After the inspection, why haven't the sellers contacted us?

Asked by Sellers123, Plano, TX Sun Jul 28, 2013

We had an inspection done in the middle of last week and haven't heard anything back from the buyers. I think our option period ends on Monday at midnight. Is it common practice for the sellers to wait until the 11th hour and submit their requests for fixes, or is it common that they just don't respond and all and move forward with the sale? I'm just shocked that we haven't heard anything from them!

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Test, Home Buyer, Argyle, TX
Sun Jul 28, 2013
I would contact your agent. It could be that they found no issues with the house so there was no need to submit a request for repairs, etc. Its their fault if they miss the option period. You just made 1%.
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Call Philip Watkins. He is good.
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Mack McCoy, Agent, Seattle, WA
Sun Jul 28, 2013
I kind of agree with you, S123 in Plano, but the Realtor® Code of Ethics specifically states:

Article 16
REALTORS® shall not engage in any practice or take any action inconsistent with exclusive representation or exclusive brokerage relationship agreements that other REALTORS® have with clients. (Amended 1/04)

Since I don't really know what the relationship is between a person posting and their agent, I think that I should presume that they are in an exclusive brokerage arrangement with a Realtor®, and that advising such a client is inconsistent with that relationship.

All the best,
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Ester Perry, Agent, Dallas, TX
Sun Jul 28, 2013
The buyer have an option period. The inspection on a home by buyer(s) let he or she know the condition of the home and if they want to ask for repairs or terminated the contract if, an option fee is paid. It give the buyer the unrestricted right to terminate for any reason during this period only. After this period and you haven't heard anything from the buyer in writing he or she cannot terminated. I think you might be asking is it common practice for buyer to wait until the 11th hour to submit repair request. No, that could be too late if it passes the option period. This buyer might not be asking for any repairs to be done and continuing on to close.
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Ester, THANK YOU! Finally, someone who's read my question and actually provided an answer. I'm simply asking if the 11th hour thing is common, or if it's common for buyers to proceed without repairs! You Ma'am, finally answered it and you appear to be one of only a few on this thread who reads the details - something you should all be doing more of!
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VanDuzee Ral…, Agent, Dallas, TX
Sun Jul 28, 2013
No news from the Buyer after an inspection is good news!
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Sharon Felton, Agent, Nashville, TN
Sun Jul 28, 2013
Ask your listing agent to contact the buyer's agent. The next step would be for the buyers, through their agent, to remove the inspection contingency. Good luck!
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Kenneth "Ken…, Agent, Dallas, TX
Sat Aug 3, 2013
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Bruce Lynn, Agent, Coppell, TX
Tue Jul 30, 2013
Are you the seller or the buyer?
Not all buyers ask for repairs?
Maybe no repairs were needed?
Maybe they don't know the process?
Maybe they are looking for another home?
What does your realtor say?
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Monica Pineda, Agent, Dallas, TX
Mon Jul 29, 2013
While yes, your question was worded incorrectly, it is obvious that you own the property and are concerned about the buyer backing out. If the inspection was done last week, then most likely either the buyers did not find anything major they want fixed and are going to allow the option period to expire, or they are preparing their request for repairs. Either way, you will know by tonight.. of course most Realtors won't wait til the last second to submit something like that, with the risk of the email/fax not getting thru in time. But, if they dont contact you, they cant back out or come to you after the option period without risking their earnest money, so you shouldnt worry too much.

As for your concerns about mixed responses on this site.. I agree with you about the shameless plugging for business. There are a few agents who dont even read the question, they just say, "check out my website" or "pick any agent" or give lender info without any regard to what you are asking. This happens in any profession.. the rest of us just scroll past their spam-clutter and focus on the real comments. As for being told to speak to your agent, as many of the others have said, we can give general information (which is great if you want a second opinion or to be re-assured your agent gave you valid info) but we dont have all the answers if we dont have all the information. Also any specific advice we give could be seen as fishing for business or trying to steal someone else's client. None of us want to be guilty of that, nor would we want another agent to do it to us. If you dont have confidence in your agent it is up to you to contact their supervisor or find one that you ARE confident in. Then again if you just want re-assurance, I hope you got that! Good luck with your deal. :-)
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Mon Jul 29, 2013
Option expires Monday at midnight! Imagine what would happen if they exercised that option tonight at 11PM. What a mess.
Seller, to be frank and to pledgerize the words of others, "No news is good news."
Very often an agent will advise their buyer, when in the process of purchasing a 'great home at an honorable price" to do nothing stupid! It is highly likely the listing agent, YOUR AGENT, has been accepting back up offers that may be at a higher price. Do you really want to put those offers into play by asking to have the 'Inspector Gone Goofy' report pointing out the reverse polarity receptacles in the family room be corrected?
Hey, if there was anything serious such as a roof leak, you would know by now.
Very often, when buyers and seller post questions, they are related to the contract. The correct response can only be given by those who can read the contract, not extractions from the contract. This is why the best guidance to determine action must come from those who are there..your agent. Your agent would actually know if your home was sold 'As-Is' meaning you have even less to with to fret about.
If you really want bad advise freely offered by those who are reckless. you know where to go. I think you turned to the professional community because you had an expectation of actionable responses from those who do this for a living. Professionals do not respond recklessly and create a situation that places you in peril. Please recongnize it for what it is, rather than expressing the anguish of your disappointment. To often, those who encounter dissappointment, such as those seeking Lease/Optons and/or 'quick credit repair are looking to circumvent the protections in place for their benefit. A professional recognizes this and wil not deliberatly direct you into the path of danger. "Turn towards your agent," very often is the RIGHT response. Those distressed by this response either lack trust and confidence in their agent. or they do not have one. What is the MLS# for your home?
Let us know what happens in 8 hours.
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Tamika Goree, Agent, Arlingon, TX
Mon Jul 29, 2013
Good Afternoon Sellers123,

It could be possible that the inspection came back fine and the buyers aren't wanting you to fix/repair anything. Has your agent contacted the buyers agent to see if there are any requests that the buyers would like for you to fix/repair? I know for me I recommend that my clients do not wait until the last minute because when you do request for the sellers to fix/repair an item(s), depending on the list, can take some time to negotiate. With it being less than 24 hrs before their option period expires, it does not sound like that want any done. I'm pretty sure if they did your agent would have let you know by now.

Good luck with the closing of your home!

Make it a Great Day!

Tamika A. Goree
Broker | Owner
The DFW Property Shop
Direct: 972.697.1178
Fax: 972.665.7148
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Melissa Goss, , Center Moriches, NY
Mon Jul 29, 2013
It can be common, if the inspection came up well enough... they may just be eager to move forward and not tie things up with silly little fix-it's. Coming from my own experience, I am buying a house right now for the first time, and did not require many fixes, so I did not have a reason to go back to sellers agent with any issues.

Do you happen to know if your buyers have signed contracts yet? When they do this, then you may find a small list of things they'd like fixed.
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Michael Brow…, Agent, Allen, TX
Mon Jul 29, 2013
Most sellers use a REALTOR and REALTORS assist sellers with this situation and others. It seems you may be selling your home yourself, if so, you may want to contact the buyer to work out any issues you may have.
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Sellers123, Both Buyer And Seller, Plano, TX
Sun Jul 28, 2013
You know, I have to say that it's actually shocking at how many of you point back to "Go talk to your Realtor." There are a few points I think you all should consider here -

1. Some buyers/sellers would like to get additional opinions outside of what our agent(s) say. I completely agree that your agent should be involved in every step of the process but it's also important to get other opinions.

2. I've read several posts where so-called Experts respond to the original post by deferring to "Call your Agent." What the hell do you think this site is for? It's for idiots like me and those less informed to ask YOU EXPERTS questions. Shame on all who say something completely off-topic to try and sell your services, and to those who say defer to your Agent. We're here asking because we don't know, and we'd like more than 1 opinion.

Say the consensus on this board is COMPLETELY different than what the person posting a question's agent says. Now let's say that said agent mis-read the situation or isn't experienced enough, and it could cost the person thousands of dollars. Instead of you deferring to that Agent, you could actually provide some information that helps someone out.

There are a few of you on here who seem to REALLY provide information - without trying to sell yourselves. Joe Stone, Esther Perry, I commend you for being what I'll call selfless and ethical people out there to help. You're the good ones!
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Very tru
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Linda Barrett…, Agent, The Colony, TX
Sun Jul 28, 2013
Did you need to talk to your Realtor..
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Robert Point…, Agent, Dallas, TX
Sun Jul 28, 2013
Do you have a Realtor representing you?
I am confused by your question....are you the seller?
Have you received a copy of the inspection?
At this late hour, if repairs are to be requested, the buyer's Realtor will probably submit an Amendment for addition time.
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Yes, however it's Sunday and I haven't been able to get a hold of them. And, you guys need a day off too! I am the seller and I DO NOT want a copy of the inspection report. They've had plenty of time to review the information, so an amendment is out of the question.
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