what is Gold Key Estates like as a community? Safe for kids? Relaxing? Has it been taken over and abandoned by Section 8 temporary residents?

Asked by Dk1634, Milford, PA Wed Mar 2, 2011

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Boogerboo’s answer
Boogerboo, Home Buyer, Milford, PA
Thu Jun 7, 2012
Taken over and abandoned by section 8 residents? No it hasn't the residents who abandoned most of the homes were regular every day grade A hard workers like yourself and just couldn't afford it any longer. The dues were getting too high, the theft was too much for most, and the amount of deaths from drunk driving and careless driving helped out as well. Gold Key use to be a nice area at one point not sure if it is any more!! But rest assure the people who are on section 8 didnt have anything to do with the abandonment of that community!! Keep listening to these agents who will tell you anything to get you to move into a certain area or home!!
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Photoquilt, Home Buyer, Milford, PA
Sun Apr 24, 2016
Our family has been vacationing in GKL since the late 1980s and we built our own GKL home in 2008. We love being here, in spite of the hateful and mostly untrue comments below. It is such a joy to take advantage of a quiet, natural lake, bring grandchildren to the beach and clubhouse, have the garbage picked up regularly, and see how quickly the roads are plowed in winter.
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Curtains584, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Tue Mar 22, 2016
I've had my house for 9 yrs now on a weekend/summer basis. I am now here full time since I left my full time position in 2014. I have never had any issues in Gold Key except an occasional teenage speeder, which security has clamped down on immensely lately with fines galore. Yes, security can do better I agree, by patrolling more often.
The things about Gold Key I really enjoy are all the opportunities for young children and even teenagers to stay active in the community itself. The rec center is open to them as are the basketball court, the tennis courts, the kiddy playground, and the new library is less than a mile away if I'm not mistaken.
The main lake is definitely geared for the younger folks with the activities, swim lessons, bouncy items in the water for them, the boats that are free to use.
Foreclosures are everywhere due to the economy, not just in Gold Key.
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Dawn Falcone, , Bethel, NY
Sun Mar 20, 2016
Thank you to all who posted honest answers about this community. My husband and I were wondering why there were so many forclosures. We live in NYC and fell in love with Milford when we happened to drive through it on our way back from looking at a property in Narrowsburg. We want a place to spend weekends and summers to unwind and get away from the city. The thought of a house with land and a lake is inticing, but we need to be in a community where don't have to stress about theft and a poorly run board/office/security. We already deal with that daily in NY. Are there any other Milford lake communities you'd recommend? Those who are open to people who don't live there full time or are we better off purchasing something thats not in a lake community? Thanks for any advice you can offer.
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You should reconsider GKL. It's a great place to vacation!
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Bress2, Home Owner, Milford, PA
Fri Mar 4, 2016
Honestly, I've been here for 20 years. Raised my kids who went to one of the best school districts in Pennsylvania. As far as I'm aware, and what I see daily, there isn't any taking over by Section 8 residents. As a matter of fact, have been seeing home sales and people keeping their properties in nice shape. The board is the board. If you choose to get involved with the politics you're going to have some opinion, but our roads are the best maintained around, our snow gets plowed, our garbage picked up, our clubhouse maintained as well as all the other amenities. We have a restaurant that is a great resource. And our dues haven't gone up in a while. If our board was so corrupt as others say, GKL wouldn't be maintained at all, no security, no road maintenance, constant raises in dues; this is NOT the case.
Compare GKL to other developments like Sunrise, and you'll see a huge difference.
I'm not a realtor, just a resident of this development.
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liz147, Home Owner, Milford, PA
Thu Oct 23, 2014
Many of the comments on this site are sarcastic. It makes one wonder if they are true or not. We should be able to air our thoughts without this attitude, especially since we have experienced the negativity ourselves from the office workers, except for Clare who is delightful. Hopefully it's not only because she is new to the position. Yes, Betsy has outlived her usefulness. School taxes in this area are absurd, if you've had the opportunity to speak with, or listen to, some of the local vulgar teenager. One might say, why bother. They take over the deck discussing their sexual triumphs, along with the other smokers, leaving those of us who also pay the high dues, to never utilize the deck. I bought in 2006 and tried to sell in 2008. Too many foreclosures around. Will practically give the house away come spring. Do not want to be here. One issue tho is that I find it intriguing for folks to mouth off here, & yet not attend meetings or vote. One question I have is why are 4 security vehicles often parked at the same time by the office. Who is patrolling? When? I see the guys asleep at times when parked. I tried to flag one down one day to ask a question, but he was too busy on his cellphone to notice me. Good thing it was not an emergency! Very disappointed to have moved here.
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Chuchu, Home Buyer, Dingmans Ferry, PA
Wed Sep 24, 2014
Goldkey is beautiful but the employees are horrible. That includes secretaries but especially security.
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Judy Leary-W…, Agent, Milford, PA
Mon Sep 15, 2014
I found this on homefacts.com;

Learn all the city data facts and gain an insight on city data information for the Gold Key Lake, Pennsylvania
The Crime rate is 31.49 which means the crime rate in Gold Key Lake is Very Low.
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Judy Leary-W…, Agent, Milford, PA
Mon Sep 15, 2014
As a resident of this community for 20 years I can say that I have been happy with the security provided. I see them patrolling the streets very often. The roads are maintained, and the community in general is a friendly place to live. There is a rec room for the kids, and of course a lovely lake to swim, and fish, and boat in. There are tennis courts, a baseball field, and basketball courts as well. I have deer in my yard every day along with turkey from time to time, and the occasional bear.
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Dstrock, Home Buyer, Camden, NJ
Tue Jul 8, 2014
My wife and I bought a house on one of the smaller lakes back in 2006. House was broken into in 2009 and we sold it immediately. Best decision we ever made. It ended being a stressful place to weekend. Community org. Is pretty bad. If you are looking for a nice weekend getaway like we were, try somewhere else. This community and most around it are better for locals.
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Jerzdevil75, Home Buyer, Philadelphia, PA
Tue Jan 28, 2014
The abandoned homes are due to the economy tanking and people losing their jobs. Hell, I might be next. We bought up their 6+ years ago and the market tanked 6 months later. My home is literally at least worth 50k less than what I bought it for. The association is a joke. Security issued me a ticket for my trash can being out on the curb from Sun. Evening to Weds morning when I was out of town. But my neighbor keeps his dog chained outsids 24/7 and it barks constantly at all hours of the day/night. It is like pulling teeth to get anything done. Security guards are about as intimidating as the kids I stuffed into a locker in HS when they mouthed off. Too many employees suckling at the community due teet that are not really needed. Dues are currently 1300+ a year which are high compared to other comparable HOA's. Not any section 8's that I know of though. The people who run the HOA are generally retired seniors who have been there forever. I truly believe if the shear # of homeowners that dislike the HOA would pool together and file a lawsuit, that they could literally bankrupt the current administration in legal fees alone. It would at least be a clean start. It seems at least 2 out of 3 people I talk to dislike the HOA. But it is a nice area, generally decent people. Most thefts are kids ransacking unlocked cars at night searching for $. My neighbor got hit that way as well as a freind of mine.
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Dues are currently $1125.00 unless you own additional lots.
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Dues are actually 1125 a year currently unless you have any additional lots of land.
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Doug, Home Owner, Milford, PA
Wed Oct 30, 2013
Not a place for you if you are against having a corrupt community group. Betsy in the office is a complete psycho...bring her an issue and she will act like you are wasting her time.....she has a bad hair ball problem I think. Gary golden on north forest drive will who runs the deer management committee is and idiot. Don't let him on your property, he does not have the right to kill deers on your property. The board is in each other's pockets so you can't get anything done.
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Back about 1975-76 when the homeowners took over from my stepfather it was not bad but by 1980 the politics of the board was already in question. It came down to who you knew that made a difference as to what you could get away with (sounds like the rest of the country).
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brian41, Home Owner, Newport, MI
Sat Oct 26, 2013
I was part of the first 2 families to grow up in Gold Key lake.There was Richard and Nancy Luca, my sister Shari and myself Brian Orlandi. Or first year there it was only the 4 of us on the school bus that pick us up at the entrance. My stepfather Chaba Pallaghy was the developer that started it all putting in all the roads and selling the properties. We built or home and moved there in 1969, it was wonderful place to grow up. In 2006 (my 30th HS reunion) I brought my wife and 2 daughters from Michigan to see the community I grew up in and thou most of it looked the same other than a lot more houses you could tell that it had lost its charm and the close community spirt it once had.
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Kathleen Mau…, Agent, Dingmans Ferry, PA
Thu Mar 3, 2011
Gold Key Lake is a great community. It is located within 10 minutes of the town of Milford. There are lots of amenities, a beautiful 120 acre lake, club house, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball field. The dues include sanitation. This is a non - gated community and they do have security that patrol the development and enforce driving regulations.
It is a solid functioning community, great for kids and in a good school district.
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not helpful, maaam! I know you are trying to sell properties, but come one!!!! do you think we are all stupid and can't figure out how biased your evaluation is?????
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Not true
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