christa is saying, but I think a built-in closet is something most everyone looks for in a room. I would definitely recommend installing something like this. http://www.builtins.net.au/built-in-wardrobes
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Larry, in Minnesota, a legal BR consists of being at least 10'X8", having a window large enough to escape, having carpeting, Hardwood or tile flooring and an armoir or a closet.
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I never new that a built in closet is required for bedroom status. I thought you just have to have a window. This is good to know because I will be selling my home soon, and it has a room without a wardrobe.

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Hi Everyone. I see that many of you have answered "yes" to this question however I have not seen any reputable references to substantiate this claim. I have always believed that this is one of those "mythical" standards...a precedent set based on common belief and not necessarily official standards. I understand that there is most likely no one correct answer to this as there may be local, state and national codes all setting different standards.

Here in Rhode Island we do have a lot of historical homes with no closets. I understand the basic requirements for being a bedroom...door, window, heat, electricity and of course being on record with the town but what does a closet have anything to do with classifying a bedroom and why would this be considered a "standard of definition"? Cant wardrobes and dresser-drawers fulfill the same function?
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Definitely. You need to have a closet, minimum one window, a door and of course need to be enough space to put at least a full size bed and a night stand.

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Absolutely--a closet (and a window) are a must in real estate for it to be classified as a bedroom.
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Phoenix may have adopted different regulations, but according to standard code, NO a bedroom does not need a closet. Here in Virginia closets are not required for a legal bedroom.
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Yes, You are asking a right question. our company face this issue from our customers.there are no another requirement for bedroom. Buit in closet is vital part of bedrooms now a days.I work in reputed wardrobe design firm Robetek Industries ( http://robetek.com.au/ )
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A lot of misinformation in the comments. Requirements to consider a room to be a bedroom vary from state to state. Virginia has no requirement for a closet of any kind. There are window size requirements and it has to have two means of egress directly to a common area (one being a window). For example, you can't call a room a bedroom if you must go through another bedroom to get to a common hallway.
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Most people would say that a room needs some kind of closet or wardrobe before it counts as a bedroom. It might be hard to live in a room that doesn't have anything to hang your clothes in, in my opinion. It isn't too tricky to build one into a room that doesn't have one, though. I hope that helps. http://www.thomoshomeimprovement.com.au/wardrobes1
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I'm seeing a lot of realtor comments saying yes, which is great for selling a home but the IRC (International Resident Code) contains no verbiage of a bedroom requiring a closet.
To be called a bedroom it's requires 70 sq. ft, an ingress/egress point (door way) and a window for natural light, ventilation and emergency escape.
So the short answer is NO, a bedroom does not require a closet, it's just makes a realtors job easier in selling it.
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The IRC code is different that the standards of real estate. A room must have a closet affixed to the wall to be considered a bedroom. A bedroom must contain a window as well
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Typically yes, however with proper disclosure you might want to advertise it as a bedroom. There are many ways to easily install a closet. For someone to overlook a house because it was marketed poorly as one less bedroom than it's true potential, it could possibly be detrimental to the sale of the home.
Web Reference: http://www.jameswehner.com
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Yes, it must have closet, a door and a window.
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Yes, it must have closet, a door and a window.
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A room must have a built in closet, a window for direct egress to the exterior with an opening of no less than 6 square feet and a door on it so that the room can be closed. This is what national building code requires for a room to be designated as a bedroom.
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what if it has a built in wooden wardrobe type closet?
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I'm entirely sure what defines a bedroom. All bedrooms I am familiar with have a closet, but it might not be a requirement. Then again, I can't think of a bedroom I've been in that didn't have a closet of some sort.
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In the real estate business,yes,but it isn't required by law except in some local jurisdictions, so no. Some jurisdictions require a closed chamber in a bedroom but technically a box with a lid suffices. Problem is that the idea of the necessity of a closet is so common that building inspectors generally believe it themselves and it's usually advised not to argue with an inspector. It's better to add the closet or at least an armoire to avoid the hassle.
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Yes, it should have a closet.
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Saw a comment about a bedroom being 9 x 10, but I'm not aware of any size limitations as long as its accepted within the market and reasonably big enough for a bedroom. But a bedroom must have a closet and a window to be considered a bedroom. HUD requires a bedroom have a closet and a window for emergency escape from fires, etc. Its considered a safety issue.
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Yes to be classified as a bedroom, it needs to be a minimum 9x10 with a window and a closet. Sizes vary in different neighborhoods, but this is the minimum building code.
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With respect, I'm seeing a lot of Realtors answer based on their exam, studies. There is not a definitive yes or no on this.

This was an FHA lending requirement that was removed in 1993.

A sleeping room, aka bedroom, requires the following: A source of natural light (8% of the floor area) a minimum of which 50% shall be openable, a minimum horizontal dimension of 7 ft, a minimum ceiling height of 7'-6", code complying means of emergency egress, a source of permanent heat, and a smoke alarm.
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Yes - a room must have a closet in order to be called a bedroom.
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Not that tricky of a question. A closet is the defining feature that make a room a bedroom.
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Any sources to substantiate this?
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Yes and no. If there's no closet, it's not technically a bedroom. However, if a room has the potential for having a closet added - for instance a den option where the indentation for the closet is there but the closet wasn't added, it can be advertised as a "bedroom plus" in the Arizona Regional MLS.

That's a fairly recent change; in past years, it could be advertised as a bedroom simply for having the potential of having a closet filled in.
Web Reference: http://expiredtosoldaz.com
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Yes, per my husband. He works on homes.
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absolutely? from an appraisers point of view that is. FHA (HUD) requires a home have a closet and a window before it can be considered a bedroom
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Just want to clarify the window aspect. The window must be able to open and close to allow egress in an emergency. To that end, skylights, clerestory windows, and stationary windows are insufficient - unless the room has a door leading to the outside.
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The answer is yes- if the property does not have a window, closet and way to close the room door (meaning it can't be an open loft) to be considered a bedroom otherwise it's considered a den or loft area.

Some agents will show an office as a bedroom and state in the prvate remarks that only agents can view that the owner will convert back or convert to bedroom if buyer wants. It should not be called a bedroom though.

Hope that helps and if I can assist you further, please let me know

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A room is considered a bedroom if it fulfills three requirements: 1. It must have a window 2. It must have a closet 3. It must have a door.
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I believe to be counted as a bedroom a room must have a door, window, and a attached or built in closet.
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Needs a closet and window to be considered a bedroom.

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To be counted as a "bedroom" it does need to have a closet or it would be considered a den. In the Phoenix area MLS we have added a "bedroom plus" category that would let a buyer know that you have the space that could be used as an additional bedroom. Lofts would also count into that category as another bedroom could be added into that area.
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Around here a bedroom needs a closet (built in or added or with a wardrobe) and a window of adequate size a fireman with a oxygen tank on can get through.
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Is there a size requirement for a bedroomto be called a bedroom, for example, 8 x 10 etc.?
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