Are there any realtors who would accept a commission that is lower than 6 % ? We are about to put our house on the market in the 48124 zip.

Asked by Ashaburtell, Carleton, MI Mon Dec 17, 2012

The house is about $ 5 K "above water", but with all the fees and realtor's commission it might not be worth to sell after all.
Are there any "discount" realtors?

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Kathy Persha, Agent, Birmingham, MI
Mon Dec 17, 2012
You'll always be able to find a discount agent, but expect discount services. The old adage "you get what you pay" is still true. Would you really want an agent who doesn't think enough of themselves and the job that they do that they would be willing to discount their services. And, if you can get an agent to list for 5% or even 4%, think about what they would be offering the buyer's agent. At a 5% split, the buyer's agent would be looking at 2-1/2% and at 4% split, the buyer's agent would be looking at only 2%. Why then would a buyer's agent want to show their clients your house when they could show them a similar house down the street for a full 3% commision.

There is a lot of work in properly marketing a house, negotiating a contract getting you the best price and terms, responding to inspection reports, working with lenders and getting the house to the closing table. I don't understand why people feel agents should work for free or discounted rates. If your boss ask you to take a cut in pay after you did a great job, what would you do?

Kathyt Persha, Realtor
Nextage Advanced Realty
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UpNest Top R…, Agent, Burlingame, CA
Wed Feb 10, 2016
Commission rates are always negotiable and can vary. The key to negotiating the best rate is to compare and interview several agents in your local area.

We started UpNest ( to help you compare top agents that compete to earn your business. Since agents compete for you, they offer their very best rates and services. You'll also get to "comparison shop" like you do for all the other things you usually pay for. It's free and there's no risk to try us out, Good luck!
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Gregory Young, Agent, Rochester, MI
Wed Jan 27, 2016
Yes. the best source for selling your Michigan property on your own.
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Mon Aug 4, 2014
Posted Dec 2012.

Discounts REALTORS......
I found a great discount Saturday at the Walmart....the Crest toothpaste was much less than what I pay at the local Publix. "Pay less, live better" Yahoo!

When I got home the box contained a 6.4 oz tube, not the 8.2 oz I thought I was buying.
I did get exactly what I paid for.

Yes there are discount REALTORS. Be sure to scroll through the Agent to Agent questions to observe the problems they get into.
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Ernie Behrle, Agent, Raleigh, NC
Mon Aug 4, 2014
Avoid the national companies and look for Realtors who work for smaller, local companies. Personally, I use to work for a couple of the national brands and between large monthly fees and large commission splits, I had to charge at least 6% or my income wasn't worth a thing. I can now charge as low as 4% and make more money than I did before. I don't know about Michigan, but here in NC some flat fee companies are also springing up. Use Google and search your area.
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Kathy Scarna…, Home Buyer, Neptune City, NJ
Mon Aug 4, 2014
I think that is is acceptable to expect a realtor to be paid 3% commission for a client that they bring in to look at a house that is "for sale by owner". The owner is acting as his own realtor and therefore the realtor is make the same commission that they would if there was a listing realtor.
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Russ Ravary, Agent, Commerce Township, MI
Sat Mar 9, 2013
Give me a call on my cell (313) 310-9855 I will be glad to work with you if you haven't sold it already
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Allen Gawall, Agent, Dearborn, MI
Thu Mar 7, 2013
I truely believe the 6% commission and all your real estate closing cost is going to be a problem. This is a Seller's market now. So, give me a call and so we can see how much your home is really worth right now.
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Allison Fish…, Agent, Ann Arbor, MI
Sat Dec 22, 2012
Kathy and Michael gave great comprehensive answers. Although you will be able to find someone that will cut their commission, that is not enough reason to hire that person.

Good luck!
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Edith Karoli…, Agent, Winnetka, IL
Tue Dec 18, 2012
Realtor's commissions as a general rule are not set in stone, they are negotiable. And it depends
on your home, the location, size etc. how much work will be required to market, advertise and sell
your home. I am sure you want to work with a full service brokerage, but if and when you discuss
the services with the Realtor, and you agree with the Realtor that some items of marketing and advertising you mutually agree are not that important, and the Brokerage and your Listing agent then
may agree to a particular commission. Remember that part of that commission will go to the
Agent who is bringing the buyer, and there will be only so much a brokerage and Listing agent
will be able to do.... But sit down and discuss the options...

There is not such a thing as a discount Realtor...... Just that a certain commission for a certain
property is negotiated between the parties....

If you need recommendations for a local Realtor in your area, let us know.
Always also remember you get what you are paying for.... So discuss the correct list price

Good luck to you.

Hope this helps...

Most Sincerely yours,
Edith YourRealtor4Life and your Chicago and Northern Illinois
and RElocation Expert
Working always in the very BEST interest of her clients
at @Properties North Shore
Edith speaks French, German, Spanish & more
Get to know Edith and her Service her website is
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Mike Shebak, Agent, Novi, MI
Tue Dec 18, 2012
Tough decision. I agree with Kathy that there are discount, or new agents who would be willing to lower their commission so they can get experience trying to handle your home sale...

However, if you think you are close to breaking even, then you need someone that can 1. place the appropriate market value on your property, 2. give you a list of repairs that will improve the offers you receive - and cover the cost of repair, and, 3. then be able to market and negotiate on your behalf for the greatest return.

Marketing a home is only one thing Agents do. Navigating the contractual details in the offers, as well as title issues and negotiating to your advantage are equally important.

The market is your greatest challenge and your best friend. It is currently a seller's market because there are fewer homes on the market, the economy is growing and pent up buyer demand is high.

Given this market, you may be surprised to see what your house is worth. The market value of your home may cover the full commission and provide a return to you, as well. Getting to that point involves too many strategies to detail here, and the right set of strategies will depend on your specific situation. Interview a couple of local Agents and listen for similarities in strategy.

You are asking if you can "get by" with a discount Agent, when you might want to ask who can best help me MAXIMIZE my return when selling my home? Hope that helps! Good luck!

I can help you find that local agent, too. Just let me know.

Mike Shebak
Keller Williams
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Joseph Roraff, Agent, Onalaska, WI
Mon Dec 17, 2012
Probably. You just got to ask around. I'm sure someone in the area would be willing to work with you...
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Pam Bava, Agent, Rochester, MI
Mon Dec 17, 2012
Maybe you could try selling it on your own.
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Joe Bertera, Agent, Plymouth, MI
Mon Dec 17, 2012
I might be able to do 5% commission. Please give me a call tomorrow or email me to discuss options.


Joe Bertera
Remerica Hometown One
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