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what is the best way to get rid of a real estate agent that does not comunicate with you?

Asked by Pauline Dinkins, Tampa, FL Wed Mar 21, 2012

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It depends on the expectation you discussed with the agent in the beginning . They may have done alot of work for you and It maybe just a misunderstanding . Sometimes clients feel that their agent should be at their beck and call 24/7 .try to keep in mind that the agent may have other clients or a personal issue . I don't think it's fair to assume things based on your individual need to need to move quickly . I could be completely wrong . So pick up the phone and call their broker and ask if the agent is ok . Too many consumers are quick to dump their current Realtor because like most of the answers here , they don't ask what your needs are , just dump the other Realtor and pick them . What are your expectations and goals ? make sure you clearly define what level of service you require . Interview agents , .about three or 4 . Make a list of your wants and needs , then choose the one you feel best suits your needs not the one that says pick me dump your Realtor and pick me I'm a mega agent . Make sure the agent you choose understands you and YOUR goals .
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If you do not have a buyer broker agreement, that's east, just don't communicate with them anymore.

If you do have a buyer broker agreement, you should point out the "Specific Performance" clause within it to that agent and have them write you a "Retraction Addendum" for your buyer broker agreement. If they refuse, you may want to contact that agent's broker or an attorney if things get really nasty.

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James Bellile
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If he is not communicating with you,
all you have to do is to stop calling him!
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Stop calling and find another agent
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I would formally challenge him to a duel!
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Deal with the issue....demanding regular communication may get you what is needed. Consider contacting their broker to make them aware of your concerns.

Absent results, you will have a good foundation for requesting to be excused from your agreement.

Good luck,

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real estate brokers are a dime a dozen
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Hello Pauline,

Since you are a buyer, unless you signed some paperwork that requires your working with your
current agent, you should be able to terminate your relationship, but do that in writing (if you signed
an agreement, just read that to see how the termination clause is working).

Before you do though, maybe have a heart to heart with this agent - and let him/her know
your expectations and how you feel about their performance (or, rather, lack of it). If there is no
understanding, then talking to the agent's broker might help.

Best of luck,

Irina Karan
Beachfront Realty, Inc.
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You make it simple, call the broker and request a new agent and tell them why. No big thing, except for the person losing your business. Good luck.
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once you've terminated the agreement feel free to call me...I communicate effectively with my clients through every step of the buying or selling process
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in writing is best and copying their broker terminating the agreement
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Apparently Florida does not have buyer agency contracts or designated agency or ..............??? If you have signed anything at all with this agent, you better go through it and see what it says about ending your agency agreement. If you did sign a contract, you should contact your agent's broker and explain your concerns. Depending on the agency laws in your state, the broker may have the right to assign another agent to you.

Again, I am not sure of the Florida laws, but I thought I should mention it.
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simply fire them by email.
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Call the Broker.It's easy.
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Send them an email or call them whichever way you prefer to be contacted by them. Ask them to keep you in the loop every week, day, hour whatever your need. Wait for their response. See if they follow up with you as requested and if not just say hey listen I want a Realtor that communicates more with me as it's important for me, It makes me feel better and less stressed out if you do.
Good luck....
Beth Mitro
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Pauline, this is one of my favorite questions in real estate.

Please don't take this personally, but the answer is - by communicating with them.

Communication is a two-way activity, and when one party is stumbling over "what to say" to the other party, there's a good chance that they're part of the problem.

That doesn't make you a bad client. What I recommend is, after communicating with this agent, you go out and talk to (or invite in) other agents, and look one that you communicate well with and they with you. After you find that agent, do yourself a favor and talk to one more agent, just to keep some perspective.

All of us have a problem communicating with somebody at some time. In a real estate transaction, it helps to have somebody that you DON'T have a problem communicating with!
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It depends on the type of agreement you have buyers or sellers and where you are in your real estate transaction. Like others have suggested, contact the Agent's Broker and talk to them. The Broker could speak with your agent and find out what's going on, have another agent work with you, or release you from the agreement. Communication is so important.

I'm sorry you are having trouble, but please reach out to the Broker. Good luck!
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Pauline - There's lots of advice here. What did you decide to do & how did it work out for you?
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No one can force you to work with anyone you don't want to. You can terminate your contract with any agency simply by giving them written notice. If they foolishly decide to try and give you a hard time simply tell them your next call will be to the Florida Real Estate Commission.

Sorry to hear you're working with a lousy agent.

I've attached a link on how to find a great Realtor and hope you find my suggestions helpful.
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You are NOT obligated to stay with your current agent if you are not happy. All agents should earn their keep and if yours isn't then they have to deal with what happens. You can respectfully tell your agent that you are no longer in need of their services and go your separate ways. If you are signed exclusive with them for a period of time talk to the manager for the agents broker. The manager will not judge you and will replace your agent or if its the broker you are not happy cancel your exclusive contract. Remember you are the client and if you are not happy you need to say something. As a courtesy to your current agent I would definitely let them know before going MIA. He/She may be spending hours searching for homes for you so a heads up is always appreciated.

Good Luck,

Vidi Barker
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well, it sounds like they are trying to make it easy on you, maybe they are asking the AR community the same thing..
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Address the problem with your agent. If they do not change tell them you want to cancel the agreement. If they do not have there broker cancel the agreement for you then you should contact their broker directly.

Best Regards,
Robert Adams
Rothwell Gornt Companies
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Pauline, Nick Richardson has provided you with the proper way to handle your situation. Mathew D'Ercole should NOT be meeting/discussing or trying to recruit your business as long as you are already working with another agent. He
is violating a Code of Ethics for real
estate agents. Once you have fired the
other agent you are certainly welcome
to call anyone else to represent you.
Good luck. Patti Antalik, Realtor
Realty One Group. 702-303-9693
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Tell him/her that you want to cancel the listing agreement. He/she is not fulfilling their part of the contract. Then find a professional who has sold homes in your neighborhood.
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Always remember that communication is a "two-way street" and individuals will treat us as we allow and teach them how to treat us. Therefore in my opinion, make sure that your agent is clear about his responsibilities to you and your expectaions from him/her. Getting rid of an agent or a client who does not communicate is very easy: NO communication!
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I feel your pain, as an agent I have the same problem getting necessary information for my clients from agents from time to time. I made communication as part of my business model. My promise to you is to be available during times that are convenient to you and I will always return your call within the hour after receiving your voice mail.

MIKE Yarbrough
Simply Vegas
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Sound like your making up your mind on moving on with your current agent.
This is key in our field is a constant communication, Bad or Good news or No News at all.
Its a shame that have one that don't full-field his or her duties. I hope everything working out for you.
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Sorry to hear you're having a bad time with an agent!

If you have NOT signed something called a Buyer Brokerage Agreement, it's as simple as telling him or her that you don't want to work together anymore.

If you DID sign a Buyer Brokerage Agreement, look for what that document says about terminating your relationship. You may have to give written notice, and you won't be able to buy anything that agent showed you for a certain number of days without paying him/her.

Let me know if I can help you more
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Very simple, tell him why and then fire him/her.
I communicate all the time with our clients.
Lyn Houben
Realty ONE Group
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Find a new one...

...or if you are already in an agreement with that agent, talk to the broker. If they can't resolve the issues, ask the broker to assign another agent who he/she thinks will be able to communicate more effectively with you.
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Some of these answers seem rather flippant. What you need to do is talk with the agent's broker - call the office and ask for the broker. Fire them kindly due to lack of communication. Get your listing unconditionally released and please interview me for the job. I wish you the best. Kurt 702.656.1818
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The proper way is to mail them a letter stating that you no longer wish to utilize their services-
If you have signed a buyer brokerage agreeement with this agent- It is up to the broker overseeing the agent to relenquish you from the term of the buyer brokerage agreement if in fact you have signed one.

If you have not signed a buyer broker agreement- and they are not communicating with you anyway, then you can potentially just move on to a diligent agent who will communicate and service your needs in the manner that you wish to communicate-

A signed letter to the agent and their broker, wishing to discontinue to have them represent you is the cleanest way to go on your part-

Good luck
Paul May
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That's not good when lines of Communication are down between you and the agent.. I agree with all the other agents, you need to let he/she know that you are not happy and it best for agreement to move forward since you are not happy. The key to a good realtor is being able to communicate with your client via phone, email or tex.. All of us are busy, but there are ways to communicate with everyone.. I hope this helps you, and good luck..
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You can alwasy get in touch with me, too http://www.lasvegashomeinfo.net
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Dear client,

If you are a seller in this transaction than you need to ask for an unconditional withdrawl.
However, have you first discussed your concerns?

If you are a buyer and you signed a contract ask for a release of the contract and state the reasons why. than like Donald Trump states it...... YOUR FIRED!!!!!

Before you choose another agent asks pertinent questions state your concerns and than listen carefuly . Ask the agent what you can expect from him or her ...

Work with a full time agent who has experience and knowledge of the area or areas you are interested in if you are purchasing. A seller will have a differnt set of questions.

PS if you would like a referal for a great agent my company works with agents all across the US we only work with qualifed and reputable Brokers.

Best of Luck

Helene M Moore
Windermere Prestige Properties
2200 Paseo Verde Parkway suite 160
Henderson Nevada 89052
email helenem@windermere.com
cell phone and texting is ok

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Get in touch with one who DOES ! :o)

Me ... RobFlitton.com
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Find a new one and find out who his or her boss is and report him. Trust me, one thing people hte in this world is to be embarrassed.
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Call Me.

Steven sales
Certified Green Realtor
Keller Williams Realty Souther Nevada
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Sorry you are having trouble with your agent!! I think you should let them know that you are unhappy with the level of service....if you bring it to their attention, chances are they will step up to the plate and give you the service you deserve....otherwise, just tell them you feel that you need to get another agent. After all, buying a house is HUGE...you gotta have an agent who is taking care of you!!!!
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Yes, I agree that is one of the most annoying things with working with agents is when they don't communicate or are non-responsive. If I were you, I would find a new agent. Have you signed an agreement with the agent? If not, just go find someone else.
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Hi, I would let them know there is a problem, what it is, and tell them you want to move. Unless you specify the problem the agent won't change.

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Chriss if I have to tell an agent i want communication ... than I would not want to work with that agent.

I tell my clients upfront how I work and how often I communicate with them.
They also have input on how best to communicate with them prior to them working with me.... Thats the difference between an agent that has an ethical work habbits and those who ....... well Im not the judge or jurror let the clients speak about that.
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