Currently own 2 rental properties in Keller Tx with prompt-paying established tenants. What are chances of selling these to another investor?

Asked by DeAnna Richardson, Fort Worth, TX Thu Apr 18, 2013

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Marian Thomas, , 76244
Fri Jan 10, 2014
Have an investor with all cash is looking in this area to buy?

Marian Thomas
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Tricia Hudson, Agent, Keller, TX
Fri Jun 7, 2013
You have a great chance, I have investors from out of state you know and understand our market is booming.
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Clark Zimmer…, Agent, Southlake, TX
Fri Jun 7, 2013
Good. As agent below indicated prices have gone up. How much further will they go? Who knows. However you never lose money if you sell for a profit. Waiting for more may be a good idea but selling into a hyperventilating market may be the best time to sell. Buy when the is blood running in the street. Sell when everyone else is buying.
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Tricia Hudson, Agent, Keller, TX
Fri May 3, 2013
We have investors looking for more investment properties, would you like to set an appointment to review you properties.
Thank You,
Tricia Hudson
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Clark Zimmer…, Agent, Southlake, TX
Thu Apr 25, 2013
It depends on condition and cash flow. I have two investors looking for investments right now who are looking for good investment deals but not trying to Steal them. If you have any interest please let me know. I would be happy to present it to them.

Additionally, the investor market seems to be very Strong so if you expose it to the market, you should be able to find out fast.

Don't want to list it? That is fine, I can make a one time presentation to my investor clients. If you would like to list it I'd be happy to discuss that with you.

Regardless, the market is strong and appears to be getting stronger every day. Interest rates, strong rental demand and historically cheap housing prices seem to be invigorating investors. In addition, other hot markets have seen prices rise so rapidly that investors are coming here looking for deals.

Hope this helps and best of luck.
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Rick DeVoss, Agent, Ft Worth, TX
Thu Apr 18, 2013
Dear Ms. Kerby,

I have been selling and leasing properties in the Keller area for 33 years. If you are looking for someone who knows the market and will give you the best possible customer service, then please give me a call.

My first question to you will be WHY do you want to sell properties that have established tenants who are paying the rent on time?? Are they not making money for you?

If you are an investor, then you probably know that most investors want to buy low and sell high. So do you really want to sell your properties quickly to some investor who will shoot you a low-ball price?? Why would you not want to wait long enough to sell these houses for full market value? We will need to look at when the lease terms are up, and then we can structure a marketing plan accordingly. We would like to show the properties while still leased, but we would give your tenants notice that we are selling the house, and they can have first right to purchase if they wish. (I would work with your tenant to raise their credit score and then get a loan approved for them.)

But if you need to liquidate some quick cash, then you are going to wind up selling the properties for less than full market value. I know an investor who is ready to purchase nice rental properties. The first step is for me to inspect and appraise the houses. I will tell you what market value is, and then you can decide on a sales price. Once an investor makes an offer, you will have the option to accept it or wait for an owner-occupant to come along and pay you more for it.

We can advertise the properties openly on the MLS and with a sign in the yard, or we can market them to investors only without bothering the tenants in the house. It is your call. It all depends on how fast you want to sell, and what price you are looking for.

Send me an email or give me a call, and we'll discuss your goals, and come up with a plan.

Best regards,

Rick DeVoss

ULTRA Real Estate Services

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Bruce Lynn, Agent, Coppell, TX
Thu Apr 18, 2013
There will be some realtors that don't get it.....but there are others who will understand what you want to do.....there are some buyers who won't understand as well, but there are others who are looking for this product and may in fact only want to buy tenant occupied properties.
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Bruce Lynn, Agent, Coppell, TX
Thu Apr 18, 2013
Possible if the price is right.
It's normally a function of the rent.
We have sold several occupied homes to other investors.
Some people think this is crazy, but some investors will never see the home anyway, just looking at the numbers.
Call me if you would like to discuss.
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John Straub, Agent, Fort Worth, TX
Thu Apr 18, 2013
She has established tenants. This means unless she sells to investors she will have to wait until the leases are expired to market and sell.
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Lloyd Martin, Agent, Keller, TX
Thu Apr 18, 2013
Hi Deanna,
First, your suggestion to sell to other investor should not be your goal. Investors want a dirt cheap deal. We want you to sell to regular people which would give you Much more profit.
They can be sold easily since the number of homes for sale is down 60% from last year.
Six of my listings sold in the last two weeks with only an average of 13 days on the market.
We are the marketing gurus in north texas. Check out our marketing plan.
Give me a call, but only if you want Fantastic Service and want to sell fast.
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Amy Steele, Agent, Southlake, TX
Thu Apr 18, 2013
We work with investors every day that want to buy up properties. My question to you: why would you only want to sell them to other investors? Are the leases for long term and you are just wanting to get them off your portfolio?
Call me and let's discuss.
Amy Steele
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John Straub, Agent, Fort Worth, TX
Thu Apr 18, 2013
Hi Deanna
Right now are in a great market to sell. Before anyone can give you an exact answer about your homes, we would need to look at a few things to better ascertain your ability to find an investor to purchase the homes from you. These include your desired sales price, the condition of the properties, the neighborhood, and the rental income each home generates. Please feel free to contact me directly for a no obligation consultation.

John Straub
Keller Williams Realty
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Brian St. Cl…, Agent, Keller, TX
Thu Apr 18, 2013
Hi Deanna!
Your chances are very good at this time. We have many investors that are interested in purchasing homes just like yours. If you want an opinion on sales price to see if it fits in your goals, feel free to give me a call. I'll be happy to provide you with a CMA on each property. Best to you!
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